Bhatta - Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation. Socio-Economic Study. Social Development. - Kalanki, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation. Socio-Economic Study. Social Development.


Currently, I am working for South Asia Tourism Infrastructure Development Project (SATIDP) as Project Monitoring Specialist.

I have worked in UN Women as National Consultant to review Government of Nepal’s Policies, Frameworks and Guidelines on Disaster Risk Management from a Gender Perspective, Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women Project (GEEoW) (Ministry of Women Children & Social/ADB) as Gender and Development Specialist, Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project (EFDRP) as National Benefit, Community Groundwater Irrigation Sector Project as ADB-SARD- Knowledge Management/Research Specialist; High Value Agriculture Project (HVAP) MoAD/IFAD as Social Impact Perspective Expert; Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade (PACT) MoAD/World Bank as Social Peer Reviewer; Enhanced Vocational Education and Training (EVENT) MoE/World Bank as M&E Specialist; Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP), MoAD/ADB as National M&E Design and Training Specialist; Ministry of Civil Aviation/ADB as Team Leader; JICA as Program Coordinator; Habitat for Humanity Int’l as National Program Planning, M&E Coordinator; PLAN Int’l as Program Manager; MoAD/World Bank as Agriculture Development Officer and other development organizations.

More than that I led the Projects' Evaluation of: Heifer Int’l, Sustainable Agriculture for Advancing the Livelihoods of Conflict Affected Poor People, Community-based Child Health, Child Protection from Sexual Abuse, Non-Institutional Living Skill Development of Person with Learning Difficulties and Development of Intellectual Handicapped Day Care Center, Infrastructure Development, Teacher Support Project, Renovation of School Building, Tree Plantation, Home Stay Rural Tourism Promotion Plan, Trafficking and other Forms of Violence & Abuse Program, Community Impact Studies, Mid-term Evaluations, Refine LFA based Participatory Evaluation, Socio-Economic Situation Assessment of Children, RRA/PRA of Bhojpur and Morang, Partic

Work History

National Project Monitoring& Evaluation Specialist

From January 2013

National Project Monitoring& Evaluation Specialist
Jan 2013 to date (intermittent)
• Set up procedures and systems for overall project management and monitoring project implementation.
• Ensure delivery of outputs as in project implementation schedule.
• Coordinate the PCU at the centre and the PMIUs in its functions and responsibilities of sub project design and implementation.
• Detailed annual work plans and implementation schedule covering all stages of the implementation process for each project component.
• Review progress from the perspective of project management & annual work plans, and recommend remedial measures as appropriate.
• Review implementation of loan covenants in collaboration with PCU and recommend remedial measures as appropriate.
• Review the business plans of CAAN and LDT.
• Design the project performance monitoring mechanisms for the PCU/PMIU, and maintenance of PPMS database.
• Prepare monitoring forms and monitoring schedule as per ADB, ministry and National Planning Commission.
• Prepare the outputs and outcome monitoring requirements.
• Specify Environmental Engineer/Planner & Cultural Heritage Specialist on outcome monitoring of culture and eco tourism.
• Prepare regular progress reports in formats acceptable to ADB and government ministries.
• Visit sites as directed by PCU to collect, verify data submitted by PMIUs for progress monitoring.

Position held
Task undertaken

UN WOMEN - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality & the Empowerment of Women (UNWOMEN/SSA/NPL/2013/006)

National Consultant

Frameworks & Guidelines on Disaster Risk Management

December 2013 - February 2014

• Desk review/literature review of documents and practices at the field level in at least three affected districts and national level.
• Consultation with MoHA, MoFALD and UN Women.
• Review the UN agencies' initiation and coordination mechanism regarding Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.
• Develop a work plan.
• Interview relevant individuals from different agencies who supported the development key documents.
• Field study in affected districts.
• Prepare a draft report highlighting key gender specific needs and share the working draft report with MoHA, MoFALD, MoWCSW, UN Women, UNICEF and other UN Agencies for review and feedback.
• Present the draft report to the Government of Nepal - UN Coordination Mechanism for feedback.
• Finalize the report.
• Develop a dissemination plan for the review to inform policy discussion.

Position held
Task undertaken

Social Impact Perspective Expert

High Value Agriculture Project (HVAP)/IFAD

From May 2013

• Independently review the project proposal on GESI, gender responsive service/delivery, social impact and reporting.
• Agri-Business Plan Assessment for Impact on the market oriented/linkages agri-commercialization and value chain development.
• Social impact perspective business plan assessment, to reduce existing obstacles of market requirement.

Position held
Task undertaken


ADB Manila for SC

October 2012 - December 2012

(Contract No.:103720-A77416)
Oct 2012 to Dec 2012 (retained)
• Review the Project Completion Reports (PCRs), project performance evaluation reports (PPERs), Country Partnership Strategies (CPS), Reports& Recommendations of the President (RRPs), impact evaluations, feature stories and other reports.
• Develop project feature and identify the storyline in coordination with Knowledge Management focal points.
• Gather information by interviewing project officers, WUG/WUA and beneficiaries of the project.
• Prepare report by DMCs and other stakeholders, and initiate publication in coordination with DER.
• Overview of the emerging trends in the public policy and political economy of Developing Member Countries (DMCs) on private sector development and climate change adaption to sharing experiences in policy applications.
• Results-oriented development practices in the region on key sectors, themes and lessons on: efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, relevance and impact.
• Discussion of main lessons gained, innovation implemented, scope and assessment of replication in DMCs.
• Identify gaps that hinder effective replication, possible areas for intervention and discourse knowledge sharing.
• SARD FLAGSHIP Product on South-South Knowledge Sharing including recommendations.

Position held
Task undertaken


Enhanced Vocational Education &Training (EVENT) MoE/World Bank(IDA C

December 2011 - March 2012

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (retained)
Dec 2011 to Mar 2012
• Refine conceptual guidance, policy, norms, formats and tools, and develop planning, M&E, work plan and reporting system.
• Strengthen methodology and tools for conducting outputs, outcomes and impacts assessment.
• Identify tools and instruments for developing the strengthened outputs, outcomes and impacts assessment system.
• Project's indicators setting focusing technical education to the ex-combatants, socio-economically disadvantaged groups to peace building, conflict prevention, justice and advancing the livelihoods of conflict affected poor.
• Implement the M&E plan ensuring project quality, quantity, process and time bound.
• Ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, impact and sustainability of project.
• Enhance M&E systems of the project and help link it with electronic and web based information systems.
• Develop TORs for various reviews, researchers, studies, survey, field M&E and help Project Secretariat.
• Assist the implementing agencies in designing and development of data collection formats and tools.
• Review field data on a regular basis for quality and accuracy and provide feedback on programs.
• Prepare M&E training module and organize training to Implementing Agencies & Training Providers.
• Ensure about the trained and used on the M&E by the Implementing Agencies, Training Providers and reporting.
• Develop/ update the PMIS, baseline study and data collection and analysis.
• Reviews the field progress, joint reviews, mid-term, end-term evaluation and verification of result based financing.
• Perform the Member of Technical Team of Project Secretariat and participate relevant meetings and discussions.

Position held
Task undertaken

NP& IDA Grant No.H486

Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade

From April 2010

Peer Reviewer
Apr 2010 to date (intermittent)
• Review the FPP: technical, financial, social and environmental measuring the GESI and gender responsive service delivery and reporting..
• Review market oriented production to farmer groups/cooperatives and improved linkages commercialization and value chain development.
• Evaluate the promotion of partnerships; market linkages with value chain participants and agri-businesses.
• Review the efficiency and effectiveness to reduce existing obstacles of agriculture commercialization and trade.
• Establish the pre-intervention snap shot against key project indicators for M&E and impact assessment in future.
• Strengthen partnerships along the value chain, linkages between produces, traders, processers and stakeholders.
• Reduce existing obstacles to agriculture/food-quality standards to meet domestic and int'l market requirement.

Position held
Task undertaken

Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP) MoAD

ADB Project No

July 2009 - February 2010

34308 Nepal
National Monitoring & Evaluation System Design and Training Specialist
Jul 2009 to Feb 2010
• Assist to the institutional development and organizational strengthening into the MoAD.
• Design the M&E systems and reporting formats in the project for better integration and coordination.
• Review, workshops and working group meetings to discuss project progress, constraints and future work plans.
Develop guidelines/manuals for the project focusing PPP approach of programs.
• Develop effective M&E framework, assesses best practices as it gains experience.
Foster and delivery of project progress reports.
• Network national/international programs dealing with SPS and trade to market/promote the export of products.
Organize training on M&E for capacity enhancement of the line agencies, local government, etc.
• Disseminate results of the M&E at different levels of the project and MoAD.
• Establish M&E systems at different levels of the project and MoAD.
• Design baseline study (process, methods, questionnaires- HH survey, checklist and tools for FGD) and share with team and incorporate the feedback into the design.
• Pre-test the methods, questionnaires, checklist and tools and debrief team about effectiveness.
• Design training and orient/train/supervise team to carryout field work, ensure quality of collected information.
• Crosscheck/validity the collected information and develop report: Annuals/Mid-term/Final/Impact Evaluation of the project.

Position held
Task undertaken

Team Leader

TGDB, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation

February 2009 - August 2009

Carryout the field survey and feasibility study for the home stay rural tourism promotion plan.
Coordinate the Experts Team to analyze the Socio-economic, Culture, Tourism and Infrastructure components and Final Report Writing.

Position held
Task undertaken

National Benefit, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project

(EFDRP) MoPIT/ADB Grant No.0150 NEP(SF)
National Benefit, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (Contract No. EFDRP/ICS-07)
Jan 2010 to Jun 2013 (intermittent)
• Establish RBM and design Project's M&E mechanism to measure outputs, outcomes and impact indicators.
• Update M&E formats to collect/analyze the data focusing GESI & gender responsive budgeting, planning, training, services, etc.
• Strengthen the MIS incorporating GESI issues gender disaggregated database and track project progress/performance.
• Develop project performance monitoring system (PPMS) to tracking and documenting the target indicators.
• Monitor project progress through field visit, provide feedback to the team to improve quality.
• Conduct meeting to encourage appropriate use of data, collect and analyse at different levels.
• Capacity building of Project Implementation Agencies, government staff, partners, civil society to data collection procedures, etc.
• Carryout the surveys, case studies, social impacts assessment of the project investments on poverty reduction.
• Assess the impact on poverty reduction by the agriculture, education, health, irrigation, road and project management components.
• Evaluate the employment indicators targeting the poor, disadvantaged groups (DAG) and women advancing the livelihoods.
• Implement the local governance policies, act, rules and regulations.
• Prepare the TOR to conduct mid-term, final, PCR, the economic and social impacts.
• Assessment the capacity development, formulate disaster risk management plan.
• Mapping economic and social opportunities/benefit to rehabilitate flood affected families.
• Evaluate the effects on poverty reduction and the economic benefits and the effects of livelihoods of the flood affected people.
• Provide necessary inputs for preparation project meeting, workshops, trainings and progress reports.
• Establish in the project to measure achievements of GRB/Services indicators.
• Develop...

Gender and Development Specialist


Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare/ADB
Contract No. GEEoW/CPMT/IC/06 Loan No. 2143NEP(SE)
Gender and Development Specialist
Apr 2013 to Jun 2013 (retained)
• Evaluate the achievement of the project's outcome and assess the sustainability of completed facilities.
• Examine how the project outputs and outcome have contributed to achieve the overall impact by field studies and collect information for the socio-economic analysis.
• Socio-economic analysis of the Project and analysis with the project preparation highlighting and commenting on any significant differences.
• Review the progress and evaluate the social mobilization and empowerment process of the project.
• Analysis the economic, legal, social, environment and institutional impact, and evaluate quality, operation and sustainability on the beneficiary communities.
• Study the community infrastructures and Women's User Committee to evaluate quality and arrangements for O&M to ensure their sustainability.
• Analyze the factors that affected the project performance including shortcomings in project design in relation to its components: economic empowerment, social empowerment, legal empowerment and institutional strengthening.
• Evaluate effectiveness of Para-legal Committee, legal library, social/economic changes, domestic violence, etc.

Position held
Task undertaken

Program Coordinator

Japan International Cooperation Agency Kathmandu

August 2005 - November 2007

Capacity development of the government institutions, Partner Organizations and stakeholders on LFA based M&E system, community-based inclusive education GESI democracy and BBC/IEC issues using institutional development and organizational strengthening (ID/OS) tools.
Capacity building throughout the organization focusing leadership, management and governance.
Conduct the meetings & give feedback and disseminate the lessons learnt to the networks to further improvement.
Technical assistance to the stakeholders to execution of the strategic planning/budgeting, implementation, M&E, proposal development, administration, finance and reporting.
Provide technical inputs/follow-up for base/endline/KAP survey, research, sampling, data compilation/analyzing/validation.

Position held
Task undertaken

Consultant on Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PPME)

Sustainable Soil Management Program

April 2002 - March 2003

(SSMP), Helvetas
Consultant on Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PPME)
Apr 2002 to Mar 2003 (intermittent)
Refine of the PPM&E approach on learning from Collaborating Institutions (CIs) and other organizations.
Prepare of PPM&E Training Manual and Flipchart with effort of 37 GOs/NGOs and use CIs and farmer groups.
Facilitated several training/workshops on PPM&E for staff of CIs.
Follow-up visits and exchange the workshops experience at field level to further promote the use of PPM&E.

Position held
Task undertaken

National Program Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator


November 2000 - April 2005

Kathmandu (USAID supported project)
National Program Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator
Nov 2000 to Apr 2005
Carry out indicators setting, M&E, case studies, impact study and follow up support for further improvements.
Strengthen organizational capacity to smoothly deal cross cutting themes.
Develop/establish the M&E system, processes and tools.
Mainstream GESI and GRB planning/budgeting issues and provide inputs at various levels.
Develop training, manuals, guidelines focusing on drinking water, sanitation, public health, etc issues.
Measure organizational progress using participatory & appreciative approaches.
Data process/analyze/validate, and M&E results generation and dissemination in team and tie-up into policies/planning.
Capacity building of team & stakeholders to meet program-quality, quantity & process within timeframe in against targets, & increase impact of communities.

Position held
Task undertaken

Research Coordinator

Partners for Development

July 2000 - November 2000

Overall management for drinking water by installing the shallow tube wells focusing to the socio-economically deprived groups and report.

Position held
Task undertaken

Project Coordinator

Agro Forestry Foundation Kathmandu

May 1999 - July 2000

Formulate strategies for the promotion of livelihoods for disable people in rural villages.
Policy develop/review, priorities, technical advice and makes recommendations. Provide training/ workshops and advice for stakeholders.
Facilitate the PNGOs to increase effectiveness of the projects. Coordinate with line agencies and stakeholders to strengthen project activities.
Need prioritization, feasibility studies, manage resources, planning, coordinating, M&E and reporting.

Position held
Task undertaken

Program Manager/Senior Development Coordinator


February 1994 - July 1999

Overall management and disseminate public health services.
Strengthen capacity of the partner NGOs/CBOs on adolescence girl education, GESI governance, democracy, IEC/BCC, MIS.
Up-scaling participatory approaches to the team, local government and stakeholders.
Prioritization, resources management & M&E.
Coordinate the sector meetings to find out development issues and follow-up.
Increase access social welfares services.
Perform responsibility of National Gender Core Group Member and reporting. Develop training guidelines on GESI.

Position held
Task undertaken

Sericulture Expert

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI)

November 1993 - February 1994

Study perspective of sericulture in Nepal and published report, and capacitate to be able to develop sericulture.

Position held
Task undertaken

Agriculture Development Officer

Agriculture Research & Extension Project (AREP), MoAD/World Bank

July 1988 - November 1993

Programs design, coordinate, disseminates technologies, employment opportunities, IGA and M&E.
Review the extension strategy adopted by various organizations for technology transformation.
Impact study on farming systems, cropping patterns, cropping intensities, socio-economy, leadership, community development strategies & report from data collection and compilation/analyse/ validate data.
Analyze agricultural policies and prioritize activities based on sustainable livelihood approach.
Perform workshops/training, farmer field trials (FFTs)/Outreach research and method/ result demonstrations.

Position held
Task undertaken

Irrigation Management Project


March 1987 - April 1988

Organize Water User Associations (WUAs) and strengthen knowledge on irrigation systems development.
Study the socio-economy, leadership development strategies, organization management and agriculture profile.

• Heifer International on behalf of Social Welfare Council (SWC) as Team Leader.
• Community-based Child Health Project of Child Reach Int'l as Team Leader.
• Child Protection from Sexual Abuse Project of Child Reach Int'l as Team Leader.
• Non-Institutional Living Skill Development and Development of Intellectual Handicapped Day Care Center of Childreach Int'l as Team Leader.
• Infrastructure Development Project of Childreach Int'l as Team Leader.
• School Teacher Support Project of Childreach Int'l as Team Leader.
• Renovation of School Building Project of Childreach Int'l as Team Leader.
• Tree Plantation Project of Child Reach Int'l as Team Leader.
• Trafficking & other forms of Violence & Abuse Program of Doctors of the World (DOW) as Team Leader.
• Sustainable Agriculture with Bazaar for Advancing Livelihoods of Conflict Affected People (SABAL) Project of Practical Action as Team Member.
• Measuring Transformation through Houses (MTTH) Project as Team Member of Habitat for Humanity Int'l.
• Study socio-economic, culture, tourism & infrastructure components for the home stay tourism promotion plan & reporting as Team Leader.
• Community Impact Study of the five Affiliates as Team Leader
• Mid-term Evaluation of Habitat for Humanity Int'l, Sri Lanka as Team Member.
• Mid-term Evaluation of Habitat for Humanity Int'l, India as Team Member.
• Socio-economic Situation Assessment of Bhojpur and Morang district using PRA in PLAN Int'l as Team Leader.
• Participatory Poverty Analysis as Team Leader.
• Study perspective of sericulture in Nepal and published report as Team Leader.
• External Evaluation of MTTH project of USAID as Team Member.
• Strategic Planning of National Organization and its eight-Affiliates as Team Member.

Qualifications & Certifications

Urban Management & Development

Erasmus University

Social Development

Erasmus University

Social Science

Tribhuvan University

Agriculture Science

IAAS Tribhuvan University

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