Al Anbaki - Chemical Engineer - Saint John, NB, Canada

Mohammed Salah Al Anbaki

Saint John, NB, Canada


Professor Mohammed Salah Hameed awarded the B.Sc, M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from Manchester University in England, Gained practical experience by working in Vegetable Oils, Soaps and Detergents industries, Moved to academia and gained the experience as the founder of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Sharjah University, Chemical engineering Departments in University of Technology/ Baghdad and in the American University of Sharjah, Supervised several Ph.D and M.Sc. students, Published more than fifty papers in referred Journals & Conferences and promoted to full professor 1989, worked for two years as an academic and technical auditor for the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems Publishers affiliated to the UNESCO. Obtained vast industrial experience in working in industry, giving tenths of consultation works, short courses, awarded two patents, and establishing many academic laboratories for under and post- graduate studies. Possess good administration experience worked as a Dean of Engineering and applied Sciences in Sharjah University, Division Director in American University in Sharjah, and Head of Department in University of Technology. He has Lecture several Engineering, Sciences and Chemical engineering courses.


Chemical Engineer

Work History

Khalifa City Women's College

From December 2012

16 th December 2012-ADMC.
• Mapping course outlines to ABET criteria, Monday, 17 th December 2012 - ADMC.
• Certificate issued by the Japan Cooperation Center , Petroleum (JCCP) in recognition of the active
participation in the training course on "Refining Management of Quality & Environment Control"
held by Cosmo Oil Co. Ltd. In Japan from 23rd June to 6th July, 2012.
• Participate in the Intelligence Energy Market Forum At the Armani Hotel Dubai September
• Certificate awarded on attending Curriculum & Assessment Workshop & passing successfully the workshop exam held at the end of the workshop at ADMC/HCT on November 8, 2006.
• Certificate issued by the Japan Cooperation Center , Petroleum (JCCP) in recognition of the active
participation in the training course on "Refining Management of Quality & Environment Control"
held by Cosmo Oil Co. Ltd. In Japan from 11 th August to 24th August, 2005.
• Certificate of recognition on the valued contribution to the "Festival of Thinkers" that Hosted
Nobel Laureates in the Festival of Thinkers/ Designing the future through thinking/Higher
Colleges of Technologies, Abu Dhabi 26th-30th March 2005.

Full time-Faculty


From September 2004

Fundamentals of Polyolefin Technology

Higher Colleges of Technology
ADCO laboratory Training Course on Water Analysis (7- Higher Colleges of Technology

Adjunct -Faculty


September 2003 - July 2004

management and administration


Up to April 2013

, April 13,
2002. • Good Experience gained, from my career in various institutions, mainly: in management and administration, in the foundation and management of laboratories, in technical consultations, and in research activities.
• Participate in the Workshop on "A Learning Centered Approach to Engineering Education for the 21th Century" organized by AUS and presented by Professors from Arizona State University,
September 2000. • Participated in the workshop on "Health & Water Environment" held April 18 th 2000 at Ajman
University of Science & Technology, UAE.

Consultant On Water and Sewage Systems


July 2001 - August 2003

at the same time an adjunct Professor/ Higher colleges of technology/ Abu Dhabi Men's College,

Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering


February 2001 - July 2001

Professor of Chemical Engineering


September 2000 - February 2001

Gulf Education & Training Exhibition

Up to April 2014

World Trade Center, UAE.

Scientific Research Conference


September 1999 - September 2000

of the Chemical, Thermal, and Mechanical
Division in the School of Engineering.

Acting Dean of Engineering


September 1998 - August 1999

Adjunct Professor at the United

Fall Semester

Arab Emirates University,.

Aspects of Licensing & Technology Transfer Rights Seminar

Rapid Urban Development Symposium

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences


August 1997 - September 1998


Strategies For Decarbonation Of Global Energy Systems, Symposium, EOLSS

Development Engineer

life Support

November 1995 - August 1997

EOLSS is envisaged to be the cornerstone in the building of literature containing knowledge on the Science, Technology and Management of essential Systems of life Support with a focus on
sustainable global development and security. The duties and responsibilities included research and development activities in energy, water, environment, and desalination in addition of being an academic and technical auditor. Intensive experience was obtained by site seeing desalination
plants and research work on desalination & energy saving.

Open Debate

Top Executives Seminar, Organized by the National Center for Administration Planning and
Development, Baghdad, 1993.
• New Material and Contemporary Applications, Comstech Workshop on Recent Advances in



August 1994 - November 1995

Ministry of Industry and Minerals

, Feasibility Studies for the production of Bleaching Powder from local raw materials, Iraq, 1994.
• Center of Industrial Chemistry Research, Design, Erection & Commissioning of Pilot Plant for the

Production of Dichloro-Dimethyl Silicon

Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Design the Steam Distribution Piping Network and their

Development of University Curriculum Symposium, The Ministry

Materials Sciences

of Higher Education and

Chemical Engineering Equipment Design

University of Technology

University of Technology

Scientific Research

Numerical Methods in Laminar and Turbulent Flow Conference, England, 1989.
• Application of Research Results Symposium, Organized by the Council of Arabian Universities
Union, 1987. Water Pollution by Industrial Effluents Seminar, UOT, 1984.
• International Symposium and Workshop on Fate and Fluxes of Oil Pollution in Kuwait Action

The Role of University

University of Technology

Professor & Head

Chemical Engineering Department

March 1989 - August 1994


Appropriate Fittings and Supports

Industrial Effluents Treatment

University of Technology

Intake Water Treatment

University of Technology

Paterson Candy Ltd (British Company)

Sewage Treatment Works, Sharjah, UAE, 1998. Technical
consultation on the metallic superficial corrosion affected the apparatus and equipment used in
Sewage Treatment Works at Sharjah.

Alcohol Distillation company

. To solve the problem arising in effluent water of ethyl alcohol production plant from Dates.
• The State Enterprise for Canning, Design a production line for Vinegar and Acetic Acid from
Dates, Iraq, 1986.

Universities Union

Seminar on the " Water Pollution by Industrial Effluents" University Of Technology (1984).
• International Symposium and Workshop on "Fate and Fluxes of Oil Pollution in Kuwait Action
Plan Region", Organized by the University of Basrah (1984).

University of Baghdad

Assistant Professor

October 1986 - March 1989

(Equivalent to Associate Prof.), UOT and responsible to accommodated faculty research activities.

Scientific Research Council

October 1985 - October 1986


The Foundation of Technical Industries

, studying the water Purification unit and recommending the chemical materials and optimizing their quantities, Iraq, 1985.
• Energy Research Center, Design and commissioning a pilot plant for Sucrose and liquid Sugar
Production from Dates, Baghdad, 1982.

Extraction by Liquefied Carbon Dioxide

Petroleum Research Center

Plan Region

The Protection and Development of Iraqi Environment Seminar, 1984.

Water Treatment Seminar

Scientific Seminar


Organized by Iraqi Chemists Society (1982).
• Symposium on "Food Science and Technology", Organized by The Arabian Foundation for Food

Sulfuric Acid Production

Iraqi Chemical Society

The General Foundation of Food Industries

formulating the required documents for the foundation of Arabian industrial Food Research Center, Iraq, 1981

Ministry of Oil

The First Arabic Conference on Dates and Palm Trees

Food Science and Technology Seminar", Organized by The Arabian Foundation for Food
Industries (1980).

New Pilot Plant for the Production of Sucrose

Iraqi Patent

, Baghdad.
• Iraqi Patent 1936, Method and Apparatus for Direct Extraction of Vegetable Oils with Improved

The Arabic Foundation for Food

industries, feasibility & curriculum studies for the establishment of Arabian College for Food Manufacturing, Iraq, 1980.
• The General Foundation of Food Industries, Design and Commissioning Pilot Plant for the

International Conference for Petro-chemical Industries

in Filter Media and their Application, Conference held by the Royal Belgium
Society, 1980.

B. Tutor of Continuing Education Courses

Assistant Professor

June 1979 - October 1985


Production of Synthetic Fatty Acids Production

Design, erection supervision, and commissioning a plant for Underwear, Track suits, and Tee

Head of the Applied Research and Consultation Committee for the State Enterprise for Vegetable

Bleaching and Dyeing department- Ashtar Kniting Factory

• University Of Technology, design, erection, and commissioning of chemical engineering
department complete with laboratories and their equipments (1975-1979).
• Head of the Applied Research and Consultation Committee for the State Enterprise for Vegetable
Oils, 1977 - 1981.
Main Activities:
I) Recommending Solution For Trouble Shooting Problems In Production Lines.
II) Improving The Quality Of Existing Products And Recommending New Ones.
III) Recommending Local Raw Materials As A Substitute For Imported Ones.
IV) Coordination With Ministry Of Agriculture To Provide Oil Rich Seeds.

Transport Phenomena

Foundation For Food Industries
Gas Processing (1978) Iraqi Engineering Society

Environmental Pollution

Iraqi Engineering Society

Member of Applied Research and Consultation Committee For The State Enterprise For Leather

Fittings And Control Instruments

Main Activities:
I) Design And Supervise The Erection Of Acid Dilution Process And Piping Network
Distribution To Various Production Departments With The Proper Pumps, Valves
Fittings And Control Instruments Etc.
II) Solve Several Problems That Arise In Tanning Process.
III) Improving The Stability Of Leather Colours.

Lecturer, UOT


June 1975 - June 1979


Member Of Applied Research And Consultation Committee

State Enterprise For Canning

Main Activities:
I) Studying The Liquid Sugar Production Line From Dates And Recommended Solution To
Stabilize Colour And Taste Of Products,
II) Improving The Clarification Of Dates Syrup By Modifying Production Line Processes.
III) Recommending New Tomato Brand For Higher Process Juice And Improve Quality,
IV) Formulating New Products.

Industrial Costs

Work Studies Seminar Organized by the National Center for Administration Consultation and
Development, Baghdad 1971.
• Optimization of Chemical Process Design Operation, Seminar Organized by Manchester
University (1968).

A. Lectures presented at the Following Symposiums and Seminars
• Seminar on "Heat Exchangers and their common shooting problems" presented to 20 technical and training personnel, from all petroleum & petrochemical at Rwais industrial sites in UAE

Occupational Health & Safety, Management Skills for Engineer

Corrosion of Industrial Equipment

(1975) Iraqi Engineering Society
C. Courses Taught
1. Post - Graduate Level
Advance Mass Transfer (Ph.D. & M.Sc.), Environmental Pollution (Ph.D.), Special Problems in Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.), Fluid Flow (M.Sc.), Membrane Processes (M.Sc.),
Separation processes (M.Sc.), Equipment Design for Pollution Prevention and Transport
Phenomena (High Diploma) ..etc.
2. Under - graduate Level
Principles of Chemical Engineering I &II (on line teaching-WebCT) , Fluid Mechanics,
Thermodynamics, Thermal-fluid (on line teaching-WebCT), Heat Transfer (on line teaching-
WebCT), Mass Transfer (on line teaching- WebCT) Chemical Processes, Unit Operations,
Transport Phenomena, Reaction Kinetics (on line teaching-WebCT), Process Control, Plant
Operations & Performance (on line teaching-WebCT), Supervising final year Projects,
Occupational Health & Safety, Management Skills for Engineer (on line teaching-WebCT),
Applied Mathematics for Engineering, Design of Chemical Equipment, Environmental
Pollution Prevention, Petroleum Refining, Optimizations, Particles Mechanics, Statics & Dynamics, Materials Science, Mathematics (Calculus 1&2), Statistics, Chemistry & Mohammed Salah Hameed CV
Engineering Application and Foundation courses in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering,

Senior Engineer, Responsible for R &D

June 1971 - June 1975

department, founder of
Pilot Plant Laboratory and Technical Library.



October 1970 - June 1971

Supervise production line.

4. Consulting, Patents, etc.:

Technical adviser

purchasing the Montedison group products

(Milan- Italy). The main
products: chemicals, plastics resins, paints, petrochemicals, fibers, and etc. (1975).

5. States in which registered: Iraq, UAE, USA (AIChE).

6. Principal Publications

Seminar on the "Development of University Curriculum", The Ministry of Higher Education

Materials Sciences

; Islamabad, Pakistan- Organized by FASAS (1992).
• Seminar on the "Development of University Curriculum", The Ministry of Higher Education and
Scientific Research (1990).
• Symposium on the "Application of Research Results", Organized by the Council of Arabian

Qualifications & Certifications

Chemical Engineering

Manchester University

Chemical Engineering

Manchester University

Chemical Engineering

Manchester University

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