Saidi - High Professor Biology - Tunisia

Neila Saidi



High Professor Biology


general microbiology, food microbiology, agriculture microbiology

Work History

Bouzaiane Olfa

January 2012 - December 2012

2012) Relationship between Microbial C, Microbial N and Microbial DNA Extracts During Municipal Solid Waste Composting Process. Progress in Biomass and Bioenergy Production. 239-252.

Journal of Environmental Sciences

January 2011 - December 2011

2011) Isolation and characterization of facultative mixotrophic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria from constructed wetlands. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 23: 1699-1708.

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

January 2011 - December 2011

2011). Physicochemical and Microbial Caracteristics Performency in Wastewater Treated Under Aerobic Reactor. American Journal of Environmental Sciences; 7 (3):254-262.
16. Trabelsi Ismail, Dhifallah Tarek, Snoussi Mejdi, Ben yahmed Amira, Fumio Murano , Saidi Neyla, Jedidi Naceur (2011) Cascade bioreactor with submerged biofilm for aerobic treatment of Tunisian landfill leachate Volume 102, issue 17 page 7700-7706.
17. Amira Ben Yahmed, Neila Saidi, Ismail Trabelsi, Fumio Murano, Tarek Dhaifallah, Latifa Bousselmi, Ahmed Ghrabi (2009) Microbial characterization during aerobic biological treatment of landfill leachate (Tunisia) Desalination 1-11
18. Bouzaiane O., Kouki S., Saidi N., Yoshida M., Hassen A. (2009) Biophysical biochemical and microbial characteristics of Bizerte lagoon sediments (Tunisia). Revue Méditerranéenne de l'Environnement, 3: 510-523.
19. Kouki S., M'Hiri F., Saidi N., Belaïd S., Hassen A. (2009) Performances of a constructed wetland treating domestic wastewaters during a macrophytes life cycle. Desalination, 248: 131-146.
20. Ben Said M., Hassen A., N. Saidi, H.W. Ackermann (2009) Study of the relationship between bacteriophage and selective host cells according to different conditions of UV-C irradiation. Desalination 248 (2009) 76-87.
21. Bouzaiane O., Cherif H. Saidi N. Jedidi N. Hassen A. (2007a) Effects of municipal solid waste compost application on the microbial biomass of cultivated and non-cultivated soil in a semi-arid zone Waste Manage Res 25: 334-342
22. Bouzaiane, O.; Cherif, H.; Saidi, N.; Hassen, A. & Jedidi, N. (2007b). Municipal solid waste compost dose effects on soil microbial biomass determined by chloroform fumigation-extraction and DNA methods. Annals of Microbiology, Vol. 57, No.4, pp. 681-686, ISSN 1590-4261.


January 2007 - December 2007

2007). Microbial C and N dynamics during composting process of urban solid waste. Waste Management & Research: the journal of 41 the International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association, ISWA 2007;25(1):24-9.
24. Ben Ayed L., Hassen A., Jedidi N., Saidi N., Bouzaine O. et Murano F. (2005). Caractérisation des paramètres physico-chimique et microbiologique au cours d'un cycle de compostage d‟ordures ménagères. Revue Francophone d'Ecologie Industrielle, N° 40, 4ème Trimestre 2005, 4-11.
25. Hassen A., Cherif A., Belghith K., Saidi N., Chérif H. et Yoshida M. (2003). Polymerase chain reaction technique for microbial and environmental investigations. Of Eco-Technology, 250-259.

Environmental Technology

January 2003 - December 2003

2003). Microbial and copper adsorption by smectitic clay-an experimental study. Environmental Technology. 24. 117-1127.

Analyse bactériologique

27. Bouzaiane O. Hassen A

January 2002 - December 2002

d'un sol amendé de différents résidus organiques. Waste water and environment research. 3. 37-44.
28. Chérif H. Hassen A., Saidi N., (2002). Impact des métaux lourds sur quelques marqueurs phénotypiques de P. aeruginosa. Waste water and environment research. 3. 9-20.
29. Chérif H. Hassen A., Saidi N., (2002). Impact des métaux lourds sur quelques marqueurs phénotypiques de P. aeruginosa. Waste water and environment research. 3. 9-20.

Microbiol Ecology

January 2001 - December 2001

2001), Impact of heavy metals on the selective phenotypical markers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Microbiol Ecology 42, 99- 107.

Revue de l'INA Tunisie

January 1998 - December 1998

1998). Resistance of environmental bacteria to heavy metals, Bioresources technology, 64, 7-15.
35. Hassen A., Jedidi N., Saidi N., Boudabous A. et Mhiri A. (1998). Etude des interactions entre éléments métalliques et microflore du sol. Revue de l'INA Tunisie 13 (1), 58-64.
36. Hassen A., Jedidi N., Saidi N., Khallali H., Boudabous A. et Ennabli M. (1997) Isolement des salmonelles des eaux usées et étude de la survie des bactéries indicatrices d'une pollution fécale dans les sols. Arch. Ins. Pasteur Tunis, 73( 3-4), 173-177.
37. Hassen A., Jedidi N. , Filali N., Khallali H., Beji A. , Mougou A., Saidi N. et Ennabli M. (1997). Valorisation des eaux usées dans la production grainière de l'oignon (Allium cepa). Revue de l'I.N.A.Tunisie, 11(2), 111-125.


January 1994 - December 1994

38. Hassen A., Khallali H., Jedidi N., Ferchichi M., Ghrabi A., Cherry F., Azri C., Saidi N., Shayeb H. et Ennabli M. (1994) Elimination des indicateurs bactériens et des métaux lourds au cours de traitement des eaux domestiques dans une station pilote semi-industrielle. Sci-Tech.Eau, 27(4), 34-41.
39. Hassen A., Jedidi. N., Saidi N., Boudabous A. et Gabteni N., (1993) Etude expérimentale des interactions entre éléments métalliques et la minéralisation de la matière organique d'un compost d'ordures ménagères ajouté à un sol. Revue de l'I.N.A.Tunisie, 8,145-160.
40. Hassen A., Hachicha R., Saidi N., Jedidi N., Agbalika F., Harteman P. (1993) Une méthode de recherche des enterovirus dans le lait. Arch. De l'Inst. Pasteur, 68, (3-4), 261-268.
41. Hassen A., Jedidi N., Kallali H., Saidi N. et Smithi N., (1990) Etude comparée de l'activité biologique des sols " in vitro " après des apports de différents amendements organiques, Revue de l'I.N.A.Tunisie, 5,135-151.

Contribution to the drafting of a chapter in a book:


UV Disinfection of Secondary Wastewater

May 1984 - December 2012

2012) UV Disinfection of Secondary Wastewater: Influence of Photoreactivation on the Kinetics of Inactivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Current Biotechnology, 2012, 1, 000-000.
10. Abdelaziz Belila & Ben Abbas & Imed Fazaa , Neila Saidi & Mejdi Snoussi & Abdennaceur Hassen and Gerard Muyzer (2012) Sulfur bacteria in wastewater stabilization ponds periodically affected by the 'red-water' phenomenon Appl Microbiol Biotechnol DOI 10.1007/s00253-012-3931-5
11. Ahmed Wali, Brahmi Mounaouer, Neila Saidi, Abdessalem Omr, Nadim Fakhfakh, Mourad Benzina and Abdennaceur Hassen (2012) Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Adsorption Study of Basagran onto Activated Carbon Prepared from Henna Wood. Current Biotechnology, 1, 000-000
12. Menaouer Brahmi, Saidi Neila et Hassen A. (2012) The microbiological quality of effluents from macrofiltration systems and with ultraviolet light in a Tunisian area" accepté pour publication dans Journal of Environmental Protection.
13. Mehri Ines, Khessairi Amel , Turki Yousra, Saidi Neila, Daly Imen, Meyer Jean Marie and 1Hassen Abdennasseur (2012) Effect of Dose-Response of Zinc and Manganese on Siderophores Production. AJES. American Journal of Environmental Sciences 8 (2): 143-151, 2012.

UV sur P

January 1975 - December 1981

31. Hassen A. Kallali H., Allani M., Saidi N., Jemli M., Boudabous A. (1998) Désinfection des eaux usées par irradation ultraviolette dans une station pilote semi-industrielle. Effet de faibles doses UV sur P. aeruginosa. Vect. Env. 30. 75-81.
32. Hassen A., Jedidi N., Saidi N. , Cherif M, M'Hiri, Boudabous A et Van 'cleemput O. (1998). Mineralisation of nitrogen in a clayey loamy soil amended with organic waste residues enriched with Zn, Cu and Cd, Bioresouces Technology , 64, 39-45.
33. Hassen A., Saidi N., Cherif M., Boudabous A. (1998). Effects of Heavy metals on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus thuringiensis. Bioresources Technology , 65, 73-82

Qualifications & Certifications

Centre for Research and Technology of Water


School of Food Industries Tunis

School of Food Industries Tunis

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