G - Software Development Engineer - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Neha G

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Software Development Engineer

Work History


February 2003 - October 2003

Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL), Oracle 8i on Windows/NT)

Project: Time office
Worked on report changes as per client requirement and unit/integration testing.

6. Client: M & M Provident Fund
Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus), Oracle 8i on Windows/NT

Project: Pf System
Worked on report changes as per client requirement and unit/integration testing.

8. Client:M & M LTD.
Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus), Oracle 8i on Windows/NT

VRS System

March 2003 - May 2003

The system included stored procedures and packages for calculating gratuity amount, VRS amount and leave encashment calculation considering the age and number of years of service of the employees. It also included forms for data entry and variety of reports. The system is developed with Oracle as Back-end and Developer 2000 as Front-end

9. Client:M & M LTD.
Project: Hrpay Payroll
1.Developed Timeoffice Interface for Hrpay payroll system.

Work Experience in MBT
3.5 yrs exp in software development. Worked on 6 Client projects in areas like Java, Oracle, html, Dhtml, Javascripts, Vbscripts, Visual Basic, Sql Server, Asp, C++ and Developer 2000 involving stages of designing, development, testing, documentation,

Mahindra& Mahindra Cooperative Credit Society Limited

August 2002 - October 2003

Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus), Oracle 8i on Windows NT

Project: Credit Society Description: Credit Society System is used by Mahindra & Mahindra Credit Society Staff to give loan facility to Mahindra & Mahindra employees. It consists of modules for creation of new members, application to take different type of loans, repayment of loans, loan eligibility program, generation of different type of vouchers, settlement of members, Dividend Program and also modules for creating users, groups etc.

1.Maintain Credit Society System and solve queries of client, fix faults/problems faced by client, Oracle Installation on client machines and work on enhancements/new developments as required by client.

2.Client: Mahindra& Mahindra Automotive Sector

M & M AS Payroll

October 2002 - October 2003

Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus), Oracle 8i on Windows/NT

Project: M & M AS Payroll
Description: The system is the Payroll package used by Mahindra & Mahindra Group of companies like M & M (Automotive Division), M & M (Farm Equipment Sector), M & M (Corporate Office) on sites like Mumbai. The system comprises of the following: A modular package for the actual salary processing. The package has extensive use of procedures and functions for the different payroll Sub-systems for other
Functions of payroll such as Income Tax etc. The income tax module consists of the monthly projection report, Forms 16 and 24, and other Income Tax Related reports.

1. Maintain AS payroll System and solve queries of client, fix faults or problems faced by client, bug fixing and work on enhancements or new developments as required by client.
2.Oracle Installation on client machines in M & M AS division

3.Client: Mahindra& Mahindra Automotive Sector
Duration: October 2002 till November 2002
Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus), Oracle 8i on Windows/NT

Project: M & M bonus system.
Description: The Objective of the system is to calculate Bonus for the employee of Mahindra & Mahindra. The calculation is based on the provident fund contribution of an employee for a given period and the agreed percentage.
System is designed such that it pick up the online data from different System of a particular employee and calculate Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Bonus. The system interacts with Payroll, Time-office, PF Trust and Accounts System for the calculation purpose. Also the Bonus and JV projection was taken care in to the system. The system is developed with Oracle as Back-end and Developer 2000 as Front-end.

Front-end Designing (Data-entry Forms), Report Designing (Reports), Implementation & User Training, support for subsequent enhancement & requirements

Mahindra& Mahindra Farm

December 2002 - October 2003

Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus), Oracle 8i on Windows/NT

Project: FES Payroll
Work on FES payroll System and solve queries of client, fix faults or problems face by client, bug fixing and work on enhancements or new developments as required by client.

5.Client: Mahindra& Mahindra Automotive Sector

Medical System

December 2002 - October 2003

Environment: Developer/2000 (Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus, Oracle 8i on Windows/NT

Project: Medical System
Solve queries of client, fix faults or problems face by client, bug fixing and work on enhancements or new developments as required by client.

6. Client: Mahindra & Mahindra FES

Mobile Internet Ltd

March 2001 - October 2001

Name: ILES2
Client: Mobile Internet Ltd., UK

Description: This project is an extension to ILES-I. It involves:
1. Enhancing the product - Home Land Earth Station (HLES) features based on client's (Telstra) feedback.
2. Adding additional features to the HLES such as Mobile LAN enhanced ESAS and provision for accounting authorities and service providers in RADIUS signalling.
3. Customer GUI as a web interface for mobile users to access the HLES in order to view and configure their service profiles. This was done using Java Servlets.

Role: Worked on following Activities:
1.Bug Fixing:
2.Modified Oracle Stored procedures and Help (.htm) files
3.Customer GUI Enhancements/ New Features
Environment: Java 1.3, Swing, JDBC and Oracle8i.

Social Dome Ltd

December 2000 - February 2001

Name: Social Dome
Client: Social Dome Ltd., Wales
Description: This project consists of developing a standalone application that will demonstrate the services of EducationDome.com. Education Dome section of the Social Dome web site will be used to provide useful services to the education community. These services are for users like Customers, Service Teacher and Suppliers. The application consists of a Java client accessing an Oracle database server.
This is an application that allows the various users to use the system. It accepts data from the users and makes use of the Query Component to access the database. Query Component is a set of utilities that perform searches on the database given the type of search (product/service teacher etc.) and the search criteria. The query component accepts as input an English language like description of the search criteria along with the type of search. The component then translates this into a SQL statement. This statement is then executed and the results captured.

Role: I was involved in development of admin module and its sub modules.
Worked on Integration and testing of all admin sub modules and also integration of admin Module with the application.
Environment: Windows 95, Java, and Oracle

IMC, India

June 2000 - January 2001

Name: Document Management System for the IMC Intranet.
Client: IMC, India

Description: The Document Management System (DMS) is a Web-based tool to manage the documents that are produced in an organization during the day to day working. The features provided by the DMS include access restriction, version control, document linking, document retrieval, document storage, integration with the document generating clients like MS Word etc., reports generation and administration of the system managing the documents.
The Project involved getting the requirement specifications, study of technical feasibility, design of Components and database structure, preparing the Use Cases for each Component and Implementing the Components, preparing User Manual for Components and testing the DMS system.

DMS System

April 2000 - August 2000

Prepared Use cases & did coding for some modules.Also did unit testing for some DMS modules & also Integration Testing of DMS. Prepared User manual and technical documents for Coded DMS Modules.

Environment: Windows 95, Windows NT, Asp, html, dhtml, Javascripts, vbscripts, SQL Server 7.0, VB, IIS, Personal Web Server.
4. April 2000 - August 2000
Name: Nabard
Client: Nabard, India.

Description: Nabard is a search engine, which provides browsing through bank circulars and aids scanning and searching through documents and finding them as per the requirement. The search engine is a web-based application. The end users can easily scan through the documents using this application. It retrieves documents as per the Dates, Reference No., and Circular No., Subject and Keywords of the documents.The full application was on client side and does not require any web server to run. The data was handled in text files

Role:I was involved in design and development of front end for the application. I was also involved in developing integration code of front end with the application.
Environment: Visual Basic, HTML/ DHTML, Java Script, Vbscript was used for front end.

Deal Maker


May 1999 - March 2000

Client: MCI WorldCom, USA
Description: DealMaker (DM) is a Web-based tool that streamlines the custom contract negotiation process for MCI WorldCom customers. DM creates a central repository for all information relevant to multiple contract request and signed contracts. Input from all MCI WorldCom team members on all aspects of a customer solution is merged within DM, resulting in the ultimate objective: a competitive, billable, profitable contract that will be signed by the customer.

Role: I was involved in developing the front end of dealmaker tool. The front end was developed using html, dhtml and Javascripts.

Environment: Windows 95, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HTML, Javascript, PL/SQL, Oracle Web Application Server 4.0.8, Oracle 8.0.5, Intersolv PVCS.


November 1998 - March 1999

Description: Sheriff stands for Statistical Heuristic Engine to Reliably and Intelligently Fight Fraud. The objective of Sheriff is to provide a flexible, scaleable and efficient fraud management system. It is integrated in telecommunication networks to monitor telephone call activity and assist in detecting potential fraud. The existing infrastructure code comprises of number of components developed using OO/C++ technology which run as UNIX processes and communicate with each other using Talarian Smart Sockets. Versant Object database is used to store the information. Incoming call records to Sheriff are processed by these components to determine the fraudulent activity. The likelihood of the call being fraudulent is determined by CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System) rules, which are configured to meet the business needs. Analysis done by the Sheriff system is stored in Versant database. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is being developed using VB5, which accesses this database to present the information to Fraud Analyst
Role:Attended training on Versant database, IPC smartsockets and Software processes. Involved in analysis of code that was written to implement Sheriff components Also involved in analysis and design of tool used to validate the error messages generated by sheriff components.

Hardware: SUN UltraSparc 2
Software: Solaris 2.5.1, C++, Roguwave Class Libraries ver.7, Versant Database ver., Smartsockets ver. 4.0, CLIPS ver. 6.0, Rational Rose 98 for OOA/D

In-house training


April 1998 - October 1998

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of IBM Mainframe hardware & software environment like MVS/XA, CICS, TSO/ISPF, VSAM, JCL and COBOL. It included actual hands-on training using MBT's, in-house IBM 4381.
Intensive training in IDMS, DB2, Windows NT, UNIX Shell programming, C/C++, ORACLE and Java was also conducted. An introduction to the Internet and networking concepts was also given.
COBOL case study -
Payroll System - The system was developed for preparing the department-wise and grade-wise monthly and annual salary reports.
CICS case studies -
Sales Management System - The system was developed for the departmental stores and covered supplier maintenance, item maintenance, order maintenance and sales modules.


September 1998 - October 1998

The project involves EMULATION of SQL LANGUAGE using C & UNIX.

Qualifications & Certifications

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