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Crushing Egypt Rejvunation

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.”~ Ghandi

After nine days of struggle and hard work, we as Egyptians achieved victory yet still not the maximum victory we were seeking, and it even might be a temporary victory and an act of fraud from the Egyptian regime. During the struggles we faced in the Egyptian “Intifada” we have learned a lot and we have gained a lot as a nation. Before going into deep analysis of the situation and mentioning its pros and cons I would like to reveal on the string of events that took place from Tuesday the 25th of Jan till Tuesday the 1st of Feb.

The first day of the protests which was on the 25th of Jan, was a completely peaceful demonstration from few Egyptians, it was motivating and anti-destruction its aim was to ask for our rights as Egyptians and the right of the nation. The same events took place on the 26th and 27th of Jan, and still the world was peaceful despite some attempts of violence from the police on the protesters and vice-versa. During the first three days of the protests the daily life of Egyptians wasn’t affected at all, people used to go to work and come back and some still go out with friends. On the night of the third day the preparation for the “Rage Friday” started and the aim of that day was to “Bring down the Egyptian Regime”. The ghost of communications and the internet caused a huge threat to the government therefore the have cutoff all internet and mobile services for that day. Still that didn’t prevent people from protesting peacefully and cutting off communication tools provoked many Egyptians and that caused an increase in the protestor’s number.

The 28th of Jan was an historical day, and still a day full of maximum violence as the Egyptian police deliberately killed peaceful protestors, whether by live bullets or by the police cars. That act caused more and more rage among the Egyptians. Everyone was sympathizing with the protestors and everyone was with the demonstration and its ultimate fight for a huge cause. Late at that night the Egyptian president made a speech about reforming the government but still that wasn’t enough for the Egyptians because that was not what they want, so the protest was still active and it demanded to be active for the next day despite the order of the curfew. Moving to the 29th of Jan which was a day full of fear and threat to every Egyptian, Mobiles were back on but internet was still off. During that day criminals and gangsters covered Egypt, they caused threat in the streets and in our homes, the country was not a safe place anymore, and with all of that there was no clear sign of the police. The suspicious disappearing of the police around the existing of these criminals frightened the safety of Egypt, the Egyptian army didn’t leave the Egyptian at that critical point and it tried to keep them safe, but still it wasn’t enough. Men and women from all ages went to down the streets with weapons to protect their countries and their homes from the criminals.

While on the scene of the demonstration everyone was still protesting and the Army was keeping the protestors safe. It was announced than that the president have hired “Omar Soliman” head of Egyptian intelligence as his vice-president, and Ahmed Shafiq as the prime minster. Still it was not enough and people asked for more, they asked for Mubarak to leave and they asked for a reform in the constitution and in the parliament. During the 30th and the 31st of Jan still the country wasn’t safe and still people were protecting their streets and their homes but the police made an appearance and still no sign of the internet. The stock market was closed and banks were closed and the curfew moved from 4 PM to 3 PM, the life of every Egyptian was on hold, but that was the price of liberty. The Economy went down and the tourism went down, and each country sent flights to their citizens to evacuate them. Also the new government of ministries was formed but still some names didn’t change.

On the victorious first day of February the president made a speech claiming that he will reform to articles from the constitution and that he will reform the parliament and that he will not elect him self in the upcoming elections on September, and that was still not enough, the crowd demanded for him to go. At the same time protest took place that was pro Mubarak and didn’t want him to leave, that was quite suspicious! Now people at El Tahrir Square are split into half, some are satisfied for the time being and others are still demanding that he has to leave. Until the massive destruction took place, the pro Mubarak protest that is most likely to be created by the government crushed the wonderful symphony that have been created and caused nothing but chaos and destruction.

During the “Intifada” we gained lots of things but still we lost a lot! Now we have our dignity back, our voice and our right. Youth are now empowered, and we know that we can do a lot. We also have discovered that we can protect ourselves from any harm and we can pass any struggles. About 80% of our demands have been achieved and its time for us to have some patience, and give space for the changes to take place, and if not, the Tharir square is still there and we are still alive (hopefully). We don’t want to destroy the country nor our economy, I know that we can reform the nation and the economy and we can make them prosper again but we just have to be a bit patient. Let’s not cause for the demonstration to loose the sympathy of the people who are at home. That was what I wanted to say right before I saw what happened today, the though of not trusting the government was proven true after I tried as much as I can to give them a chance.

Mubarak never resembled the figure of the father to me, and I never ever wanted him in power, he and his regime made lots of unforgivable mistakes and I know that we have no trust what so ever for the government, and the decisions that he took might be temporary just to please us but still lets have some patience, but they didn’t give us a chance to be patient. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always.”~ Ghandi

Mubarak is asking to open gates of conversation between the government and the nation and he and the government are mad because we didn’t accept that invitation, but it is just too late for conversation because they have never gave us that opportunity. This opportunity just took place out of his fear. Mubarak doesn’t want to stop the blood shed, his regime didn’t stop killing the protesters at El Tahrir, if he really wanted another chance and a another opportunity he shouldn’t have crushed the spirit the people have created. El Tahrir Square is nothing but a mess today; unlike yesterday the people were cleaning the streets and protesting peacefully. It’s just not the time to have some morality and humanity that we haven’t been treated by in that country.

Cutting of the internet provoked Egyptians and revealed the threat that youth cause to the Egyptian regime, and that caused people to increase in the protest as well as the curfew. They tried to cutoff AlJazeera so the truth wont reach Egyptians and that was stupid, they were pressured and that gave them a chance to make mistakes, lets just wait in silence and observe the situation critically. . “In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and difficult quest after Truth.”~ Ghandi

They provoked us, blackmailed and threatened us by deliberately depriving us from safety and pulling away the police so we can learn that we wont be safe without them, but we proved them wrong, we managed to protect ourselves and to communicate and to form the million man march, and have a loud and clear voice. As much as I want patience and I want us to wait and stop the blood shed, I just cant stand what I am seeing in Tahrir now, if he was a person that wanted to give himself and us a new chance he wouldn’t have sent people to kill today. If he wanted a chance to talk he would have given us that chance from the first day, rather than killing hundreds on Friday the 28th of Jan.

I am just so confused about what should be done I want the best for Egypt and its people, I want to raise the economy again and I want people to feel safe, but still if we held our voices now we can never make a move. Especially after the last attempt of violence that took place today! If he cares about the country as every body says, why the hell did he send people to kill and cause chaos today? If he loves his people he should just step down, and Mr. President I wanted you to leave the country gracefully with your dignity and self respect and with our respect to you and to your achievements but you gave us no choice and no space, you crushed our dreams and crushed the wonderful spirits that have been created during the “Intifada”, if you just love the country and love the people even a little please just step down, I am not asking you to leave the country if you don’t want to, but just step down now for the sake of Egypt!

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