Saleh Abdelaziz - C/C++ Win32, Linux, Unix - Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt

Mohamed Saleh Abdelaziz

Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt


C/C++ Win32, Linux, Unix


Project Name: File Parser
Objective: Parse a set of files based of specific criteria "avoiding comments, tracing nested codes, avoid duplicated keywords, and store modifications into new files"

Private C Programming Training over Unix Environment "ON GOING PROCESS"
Used Reference::
Programming in C
UNIX System Calls and Subroutines using C.

Project Name: Vigenere Cipher Algorithm
Objective: Implementation of the algorithm using C++.
List of euler project's problems I solved and others on progress or under-test.

* Multiples of 3 and 5

* Even Fibonacci numbers

* Largest prime factor

* Largest palindrome product

* Smallest multiple

* Sum square difference

* 10001st prime

* Largest product in a series

* Special Pythagorean triplet

* Summation of primes

* Large sum

* Longest Collatz sequence

* Power digit sum

* Factorial digit sum

* Amicable numbers

* Pandigital products

* Double-base palindromes

* Truncatable primes

* Consecutive prime sum

note: 90% of the problems I solved are in C/C++ code, 10% are in C# code.
Win32 Published Projects

Project Name: Eight Queen Problem
Objective : It's a single user game.
Project Link:

Project Name: Mega Encryption Tool

Objective : GUI

Work History

Action Script 3 Developer

Logical Technologies

From February 2014

- Working on develop/program user interface based on prior Interface Designs for Interactive Screens and I-Maquette.
- Develop Adobe AIR 3.5 Desktop Applications using Flash Developer/Professional Flash CS 6.0 applying XML, File manipulation, FileStream, FileReference, Tweens, UI Controls and Bitmaps.
- Program sub Interprocess Communication (IPC) programs in win32/C++ to communicate with Action Script 3 like "File Manipulation, Printing, Registry"
- Applying Trigonometry, Physics to start Game Programming is under progress.

Desktop Developer

Freelancing Jobs

From November 2011

• File Parser (C++)
• Inventory Accounting Tool (VB.NET, Access)
• Data structure Assignment (C++)
• School Messaging System (VB.NET, Access)
• Capital Scan (VB.NET, Access)
• Goal (VB.NET, Access, Crystal Reports)
• Aviation Scheduling CG (VB.NET, Access)
• Al-Azhar Web Book (, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
• Attendance & Shifts sub-system (Vb.NET, Access)
• Transactions Manager (Vb.NET, SQL Server 2008, Crystal Report)
• Round Robin CPU Scheduler Simulation for OS subject (Vb.NET)
• Clinic Manager (C#.NET, Microsoft Access Database)

Faculty of Engineering

Cairo University - HTC Center

April 2010 - July 2010

Job Title: Freelancer C++ and Data structure Instructor
- Help audience to understand main objective of The Programming Language.
- Represent the internal memory for powerful understanding of memory allocating.
- Course contents (Introduction, Variables, Constant, Loops, Control Flow, Functions, Pointers, recursion, structures, enum, OOP, Sorting Algorithms, Lists, Queue, Stack, Binary Trees.

Software Developer

AL- Awael IT House

July 2008 - January 2009

- Design, Implement, Customize and Debug ERP information System.
- Design/Implement required Schema, Stored Procedures, and Views for System Requirements.
- Setup Contractors Sub System from Scratch to Release.
- Alter Previous versions of Specialist ERP Application for vary customers.
- Enhance Attendance System with Finger Print Device.
- Manipulate with Finger print and Magnetic Cards scanners.
- Design Crystal Reports (Formula, Sub-Reports, Groups and .etc)
- Using SQL Server 2005, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.Net, C#.NET, Crystal Report 10.

AGC - Trainee

March 2006 - May 2007

Working on design and implement information systems for most common database systems with Visual C#.NET, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Report 10.


Core ERP

Objective : Is to provide wide scale infrastructure to any ERP system but mainly it concerns about Inventory Transactions.

1. Company Information
2. Database Service (Attaching, De-attaching, Backup, restore)
3. Users and their privileges
4. Employees information and their Info(Marital Status, Related Departments, Previous taken courses, Scientific Degrees, Nationalities,Managements,Jobs)
5. Customers (and their group if there were)
6. Suppliers (and their group if there were)
7. Items (and their group if there were), related info (Origin)
8. Stores Info (Purchasing, Selling and Transferring Transactions and their returns, Payment Method, Ware House Employee)
Technologies: VB.NET, MS SQL Server, Crystal Reports.
note: The project is in Arabic Language and I'm working on translating it into English Language.

Inventory Accounting Tool

Objective : It's a simple sub-program to keep track Items' Transactions with a reporting functionality.
Technologies: VB.NET, MS ACCESS, Crystal Reports.

Aircraft Scheduling

Objective : Is to distribute a number of passengers in suitable places on an aircraft with attention to very important factor which is "The Center of Gravity Point", they are two crucial points in landing & take off, they took place into a range of values (Depend of Each Aircraft Manual Sheet) also to keep track all of these information and provide high searching functionality & reporting.

1. Airplanes
2. Employees
3. Flights
4. Countries
5. Jobs
6. Users and their privileges
Technologies: VB.NET, MS Access, Crystal Reports

File Parser

Parse set of files based of specific criteria "avoiding comments, tracing nested codes, avoid duplicated keywords, and store modifications into new files"
The program is implemented in C/C++

Qualifications & Certifications

Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science


Computer Science

Cairo University

Bussinse Adminstration

Banha University


Benha University

el sa3ydya

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