Sarkar - Software Development Engineer - Kolkata, WB, India

Sutapa Sarkar

Kolkata, WB, India


Software Development Engineer


Sutapa Sarkar is a Solution Integrator. Her current engagement is with Ericsson Global India Limited. She is a graduate in E.I.E. and having almost 6 years 6+ months of experience in SMARTS & Netcool including Perl, UNIX, Rules, IPL, SQL, Shell and ASL.

Work History

Developer , Support & Testing

AVEA, Turkey

April 2013 - May 2013

Description: Ericsson will deliver the access module to DeltaG as per the MIB specifications that support synchronization and communication supervision. The Access Module should able to correlate clearance (cease) alarm with related original raise (fault) alarm. The Access Module should include corrective filter which builds AVEA_Managed_Object and AVEA_Special_info custom TeMIP Fields. This is mandatory for AVEA Fault Management process.
TeMIP is OSI-based, using Management Specification Language (MSL) to define
models of the network equipment it has to manage. It does not directly understand
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Therefore, the role of the SNMP
AM is to act as a translation interface between TeMIP and SNMP-based network
Equipment: It translates TeMIP commands into SNMP commands to be sent to the network, equipment, and it interprets the responses. It also interprets unsolicited SNMP messages ("traps") and passes this information on to TeMIP in OSI-based events.

• Developed basic Access Module Development kit.
• Developed Connection Supervision kit.
• Developed Synchronization kit.
• Installed Access Module.
• Configured Access Module.
• Installed & Configured Synchronization kit.
• Installed & Configured Connection Supervision kit.
• Did Functional Specification Testing.
• Created System Admin Guide.
• Created Acceptance Test Specification document.
• Created Installation Instructions document.

Solution Integrator

Airtel Bangladesh

May 2013 - July 2013

Mobilycity Canada, Axis Indonesia, Hanoi
Vietnam, Etisalat Mobily
• Project: Change Window Status for RFS 861
• Period: May 2013- July 2013
• Role: Installation & Support & Monitoring
• Description: Upgrade of all the probes to 7.3.1 and to Fix Pack 5 and OSSRC Probe is upgraded to version 1.9 in 5 probe servers.

• Take backups of netcool, deployment engine & var/ibm and /usr/ibm directories.
• Stopping all processes running on the servers.
• Upgrading the Omnibus to 7.3.1 in all the servers and checking the versions.
• Upgrading the Omnibus 7.3.1 with Fix Pack 5 and checking the version.
• Upgrading the OSSRC Probes in each of these servers to 1.9 and checking the versions.
• Configuring the nco_pa.conf and the Probes specific properties file as required after installation.
• Checking the installation logs for errors and rectify them.
• Starting the processes again on the servers.
• Monitoring the processes if running successfully
• Monitoring the Alarm Events for all the Probe Servers if they are coming as expected.
• Raise PMR to IBM if something failed during installation.
• Restore the servers if installation failed during/after installation.

• Client: Salvador
• Project: RLAM_SV_SI_AMX-Salvador Ercossi Upgrade
• Period: August 2013
• Role: Installation, Testing, Monitoring
• Description: This Test specification shall be used for end-to-end verification of the NMS-FM solution.

Testing the followings:

• Alarm and event mapping.
• Manual acknowledge.
• Change an alarm.
• Mapping of unpopulated objects.
• Configurable attributes on OSSRC-AM and OSSRC-FM.
• Un-correlated clear.
• Send down acknowledge on acknowledge.
• Send down Acknowledge on Terminate.
• Send up acknowledge on acknowledge.
• Remove alarm on acknowledge and clear.
• SP text first in additional text.
• Events by the Event IRP.
• Un-acknowledge of alarms.
• Un-terminate of alarms.
• Un-clear of alarms / Oscillating alarms.
• Output Alarm...

TeliaSonera, Sweden

September 2013 - March 2014

• Role: Maintenance & Support
• Description: Performing daily maintenance for Netcool & Proviso & Support the two systems.

• Create CSR for TeliaSonera Customers in SMS system(ESS/MSS).
• Add/Delete accounts & customers for proviso systems.
• Run profiles for new/existing customers.
• Run daily monitoring routines for Netcool & Proviso Systems for any critical issues.
• Analysis of missing DNIs in the Proviso system.
• Analysis of duplicate DNIs in the Proviso system.
• Filter to identify old unwanted ITNM events in TIP Netcool system.
• Add accounts when customer doesn't exist in proviso system.
• Solve CSRs raised by Customers and update CSR in the SMS system.
• Solve issues in Proviso system raised by Customers in email & provide response.

Development & Support

Etisalat, UAE

November 2013 - December 2013

Description: Etisalat Atlantique data extraction from 4 OSS Servers like Togo, Niger, Benin & Ivory Coast through SQL queries from Eniq DB.

• Create shell & Perl scripts to extract data from Eniq DB in 4 OSS servers like Togo, Niger, Benin & Ivory Coast through SQL queries.
• Parse the data extracted and create csv files for each KPI in Eniq on basis of date.
• Total 23 KPIs were delivered for Togo, Benin & Niger Servers and 33 KPIs for Ivory Coast server.
• Perform file operations on these csv files created to send them to concerned directories and delete them when they are 7 days older.


In-house Internal Project

January 2012 - April 2012

• Description: Developer & ensure complete understanding of Netcool
• Implementation.

• Install and configure omnibus and probe.
• MIB integration to Netcool Omnibus.
• Install and configure Webtop to view alarms.
• Testing for alarm format.

Developer & Support

Netia & Polkemtel

April 2012 - July 2012

Description: Integration of Netcool with other applications after upgrade/migrate of components from existing versions.

• Worked at onsite coordinator.
• Install and configure Netcool omnibus and probe like Syslog, Simnet, Mttrapd, OSS-RC Corba probes.
• Upgraded Netcool Omnibus, Webgui & Impact to latest versions.
• Installed Impact 6.1 and integrated with existing TIP installation.
• MIB integration to Netcool Omnibus.
• Install and configure Webtop to view alarms.
• Created Webgui Clusters.
• Installed Gateways both bi-directional & uni-directional.
• Installed Display Servers, Virtual Object Servers & monitors.
• Created Process Controls.
• Created Maps, Filters in WebGui.
• Created users, passwords, Classes in Object Servers.
• Customized Rules files for Probes.
• Understanding on integration of Netcool with Remedy.
• Understanding on integration of Netcool with DB2 historical alarm database.
• Testing for alarm format as per customer's requirement.


Airtel Uganda Project

July 2012 - August 2012

Description: Developer & Netcool implementation.

• Install and configure Netcool omnibus and probe like Syslog, Simnet , Mttrapd, OSS-RC Corba probes.
• MIB integration to Netcool Omnibus.
• Installed Gateways both bi-directional & uni-directional.
• Installed Display Servers, Virtual Object Servers & monitors.
• Install and configure Webtop to view alarms.
• Testing for alarm format.

Developer , Support & Testing

NCELL, Nepal

August 2012 - November 2012

• Project: Ncell_EAM_Site_Management_and_Preventative_Maintenance
• Period: August 2012- November 2012
• Role: Developer , Support & Testing
• Description: Testing the alarms in EMS - Netcool & Development of rules, trigger, policy.

• Testing for missing clear alarms in Netcool but present in EMS
• Testing for missing alarms in Netcool from EMS
• Issue with Auto Ticket trigger
• Testing for unwanted AutoTT corba probes alarms in Netcool
• Severity mismatch in Netcool so had to update the Severity field
• Include lookup files in rules file
• Modifications in the AutoTT policy file
• Analysis and modifications in code to add new vendor sites alarms for AutoTT
• Raised PMRs for missing alarms issue with IBM
• Executed sql queries on database.

• Client: MTS AllStream
• Project: RNAM_US_Dev_MTS_Netcool_WP1 & 2

Developer & Support

November 2012 - February 2013

Description: Integration of Netcool with BNSI interface.

• Extracted latest version alarm & event Instructions from Alex server for 14 Network Elements like HLR, RNC, Extreme, NodeB, MGW etc in WP#1.
• Upload the data sheets with alarm details in Eridoc Project folder.
• Creation of individual Network Element's Netcool raw capture files from the consolidated file.
• Creation of individual Network Element Lookups containing certain fields like Customer Assigned Severity, Alarm Name, LookupId, Summary.
• Install stdin probe in test lab.
• Develop Rules files for Network Elements like HLR, RNC, Extreme, NodeB, MGW (Ericsson Media Gateway for Mobile Networks)based on BNSI probe functionality.
• Development to discard the filter alarms for every Network Element.
• Mapping between Netcool and MTS was observed.
• Inclusion of Probe Watch Messages, Error Messages, Termination Messages & Record Type in the Main Rules file.
• Extraction of Node name from MeContext & Managed Element.
• Mapping of Node name with CLLI and renaming it.
• Creation of Common Name from the CLLI lookup table for every Node name.
• Addition of new columns in Object Server like CLLI_Building, CLLI_City, CLLI_Dcode, CLLI_Entity, CLLI_Pro, OID, AdditionalInfo, ExtendedAttr, Network & CommonName.
• Addition of new Classes for every Network Element.
• Modifications on the existing ProbableCause, Specific Problem & Event Type lookups as per requirement.
• Preparation of Test Plan, Test Report and LLD as per development.
• LookupAlarmID will be in a NE's lookup and also will be processed in the rules file, but they need not be forwarded to Netcool.
• Node name modified to lower case in main rules.
• Two lookups for NE Extreme to capture the Customer Assigned Severity in the Severity field of Object Server. First the rules will process as per the SNMPOID and 2nd will be based on Specific token.
• Assigning AlertKey with FmAlarmId value.
• Customized individual rules to process...

India As Netcool Developer & Support

Ericsson Global India Limited

From December 2011

Selected projects & responsibilities with Ericsson Global India Limited:
• Was involved in RWCE_NL_OperationalSupport_LSO_Poland as a developer and integration job.
• Involved in house internal project for almost 4months.
• Working as a Netcool Solution Integrator where the main work area is development of rules scripts & customise them, Install Netcool Omnibus & Impact along with upgrade. Also involved in review of functional specifications and QA review of objects. She is also involved in various training programs in Netcool within the organization.
• Handled all Netcool activity single handed in project at onsite, Poland. She integrated Netcool with other Applications like Gateways, Corba Probes. She even played key role during transition of GTT Poland project.
• Responsible for providing training on Netcool
• She used tools like CVS, VSS, SVN, M2R, Toad, Netcool IDE.

SMARTS Developer & Support

British Telecom

July 2009 - December 2011

Description: Andes US_ASM_Steady State_Info manages a global network of approximately 18000 MPLS/Frame/ATM devices with additional monitoring of some Optical devices. The BTI SMARTS system provides automated real-time network management and automated trouble ticketing with 95% of the BTI trouble tickets being auto-created in the ISIS/remedy ticketing system.

• Is responsible for ISIS Netcool ticket analysis on daily basis and Tickets that are sent by clients based on high severity and created bridge cases for each ticket.
• Follow-up with DMP team for netman data module scripts for SMARTS data feed issues and parallelly do testing.
• Maintain & check Rolllogs, cron jobs, Asset file flow from SMARTS to Asset management team & SMARTS data feed activities.
• Open Reactive tickets for High traps, pending list devices, Hours of management issues for sites, Ping and snmp issues, wrong discovery of devices.
• Worked on ATMFR MDM adapter and performed failover process from primary to backup servers.
• Have also answered to many customer queries like why fake tickets, why late tickets, issue with login credentials of SAR, wrong discovery of devices, wrong status in SMARTS, remove monitoring etc.
• Process SAR for addition and termination of users in SMARTS.
• Upgraded the SMARTS license in all the servers.
• Wrote codes for pending list deletion, Active and Inactive notification identification, ticket count, report and email ticketing errors, update trap adapter conf files, add cronjobs etc.
• Recently Engaged in data cleansing activity where the migrated, decommissioned, deleted devices and bad ports are identified in SMARTS and their Admin & Oper Status are checked in the Topologies for IP, ATM, FrameRelay domains from hubman, atmman & passman tools.
• Identified memory usage in different servers.
• Added, deleted & updated devices in SMARTS.
• Identified ticketing errors and follow up with the ISIS team.
• Added filters & notifications lists...

SMARTS Developer & Support

British Telecom

March 2008 - June 2009

Description: BT Radianz is a leading reliable, secure and scalable Financial Data services provider to the Global Financial Giants. It has customers like Global Exchanges, Brokerage Houses, funds, buy-side, sell- side, financial data providers, back office operations, administrators.

• Understand the requirement and Acceptance from Client by email.
• Project Planning, Resource Tracking & Budget fixing.
• Estimation and Risk Analysis.
• Prepare the High-Level-Design document, review & acceptance from client.
• Prepare the Low-Level-Design document review & acceptance from client.
• Development/code change.
• Code Review.
• Prepare the Unit & Integration test-cases & Plan.
• Build Guide preparation.
• Release Note preparation
• Post Deployment Support.
• Have thorough understanding on SMARTS Architecture, key components, Notification Adapters, Trap receivers & forwarders, SAM console, BIM etc.(whole IP & SAM suite)
• Have upgraded the SMARTS license in Core & Distributed servers.
• Worked on different ECRs, REQ, support, production issues.
• Have also answered to many customer queries like checking the present polling & threshold values in SMARTS whether they match with that of INFOVISTA.
• Have written many codes in Perl, ASL, Expect, Shell scripts for different customized modules.
• Worked on CDR, manage & unmanaged modules.
• Was part of Ultra Chicaga, Ultra London & ASR1000 work packages.
• Delivered Platinum OC12 project for Thomson Reuters after development, Unit & Integration testing to client. Here the current platinum network was having ATM PVCs based on Nortel MSS 7000 ATM switches. These connections were removed from the network and replaced by dedicated links provided via OC-12 network to meet the new requirement. Line Error traps needed to capture in SMARTS that were sent from IV. This was a great challenge which she succeeded at onsite.
• Added, deleted, updated devices and their read community strings in SMARTS network...

India As Smarts Developer

Tech Mahindra Limted

From June 2007

Selected projects & responsibilities with Tech Mahindra Limited:
• Lately involved in Andes US_ASM_Steady State_Info as a developer and monitoring work.
• Involved in BT-Radianz, UK project for almost 1.5 years.
• Working as a SMARTS technical associate, the main work area is development of customised scripts, opening Bridge cases, troble-ticketing, SAR creation, monitoring of Production environment and also involved in making the sound communication between onshore and offshore. Also involved in review of functional specifications and QA review of objects. She is also involved in various training programs in SMARTS within the organization.
• Handled all SMARTS activity single handed in project at onsite and also handles major activities single handled at offshore. She wrote customised scripts for pending list deletion, extraction of devices operational and admin statuses from topology, Adapter creation etc along with runtime support, monitoring, testing and played key role during transition of Andes US_ASM_Steady State_Info.
• Responsible for providing training on SMARTS InCharge6 and InCharge7.

Qualifications & Certifications

Margaret Sister Nivedita English School.

Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College

TechMahindra Limited

Margaret(S.N.)English School


Instrumentation Limited and Centre

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