Iyengar - Photographer - Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Niranjan Iyengar

Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India




A young, talented photographer who prides himself in his understanding of the basics and theory of photography.

Work History


Radio City 91.1

From April 2012


From the eyes of the beholder.

Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. I feel my photos speak for themselves

The Dangers of Physical Activity

“I think I’ve had enough to drink” said Rahul Sharma, the 25 year old MBA graduate to his girlfriend Priya ‘I’ll just have a coke please’ Gupta. “Good to see some sense in you” she said. “I’ll just go powder my nose. You go catch us a cab and text me when you get one.” “Hokay” he said trying as hard as possible not to sound as drunk as he really was. As she turned to go, he sna(c)ked his way across the bar and pushed the door open. The cold air hit him and something inside him started spinning really fast in the opposite direction and all the world was now just a blur.

Slowly and steadily he walked along the footpath that for some reason seemed longer than it actually was and made his way to the nearest signal. As soon as he readied himself and tried to get used to the spin, a sharp pointed object poked him in the small of his back and a voice as rough as the notebooks in a child’s school bag said “Your money or your life!”

The drunkenness that he had slowly begun to get used to suddenly disappeared and the gyroscope in his head suddenly stopped and dropped to his stomach. The world that so far was a wild steak of color suddenly became a cohesive whole that aligned itself to form the shape of a fairly tall figure draped in a black shawl. The yellow street lights did little to reveal his obscure face but did a brilliant job at drawing attention to the knife that he had concealed in a way that it was both visible and well hidden.

Normally not the type to be frazzled by even the worst of things, be it rabid dogs or poisonous snakes, Rahul, at this particular moment was scared. “Listen” he said. “I have no money on me right now. My wallet is in the bar with my girlfriend. If you would just let me go, I will just be on my way and nobody will hear about this ever again!” “This is the probleam with these fancy bois” said the figure, “All talk and no walk. Now walk” he said and drove the knife a little further so as to move him along.

The two walked into a narrow street where a few more friends of the figure waited. Together the group relieved him of his accessories to discover nothing of value. His wallet wasn’t there, the phone he carried around was a worthless piece of junk and fortunately for him, he had never picked up the habit of wearing a watch.

The four figures watched him and discussed amongst themselves wondering what to do with him, one suggested that they knock him out and just leave him there while another suggested holding him for ransom, which turned out to be the best idea they had currently.

He sat on the ground, in the dark alley, arms and legs bound, as the others chalked out the details of the ransom amongst themselves while keeping a close eye on Rahul. Once the ransom amount was fixed and they all more or less had a definite idea of the plan, out came the khambas and the rowdy group upped their act.

Their banter turned to a raucous accompanied by loud laughter, insults and once they were done picking on each other, they turned to Rahul who by now was slipping back into inebriation as the adrenalin began to wear off.
“What a wimp he was!” exclaimed the man in the black shawl. “Didn’t even put up a fight, he’d have had a better chance had he made a run for it, but decided to just keep walking.” “That’s the problem with these city kids,” said one of his cronies. “They’re all getting soft! When I was his age, I’d catch snakes bare handed and milk them using a stick!” “I’ve seen that” said one among them. “If you ask me kids like him should be thrown out of the house the moment their old enough to shave and be left to fend for themselves. Otherwise I really don’t see this country going anywhere!” “Better off not having people like him in society at all! Total waste of money!”

This is where Rahul lost his cool, the alcohol did little to keep his tongue in check and the words “If I hadn’t been to the gym yesterday, I would have totally kicked your ass right now!!” came bursting out of his mouth like an aerated soft drink from a bottle that had just seen a particularly bad patch of road.

“What’s that now?” asked the black shawl who from the looks of things was probably the leader of the pack. “I said I would have totally kicked your ass had I not been to the gym yesterday!” the black shawl opened his mouth but stopped himself before he said anything and then proceeded to burst into a fit of laughter, slowly his coterie of cloaked clowns joined in and before long the entire street was filled with the sound of laughter with the odd “If I hadn’t been to the gym…” followed by even more peals of laughter.

Visibly annoyed with the response he got, the drunkenness slowly slipped away as the adrenalin began to flow once again through his blood stream. “Do you know how hard it is to keep standing after a round at the gym? I’m sure your manual labour is easier to perform!”

The black shawl now, after having controlled himself, just to humour him said “Do tell us what you did at the gym young man.” “What did I do? I’ll tell you what I did. First there is this monster of a machine that is meant for the chest! No matter how hard you push the stupid thing refuses to rise and when you manage to lift the stupid thing twice and give up, the gym trainer notices and says “Why are you pumping chick weights? Here lift this.” And adds ten more kilos! By the time I was done, I was only glad that I was wearing clean underwear!” The entire gang burst into laughter. “Honestly I tell you, the man probably eats babies, he is so freaking huge! He’s so huge that even his muscles have muscles and I’m sure given a few more weeks, even they’d have muscles!”

“What did you do after that?" asked a faceless voice. “Then I moved over to this pull-up thing that was actually a pull down thing. The weights are attached to a bar by a wire that goes through a pulley and you pull the stupid thing down.” “What happened? What happened?” asked more faceless voices. “Well I once again started the set and as usual the evil gym instructor swooped in on me and raised the weight! I somehow managed to pull the stupid thing once and when I let go the stupid thing took me with it!”

More laugher filled the street and the faceless shawls were by this time rolling on the ground in laughter. “Tell us more” they chorused in unison. “and then there was this other machine…”

Priya waited in the bar for a good thirty minutes before she really began to panic, when she came back from the wash room, she was not exactly surprised to see that he was no longer in the bar but by around the 15 minute mark she really began to get worried. Five minutes later she and the manager of the bar found a constable on rounds and together they began their search. The security guard pointed them in the direction he was last seen headed and they all set off to find Rahul.

A good 15 minutes of searching after backup had arrived had still left them with no signs of Rahul’s whereabouts. Then suddenly they all heard the unmistakable sound of uncontrollable laughter. The quickly made their way towards the source of the sound to find a bunch of men literally rolling on the ground with laughter and Rahul sitting in the middle with a bottle of locally made whiskey in his hand.

“All this while I’ve been telling people that I am as weak as a kitten, but honest to god, one hour at the gym and even the tiniest of kittens can take me down, make a nest on my chest and promptly go to sleep!” The entire group including Rahul burst into even more laughter and they all slapped each other high fives.
The cops swiftly moved in and cuffed the entire lot barring Rahul who for some reason refused to part with his bottle of desi daru.

Rahul is still going to the gym even today and goes there six days a week. He feels that now he can take on anybody so long as it is a Sunday.
Priya’s conversations with the barkeep are still “I’ll just have a Coke please.” and “Thank you!”
The black shawl and his friends went to prison for six months and then opened up a business managing aspiring standup comedians.

Qualifications & Certifications

Masters in Mass Communication- Audio Visual Communication

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication

B. Com; Cost and Works Accounting

MAEER'S Arts Commerce and Science College

Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Matriculation, Higher Secondary School

University of Pune

Symbiosis International University

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