Yadak - Education Consultant - Amman, Jordan

Mohammad Yadak

Amman, Jordan


Education Consultant

Work History

Consultant /Free Lancer

MOE & VTC &Private

. Key qualifications:
✓ 31 years of experience in Education, Technical Education and Vocational Training in MOE & VTC &Private sector. Developing TVET policies and strategies of vocational education reform program. Developing TVETs programs curriculum including syllabi, instructional materials, training facilities and staff development. Preparing proposals for establishing and modernization of educational & training facilities, including specifications & equipment, and supervising implementation of these proposals starting from planning, procurement of equipment and training. Supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the quality of skills and knowledge provided students and the evolving needs to society.

✓ Proven experience in preparing budget for vocational education programs for MOE

✓ Strong Educational Background: PhD in Educational Administration/ MA degree in Educational Planning.
✓ +25 years of experience in vocational education area as a trainer, principal of vocational school, administrative at school level and HQ
✓ Experience in project management as a member of project team in Education Reform Project / Develop the education policies towards the community school , Strengthen Capacities in the Ministry of Human Rights/Yemen
✓ Team leader in several project as Modernization of Vocational Education Equipment project and production school project
✓ Excellent working experiences in setting Vocational Education Policies and Classification of Occupational, capacity building and training, training needs assessment, production development in vocational schools, maximize the investment of resources of vocational schools, Trainer of Trainers, curriculum development, training units and text books writer , equipment specifications for industrial education, preparing general tests for secondary certificate and community colleges, research and survey studies.
✓ Counterpart with international consultant of Vocational Education Directorate. Taken...


Alurdonia Lil Ebda

From March 2013

Support to Enterprise and Export Development Programme funded by EU
The Support to Enterprise and Export Development Programme (JUMP II) was established to assist the development of Jordan's manufacturing and agro-industry sectors funded by the European Union .the programme is designed to enhance SMMEs competitiveness in industrial and agro-industry sectors, create new domestic opportunities and help Jordanian companies expand into international markets.
My role as a consultant (in home job) to the Alurdunia Lil Ebdaa is to Review , modify of applications submitted by Ebdaa and write the formal application for applicant's proposal to get grants for specific project

Head of Vocational &Engineering

AlQuds College /Luminus

June 2012 - November 2012


Establish the new labs for Electrical power , Air condition and Civil engineering. Cooperate with other key persons for developing the programs conducted at the college. Organize tasks, duties, and schedules of lectures , as well as daily routines
Organize and supervise students' assessments; take a strategic role in the development of the departments to enhance and extend the learning experience of students; lead, motivate, support, and develop teaching staff to improve the performance of the department; establish creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching;


Directorate of Education For Amman 1/Ministry of Education

Director of Administrative and financial affairs

Guiding and supervising the administrative and financial affairs such as human resources , procurement, planning and budgeting -In collaboration with technical director, in charge of designing and developing training programs for teachers and principals of schools-leading the training courses conducted in the directorate-Directing and overseeing the educational affairs in 150 academic and vocational schools. -Managing and supervising the information system and the budget of the directorate in accordance with the regulations of the ministry-Evaluating the directorate staff and the principals of schools , -Approving the performance records and final evaluation report for teachers and the administrative staff of schools-leading and overseeing the human resources affairs of the directorate which include recruitment, development, performance management and developing the related systems -Assessing , planning , developing and implementing training programs for the directorate staff-Deputizing the general director as requested and representing the directorate in several activities and different areas -Being a member of various committees in the directorate: testing and evaluation, teacher- ranking, bids,...

National TVET Specialist


July 2011 - December 2011

in the Project of Restructuring Vocational Training Corporation funded by World Bank

Assist in the review of the management structures, duties, work planning and capacity of Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) and its institutions;
Assist develop systems, procedures and implementation schedules for mentoring and upgrading of quality assurance in the VTC and VTC institutions , Assist upgrade counselling and vocational guidance and social marketing for TVET and VTC institutions, Assist in establish and institutionalize procedures for the effective implementation of the Public Private Partnerships

John. F. kennedy School

April 2010 - April 2010

of government, Harvard university

The seventh Framework Programme

May 2010 - September 2013

for research and technological development(FP7)

FP7 Proposal Writing, Partnering in FP7, FP7 Proposal Evaluation and Contract Negotiation, finance and funding schemes

support to research and technological development (SRTD) in cooperation with the university of Jordan conducted by European Expert, Lavic .Spain

10-12 June 2008 Design and Evaluation of innovation policy in Developing Countries Design and Evaluation Innovation Policy. UNU

Organisational Expert/Trainer

Berenschot, European Commission

February 2009 - March 2009

Strengthen capacities in the Ministry of Human Rights/ Administration and Organization. My task was to provide new organisational structure and train the staff of the ministry and related NGOs in organisation structures and management skills.


Chief of Training Workshops Equipment supplies

Ministry of Education

Set standards lists of equipments for Vocational Education Specializations and branches; Study and analyse the utilization factor for the equipments; Analyse the training facilities needs of vocational schools; Set the specification of equipments needed for vocational education specializations and branches; supervising the procumbent procedures; set the annual running budget for Vocational Education Branches; supervise and evaluate the performance of the division members( 11 engineers); manage the development projects related to modernization of Training Workshops.

Program development

Institutional Capacity Building

From August 2007

for under performing students European union


Capacity Building

From October 2007

Labour market Analysis, Job Analysis, DACUM, Planning and Development, Program and Project Management, Team building, communication Skills, SWOT Analysis

AGRO consulting-EPRD office


Eckert-Institute For International Textbooks Research

May 2006 - June 2006

Conduct a study about Human Rights in Textbooks.

Eckert-Institute For International Textbooks Research

July 2006 - December 2006


George -Eckert-Institute For International Textbooks Research


March 2006 - October 2006

Carry out an analyse and establish necessary contact in Jordan for a project is called: Dialogue with the Arabic countries: self-image and the image of the other in Arabic curricula and textbooks

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Bin laden Group, Factory For Assembly of Mechanical & Electrical Works

Production Manager
Planning and supervising production operations, Studying and Estimating the costs of production works, supervising the procumbent procedures, supervising the production employees.


November 2006 - December 2006


Gender planning and Analysis, concept of Gender, gender and development, gender indicators , Gender mainstreaming Analysis

management of TVET processes

Management of TVET Institutions

From December 2006

in Jordan, Individual studies from Egypt, Jordan and Yemen Inwent-capacity Building International-Germany

Development policies and programs of vocational education in Jordan


November 2005 - December 2005

1/11/2005-17/12/2005 Intel E-education, Methods of Teaching, educational bag Ministry of Education
30/6/2005 Development policies and programs of vocational education in Jordan The general frame of vocational education, recommendation to develop vocational education Ministry of Education

Training programs, Quality control, work plan, The report of international expert

Evaluate the National Training of Trainers Institute

From January 2005

(NTTI) Training programs, Quality control, work plan, The report of international expert EJADA

Based management, Performance indicators, Performance measurement


March 2004 - March 2004

Human Resources Development Centre, Association of Canadian Community Colleges

Office Productivity

October 2004 - November 2004

India Shriran Institute of Business and Information Technology .A division of new Horizons India Ltd

Chief of school production division

Ministry of Education

December 2003 - April 2008

The division is concerned with the improvement and development of the performance of the outputs of vocational education by developing the methods of training and enhanced the skills through production in vocational schools

Vocational Training Corporation

September 2003 - September 2003

Training units Training units, job analyses Vocational Training Corporation

Development centers

September 2003 - September 2003

of community learning Learning and education , training methods, education issues Ministry of Education in co-operating with Roa for consulting and Training, Egypt
25/6/2003 Trainers competencies The role of instructor, instructors ranks , Develop NTTI EJADA
May 2002 (5 days) Results- Based Management and review developmental Results- Based Management, Performance indicators, data collection , data tools Human Resources Development Centre, Association of Canadian Community Colleges

EJADA & Balqa Applied university

From October 2003

26/10/2003 Improve your business Through better training Co -operation between Private and Public sector ,Private training centres , Develop small and medium establishments EJADA & Balqa Applied university

Training Methods ,Learning styles ,Trainer role, training policies

EJADA & Balqa Applied university

2003 (10 days) Pilot Training Activities for development of NTTI Training Methods ,Learning styles ,Trainer role, training policies EJADA & Balqa Applied university

International Computer Driving

August 2002 - October 2002

licence(ICDL) IT ,word processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Presentation, Internet Ministry of Education

EJADA & Balqa Applied university

From October 2002

2/10/2002 Establish NTTI International vision, views of labour market, institute policies EJADA & Balqa Applied university

Chief of furniture maintenance division

Ministry of Education

January 2001 - December 2003

The division is part of vocational education and production directorate, this division is concerned with the improvement and development of the performance of the outputs of vocational education by developing the methods of training and enhanced the skills through production in vocational schools.

Quality management ISO 9000

Quality Consultants

May 2001 - March 2003

ISO 9001 International standard specifications, the concept of ISO, Quality assurance Quality Consultants

Development of practical training test

British council

Evaluate practical training, methods of practical skills for industrial education students British council

Chief of vocational relations division

Ministry of Education

Provide information and supported data to Develop Vocational Education, Manage Vocational Education relations with other institutions, Coordinate with Vocational Training Establishments and labor markets in Jordan what concerns Vocational Education, -Evaluate Vocational Training Graduates

Member of Industrial Education

Ministry of Education

Participating in: planning, budgeting and evaluating programs of industrial education. Preparing specification lists and bid offers study for vocational training equipment.


Training and Development Institute, Vocational Training corporation

Training Coordinator for trainers and industrial supervisors

Design and implement instructional and managemental training programs for trainers and supervisors in industries, -Introduce and implement new managemental Training Programs. study training needs assessment for vocational training corporation employees

Vocational Training Corporation

March 1999 - March 1999

Education Based on competency Job analyses ,quality circle, DACUM Vocational Training Corporation

Management ,Curriculum

Communication Technology

August 1995 - December 1995

development, Examinations and Evaluation, Training of Trainers Dublin- Ireland Regional Technical College Tallaght

Development Principals of secondary schools

Leadership ,communication , decision making and solve problems technique ,financial affairs Ministry of Education

Abroad Training:
Date Course Subjects Location Organization


Amman, Ministry

Exercising overall supervision and control the implementation of training programs in the school-Maintain good link with labor market and local society -Coordinate and organize all activities of the school.

Vocational Education Management, Education System in Ireland, In-Service Teacher Training

Educational Administration

June 1986 - December 1986

Vocational Education Management, Education System in Ireland, In-Service Teacher Training Limerick- Ireland Thomond College of Education


Al-Ashrafieh Training center

Manage and operate the training center, Maintain good link with labor market, Recommend modifications of existing training facilities.

Trainee Engineer

Indian Electric Cooperative

From April 1983

Work with the engineering staff in the preparing distribution system maps and engineering computer programs

Electronics Technology and Instructional Aids

January 1983 - July 1983

Instructional Aids Course, High Technology Workshop, Field Trips, studied and worked with Engineering System of Indian Electric Cooperative

Oklahoma State University

Electrical Instructor

Amman Industrial School, Ministry of Education

Teaching and Training: Workshop practice , technical drawing and industrial Science (Electrical)

Electrical officer in air base

Jordanian Air Farce

Manage the electrical works in the base

16. Other relevant information:
a) Local Training Courses and workshops in Jordan:
Date Name of program/workshop Subjects Organization
1-4/10/2012 Trainers Training "A passport of Success Planning, designing and evaluating techniques for implementing the program International Youth Foundation Under USAID- funded

Performance Management


Up to August 2011

program CADER under USAID -funded
22/3-30/3/2010 Future leaders Professional development in Leadership CADER under USAID -funded
SEP 2010 Training of Trainers Training methods, presentation skills, International Company for Development and Training in cooperation with PKF
SEP 2010 Performance Management System Performance management, SMART, PKF, Accountants &Business Advisors
May 2010 RADAR for Knowledge Criteria The methodology of using RADAR National Training Institute

Qualifications & Certifications

Educational Administration

University of Jordan

Educational Administration

University of Jordan

School Administration

Electrical Engineering

University of Helwan

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