Porto - Plastic Surgeon - Brasilia, DF, Brazil

Mucio Porto

Brasilia, DF, Brazil


Plastic Surgeon


Dr Múcio Porto completed the course in medicine at the Federal University of Goiás, in 1985. He did internship at a public hospital of São Paulo and residency in general surgery at the Hospital of the Armed Forces in Brasilia in 1988. Subsequently been approved in the course of specialization in plastic surgery by the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Professor Ivo Pitanguy service from 1989 to 1992 and received title Plastic Surgeon, ranked first among physicians of various parts of the world.
After getting your expertise traveled the world to solidify their knowledge in teaching centers such as Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Miami in the U.S. for training in facial peels, videoscopic facial surgery, hair implants and breast augmentation with adipose stem cells. He attended the French Institute of the hand and liposuction clinic of Professor Ives Gerard-Illous in Paris, France.He also participated in visits to the Cantonal University of Geneva in Switzerland, Breast Reconstruction Institute of Genova, and University of Milan, Italy, among others. He also did masters in studies of aging - Gerontology - Catholic University of Brasilia in 2008, where it passed with honors with a dissertation on "The nose on Aging, a study through self-portraits." Today is a Ph.D. candidate in Genomic Sciences and Biotechnology, which aims to study the role of stem cells in aging. He speaks fluent Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian, and understand German and Russian. He is a visiting professor in the Masters of Gerontology and Faculty of Medicine and a member of several medical societies such as the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, among others.
He has presented scientific papers at various medical meetings in Brazil and in several countries as well as writing book chapters nationally and internationally.

Work History


From May 2013

Scar Management Up-to-Date,Academic Meeting

Autologous Fat Transfer

From May 2013

,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,May 2013.
- Botulinum Toxine,Medical_Odontologic correlation in Face,XIV International Meeting of Dentistry,Brasilia,Brazil,March 2012.
- Wound treatment and Sutures,Plastic Surgery Workshop,Brasilia,Brazil,November 2009.
- Nose on Art and Aging,V Mid-West Congress on Geriatrics and Gerontology,Brasilia,Brazil,October 2009.
- Scar Management Up-to-Date,Academic Meeting,Brasilia,Brazil,April 2008.

Faculty Member

American Academy

of Aesthetic Medicine,at the present.
- Preceptor for Internship at Medicine College of Catholic University of Brasilia,Brasilia,Brazil,2012.

Volonteer Plastic Surgeon

Child Cancer Hospital,Brazil


Master in Gerontology

Publishing House


Hydropeeling: a new method for mechanical peelings
International Congress on Face and Body Rejuvenation
Vienna, Austria

Vibrolipomammaplasty, a New Technique
XV Congress of the ISAPS 2000
Tokyo, Japan

Neck Rejuvenation with PRP.Effective, Safe and Non Allergenic Procedure
Paris, France

Neck Rejuvenation

The Use of PRP in Strech Marks,II Brazillian Meeting of Stem Cells,Sao Paulo,Brazil,December 2007.
- Facial Aging,How to Approach?,III Annual Meeting of Aesthetic Procedures,Sao Paulo,Brazil,August 2007.

Brasília Médica

Porto, Múcio J; Campelo, Rian Pascoal; Brandão, Pedro Carvalho


BRAVA Method for Suction Breast Augmentation Book


Método Brava de aumento de mama por sucção
Book: Procedimentos estéticos minimamente invasivos.
Vol I.Porto, Mucio



Hypomentonism.Analysis after 22 years of Pitanguy's Technique
XXVIII Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery
São Paulo, Brazil

Contra-lateral Breast Symmetrization After Breast Reconstruction
XXVIII Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery
São Paulo, Brazil

Superficial Dermabrasion with Water jet:Study of a New Method
XXXI Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Medicine College of the Catholic University of Brasilia,Brazil


The Use

From June 2007

Complications after Facial Lifting,XIV Congress of Braz Aesthetic Medicine Soc,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,June 2007.
- History of Surgery,Academic Meeting,Brasilia,Brazil,February 2007.


Dificult Cases

From June 2006

Facial Aesthetic Surgical Analysis,II Aesthetic Meeting,Brasilia,Brazil,November,2005
- Body Reshape,Cellulite and Adiposities,I Annual Meeting Aesthetic Procedures,Sao Paulo,Brazil,July,2005.

Plastic Surgeon

Catholic University of Brasilia Hospital

I Annual Meeting

Breast Reconstruction,I National Week for the Breast Health,Brasilia,Brazil,2003.

Publishing House

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with sculptra and Infra-Red collagen stimulation
Book: Procedimentos estéticos minimamente invasivos. Vol IV.Porto, Mucio


Lipoplasty,V Pan-american Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

From June 2005

Lipoplasty, V Pan-american Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2004.

Workshop on Breast

From August 2003

Study of Temporal Incisions in Videoscopic Frontal Lifting, XXI Meeting of Plastic Society of Sao Paulo, Campos do Jordao, Brazil, June 2001.

Vibrolipomammaplasty, XV Congress

From April 2000

Inverted Nipple,XV Congress

From April 2000

Rejuvenation and Self-steem, Women's Day, Brasilia, Brazil

From March 2000

Synthetic Hair Implant, XXXV Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery, Goiania, Brazil, November 1998.
- Hydropeeling, a New Alternative for Facial Rejuvenetion, VI Congress Brazillian Society Aesthetic Medicine, Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 1998.

Baldness Treatment

From October 1998

Non-Absorbable Facial Fillers,I International Worshop,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, September 1998.
- Rhinoplasty,Science and Art,Plastic Surgery Regional Meeting,Brasilia,Brazil,October 1997.

Hydropeeling, personal Technique, Meeting os ISAPS

From June 1997

Plastic Surgeon

"Hospital Regional Asa Norte"

Hydropeeling, Personal New Technique, International Congress on Face and Body Rejuvenation, Vienna, Austria

From April 1996

Reconstruction of Medial Palpebral Cantus, Workshop on periorbital Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 1992.

Professor at the Course on Dermatological Surgery

College of Medicine of Brasilia University


Plastic Surgeon

"Hospital Regional do Guará", Brasília,Brazil

General Surgeon

"Hospital Regional do Guará"

Medical Director

Mucio Porto Clinic of Plastic Surgery


Emergency Sector at "Hospital Regional do Guará", Brasília,Brazil

Contra-Lateral Breast Symmetrization,XXVIII Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery

From May 1992

Contra-Lateral Breast Symmetrization, XXVIII Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery, Sao Paulo, November 1991.

Periorbital Reconstruction


From November 1991

Nasal Haemangiomas,XIX Brazillian Congress of Surgey,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,July 1991.
- Mammary symmetrization,XIX Brazillian Congress of Surgery,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,July 1991.

West Workshop of Plastic Surgery

From May 1991

Male Abdominoplasty, V Mid-West Workshop of Plastic Surgery

From May 1991

Male Liposculpture, , V Mid-West Workshop of Plastic Surgery

From May 1991

Vertical Abdominoplasty

From May 1991

Facial Lifting in Combination

From May 1991

Lymphatic Malformation

From May 1991

Submental Deformities

From May 1991

Cystic Lymphatic Mal-Formation,A Long Follow-up.XXVII Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,November 1990.
- Areolo-Mamilar Complex Deformities,XXVI Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery,Blumenal,Brazil,November 1989.
- Familiar Male Pseudo-Hermaphodite .XXV Brazillian Congress of Plastic Surgery,Salvador,Brazil,November 1988.



Chief-resident on Plastic surgery

"Clínica Ivo Pitanguy"

General Surgeon

"Hospital Regional de Planaltina", Brasilia, Brazil


One Case Report

From August 1988



Même implant - Our Experience
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia, (1) 1990.
Porto, Mucio;Ramalho, Mause;Pitanguy, Ivo.

The surgical approach to the contra-lateral breast
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia, 81 (3): 147-60, mai-jun. 1991.
Porto, Múcio J; Pitanguy, Ivo; Mazzarone, Francesco; Papoudos, Nikos.

Ceratoacantoma after deep phenol peel

Qualifications & Certifications

Mastership in Gerontology

Catholic University of Brasilia


Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine


International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology

American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine


Assoziazzione Per Gli Studi Degli Deformitá Faciale di Bologna


Plastic Surgery

Cantonal University Hospital


Cancer Research Institute

Federal University of Goias College of Medicine

International American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,A4M

Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Siences and Biotechnology

Catholic University of Brasilia

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