Kehrberger - Aerial Artist, Choreographer - Berlin, Germany

Nicole Kehrberger

Berlin, Germany


Nicole Kehrberger has a long lasting experience as an award winning actress, acrobat, aerial artist and dancer on international stages.
She combines all those disciplines in her acting and in her teaching.

She has worked as an actress in theater, film and TV with directors such as Antonio Latella, Jean Martin Moncéro, Stefane Lebard, Wolfram Hundhammer, Herms Meer, Naruna Kaplan de Macedo, John Mc Mullin, Peter Key, Joss Houben, Cédric Behrel and many more.

Over the past 13 years she has worked as master teacher at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, since over 20 years she teaches acting, acrobatics, dance, vocal and movement all over the world and is today one of the most sought-after teachers in her field.

As an aerial acrobat, choreographer and director she has realized many projects around the globe since 1998.

In 2005 she founded the theater association Totales Theater International together with artists from different artistic and national backgrounds. The first production, in coproduction with Teatro Stabile dell´ Umbria and the Turin Festival delle Colline Torinesi “Study on Medea” directed by Antonio Latella, won the UBU prize for best show of the year.

Nicole founded her International Theater Summer School in Berlin in 2011. Students from the US, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Australia and Germany participated in these first years workshops.

In 2012 she built the „Barfuss Theater" in Berlin


Aerial Artist, Choreographer


Work History


Michele Andrei

Part: Gertrude • Production: Totales Theater
International • Deutschland • 2012

Every time you strech your arm Director: Michele Andrei • Part: Nina • Production: Totales Theater

Sounding Jerusalem Festival

Sultan Spring Jericho, Mount of Temptation Jericho
(Sunriseconcert), Jerusalem • Israel / Palestine


Luca Scarlini

Antonio Latella • Production: Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria

Studio Percussion Graz /La Strada Festival Graz

Choreogaphies for "Flight" Circus Starlight Swizzerland

Phone in Germany: ++ 49 (0) 174 3296099 • in Italy: ++ 39 349 884 3678

Clown and acrobatics

Halifax • Canada




Trilogia della Villeggiatura


Goldoni/ Letizia Russo

Study on Medea Director: Antonio Latella • Production: Totales Theater

École des Maitres

acrobatics and movement • Italy, Spain, Portugal


Dramaturgy: Federico Bellini

International / Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria/ Festival delle Collne Torinesi
Part: Medea • Germany, Italy, Portugal 2005 - 2008

Orpheus Director: Antonio Latella • Production: Opera di Bari, • Part: Dancer

Scuola Galante Garrone

aerial artistic and acrobatics • Scuola Galante Garrone • Bologna • Italy

Studio d' Opéra Lyon

dance and movement improvvisation • mastercourse • Studio d' Opéra Lyon • France

Theaterfestival Rose des Vents Lille

acrobatics • Theaterfestival Rose des Vents Lille • France



Antonio Latella • Production: Opéra national de Lyon

La Concierge



The Tempest



Stéfane Lebard • Part: Eurydice in the sky • France 2004

Variety Kassel

Schaubude • Dinner show • Production: Krone Betterkinden/ Zap- Ensemble •


Pericles by Shakespeare

acrobatic and dance • Production: CSS Udine / Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria •
Italy 2006

acting workshop

International Theater Festival • Porto Alegre


Theaterfestival Grieco Barcelona

acrobatics • Theaterfestival Grieco Barcelona • Spain

TnT- Theater Festival Lyon

acrobatics • TnT- Theater Festival Lyon • France


Fulvio Ianneo

Production: Teatro Reon
Shakespeare Part: Audrey / Mr. La Beau • Italy 2003-2004

Production Teatro Reon Bologna

Querelle • Aerial artistic and acrobatics • Production: Teatro Nuovo di Napoli / Teatro Garibaldi Palermo


Eyebridge • Aerial artistic performance in 30m height, tissue and bungee • Production: ÖffÖff-
Productions • Switzerland 2003

Teatro Garibaldi

acrobatics • Teatro Garibaldi • Italy


Querelle de Brest

Antonio Latella • Production: Teatro Nuovo di Napoli /
Jean Genet Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo • Part: the hore • Italy 2002-2004


Die schöne Nacht


H. Hundhammer


Festival Em Cena Porto Alegre

Aerial artistik • Romeo and Juliette in the Sky • Production: Festival Em Cena Porto Alegre • Brazil •

Orpheus and Eurydice

Aerial artistic • Production: Opéra National de Lyon •

Mimezentrum Berlin



school "die Etage"

Berlin • Germany


Theaterakademie Vorpommern

Zinnowitz • Germany


Herms Meer

Dream Factory

Table acrobatics / Partner acrobatics

Della Guarda

• Production: Cinema Sterk Baden • Switzerland

Direction work





Word • short film • Indipendent Cult-Film Production • Director: John Mc Mullin •


Madness I

Buisiness 2000 • Videogame • Production: Microsoft • Part: Storyteller • Language: German •


Big Bang

Language: German •
England 2000

Gambling • Playstation game • Production: Microsoft • Part: Different parts•


Trans- Europa- Express

Production: Actors World Production Ltd. • Part: Different parts•


The Seagull


Worldwar I

Peter Key •

Metal Gear Solid

Playstation game • Production: Konami Production • Part: Mei Ling •

Philippe Gaulier

for acting and movement at his school

teacher for acting and movement

Ecole Philippe Gaulier

London / Paris

bouffon • clown • shakespeare • chechov • maskplay • neutral mask • greek tragedy •
melodrama • vaudeville • character • acrobatics • voicetraining • movement • improvvisation

Die Amme

Just- Tea- Tree • Publicity Video • Production: VIP Video production Airborn •

Moby Dick

Radio • Production: Ciottola Music- Production • Part: Storyteller •

Freeline and Chocolate

Il ballo col vento • Aerial artistic • Production • Dream Factory • Italy 2001

Querelle de Brest • Acrobatics / Dance • Production: Teatro Nuovo di Napoli / Teatro Garibaldi di

Tabano Theater Stockholm



Didi Sommer


The girl Melinda


Aerial artistic • Tissue numbers and wall-dance • Different Galas and Events • Germany, England,
France, Switzerland, Italy • Brazil • 1998- 2008

Eurydice in the sky • Aerial artistic on the tissue• Production: Opéra national de Lyon • France 2004

Mnouchkin Théâtre du Soleil in Paris

Complicity Theater London 1997 and
The Circus- Space 1997 London.
Various theatre- and film productions in England, France, Italy, Spain, Israel,
Palestine, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany since 1993.

• In 2011 Nicole opens her internationale Theater Summer School in Berlin. Students from over 10 countries participated at the first edition.

Scuola Teatro Dimitri

voicetraining • Scuola Teatro Dimitri • Switzerland



Jean- Martin Moncéro • Production: Dream Factory
Pablo Burstzyn Part: Olga • Switzerland, Italy 1995-96


Wälle Berg d'Welleberg

George Isherwood • Production: Zap- Ensemble
Didi Sommer Part: Frau Huefise • Switzerland 1995-97

C'est du Théâtre Director: Jean- Martin Moncéro • Production: Les Acteurs
Jean- Martin Moncéro Inconnus • Part: Lacrima • Germany , Switzerland, Israel, Palestine



Jean- Martin Moncéro • Production: Les Acteurs Inconnus

She teaches acting

international theater summer school berlin

movement and acrobatis around the globe

Phone in Germany: ++ 49 (0) 174 3296099 • in Italy: ++ 39 349 884 3678
In 2011 Nicole established her international theatre - summer school in Berlin. The intense
work takes place every year between June and August.

20 students from the US, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Argentina and Germany
participated in this first years summerschool workshops "clown, our inner idiot", "building
characters", "greek tragedy", "game and text"


Scuola Teatro Dimitri

Martim Pedroso, Part: Penthesilia, Production: after Heinrich von Kleist Produkcion: Cia Zerogrammi Italien/ Festival Materiais Diversos •

Clown Dimitri

Cédric Dubois

Production: Teatro Dimitri • Part: Elisabeth



Francesca Garcea Part: Hélène/


International Theater Summer School Berlin
In 2011 Nicole established in Berlin her international theater summer school berlin.
The intense work takes place every year between June and August.
20 students from the US, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Germany Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Argentina, Israel and Mexico participated in this first years summerschool workshops.

The international theater summer school berlin is specially designed for professional performers such as dancers, acrobats, musicians, actors or those who want to become one. Professionals or becoming professionals who want to widen and develop their experience, recharge their batteries, and get a very personal, physical, unconventional and extremly joyful approach to their acting.

Nicole Kehrberger has a long lasting experience as an award winning actress, acrobat, aerial artist and dancer on international stages. She combines all those disciplines in her teaching.
During the quest for the individual beauty of each student she tosses etiquette, theories, styles and masks into the wind. In every student she is looking for his candidness, vulnerability and his fragility, which contributes to the discovery of an open, inventive and individual play.

With high demand Nicole Kehrberger looks for the students individual joy and pleasure and what makes him special on stage. “Nobody is doing bad, it is all about the question how one presents himself.
Automatism, comfort a

actress / theatre and movement teacher

Aerial Artist, Acrobat

Qualifications & Certifications



Ecole Philippe Gaullier

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