Abubacker - Oil&Gas - Tirunelveli, TN, India

Mohamed Abubacker

Tirunelveli, TN, India




Work History


Mangalore refinery and petrochemicals-India

From April 2012

i) Review and monitor petroleum/polypropylene/GC &other laboratory sections and ensure compliances of laid down procedures and systems.

i)Ensure ISO17025 compliances in Laboratory ,periodic review of laboratory method precision and measurement un-certainty data.

iii)Ensure and implement best laboratory practices, document control procedures in laboratory.

iv)Review daily laboratory reports, ensure appropriate records and documentation as per ISO17025 requirements.

v)Ensure analysis of schedules &un- scheduled samples and timely report release in LIMS.

vi)plan and execute ISO 17025 internal audit discuss the non-conformances with Lab-Manager, implement corrective measures to avoid any re-occurrences.

i)Salt in crude oil –by using Meitech 25A8-II- Analyzer.
ii)Bottom sediment water(BS&W)-by using Thermo/Damon IEC-EXD centrifuge.
iii)API-Gravity-by using Hydro meter.
iv)Viscosity-by using Viscometer tube.
v)Viscosity-by using Brook field DV-E-Viscometer.
vi)Density-by using KyotoDA-500A-Digital density meter.
vii)Asphaltene in crude by Dual wave length spectrometry-by using UIC APD-500A-
viii)Sulfur in crude by using X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy-(spectro phoenix
series –XRF-Bench top analyzer.


i)Oil in water-by using Spectronic -20 (or) HACH-Spectrometer.
ii)Oil in water-by using Genesys-20-Spectrometer.
iii)Oil in water-by using S-316 -Solvent& Horiba OCMA-350-Infra red Spectrometer.
iv)Total suspended solids(with oil TSS)-Routine.
v)Total suspended solids(oil free TSS)-Non-Routine.
vi)Dissolved oxygen-by using CHEMETS-Test kit.
vii)Turbidity-by using HACH-2100p-portable (or) 2100N-Bench top turbidity meter.
viii)Cations by inductively coupled plasma-Optical emission spectrometry(ICP-OES)-
using Varian Liberty series-II-Spectrometer.
ix)Particles count by Laser Technique u


Kuwait refinery maintenance and engineering company

March 2008 - February 2012

Job responsibilities:-
1) To perform analytical chemistry assays based on new (ASTM)and existing methods.
2)Operating analytical instrumentations vizHPLC(HACHDR-2000), KFTitrator, particle
size analyzer,
3)Developing ,establishing and validating analytical testing methodology used to
control raw materials,production intermediates and final products.
4)To write technical reports to document analytical methods and transferring
documented analytical methods to the QC department.
5)To set up new (or)existing analytical methods for identifying compounds.
6)Qualitative and quantitative identification of petrochemical products(OctaneC8-C20).
7)Wet chemical analysis of petrochemical parameters like Br-index and P-toluic
8)Spectroscopy(IR,UV),reporting scientific results to developed new analytical
techniques for the analysis of petrochemical compounds especially in hydro

9) (i)Analysis of salt in crude oil by using Meitech 25A8-(ii) analyzer.
(ii)Bottom sediment and water(BS&W),Gravity, Viscosity,Density,Asphaltene in
crude, Sulfur in crude.

Oil content in water by using Genesys 20-spectrometer,by
using S316 -solvent and Horiba OCMA-350IR- Spectro meter and waste water
samples of different streams are :-

iron(Fe2+ferrous;Fe3+ferric)Copper(Cu), Hydrazine(NH2-NH2), NH3, Si,
Alkalinity,DO(by CHEMETs test kit).
Moreover, I could analyseTurbidity,Chloride,SO4(2-),PO4(2-)
FRC,TDS,TSS.For example, the method to identify the chloride ions by using
Argento metric method &Mohr’s Method by the addition of AgNO3 followed by
K2CrO4was the indicator resulting the colour changes was


Issojet petrochemicals

August 2003 - January 2008

Starting my carrier as a Trainee Supervisor and trained all the employees for proving
on job as well as task related training.
2) Maintaining Safety in the entire task carried out by us.
3) Maintaining MSDS record for all the chemicals.
4) Preparation of solutions and its standardization.
5) Petrochemical parameters like PH,Conductivity ,Alkalinity,Hardness,Dissolved-O2
6) Analysis of K2CO3and KHCO3,purity from CO2removal area.
7) Analysis of metals such as Fe2+,Zn2+,Cu2+,Cr2+,Ni2+,Al3+,by using Atomic
Absorption Spectrometer(AAS) and Inductively coupled plasma(ICP).
8) Environmental analysis like stake monitoring and ambient Air analysis(SO2,NO) by
Using calcanalyser 600-series.
9) Analysis of Mono&Di-ethyleneglycol,styrene,benzene and para-xylene.
10)MEG,purity by using GC-Agilent 7890A,Detector:TCD,Column:J&W123-7069
capillary column.
11) Analysis of Acidity and basicity in Glycols by Auto Titrator(Metrohm).
12) Anaylsis of chloride in Glycols by ion chromatography.
13) To find out density and specific gravity by using DMA-4500 density meter.
14) For analysis of styrene:-Purity,non-aromatics,ethylbenzene,sulphur
Content (ppb-level), Chlorine content(ppb-level), polymer content, P-tert-butyl
Catechol,colour, water per-oxide contents could be found out.
15) For analysis of benzene:-Purity,Thiophene,bromine index,distillation specific
Gravity,density,nitrogen,sulphur,chlorine,copper corrosion,solidificationpoint,acid
Wash,colour,moisture could be found out.
16)For analysis of xylene:-,Positions whether ortho(or)para(or)meta,bromine index,
Specific gravity,Density,Moisture,syboltcolour,distillation could be found out.

Production chemist

Jaycee chemicals

September 1995 - April 2002

Job responsibilities:-
1)Preparation and standardization of test solution, volumetric solutions.
2)Good analytical and problem solving skills.
3)Perform laboratory and house- keeping and ensure it as an audit -ready state at all
4) Preventive maintenance of analytical instruments.
5)Analysis of stability of the samples as per the due date.
6)Performing internal auditing in the Lab.
7)TLC Analysis ofprocess and final products.
8)Laboratory with strong emphasis on microscopy, spectroscopy and data handling.
9)Analyzing samples from various sources to provide information on compounds
(or)quantities of compounds being present.
10)Used analytical techniques and instrumentations, such as gas and high
performance liquid chromatography(HPLC),ion HPLC&electro HPLC.



Expert in crude oil analysis,Hydro carbon analysis ,Gas&condensate analysis

Qualifications & Certifications


Madras University


Madurai kamaraj university


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