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Naomi Anderson

Berwick, VIC, Australia


Creative Writer

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Author of Dead Reign, book one in The Lorrieldor Series. Book two due out 2013 with four books to follow. Dead Reign will be featured at the Miami book fair this year, taking up a space in the fantasy horror shelves. Dead Reign is receiving great reviews from fans so far and is well on its way to the next level. I have recently released snippets from, In The Realm Of The Immortals and the reviews are already stunning. In the not too distant future I will be working on two other off shoot series revolving around bit characters in the series. I am looking for an agent to help me publish the rest of my series as soon as possible.

Work History



Dead Reign

Forces of change
Slandra worked furiously at her bonds, but instead of getting looser they seemed to be getting tighter. She felt her gore rise as the men surrounded her. Jadhez leaned over her supine form and began cutting away her blouse, while Bull had started undoing his pants and Kodel was pulling off her boots. She kicked out as much as she could, before Jadhez sat on her legs and put his knife to her throat.
“Now you just be quiet or I might have to give you a reason to scream. You can act all innocent if you want, but we know what you want. You’re just like all the other little whores. I can feel your heat girl, so don’t worry, me and the boys will have you screaming with pleasure before we kill you.” To prove his point he started running the tip of the blade from her throat down to her breast. She started screaming as Kodel took off his scarf to gag her. Bull started pulling hard on her breasts and Jadhez was working his hand between her clenched thighs.
Terror gripped her stomach and a red fury built up in her soul. It was life or death and that which resided inside her had a tenacity for life that it would not relinquish easily.
She felt it coming, the burning had started all over her body. Her skin was liquid fire. A scream ripped its way past her lips and rose in pitch, only lightly muffled by the gag. The bonds around her wrists were slicing into her skin as her wrists swelled. She felt the remains of her clothes ripping away. She let out another muffled wail as pain ripped through her. Her shoulders felt like they were about to dislocate as she pulled with all her strength until her bonds snapped. Yanking the gag from her mouth, her unending scream turned into a roar that echoed through the woods for leagues on end.
“What in all the hells is going on here, Jadhez?” Bull yelled looking terrified, as the men backed away.
Darkdancer whaled in protest, rearing up and breaking the tether that held her before bolting, while the other horses reared and screamed, mad with terror on more secure lines.
Something was happening to the woman in front of the would be robbers, rapists and murderers, the woman’s skin was bulging and shifting.
“For the sake of the Gods, Jadhez, just let Bull cut her up. Someone might hear her from the road,” Kodel pleaded, as Jadhez stood rooted to the spot and if he heard their pleas it didn't register. He was dumbfounded by the way her screams seemed to emanate from every pore of her body, or was it just that her skin was rippling? It was then that her cries had turned to a feline roar that echoed through the clearing, bouncing off the trees only to slam back into their ears, as the thing that she had become, leapt over the fire and landed with a thump in front of them, while all three of them screamed in terror.

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