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Khalil - Resettlement - Fremont, CA 95691, USA

Mohammad Khalil

Fremont, CA 95691, USA



Work History

Resettlement Specialist (International)

Afghanistan- Energy Sector Development Investment Program

August 2013 - June 2014

(ESDIP); Da Bareshna Shirkat (DABS)/ SMEC International (funded by ADB)
Asian Development Bank (ADB) is financing energy projects in Afghanistan through Energy Sector Development Investment Program (ESDIP), a Multi-tranche Financial Facility (MFF) that has been divided into a number of tranches or groups of subprojects. Each of the program's tranches will constitute a project which, in turn, will be divided into several subprojects involving the construction of the power transmission and distribution Projects. Prepared LARP for Kanduz-Taloqan 220 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line Project. The Preliminary Report on Land and Resettlement (LAR) issues of Chimtala-Arghandi 220 kV double circuit transmission Line Project was also prepared.

Communication Specialist


May 2013 - December 2014

Strategic Sectoral Environmental and Social Assessment (SSESA) of Indus Basin- for Hydropower and Water Storage Development (funded by World Bank), Engineering General Consultants EGC (Pvt) Ltd. (Funded by World Bank)
The Indus Basin has the world's largest irrigation networks. The system provides potential for rapid growth in agricultural income and employment. Similarly, the Indus River System and the allied irrigation network offer significant potential for increasing power supply. The SSESA of the Indus River Basin provides an opportunity for sector wide environmental and social considerations for determining the investment priorities. The SSESA of Indus River Basin will also promote the inclusion of environmental and social considerations in the country's energy policy and sector growth and for screening out environmentally damaging water resources development and management projects at an early stage. Reviewed existing resettlement action plans on water resources and hydropower development projects and identified data gaps in the light of best international practices. Conducted five Stakeholders Consultation Workshops, one at each provincial headquarter and one at federal Capital. Based on the outcome of these consultations, prepared a Communication Strategy and developed a Stakeholders Consultation Plan for future water and hydropower development in the Indus Basin.

Resettlement Specialist (TA Consultant)

Asian Development Bank

October 2011 - October 2013

(ADB), Pakistan Resident Mission, Transport Section, Islamabad
The project aimed at financing the rehabilitation and reconstruction of facilities damaged during 2010 floods at a cost of US$ 720 million. These included national highways throughout Pakistan and roads & irrigation network in Sindh province of Pakistan. Prepared Due Diligence Report (DDR) for Fatehpur to Kalam Highway Project (N-95); Prepared DDR on land acquisition process for Hasanabdal To Havelian Expressway (E-35) and revised Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP). Updated Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework (LARF) of National Highway Development Sector Investment Program (NHDSIP); Prepared Internal Monitoring Reports (IMR) of E-35 and Motorway M-4 (Section1) projects; Prepared/ validated DDR and IP & IR checklists for 9 road packages of provincial roads component of FERP; Prepared social safeguard matrix for these road packages; Assisted PMU (works & Services Dept., Sindh) in the preparation of 1st bi-annual report on social safeguards monitoring. Review missions for different transport projects under ADB financing were carried out.

Social Development/ Resettlement and Gender Specialist

Pakistan Railway Development Investment Programme

December 2010 - May 2011

1st Tranche (ADB Funded)
TERA International Group, Inc. (TERA) of U.S.A. and Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services (PRACS)
The ADB funded Railway Development Investment Program is a multi-tranche programme. The 1st Tranche involves the track renewal from Lahore to Lalamusa with a total of about 130 km. It also involves the rehabilitation of the Lahore Yard and remodeling of the Shahdara and Wazirabad Yards in order to remove permanent speed restrictions. The other interventions include the improvement of telecommunications and signaling along the route. The Ministry of Railways is the Executing Agency (EA) with Pakistan Railway (PR) acting as the Implementing Agency (IA) under the proposed MFF. Working closely with my International counterpart, prepared the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework (LARF) for the project and remained involved in; i) carrying out the awareness campaign among the communities about the railway improvement/ investment program, through close coordination with the local NGO for its wider social acceptability, ii) the preparation of socio-economic survey, gender survey and passengers survey plans, iii) conducting surveys to collect information for establishing the socio-economic baseline for the project, iv) assessing the resettlement needs of the project by making the walk through surveys along the RoW of the proposed section of railway line, and v) preparation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP) and gender action plan, as per ADB's guidelines.

Resettlement Expert

Engineering General Consultants EGC (Pvt) Ltd

April 2009 - November 2010

From April 2009 to November 2010
Resettlement Expert
Project Management Unit Support, Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Development Programme (funded by ADB), Engineering General Consultants EGC (Pvt) Ltd.
The PIADP is a multi-tranche project aimed at to bring improvements in the irrigated agriculture of the province. The programme is financed by the ADB. In the 1st Tranche the Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP) will be undertaken for improvement activities. The project aims at rehabilitation and modernization of Balloki Barrage at river Ravi and to rehabilitate and upgrade the LBDC main canal and its distribution system comprising over 75 distributaries and minors. Prepared TOR and institutional set-up for establishing a Land Acquisition and Resettlement Unit (LARU) within Project Management Unit (PMU). Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plans (LARPs) for 5 sub-projects were vetted in the light of the ADB Involuntary Resettlement Policy before their submission to the ADB for approval. These LARPs were prepared by the design consultants. Undertook field surveys and held consultations with the stakeholders. ADB progress review missions were attended.

M&E Expert/ Team Leader

Sindh Province of Pakistan

December 2009 - March 2010

Water Sector Improvement Project, Phase-1 (WSIP-1) in Sindh Province of Pakistan (funded by World Bank), National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK)
The WSIP aimed at to improve the irrigation systems in Sindh province by carrying out physical development works/ interventions in the three main canals on the left bank of river Indus and their distribution system comprising over 175 distributaries and minors through capacity building of the line departments. It also sought the transfer of management of the system to the farmers by forming the Farmers Organizations (FOs). The programme is financed by the World Bank. The Inception Report of the project was prepared. Designed the overall monitoring and evaluation programme and developed the Project Performance Monitoring System to facilitate the prompt progress reporting. Developed socio-economic indicators and designed the baseline surveys for impact evaluation and M&E studies.

Economic Evaluation & Social Studies Expert

Chitral District, NWFP, Engineering General Consultants EGC (Pvt) Ltd

February 2009 - April 2009

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study for Shogo-Sin and Shushgai-Zhendoli Hydropower and Transmission Lines Projects in Chitral District, NWFP, Engineering General Consultants EGC (Pvt) Ltd.
The Private Power Infrastructure Board, Govt. of Pakistan, has offered a number of hydropower projects to the private sector for their construction and operation on BOOT basis. ADB has provided finances for the preparation of feasibility studies of two hydropower projects in Chitral. Of these, Shogo-Sin HPP is of 127 MW capacity and Shushgai-Zhendoli HPP is of 107 MW capacity. The Initial Social Assessment and Initial Indigenous Peoples Assessment were made. Questionnaires were prepared for carrying out economic and financial analyses. Economic viability of the projects was worked out by calculating the IERR, BCR, NPW and N/K Ratio. Village Profile Surveys, Census Surveys and Socio-economic Surveys were conducted keeping in view the land laws and ADB's social safeguards, guidelines on involuntary resettlement and undertaking economic and financial evaluations of development projects.
From August 2008 to Dec. 2008
Social and Resettlement Expert

Social Analysis of Low Head Hydropower Projects

BARQAAB Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd

April 2008 - July 2008

Power Department, Govt. of Punjab, Pakistan identified a number of low head hydropower projects on the existing barrages and canals in the province. Many of these projects have been offered to private sector on Public Private Partnership approach, as per its Power Policy, 2006. As part of the Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) Study, prepared social assessment and Resettlement Action Plans for three projects under this assignment.

Agricultural Economist / Social Studies Expert

BARQAAB Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd

April 2007 - July 2007

M & E Study of Sukhleji Dam and Winder Dam Projects, BARQAAB Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd.
Sukleji Dam Project is situated Dhadar District and Winder Dam Project is located in district Lasbella of Balochistan Province of Pakistan. Both the projects aimed at to provide irrigation water to the areas under their commands. The economic and social assessment of both the Projects was made by taking into consideration the socio-agro-economic conditions. Worked out project economic & financial viability in terms of Internal Economic Rate of Return (IERR), Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Net Present Worth (NPW) and Net Benefits Investment Ratio (NBIR) or N/K Ratio. Financial implications of the investment were assessed by calculating Interest During Construction (IDC) and repayment capacity of the farmers at various taxation levels. Carried out social assessment to assess the involuntary resettlement issues and prepared the resettlement plan.

Team Leader

Economic and Social Studies Group

December 2007 - March 2008

Economic and Social Assessment of 220 kV Chashma-Ludewala Transmission Line Project, BARQAAB Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd.
The proposed transmission was planned to transmit power from the Chashma Nuclear Power Project (CHASHNUPP-II) to the existing Ludewala grid station in Sargodha district. The study aimed at to carry out the Social Analysis of the proposed transmission line project. The Project was a part of National Transmission and Dispatch Company's (NTDC) power distribution programme. Carried out the Social Assessment and prepared resettlement plan. Undertook economic and financial evaluations and established the project's feasibility under various economic efficiency indicators.

Socio-Economist / Resettlement Expert

Environmental and Social Assessment

August 2007 - December 2007

(ESA) of Extra High Voltage Grid Stations and Transmission Line Projects (JICA Funded), BARQAAB Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd.
The study pertains to the ESA of one 500 kV and three 220 kV Grid Station and Transmission Line Projects in Rahim Yar Khan, Gujrat, Bahawalnagar (Chishtian) and Lahore districts of Punjab Province. The Project is to be financed by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and is a part of National Transmission and Dispatch Company's (NTDC) power distribution programme. Conducted the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and prepared Resettlement plans. Economic and financial evaluations for the above mentioned projects were made.

Resettlement Expert/ Socio-Economist

WB Funded

May 2006 - November 2006

From May 2006 To Nov.2006
Resettlement Expert/ Socio-Economist
Environmental and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment Study of Earthquake Damaged Roads Rehabilitation Project (WB Funded), Engineering General Consultants EGC (Pvt) Ltd.
The earthquake of October 2005 had badly damaged the roads network in the Azad Jamu & Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhawah Province. The National Highway Authority (NHA) has prepared plans for the rehabilitation of highways network in these areas. Worked on the World Bank financed Earthquake Damaged Roads Rehabilitation and Improvement Project. The assignments included to carry out social and economic evaluation of Jehlum Valley Road (JVR) in AJK, N-15 Besian-Balakot-Naran Section and N-35 Battal - Thakot Section of KKH in NWFP. Arranged consultations and conducted scoping sessions with the stakeholders. Information on demographic and socio-economic profile of the PAPs was collected to suggest mitigation measures in terms of Resettlement Framework and Resettlement Plan. Prepared Consultation Strategy at different stages of project implementation, suggested Grievance Redress Mechanism, identified Training Requirements of the project functionaries at different stages of project, chalked out Monitoring Plan during and post- implementation situations and prepared Resettlement Budgets, in accordance with the provisions / requirements of the LAA 1894 and the relevant Operational Policies (OPs) of the World Bank. Prepared reports on Social Impact Assessment Reports for the above three highways sections.

Social Analysis/ Resettlement Expert

STG Secondary Transmission Lines and Grid Stations Project

March 2006 - May 2006

LESCO (WB Funded), Development & Management Consultant-DMC
The World Bank funded 6th STG Secondary Transmission Lines and Grid Stations Project of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) aims at to improve the electricity distribution network by constructing new grid stations and transmission lines; and enhancing the capacities of the existing facilities. Conducted surveys for environmental and social impact assessment. Consultative meetings, scoping sessions and focused group discussions were held with the stakeholders. Data relating to the affected assets and loss to the sources of livelihoods of the project affectees were collected. Suggested mitigation measures and prepared Entitlement Framework for various categories of the PAPs; based on the findings of the Socio-economic Baseline Survey. Prepared report on Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA). Guidelines for undertaking Social and Environmental Impact Assessment of the 6th STG Project were also prepared. These Guidelines contained the Consultation Strategy at different stages of project implementation, Grievance Redressal Mechanism, identification of Training Requirements of the project functionaries at different stages of project, Monitoring Plan during and post- implementation situations and methodology to prepare the Resettlement Budgets, in accordance with the provisions / requirements of the concerned Government Agencies, the Land Acquisition Act (LAA) 1894 and the relevant Operational Policies (OPs) of the World Bank.

Agricultural Economist, (M&E Expert)

Development & Management Consultants

June 2005 - January 2006

Sindh On-Farm Water Management Project (World Funded), Development & Management Consultants, Lahore
The responsibilities include planning and executing the monitoring and evaluation of SOFWM Project by taking into consideration the socio-environmental and agro-economic aspects of the project. Reviewed the available literature, finalized the study plan and methodology. Selected the study sample, prepared the training manual and imparted training to the field staff for data collection. Prepared Baseline Study by processing and analyzing the data on land use, cropping patterns & intensities, application of water & non-water inputs, per hectare crop yields, farm incomes, etc., collected from a sample of 200 watercourses from all over the Province.

Agricultural Economist


December 2004 - April 2005

Sehwan Barrage Complex Project is proposed to be constructed on river Sindh near Sehwan town of Sindh province. Its main purpose is to regulate the irrigation supplies to the riparian at lower reaches of canals originating from Sukkur Barrage and to provide regular water supplies to Mancher Lake for a sustainable socio-economic life in the area. Prepared & pre-tested questionnaire and conducted field surveys to collect data on social, agricultural and economic aspects. Prepared agricultural development plans under "with project" and "without project" conditions for crops and livestock sub-sectors. Calculated financial & economic prices, farm costs, net benefits, cash flow statements and project economic & financial viability in terms of Internal Economic Rate of Return (IERR), Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Net Present Worth (NPW) and Net Benefits Investment Ratio (NBIR) or N/K Ratio was worked out. Interest During Construction (IDC) was worked out and repayment capacity of the farmers at various taxation levels was determined. Assessed the involuntary resettlement issues and contributed in the preparation of resettlement plan.

Senior Economist

P&D Division

April 1996 - September 2004

Projects Review Cell, Central Design Office, P&D Division, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Pakistan.
The PRC provided feedback to the Standing Review Committee (SRC) of WAPDA in the finalization of documents to be submitted to Planning Commission of Pakistan for approval. The nature of job included the review and evaluation of the technical documents prepared by WAPDA, local and/ or international Consultants; such as P.C.-I Proformas, P.C.-II Proformas, ranking studies, inception reports, planning reports, feasibility studies, etc., relating to development projects. The validity of technical proposals, economic evaluation and financial implications was judged in the light of the parameters laid down by the Planning Commission, Govt. of Pakistan, the World Bank, ADB and Agreements between the donor agencies and the government. The revised financial proposals were evaluated in view of the changes in the scope of work, time over-run and costs over-run to establish the rationale of such changes. The credibility of the projects was also viewed with the national economic development goals. Reviewed more than 300 documents and offered comments on various studies relating to Drainage Projects in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab provinces, Irrigation Resources Development Projects in NWFP and Hydropower Development Projects in NWFP, Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas of Pakistan. Economic and financial analysis of Mangla Dam Raising Project, Kachhi Canal Project and Pehur High Level Canal Project were worked out. Sectoral development studies reports for three projects were prepared under National Drainage Plan (NDP).


WAPDA Pakistan

October 1993 - March 1996

Prepared the baseline study of Asian Development Bank (ADB) financed Swabi SCARP in NWFP in collaboration with the M&E expert of the ADB. Designed and formulated the socio-agro-economic data collection field surveys and imparted at-the-field training to field staff. Worked out social, agricultural and economic related parameters like demographic characteristics, literacy levels, land use, tenurial systems, cropping pattern and intensities, use of farm inputs, supply and demand situation of labour, crop production, prices, marketing margins, net benefits and Benefit Cost Ratio. Prepared baseline study of World Bank financed Drainage-IV project. Collected data and prepared the Impact Evaluation Report of Nagna Distributary in Mirpur Khas district under World Bank sponsored On-Farm Water Management Programme in Sind province of Pakistan.

Project Economist

Hingol Dam

July 1992 - September 1993

Multipurpose Project, Planning & Investigation Org., WAPDA Pakistan
Worked on behalf of WAPDA with the team of experts from United Arab Emirates (UAE) to study the possibilities of exporting water from Hingol Dam to UAE; either by sea through pipeline or by shipping. Collected field data and carried out the preliminary economic and financial evaluation of these options. Prepared cash flow statements to work out the project feasibility in terms of Internal Economic Rate of Return (IERR), Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Net Present Worth (NPW) and Net Benefits Investment Ratio (NBIR) or N/K Ratio for the above options.

Rehabilitation of Alpuri

Road Project (ADB Funded), Associated Consulting Engineers -ACE, (Pvt) Ltd.
The National Highway Authority (NHA) had prepared plans for the rehabilitation of highways network in October 2005 earthquake hit areas. Alpuri-Besham Road in Shangla district was badly damaged and its improvement/ rehabilitation were carried out through Asian Development Bank financing. Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP) was prepared keeping in view the land laws and the social safeguards of the ADB. Consultations and scoping sessions with the stakeholders were conducted. Prepared Entitlement Matrix (EM), Consultation Strategy at different stages of project implementation, Grievance Redressal Mechanism, identified Training Requirements, chalked out Monitoring & evaluation Plan during and post- implementation situations and prepared Resettlement Budgets. Worked out project benefits under "with project" and "without project" situations.

Agricultural Economist

Irrigation Systems Management Research

January 1987 - June 1992

(ISMR) Programme, USAID/ WAPDA, Pakistan
ISMRP was sponsored by the USAID with the technical assistance from University of Idaho, USA. Its purpose was to dig out the problems faced by the Irrigated agriculture of Pakistan. It consisted of various sub-projects and research in "Traditional Irrigation Systems outside the Indus Basin" aimed at to understand the functioning of these systems by addressing the social, cultural, environmental, managerial, technical and economic aspects and to suggest improvements to enhance their efficiency using the present day technological developments. The Karez and Sailaba Irrigation Systems in Balochistan were studied. Planned and conducted field surveys to collect data on the history of the system, technical features, management patterns, land use, cropping pattern and intensities, water rights and sharing patterns, use of farm inputs, prices, marketing margin, etc. Bench Mark Study of Karez Irrigation System was prepared. Another study Economic Analysis of Karez and Tubewell Irrigation Systems in Balochistan was prepared. A comprehensive plan for the Rehabilitation/ Development of karezes in Balochistan based on detailed social, environmental, technical, economic and financial analysis from a representative sample of karezes from all over the province was prepared. A study on the Economics of Delay Action and Storage Dams in Ziarat Valley was prepared. Presented papers in the Symposiums arranged by USAID/ University of Idaho and IIMI. Carried out economic analysis of various Trickle Irrigation Methods. Received in-country computer training arranged by the USAID.

Agricultural Economist

Water Resources Planning and Management Research Project

September 1982 - December 1986

in Balochistan, Planning & Investigation Org., WAPDA, Pakistan
Worked on the World Bank, ADB and KFW sponsored Balochistan Minor Irrigation and Agricultural Development Project. This project aimed at to identify and develop irrigation schemes particularly in areas, which were in-fluxed by the Afghan refugees; by taking into consideration the social and cultural behaviors of the local population and their interaction with the refugees. Field surveys were conducted to collect data on socio-cultural and agro-economic aspects in the proposed development areas. The local communities were mobilized to form the Water Users Associations for the efficient management and use of water through participatory approach. Crop production costs and farm budgets were prepared. Economic and financial evaluations viz. IERR, BCR, NPV and Cost Recovery analysis were made. Prepared PC-I proforma of Bund Khushdil Khan Project and ADB & JICA financed Widening of Pat Feeder Canal Project. The socio-agro-economic data were collected for the preparation of Master Plan of Kachhi Plain. Revised and updated the economic and financial analysis of feasibility report of Mirani Dam Multipurpose Project.



July 1976 - August 1982

Central Monitoring Organization, WAPDA Pakistan
The Central Monitoring Organization of WAPDA was responsible to carry out the post implementation M&E of various Salinity Control and Reclamation Projects (SCARPS) being implemented in the country. Prepared monitoring and evaluation studies of these projects by comparing various efficiency parameters like BCR, NPV, Cost Recovery, Costs & Returns per acre foot of water with the bench-mark values. Worked with the ILACO Consultants on the Dutch Govt. financed East Khairpur Tile Drainage Project in Sindh province.

12. Languages
Speak Read Write
Punjabi Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
Urdu Excellent Excellent Excellent
Arabic - Good Good

Qualifications & Certifications

Agricultural Economics

University of Agriculture

Government College

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