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Mustafa Mubarak

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Software/Hardware Developer


Krypton Solutions is a group of enthusiastic and talented professionals from varied field unified to provide software and hardware solutions to anybody who needs it.

Work History

Sr. Software Engineer

Krypton Solutions

From May 2012

Developing Web Based Software, Simulation Models of Drives and Control System Using MATLAB, Image Processing Techniques for The Web


A Project On Green Electronics - Wireless Power Meter

Wireless Technology has opened up many possibilities as far as communication is concerned. It enabled us to reduce waste and money incurred by using long and bulky cables. Today we see cable networks being replaced by DTH satellite networks. It is an initiative to reduce the electronic waste by making more hardware handled processes to be handled by software. And we are no less, this project helps the user to track the energy in real-time on a GUI running on the users PC. You can see how much of power is being consumed by the devices that you left on or forgot to switch off and also get an estimate of the monthly bill in advance. tired of fraudulent meters? Well, why not make your own meter that keeps you updated about the device's power consumption and gives you an idea of what to expect in the month's end. You can use this amazing device to not only reduce your monthly bill but also contribute towards a greener tomorrow.

Controller Used: ATMEGA328P

Software /Language Used : MATLAB R2009B

Total Cost: Rs. 15,000 ( Software + Hardware )

Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recogniton

Vehicle License Plate Recognition is to be used to recognize the license plate numbers of the cars that stop by at toll booths. once the data is processed and amount received the barricade is lifted and the car is allowed to pass. MATLAB's Image processing toolbox is used extensively in this project. The software is accompanied by appropriate real-time hardware to accept the card payments. the card data is processed against the license plate number and stored into a database. This project can be used along with RFID for automatic payments too.

Software / Language used : MATLAB R2009B, uC/OS-II

Controller : LPC2148 Using The ARM7 -TDMI

Total Cost : 25,000 ( Including the hardware )

Total Cost : 10,000 ( Excluding the hardware )

Hardware is used for payments processing. if only software recognition is required then the cost is as mentioned in the second field above.

Line Following Robot (Differential Drive)

A LFR with fault tolerance according to the track is designed and implemented using a powerful MIPS enabled controller. 5 LDRs are used as the robot's eye. these sensors send data to the controller and the motors are controlled using differential drive mechanism. With some improvements PID control can be added for better track accuracy. An advanced version of LFR communicates with the MATLAB based software for curve fitting using zigbee modules.

Software/languages : C/ASM/MATLAB R2009B

Total Cost: Rs. 1500 ( Differential Drive + Fault Tolerant )

Total Cost: Rs. 4000 ( PID Control + Differential Drive + Fault Tolerant + High
Speed Motors)

Wireless Half-Duplex Communication Using Microcontrollers

This project deals with communication between two controllers without the use of a host computer. This device can be used to communicate control signals or even data between two controllers. For eg.: if controller A has the data about sensor values but is not capable of processing it, it would send it to controller B ( A Faster Controller ) and controller B after processing the data would send this information back to controller A. Controller A can then send it to Controller C for Transmission. This is a method of distributed processing implemented using cheap controllers. The latency is less and it makes the system truly wireless. Moreover, the same protocol can be used to allow word communication between controllers. user A using Controller A can type some data using the keypad and it will be displayed on Controller B's LCD. Controller B can reciprocate using His Keypad and the same would be displayed on Controller A's LCD Wirelessly. Moreover data encryption is done to make the data safe and protected against the attacker.

Controller Used : AT89C51, LPC2148, ATMEGA328P

Languages/Software Used : C/ASM/uC/OS-II/Arduino IDE

Total Cost: Rs. 30,000 ( For Distributed Processing )

Total Cost: Rs. 8,000 ( Bidirectional Coded Communication )

Face Detection In A Still Image/ Video Using MATLAB

You Must have been annoyed to see that in group photos one or two of your friends blinked and it lead to the sleeping-group-photo. Well this project takes care about that. We use it to detect features like eyes and lips of a person. Eye detection is done to see if from the pictures taken any of the person's eye is closed. if so then that picture is discarded and a new image is taken. Its also used to detect skin in an image. if skin exposure levels are beyond an acceptable range then the image is censored or labelled adult and stored in a separate directory. Useful to curb menaces like flesh trading. This project can be further extended to taking photos of a particular size. the boundaries are watermarked on the screen so that the photographer may take photos accordingly.

Software/ Language Used : Matlab R2009B

Total Cost : Rs.8,000

MATLAB Based Real-Time Electronic Eye Dial Up

This project is based on high sensitive IR Transmitter & Receiver having range of more than 15 feet. When you are away from your house and if anyone tries to enter the house by any means the device just like an ATM screen pulls up a display asking for pin, on entering wrong pin code thrice the device captures an image of the person and flashes house lights as well as sounds buzzer to alert the neigbours. Not only that, the device also manages to dial a police station number and playback a recorded message. Interfacing this device with matlab makes it easy to program and monitor. MATLAB stores captured images and quickly mails them to the user's ID. So, that even if the computer is destroyed the images would be safe and the thief could later be caught.

Controller Used : LPC2148 Using The ARM7-TDMI Processor.

Software/ Language : MATLAB R2009B, uC/OS-II

Total Cost : Rs. 20,000

Project On Optical Character Recognition Using Neural Networks.

The aim of the project is to recognize handwritten digit through software.Handwritten digit OCR recognition has important applications in automatic mail sorting, as well as in recognition of account numbers on checks. The first fully computerized handwritten OCR system was installed in Los Angeles over 25 years ago, and the Postal Service now has the capability to read multiple-lined addresses and automatically print bar codes at a rate of 450,000 pieces of mail per hour. In fact, automatic recognition of handwritten forms is now prevalant in many industries where forms- and paper-processing is common; e.g. the banking, utility, and industries all use handwritten OCR methods to automatically determine account numbers and payment amounts.
Though it is machine-stamped and not handwritten, an emerging use of OCR is for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, already used in the UK. Cars in London may be monitored real-time as part of the City of London’s congestion charge program. In fact, as of 2006, the UK has the capacity to track any vehicles’ movements throughout the country for a period of at least two years.
Though the state of the art is quite impressive, OCR (and particularly handwritten OCR) is not problem-free. Individual differences in handwriting are a source of significant within class variation; indeed, an individual will not write digits in exactly the same way all the time. Different conventions for drawing digits introduce further variation; some include a diagonal slash on zeros or a small horizontal stroke across the middle of the sevens further increasing within class variability.

Software Used : MATLAB R2009B

Total Cost: Rs. 10,000

Qualifications & Certifications

Web Designer

Web Designer

Bachelor of Engineering ( EXTC )

A.A College Of Engineering And Management Studies

S.N High School

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