Nzimande - Strategist And Governance Specialist - Johannesburg, South Africa

Nomvula Nzimande

Johannesburg, South Africa


Strategist And Governance Specialist

Work History

Acting Provincial Head

Gauteng Community Safety Department

July 2012 - April 2013

Civilian Secretariat for Police
Duration: 09 July 2012 - to April 2013

Key Performance Areas:
• Assisted the MEC for Community Safety to establish the Provincial Secretariat for Police in Gauteng as per national legislation.

• Convened meetings of the Task Team appointed by the MEC, which I chaired. We were tasked with realigning the program structure of the core programs and consolidating the respective responsibilities under the Provincial Secretariat in line with the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Act, 2011.
Engaged the Provincial Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) on matters within the mandate of the Provincial Secretariat, previously performed by IPID which were to be carried over to the Provincial Secretariat.

• Provided strategic advice to the Executive Authority and the Provincial Task Team on Civilian Oversight and produce reports to Gauteng Treasury and the Premier's Budget Council in relation to the prioritisation of the provincial Secretariat mandate and funding, to give effect to the Civilian Secretariat Act.

• Managed the process as Acting Provincial Head of Secretariat and provide regular feedback to the MEC and the Head of Department on progress until final handover to Corporate Support for submission of the proposed structure and budget of the Provincial Secretariat to the Premier's Office and ultimately to the Department of Public Service and Administration.

The assignment was concluded and handed over to the MEC and the Head of Department for consideration and approval. The approved structure and budget forecasts for the Provincial Secretariat for Police were subsequently tabled to the Office of the Premier for provincial endorsement and to the Provincial Treasury in accordance with the legislative prescripts of the Public Service and Administration Act and the Public Finance Management Act.
The position for the Head of Secretariat was then formally advertised in June as well as other support functions of the...


Gauteng Community Safety Department

December 2010 - May 2014

Key Performance Areas:
Governance and Strategic Support:
• Provide executive and strategic support to the Provincial Minister (MEC) for Community Safety in the exercise of her powers and responsibilities.
• Initiate and manage special projects and partnerships with business aligned to the MEC's role as political head/executive authority of the Department.
• Provide strategic support on issues of governance, including the PFMA and Treasury regulations.
• I analyze and review strategic reports, parliamentary and cabinet memoranda submitted by Chief Directors and the HoD, advise on changes to be effected and recommend to the MEC whether to approve or not to approve the submissions.
• Prepare input for the MEC for MinMecs and business sector engagements
• Advise the MEC on the implications of sector customization and indicators alignment.
• Analyze high level submissions directed to the MEC and advise accordingly, including accountability documents for MEC's consideration and approval.
• Strategically integrate and coordinate the key result areas of Special Projects.
• Advise the MEC on the implementation of relevant sector legislation and the millennium development goals.
• Support the MEC in the promotion of the government's transformation trajectory, including Youth and Gender mainstreaming projects.
• Advise on the implementation of directives issued by the MEC.
• Monitor implementation of the governing party's conference resolutions on peace and stability, the electoral manifesto and inter-sectoral coordination.
• Develop the Annual Performance Plan (APP) and the budget for the MEC'S Office and the Governance, Strategic Support and Partnerships Program
• Oversee the establishment of effective systems and internal controls.

Strategic Partnerships:
• Establish strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, business and media.
• Liaise with political office bearers and senior managers to establish synergy and co-operation in support of the Department...

Chief Director

Pretoria Head Office

January 2010 - November 2010

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
Duration: 11 January 2010 - 30 November 2010.

I was in charge of the following key responsibilities:
Civilian oversight on governance, accountability and service delivery of the South African Police Service (SAPS) in coordination with provincial oversight structures in Safety Departments in all nine Provinces.
Providing strategic advice on key sector developments. Effective monitoring and audit of key areas of SAPS Performance, Strategic Plan and resource allocation against the broad developmental and transformation trajectory
Auditing and harnessing good practice oversight models, including systems and revive effective coordination with provincial structures.
My Key Performance Areas:
My key responsibility was to provide strategic leadership to the Chief Directorate and to the provincial oversight structures throughout the country, particularly M&E Senior Management.
Provided advice and support to the Minister in the exercise of his or her powers and the performance of his functions as per the Civilian Secretariat for Police mandate
Assessed and evaluated the performance of police in respect to service delivery and monitored their budget to ensure the expenditure was in line with the approved plans and complied with Public Finance Management Act and Treasury regulations.
I contributed input on Monitoring and Evaluation in the drafting of the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Act and made presentations to the National Assembly Portfolio Committee along with the other two Chief Directors in the Civilian Secretariat and the Secretary of Police.
I reviewed and finalized the regular reports on the performance of the police service and provincial oversight structures prepared by my M&E team, including the implementation of policy directives, cabinet resolutions and instructions by the Minister.
I developed and managed the Chief Directorate's Budget and staff performance, and provided strategic guidance...

(Treasury) Performance Management Procedure Manual

Department of Finance

Office of the Head of Department

Gauteng Treasury Department

August 2008 - January 2010

Position: Director: Strategy, Service Delivery Improvement and Performance Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
Unit: Strategy, Service Delivery Improvement Performance Monitoring & Evaluation
Location: Office of the Head of Department
Duration: 01 August 2008 - 08 January 2010.

In February 2008, while I was the Group Company Secretary at Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP), I obtained a bursary from GEP (an entity of the Gauteng Finance & Economic Development Department) to study post -graduate Program in Money Laundering Control and went to study for six months full time at the University of Johannesburg.

Upon completion of the post graduate Program in July 2008, I was offered a strategic role in the main Department as appointed by the Head of Department and the Minister/MEC for Finance, to address the weaknesses (matters of emphasis) that had been identified by the Auditor General in its audit opinion on the department in the 2007/2008 financial year.
I was appointed as Strategic Support Director to the Head of Department in the Gauteng Treasury. I officially joined the Department on August 01, 2008. I was the Head of the Unit in charge of the Department's Strategic planning, Performance Monitoring & Evaluation, Gender main-streaming and the Department's Service Delivery Innovation (SDI).

Strategic Support to the Head of Department
Provided strategic and operational support to the Head of Department in achieving the Department's objectives. I facilitated the development and review of the Department's strategy and alignment with the government's priorities. I reviewed relevant legislation and analysed policy developments and advised on the implications thereof to the HoD and Top Management Committee of the Department.
I provided lead support to the HoD in our monthly Top Management meetings and made presentations to the Finance Portfolio Committee of the Legislature and the Gender, Youth and Disabilities (GEYODI) Committee on the department's performance.

Auditor General

The Department

obtained high praise from the Legislature's Finance Portfolio Committee, Select Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) and GEYODI. The main achievements I am proudest of was that the Treasury Department obtained an unqualified, clean audit opinion from the Auditor General in 2008/2009, thanks to our collective effort in implementing performance management framework and accountability measures that were supported by the Head of Department and was signed off by the Minister/ MEC.
Further, I had developed an A team with stellar performance within a very short time.

By the time I left Gauteng Treasury, I had also established the Departmental Monitoring Forum, wherein we interrogated all performance reports from the Department against the Annual Performance Plans, supported by documentary evidence to that end.
My Unit also coordinated input from HR and all Units towards the development of the Gender main-streaming Policy of the Department. The Policy was approved by the HoD and signed off by the MEC as the Departmental Gender main-streaming Policy in 2009.

Company Secretary's Mid-term Governance Review

Concept paper on "The Role of the Leader of Government Business in Gauteng &

Company Secretary (Executive Director)

Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP)

July 2007 - March 2008

Unit: Office of the Chief Executive Officer
Duration: 31 July 2007 - March 2008

Key responsibilities:

1) Corporate Governance and Accountability
As the Company Secretary, I performed statutory duties and ensured compliance with legislation, regulations and governance protocols. I advised the Board and CEO on governance and legislative issues. I provided guidance to the Directors of the company collectively and individually about their fiduciary duties, responsibilities and powers and made them aware of all relevant legislation affecting the company.
I was in charge of the Board and all Board Sub committees which included the Strategy Committee, Risk & Audit Committee, Investment Committee, Business Development Committee and Human Resources Committee.

I produced reports for the Board and all its sub committees, certified the company's Annual Report to the Legislature and ensured that a copy of the company's Annual Financial Statement (AFS) was sent to every stakeholder entitled thereto in terms of the Act.
I put Governance systems in place and ensured that Risk Management and compliance issues were adequately addressed within the company. I liaised with the Chief Financial Officer and the Auditor General's Office on matters for the Risk and Audit Committee.
I conducted periodic review of the governance structures and relations within the company and compiled Governance Review Papers for the scrutiny of both the Board and Management.

2) Corporate Strategy & Business Contracts
Together with the CEO and the Chief Operating Officer, we oversaw the company's strategy in relation to the company's core business and ensured the development of the company's Business Plan in line with the Provincial Government's strategic direction.
I worked closely with the Chairperson of the Board's Strategy Committee in ensuring the company's strategy was relevant to the growth, needs and demands on the company, and coordinated the bi- annual Strategic Break-Away sessions of both the...

Governing Party and the State

I was commissioned by the Premier's Office to prepare and present this paper, which I presented to a delegation from the Presidency in February 2006. The Presidency subsequently established an LGB Directorate, enhancing their coordination between the governing party and the state.

Paper on 'Regulatory Review

Paper on 'The move towards a two year legislative program', 2005

My Papers

Deputy Director

Department of Community Safety

July 2004 - July 2007

Legislation & Government Business
Chief Directorate: Policy Development and Coordination
Duration: July 2004 - 30 July 2007
(I was seconded by the Premier's Office to the Office of the newly appointed Leader of Government Business & MEC for Community Safety: Honourable Firoz Cachalia).

Key responsibilities:

With the establishment of the Legislation Sub Committee of Cabinet after the national general elections in 2004, I was appointed as administrative Head of the Legislation Subcommittee, with the Political Head being the Leader of Government Business (LGB) in the Provincial Government.
The primary function in this instance was to oversee the Executive Council's legislative processes. This included modernising the Executive Council's legislative procedures and processes, as well as overseeing the clause by clause analyses of ordinary Public Bills.

The first wave involved scrutiny of the gaps between policy intentions and results and the exploration of failure.
The second wave entailed developing frameworks to guide implementation, anticipating implementation challenges and navigating implementation challenges, measuring impact of policy and program interventions.
The last wave was about network, game theory and principal agent perspectives, alignment of multiple instruments and multi-level governance.
I was subsequently seconded to the Office of the Leader of Government Business to coordinate government's overall business and programs with the Governing party's Caucus Executive in the Legislature and to ensure Government business was prioritised in the Legislature's multi-party Programing Committee.

My responsibilities were more focused on the legislative issues, governance and strategic engagement with the Office Bearers and government business leaders to foster cooperation between the Executive and the Legislature. This enhanced the Executive's accountability to the Legislature and allowed for effective oversight by the Legislature.

Policy advice and...

National Council of Provinces & Legislation Business Manager

Office of the Premier

April 2001 - June 2004

Directorate: Protocol & International Relations
Duration: 09 April 2001 - June 2004
(I was seconded to the Office of the Leader of Govt. Business & MEC for Local Government: Honourable Trevor G. Fowler).

On 9 April 2001, I joined the Office of the Premier as Deputy Director in charge of national legislation, that is, National Council of Provinces (NCOP). I was seconded to the Office of the Leader of Government Business under the Strategy Directorate in the then Development Planning and Local Government Department.

I was charged primarily with the overall management of government business in relation to national Parliament and the Legislature as well as advising and facilitating input by the Executive on national legislation with provincial impact. This meant facilitating a more systematic and coordinated approach to service delivery, the unit was the centre of coordination between the provincial legislature, government and national parliament.

This related to section 76 Bills, which are national bills with provincial impact. Within three months of serving the then Legislation and Business Committee (LBC), I was made LBC Manager, which extended my responsibilities beyond National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

My responsibilities were as follows:
i) Legislation: I provided strategic advice on the national legislative process and management of provincial legislation. I also provided guidance on legislative input by Departments on national legislation, which formed part of the provincial mandate.

ii) Legislation & Business Committee (LBC) Management:
Budget and Capacity Building Programmes: I prepared the Unit's budget, planned for LBC workshops on various topics, such as workshops with the Office of the Auditor General with all Gauteng MECs, biannual legislative planning workshops with MECs, Study Group Chairpersons, Heads of Departments and Parliamentary Liaison Officers.
This included capacity building workshops for Parliamentary Liaison Officers and...

Parliamentary Liaison Officers' Forum

May 2001 - July 2007

where governance, program management and the provincial government's capacity issues in relation to the Legislative program were the key focus areas.

Business Review and Team Development: I convened biannual workshops with Departments where we planned for the forthcoming year and conducted business review. I also conducted on going tailor - made training with individual Departments on a needs basis.

Deputy Provincial Secretary of the Governing Party and the Speaker

Gauteng Funding of Represented Political Parties Act

Paper on " The review of Gauteng Government's Legislative Processes 2001-2004", this paper was finalised in 2004 in preparation for 2004 post general elections plans.

Gauteng Funding of Represented Political Parties Act
I coordinated the political input on Funding of Represented Political Parties with the Leader of Government Business, the Deputy Provincial Secretary of the Governing Party and the Speaker. I facilitated the involvement of the state law advisors, the Secretary of the Legislature and the Integrity Commissioner at the policy and legislative drafting stage.

Gauteng Province remains the only province with a legislative framework on party funding.

Table Assistant (House Procedural Advisor)

Gauteng Provincial Legislature

June 1998 - March 2001

Directorate: Parliamentary Operations
Duration: June 1998 - March 2001.

This position, in which I had acted previously, was advertised as a permanent post in 1998 after the Legislature had concluded its organizational review. I applied and was appointed to commence in June of the same year. (The duties are outlined under Acting Table Assistant).
The additional responsibility was the co-ordination of the Programming Committee, which is a multi- party committee that approved government's draft legislative program in the Legislature and also classified and prioritised national legislation.
I provided advisory and co-ordination work for the Programming Committee, which exposed me to extensive program development, monitoring and management. This work prepared me for the position I was subsequently appointed to by the Premier's Office in later years.

Committees Coordinator

Gauteng Provincial Legislature

November 1997 - May 1998

(3 Committees)- namely;
1) Rules Committee, 2) Privileges & Ethics Comte and 3) Internal Arrangements Committee
Unit: Committees Section
Duration: November 1997-May 1998

When this position was advertised, it was towards the last month of my contract as Acting Table Assistant. I therefore applied to this permanent position: Rules, Internal Arrangements & Privileges Committee Co-ordinator. I was appointed in October and commenced with the new duties in November of the same year.

I was responsible for the co-ordination of the three most senior committees in the Legislature, Chaired by then Speaker (Hon. Trevor G Fowler) & Deputy Speaker (Hon. Lindiwe D. Zulu).

These were the Rules Committee; 2) Privileges (Ethics) Committee and 3) Internal Arrangements Committee (recently renamed Members' Affairs).
Strong legal and research background as well as confidentiality were some of the key requirements to serve in these committees.

Responsibilities were:
Rules Committee - I researched on Rules developments internationally and prepared recommendations for the development of the Legislature Rules for consideration by the Rules Committee and subsequent adoption by the House.
I monitored and evaluated the application of the existing rules and their relevance and proposed draft amendments where necessary. I conducted periodic review of the Rules and proposed amendments to those that had been abrogated by disuse or irrelevance.
I prepared strategic briefing notes for the Chairperson for reference during meetings.

Internal Arrangements Committee - the committee monitored and approved the entire budget of the Legislature and made recommendations to the House. I drafted Budget reports for the Internal Arrangements Committee, which reports were adopted by the Sitting of the House at the recommendation of the Committee. This was my first real training and experience in budget analyses which I obtained in that period.
That experience has served me extremely well over the...

National Council of Provinces Procedural Advisor

Gauteng Provincial Legislature

January 1997 - March 1997

Unit Committees Section
Duration: January 1997 - March 1997

Breaking New Ground:
Procedural & Legislative Advice to Committees:
When the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) was established by the Constitution of 1996, the Gauteng Legislature advertised for NCOP Procedural Advisors. I was appointed as the Province's first ever NCOP Procedural Advisor to the Legislature Portfolio Committees.
My key responsibilities were advising Chairpersons and Portfolio Committees on how to process national legislation from Parliament. Thorough understanding of the Constitution, the Rules of the Legislature, the legislative framework and application of acquired knowledge was an absolute requirement in order to professionally carry out these responsibilities so all Legislature Portfolio Committees would be trained and equipped to process national legislation by the end of February when Parliament resumed business after recess.

One set the standards for the Legislature and within a very short space of time, the Gauteng Legislature became a game changer and we shared our good practices with other Provinces.

(Acting) Table Assistant

Gauteng Provincial Legislature

April 1997 - October 1997

Based on the work I had done as the Legal Assistant and as the NCOP Procedural Advisor,
I was seconded to the senior position of (Acting) Table Assistant, by the then House Proceedings Manager and the Provincial Secretary (CEO) of the Legislature. This position was also on contract, pending the outcome of the Legislature's organisational review.

My key performance areas were:
(i) NCOP Legislation - this incorporated what I had previously done as NCOP Procedural Advisor, with the added dimension of advising the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.
I prepared procedural briefs prior and during legislature debates on legislation, to ensure appropriate rulings were made by the Speaker in the House. I developed and managed the provincial programme on national legislation.

(ii) House Business - I processed motions, committee reports and questions to the Executive from Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs) and analysed them against established Parliamentary conventions and legal parameters.
This was quality control to ensure compliance with the legal requirements.

In preparation for Sittings, I prepared briefing notes (bottles) for the Speaker and drafted the House speaking list according to political parties' proportional representation.
This regulated debates in the House.

(iii) Research - I conducted extensive research on parliamentary procedure in other jurisdictions and recommended new procedures for the Legislature, contributing substantially to the development of the Legislature Rules.

(iv) Table Duty - It entailed preparing briefing notes (bottle) and providing procedural advice during the sittings. This was backed by the precedent manual (Decisions from the Chair) I had done previously as a Legal Assistant. After the Legislature Sittings, I drafted minutes of proceedings for approval by the House Proceedings Manager and confirmation by the Speaker.

Legal Assistant (Independent Consultant)

Gauteng Provincial Legislature

October 1996 - January 1997

Unit: House Proceedings
Duration: October 1996 - January 1997

Legal Assistant, I

Sittings of the House

As a Legal Assistant, I was tasked with drafting the Legislature's first Precedent Manual on Rulings by the Speaker/Presiding Officers as made in the Sittings of the House (Legislature). This dated from decisions made from 1994-1996.

This was a new development in the Province and no other Provincial Legislature in the country had done this, which was understandable, given that we only had the Legislatures established after the 1994 first democratic general elections. I therefore researched, liaised with the National Assembly and other Common Wealth Parliaments and established networks with the House of Commons' Parliamentary Legal Advisers to solicit ideas, bench mark and develop good practice. It was a truly exciting and ground breaking exercise. I was honoured.

The final product was a precedent manual/Rule Book approved by the Speaker and adopted by the Legislature. To date, it remains the official Precedent Manual for the Legislature and is used by the Legislature's Presiding Officers and the Procedural Advisers.

In -House Publications
• 4 Precedent manuals/rules book as commissioned by the Legislature.
• Management manual on leadership, motivation and negotiation skills, change management and business presentations.
• Business Management Manual for Development Aid from People to People (DAPP-SA)
• Database on all Questions by the Legislature to the Executive Council per Department as well as the replies thereto. The primary objective being a
Streamlined and co-ordinated approach to Departments' management of Legislature Questions to Members of the Executive Council

Qualifications & Certifications

Law Enforcement Related Injury

Hollenbeck Youth Centre & City Games

Criminal Justice

City University of New York

Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigations

University of Johannesburg

Institute for the Advancement of Journalism

Foreign Affairs Institute

Business Etiquette and Winning Ways

Rosebank College

Business Economics


Money Laundering Control & Compliance

Justice College

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