Mansoor - Wireless Communication - Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia

Mohsin Mansoor

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia


Wireless Communication


complete knowledge on 2G /3G/LTE technology of NSN equipments and ericsson

Work History

FRGC, and transmission Card FTFA, FTIB

Capable of installing modules in ultra cabinet like Dtrx's depending on the configuration of
The site
14. For Ultra cabinet making software cabling through Nokia BTS Hardware Configurator.
15.Installing and commissioning 3G module FSMB, FRGC, and transmission Card FTFA, FTIB.
Expertise on equipments:
1. Micro BTS, Ultra BTS(NOKIA)
2. Metro BTS and pylon sites
3. Flexi EDGE and Flexi multiradio BTS(nokia)
4. Flexi WCDMA 3G BTS(nokia)
5. RBS2206 and RBS 3206(Ericsson)
6. RBS600(Ericsson)
7. DT drive test using TEMs investigation

Transmission engineer


From May 2012

Hatco communication company

Currently working as a transmission engineer in a Zain Mega offer project in Jeddah and Makkah
Job responsibilities:
1. Survey the sites and make sure that LOS is clear and
Space is enough for new link installation
2. Installation of link and its alignment
3. Xpic testing and create the services
4. Make E1 connectivity and transfer it for traffic and data from Existing link
5. Transfer and upgrade the existing link to new link without disturbing the traffic
6. Connect the optical SRA4 to HiT and electic SRA4 to the existing link for link-chain
7. Commissioned the BB-Modem and Vlan card to transfer data through electric and optical connectivity
8. Microwave link enabled Capable of installing new microwaves link with different configuration.
9. Making them in LOS (Line of Sight) during panning.
10. Commissioning of link using Nokia transmission software's like RRI, E1/T1, Hopper manager and flexi hybrid.
11. E1 implementation and conduct end-to-end test.
12. Checking E1 status by loop break test and connecting the E1 to the transmission card (FIU 19, FIU 19E) flexi hopper.
13. doing BER test for E1 performance.
14. Commissioning and integration of Nokia Flexi packet and Nokia flexi hybrid by swapping flexi hoppers to increase the E1 capacity for broadband.

Expertise on equipments:
1. Flexi packet 800,1200
2. Flexi packet first mile 200
3. Flexi Hybrid
4. Flexihopper
5. SRA4 siemens IDU(optical and electical)
6. HiT 7035,7070, microshelves and E1 testing
7. Analyzer for E1 testing
• As an OSP Engineer (2011-2012)
I worked as an FTTH and FTTB field engineer for Al sulimaniyah District Jeddah
Job responsibilities:
1. Make sure the installation according to the paln
2. Supervision for all components installation of network i.e joint closure FDT splitter, TB/ODB boxes, termination of fibre and testing using Exfo or no/yes equipments etc.
Expertise on equipments:
1. ODTR optical domain time range for detection
2. Exfo for testing
3. No...

Commissioning engineer

January 2010 - May 2011

Hatco communication company

Worked as a field inspection and commissioning engineer for almost two years for NSN equipment for STC and Zain projects
Job responsibilities:
1. Survey the site for installation of the BTS and its commercial power connectivity
2. Installation of the BTS modules and racks
3. Installation of the feeders
4. Installation of the high gain antennas for data and traffic
5. Installation of WMHA , WMHBand WMHC to deal with high gain and frequencies
6. Connect the specific alarms for BTS through EAC port
7. E1 connectivity through M/W link
8. Commissioning the BTS and make it on air
9. DT (derive test_ for checking RSL and coverage
10. Make sure that coverage commitment areas are fully satisfied and meet
With the required KPI's
11. Making the report summary of DT and analysis it according to criteria

12. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 900MHz,1800MHz&2100MHz BTS equipments(Nokia Ultra site, Flexi site , Metro site with Edge Technology and WCDMA )
13. Testing and troubleshooting GSM equipment including BCF, BTS and STF elements.
Configuring the external alarms of Nokia ultra site cabinet and check with NMS.

IBS engineer


From October 2008

(indoor building solution ) (oct2008-present) Hatco communication company

My major contribution in telecom industry is my work as an IBS engineer which I am working
Parallel with other works and I have Six years experienced in IBS system of antennas from A to
Z work in IBS installation, commissioning and optimization.
Job responsibilities:
1. Survey of the indoor sites to determine the area of coverage and the type of construction of
The buildings.
2. Doing the simulation test by simulation equipment to have an idea for existing coverage
3. Design the floor plan antenna system
4. Design the passive as well active solution plan
5. Design the feeder plan system
6. Calculate the Link Budget for each antenna
7. Installation of the system according to Design
8. Make as build drawing
9. Installation of the active or passive modules in equipment room
10. Installation of the BTS
11. Commissioned the BTS
12. Connect the antenna system to BTS through triplexer and hybrid combiner and spinner etc
13. Walk test and sweep test
14. Determine the signal strength , RX quality, Handover success rate
15. Making the Spillage test.
16. Make sure that coverage commitment areas are fully satisfied and meet
With the required KPI
17. Making the report summary of DT and analysis it according to criteria

Expertise on equipments:
1. LDF, RFS, Leoni brands feeders of different type installation
2. CW test and simulation test
3. Installation of Andrew and Katherine antennas of different types and gains
4. Site master for DTF and VSWR test for correct installation
5. Different BTS softwares using for indoor connectivity
6. Invex, and Tems investigation for walk test
7. Pocket tems for solving low power issues
8. Spillage test simulation
Mini link TN (ETSI) with TMR 9206 and Magazine 2p, 6p, 20p with (MMU C, MMU2B 4-34, LTU, LTU NPU1 B, ICF) Installation, Integration and Commissioning.

• Mini link TN Hop setup, NE Setup,...

Al-Zakria EST

January 2008 - October 2008

I have been working almost eight months as remoute terminal units(RTU) installation and testing of its alarms for Communication in a substations and working in a building solution for low current system installation including CCTV cameras. fire Alarm system, data and telephone system installation and testing of the main panel cabling and wiring


UET lahore
I did my internship in lahore with Al khawarzimi institute on Huawei BTS's and received training certificate on finishing my internship

Training On WIMAX

• I completed the training session on WIMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology during my final year project successfully And qualify for the seminar conducted on electrical department of my university

Expertise on different Softwares

• RUN CT, communication tools
• Hopper manager and explorer for flexi hybrid
• Net builder and local craft terminal LCT
• TNMS4.1,4.2 and TNMS4.3 fot HiT
• 2G Flexi BTS Site Manager
• WCDMA BTS Site Manager
• Nokia Siemens Networks BTS HW Configurator
• Nokia Siemens Networks BTS Manager
• Flexi EDGE BTS Manager Version 2 CD2.0 Build 0010
• Nokia Hub manager
• E1/T1 manager
• UMTS analyzer
• Tems investigation 10.1 and 12.1
• Pocket tems 7.0
• Invex testing
• Simulation tool
• Anritsu handheld software tool V6.50 and version 6.61
• Grip on testing equipment such as Site master for sweep test and analyzer for E1 testing
• C, C++, data structure
• Matlab simulation software
• Microsoft word, Excel and power point
• Adobe photoshop
• TEMS Cell Planner
• TEMS Investigation 7.0 & Installation of Ericsson Minilink Traffic Node (2p, 6p & 20p) and PDH nodes.
• Mapinfo 8.0,9.0.10 and version 11.
• 2G /3G workspaces for making geoset file
• Microsoft Office/ Ms Project
• Auto Cad, Windows 7, XP
• Understanding of LINUX / UNIX OS
• WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology

I am working in all over the western places of kingdom of saudi Arabia including Makkah, Madina , taif and Jeddah the detail of some of my work accomplished is as follows

• RED sea mall Jeddah
• Ice land mall Jeddah
• Aziz mall Jeddah
• Royal terminal(King airport)
• Sultan palace
• National guard hospital
• Zain Mega offer
• Al-Nahada towers
• Markz Bin-Hamran
• 6 sites in Safa palace
• Basement of Al-Haram
• Dar-ul-Tauheed
• Dar-ul-Shohada
• Grand coral hotel
• Mina Palace
• Ajiyad Makkah makarim Hotel
• Zain Mega offer
• Six mina towers

Qualifications & Certifications


OPF college Islamabad

Pakistan international school

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