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I am communicator, film producer, script writer, blogger, writer, administrator and I am just a jack of all trade.....

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Machine Operator


June 2012 - December 2012

Contact person: Edwin (Team leader)
Contact Tel.: (082) 382 4116

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Elexion Agency

From May 2012

Data Capturer

City of Johannesburg

June 2011 - December 2011

Contact person: Thabiso Mkhwanazi (Project manager)
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Master Tyres

July 2010 - April 2011


Ebola Virus 27/07/2014

Nigeria under attack by Ebola Virus

Nigeria celebrating as the power house of African economy and later being under attack by the terrorists, now under the attack of the outrageous virus Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), one doesn't stop but wonder! "The world is a mess".
The 38-year old virus called Ebola has severely been attacking the West Africa recently which has claimed plus 660 lives since started February this year, according to statistics from World Health Organisation (WHO). Now the outbreak is spreading through Africa's largest population of about 170 Million people; Nigeria.
This could become the first recorded case of the world's deadliest disease in Nigerian, Africa's biggest economy and most populous nation, but at the same time, one of Africa's least passable health infrastructure. This is one case not to be avoided of which makes a country so nervous just when it has been dealing with the terrorist group Boko Harm, now it's a disease that is really shaking their nation.
There has been a Leberian man who collapsed on the arrival in Lagos last week. He was taken from the airport to hospital, where he was put in quarantine; only to find out that he was infected. Officials have identified the 40-year old man as an employee of the Liberian government.
Since then "surveillance has been stepped up at all, airports, seaports and land borders". Says Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu. "Health specialists have been deployed at all entries points into the country", he added.
The wake up call in Nigeria comes as Sierra Leone launches a hunt for a women who is infected with Ebola, was forcibly removed from hospital by her relatives. The 32-year old, who is the first registered Ebola case in the capital of Freetown, was described by National radio as a "risk to all".
As Nigeria is so tight in the corner trying to figure things out, however there is no cure for this virus as yet. An outbreak of Ebola could spread worldwide after an infected plane passenger introduced the deadly virus to Nigeria, health expects warned people.
Dr. Kent Brantly and his wife both from Texas have also been infected by the virus. Abdulsalami Nasidi, project director of Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, told reporters earlier this month that Nigeria was not prepared to fight the disease. Money can't by me life or cure indeed!
Nigeria ranks among the top five countries around the world in need of the better health care systems by Borgen Project, a non-profit organisation focused on poverty and hunger. Another alarm come nearby where Nigerians confluence on daily bases for business and vacation, raising questions on Nigeria's vulnerability to the devastating virus.
Nigeria is at risk of Ebola epidemic if the Federal Government does not act fast to secure the nation's borders and prevent entry of the deadly virus. This reminds me of Swine Flue!
"Currently, the likely transmission of the disease is the newest security threat controlling Nigeria". Says Jide Idris, Lagos State Commissioner for Health. This is the worst outbreak and most challenging in the West Africa since this virus was discovered 38-years ago.
Nigeria is in its toes, chaotic and rumbling noise while trying to prevent this virus yet it seems like their plans are to be outsmart by this virus. About 90%of those who are infected by Ebola dies just after they have contracted the virus.
We hope this doesn't spread as far as it has!

www.news24.com (live news)


By Mvusi Dee

In South Africa and throughout global economies we’ve seen a hike in the youth unemployment rate. The economy is ever fluctuating sometimes high at other times low nevertheless the youth will always be affected regardless.

Some may argue or even debate that the youth everywhere tend to be lazy with many adopting a laissez faire approach to life, which leads to failure to do anything by themselves or for themselves which in turn results in many being unable or unwilling to join the work force and become contributing members of society.

In South Africa there are several types of funding available for small businesses though it would be both unrealistic and unwise to expect everyone to open a small business; those possessing entrepreneurial skills should do so, and those lacking that attitude should still strive to do all they can to excel in their chosen careers or jobs. Failure to do so will result in individuals being rendered useless and insignificant in the contribution to overcome unemployment in the country.

One of the major source of funding for businesses in South Africa is Business Partners Limited, investing between R 250 000 and 15 million rands in Small Business enterprises (SMEs), across all sectors with the exception of non-profit organizations, underground mining, direct farming operations and on-lending activities.
For more info visit their website at www.businesspartners.co.za.

All major Commercial Banks have specialist SME divisions, chiefly First National Bank, Standard Bank, ABSA and Ned Bank, Khula Enterprise Finance to name a few there are many networks that can help the youth advance and succeed as business people.

We can do so much to achieve this even when one feels unprepared what with the daunting task of finding suitable mentors and solid advice on how to start a business. The best way to overcome the fear and anxiety is to dive right in, attend as many seminars as possible, join networks such as LinkedIn and Bizcommunity and try to establish connections with industry leaders and go from there.

Perhaps if our generation weren’t so caught up on “turning up” and actually took a keen interest in finding ways to exploit their talents the older generation would take us far more seriously upon entering the working world. As the saying goes, “Work hard, play hard”

Business Article

Business in today. <br />The youth of Africa in the world of business. Business in the 21 century seem to be the way of most young people, be it investments, or starting businesses from scratch or buying them to be developed. Still people want to indulge in business. Here is my issue with this, many of these individuals wants to start these businesses without a formal education or knowledge about the industry they want to take onto. <br />South Africa has starting point and many other opportunities to start businesses but a wide open eye is needed to see these opportunities. RSA on its own was africa's best Foreign Direct Investment, FDI performer in 2013, topping the charts for both in-flows and out-flows of FDI. Leading tred towards increasing intra-african investment to the UN Conference on Trade and Development's latest World Investment Report. SA info reports. <br />Opportunities in research and in agriculture are the few of the 'not so important' specrams to engage into; however foreign investors are seeing this as a great opportunity for business. Not only RSA as a country is booming in investment but also now Africa as a continent. The economic fast growth is the Middle East countries has resulted in Arabs spreading their interest of investments in the North and Sub-Saharan African in search of the high returns that are becoming hard to find in the Western Markets. <br />So then the question will be raised as how then do we educate African to be on this level of opportunists? Since Africa as a continent is hit by wars, poverty and illiterate people! This seems like a problem however it is not at all, as they are opportunities which the government have to give to the young people so that they can be developed to business moguls. Only in time that our governments can see this as an life time investment by empowering youth in the continent so that the youth can be competitive in the large international level. <br />Information becomes an important tool then in this transition of the development of the youth while developing the continent on the other side. How does then a country on the African continent keeps it's people informed and youth empowered? Then that's where the IP (Information Science) comes in handy. <br />Africa has a unique opportunity to make a transition to IP data more quickly than other continents. According Russell Southwood government can do these to accelerate the pace of change: <br />Accelerate completion at all levels <br />Bring prices down and get used levels up <br />Speeding internet coverage <br />Getting the cost of specram down.<br /><br />The government more and assured need to provide this kind of information on the closer networks that the youth likes the most such as facebook. Skype and vider has been used for live communication and people are taking facebook and what's ups as the way to convey their communication. Then this should be the time to make amends by providing necessities for the people to benefit for the future of Africa. <br />African youth can accelerate in the international level as long as we are informed and seeking lot of information all around the world through internet being made available for people including those of the rural areas. <br />What are your thoughts about African youth being developed for business purposes into the rest of the world?<br /><br />


Press Release

Vukani Fashion Awards 2014 <br />(20 years of standing in business and creativity) <br />The marking of 20 years of South African liberation, the joyful 20 years of Vukani Fashion Awards and 20 winners, you can't help but be mesmerised and stunned at this year's event...<br /><br />The Vukani Fashion Awards will release and reveal successful stories over the past 20 years of its existence that had gone unnoticed. As we celebrate both our 20 years of magnanimity and enthuse of fashion with 20 years of South African liberation, we seek nothing but to be the best thereof in this business. <br />With 3 days of workshops that focuses on <br />engaging the industry and entrepreneurship <br />Skill development And <br />Job creation <br />4 days of exhibition focusing on the past 20 winners as well as celebrating young fashion designers.<br /><br />The simplicity of this event is to bring together young designers and give them exposure and courage through awarding them for their remarkable work that will go down in the lanes of history. <br />We will also have a Gala featuring the African Pride Award to be given to South African former president and African lifetime Award to be given to one of the outstanding woman who stood the test of times during the apartheid regime. <br />On the closing of this memorial event we will be celebrating the youth via CSI in partnership with ETDP-SETA.<br /><br />I hope to meet you there. Thank you.<br /><br />Where: City of Ekurhuleni <br />When: Tuesday 14 - Saturday 18 October 2014. <br />Opening times: ? <br />Presented by Vukani Fashion <br />For further details (please insert the letter head of Vukani and all the contact details). <br />


Political Battle

<br />By Mvusi Dee<br /><br />As we approach the 2014 national elections,  promises and visitation to the unfulfilled promises of the past by electoral candidates, such as promises to protect the poor, creation of jobs, improvement of service delivery and so forth seem to be the most popular songs on the airwaves.<br /><br />As is the case with all songs, when one hears them enough times we start to question the lyrics. In the case of political parties one starts to wonder if their statements hold any truth for as sure as the sun sets so too can one be seduced by the silver tongues of serpents.<br /><br />Opposition parties predominantly the DA, I get the fact that they want to ‘provide’ jobs for South Africans however on the real; how can that be, since that requires so much money? Do they really have the budget for that or is just one of the political stunts to win the hearts of vulnerable people.<br /><br />EFF making so much noise what is so significant about their ‘point’ that they  are trying to bring to the table? Are they really fighting for the people or is Malema through the EFF simply trying to prove to “daddy” aka Zuma that he can stand on his own?<br /><br />NFP is it a political party for South Africa or is it for Zululand? Are they even strong enough for two provinces given their lack of funds as their leader has stated recently!?<br /><br />ANC the big dogs in the field, DA the barking ones they forever making noise, always criticizing each other but never fixing anything. The only thing we hear from all these opposition parties is the “Inkandla” saga, what if we didn’t have that? What then were they going to debate about or use against the ANC. Not sounding biased but this was not really the ANC’s doing but the negligence of the President in his home. While it may be true that you cannot separate the party with its leader but his life is his business, hence people vote for the ANC regardless of its messed up leaders…<br /><br />I think political parties need to be more realistic about their campaigns and not use other parties as a cover up, if you have to put someone down in order to appear bigger that only makes you a bully, same goes for the ANC, yes political banter is a given during campaigns but you cannot base your entire strategy or message on the shortcomings of another party.<br /><br />At the end of the day we need to know that the political party that we vote into power is able to think independently it’s very easy to point fingers at the ruling party but once that party is gone then what? Hindsight is a devious thing, I think I speak for all South Africans when I say we are now tired of constantly being reminded of the past whether it’s of Apartheid or of the failures or mistakes of the current regime. We can’t rewrite history but in the wise words of Mary Shelley, “the beginning is always today”.<br /><br />Give us hope for a better tomorrow.<br /><br />The battle is on but there will only be one winner come May 7. <br />


Stage Play and film producer and editor

This was my second project simalar to each other. I am the writer, director and an overseer of things to happen (project manager) . The first one costed a little money since this is from the church and the second one which was one of the most challenging I'd say. Alone the last one cost around R20 000 while the last one was about R5 000. This tought me leadership, outsorcing, knowing people from the same indurstry. I worked with a wonderful team even though there were many difficulties and disagreements! Today i look forward to doing another one. I am also involved in another comminity works.

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Landulwazi Comprehensive School

Vaal University of Technology

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