Henke - Psychologist - Adelaide, SA, Australia

Miriam Henke

Adelaide, SA, Australia




Miriam is a Health Psychologist, specialising in:
- The mind-body connection
- Chronic illness
- Chronic pain and Cancer
- Health Coaching
- Health Promotion in Corporate environments
- The science of human flourishing

Work History

Solutions Specialist, Westpac Assist

Westpac Banking Corporation

February 2010 - October 2010


The Benchmarque Group

June 2010 - April 2011

Delivering the one-day training program "Resilience and Personal Leadership" to the Federal Department of Human Services (Child Support Agency) employees in Adelaide, Wollongong and Perth.

Business Coach

Westpac Banking Corporation

July 2008 - February 2010

Director, Principal Coach, Trainer

Revelation Training & Coaching

From August 2006

Revelation Training & Coaching provides services and programs including:
- Life Coaching
- Executive Coaching
- NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings
- Psychology consultations
- Mind-Body workshops, retreats and products


Master NLP Practitioner Training 2013

This is the second level of NLP training for those already certified as NLP Practitioners. Running over a series of 3-day weekends monthly, this training will take your NLP skills to the next level and beyond!

This is a 16-day training split up into four training blocks (2x 5-day and 2x 3-day sessions). Designed specifically with your learning needs in mind, Miriam will get your NLP knowledge and skills to the Master level. A small training group ensures everyone's learning needs are met and plenty of one-on-one attention from this energetic and experienced trainer!


- Master NLP Practitioner certification (through the ABNLP)
- Master Time Line Therapy certification (through the Time Line Therapy Association)
- Master NLP Coach certification
- Master Health Coach certification
- Extensive pre-study kit and support resources
- A comprehensive Health & Healing section

Seats are strictly limited (12 students only).

Training fees are $5195 (earlybird of $4495). A deposit of $1495 secures your seat at the training and entitles you to the pre-study kit.

6 and 12 month payment plans are available.

NLP Practitioner Trainings 2013

NLP Practitioner Certification Trainings 2013

An 8-day accelerated training, delivered in 1x 5-day and 1x 3-day blocks. This training will be offered in metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia. Your trainer will be Miriam Henke, Certified Trainer of NLP, who has been teaching NLP for over 5 years.

FEBRUARY 4th - 8th, 22nd - 24th, 2013

AUGUST 5th - 9th, 23rd - 25th, 2013

NOVEMBER 4th - 8th, 22nd - 24th, 2013

This 8-day training provides 4 separate certifications that meet international standards, including:

NLP Practitioner Certification (through ABNLP)
Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Certification (through TLTA)
NLP Coaching Certification (Coaching Self and Others with NLP)
Health Coaching Certification (Coaching for Health and Healing)

Learn the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching - accelerate your personal growth and enhance your professional performance!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™, NLP Coaching and Health Coaching are innovative approaches to understanding and directing human perceptions, behaviours and communication. NLP is said to be the technology of permanent yet rapid change for those wanting positive personal development.

Understanding the relationship between mind, body, emotions and actions is what NLP enables us to do. Accompanying this knowledge is a series of quick and effective techniques. Together, these enable us to create what we want in our lives, and in the lives of those we work with.

Training Fees are $3995 (earlybird rate $3495). A deposit of $695 reserves your seat at the live training and entitles you to the pre-study kit.

Myths and Misconceptions about Hypnosis

*Adapted from original article "The Myths about Hypnosis" by Barrie St John

There are plenty of myths about hypnosis. You probably have some running through your own mind right now! It’s a shame really, as some of these myths put some people off using hypnosis to help make positive changes in their lives. So I'll address about ten of the most popular myths about hypnosis, and explain the truth behind each one.

Hypnosis Myth #1 – Hypnotists have special powers.

Wrong! The thought hypnotists have ‘special powers’ originates from a Hollywood movie type belief. This is understandable as there’s a deep mystery surrounding hypnosis. The truth is hypnotists don’t have any special powers. They just have knowledge and experience of humans. With sufficient effort and practice most people could probably induce hypnosis. Of course the real skill is in what way you use it, and how you use the hypnotic state to help people.

Hypnosis Myth #2 – Hypnosis will only work on certain people.

Wrong! Whilst it’s true that hypnosis can be more useful for some people, I would say it’s mainly down to the person’s motivation, their willingness, and their ability to concentrate. As far as I’m concerned everyone is suggestible to some degree. If you’re interested in something and it’s something that you want, generally you’re open to its effects. That’s the same with hypnosis. If you want it to work and you co-operate, then you’ll reap the benefits of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Myth #3 – People who get hypnotized are weak minded.

Wrong! It’s quite the opposite. Without doubt it’s the people who can concentrate well and have a creative imagination that are, if you want to use the term, the best ‘hypnotic subjects’. These types of people go into hypnosis easier and deeper than anyone else. We’re all susceptible to suggestion, but it’s just a matter to what degree. If someone is offering me something which is useful, then I will work towards achieving it. It would be really silly to work against something that will give you benefit. So it’s really not true that people who are hypnotized are gullible or weak minded.

Hypnosis Myth #4 – When in hypnosis, you can be made to say or do something against your will.

Wrong! Generally, hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestion. Generally, people won’t do anything which goes against their personal values or beliefs. What you have to remember about hypnosis is that it’s not sleep and you’re aware of everything that’s happening around you. If someone tells you to do something that is really against your values then you won’t do it. You’ll come out of the state of hypnosis, and in fact it would you’d almost be shocked out of hypnosis. It’s as simple as that!

Hypnosis Myth #5 – Hypnosis can be bad for your health.

Wrong! My guess would be that all medical practitioners would agree on the health benefits of relaxation. Relaxation helps to bring about a homeostatic balance – a balance within the system, of mind, body and soul, emotionally and physically. The problem is that a lot of doctors say to people “you need to learn to relax” but they never really give them the tools for knowing “how to relax”.

So as far as I’m concerned it can never be bad for your health, because it’s a naturally occurring state anyway. If you want to feel in balance within yourself and the world around you, hypnosis is the best state to be in.

Hypnosis Myth #6 – You can get stuck in hypnosis and be unable to wake up.

Wrong! No one ever gets “stuck” in hypnosis. Remember that hypnosis is a natural and normal state to be in from time to time. It’s not a state which is completely alien to us. Of course hypnosis is a subjective experience and everyone will experience it differently but the worst that could possibly happen is that you drift into natural sleep, and after 5 or 10 minutes you wake up naturally. Some people may use hypnosis as a bridge into natural sleep. I’ve had it before with people in my private hypnotherapy sessions, where they’ve been so stressed, that they have actually fallen asleep. This is not a problem. But remember, you’ll never get stuck in hypnosis and be unable to wake up.

Hypnosis Myth #7 – You’re asleep or unconscious when in hypnosis.

Wrong! You’re not asleep and you’re not unconscious, you’re fully aware of what’s happening around you. Of course everyone’s experience is slightly different, some people feel light, some people feel heavy, but almost everyone feels extremely relaxed. Generally, when people are in a deep state of hypnosis, they feel as if their body has gone to sleep but the mind is still alert, awake, and aware. If you do fall into a natural sleep then don’t worry. I’ve always maintained my belief that if people feel they’re drifting off to sleep when listening to a self hypnosis session, then it’s fine, it’ll still do its work.

Hypnosis Myth #8 – You’ll become dependent on the hypnotist.

Wrong! Remember, you have a conscious awareness during hypnosis, and are in full control. If the hypnotist was to ask you to do anything inappropriate then you’d pull yourself out of it, spontaneously for most people. The best, most professional and ethical hypnotherapists work in a way that the makes the client feel empowered rather than working in an authoritarian way where problems may result.

Hypnosis Myth #9 – In hypnosis you’ll be able to recall everything that’s ever happened to you.

Wrong! Certain therapists use certain specific techniques that may help a person remember certain things from the past if that’s going to be useful for them. Normally there is no real need to go back into a personal memory or personal history, particularly on a hypnosis CD or hypnosis download type session. It’s just a case of sitting or laying down, chilling out, relaxing, and listening to the session.

Hypnosis Myth #10 – Hypnosis is dangerous and is the devils work!

I have heard some very religious people talk of hypnosis as the ‘devils work’. Remember that anything can be used positively and negatively. It’s not the hypnosis that might be at fault, it’s the operator. It’s whether a person is professional and ethical. There are many doctors who use hypnosis. I’m not so sure that they’re in league with the devil. After all, hypnosis is a naturally occurring, beneficial, positive state.


The word ‘hypnosis’ usually conjures up certain images in people’s minds, and these stereotypes are sometimes hard to overturn. I hope this article has helped you to understand a bit more about hypnosis, and hopefully debunked some of the myths that surround it. The real truth is that hypnosis is a perfectly natural occurring state, and something that should be embraced for producing personal growth, and personal empowerment.

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What is Hypnosis? Would it help me?

Hypnosis is a lovely, natural way of accessing the power of your mind and using it to help you achieve your goals. Miriam provides hypnosis services that can assist with:

- Confidence and self-esteem enhancement
- Quit smoking
- Weight loss
- Sleep problems
- Performance Enhancement
- Relaxation and Stress Reduction
- Pain Management
- General health & wellbeing

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis has a long and well-established history of assisting people to address and shift troubling behaviours, thoughts, physical ailments and emotions. All hypnosis is clinically and legally considered self-hypnosis. This means the person takes himself or herself into a trance state by following the instructions of the hypnotherapist. A practitioner is present and assists with the process, however a trace state cannot be achieved without the client willingly following the practitioner’s suggestions and instructions.

IMPORTANT: Hypnosis has never MADE someone do something they didn’t want to. Your unconscious mind has an inbuilt system designed to protect you from unwanted suggestion.

Trace is a natural, normal state we all experience several times a day. We experience trance when we are about to fall asleep, just start waking up, when we watch television, daydream etc. It’s all completely normal.

The hypnotherapist holds no certain “power” but is more so a guide. As a client, you have the power, and thus control your results. You have the ability to utilise your hypnosis sessions to gain the most value.



Miriam teaches clients and professionals how to create and use hypnosis on their own. Self-hypnosis is a very empowering and effective way of working with your own mind, in your full control, to achieve certain outcomes.

As part of her hypnosis sessions and also in the Personal Breakthrough coaching program, Miriam teaches her clients how to continue the gains made in their breakthrough work through self-hypnosis. This includes receiving a pendulum as a gift and the resources to use it effectively in the client’s own everyday life.

There are many ways of achieving self-hypnosis, which includes:

- Pre-recorded personalised hypnotic inductions (by request)
- Hypnosis scripts
- Pendulums

The Mastery of NLP - what it takes and how to recognise a good NLP Practitioner

Back in 2007 I completed my first training in NLP and I spent that entire week (it was a 7-day training) experiencing some of the most incredible insights, learnings, growth and change in myself, beyond anything I had experienced ever before.

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, has been helping individuals, businesses, sports people, teachers and children for nearly 40 years. NLP provides multiple avenues to understanding how an individual's mind works, how to retrain old limiting patterns of thought and behaviour, and learn skills to achieve desired goals and outcomes.

Can NLP be learned overnight? Absolutely not. No matter what marketing is out there or how incredible a trainer might be, for NLP to be truly integrated into a Practitioner's mind, body and soul it takes time. It demands that a person really come to understand the principles, the truth behind the multitude of frames, apply the principles into their lives and the mastery of the techniques that are part of the package.

Mastery comes with repeated application, observation of results, an intuition that can only be finely honed with experience and natural skill, a focus on making NLP a core element of one's personal and professional life, and all in a way that is ecological for every aspect of that person's, and everyone else's, life.

What makes a good NLP Practitioner?

For anyone looking to work with an NLP Practitioner as a client, please take my advice on the following:
1. Find out how long ago they were trained in NLP. The best practitioners are often those who have been very recently trained (and thus have been immersed in all things NLP plus recent successful use of the techniques), and those who have been regularly practicing their skills for a number of years.
2. Ask the Practitioner what kinds of problems they have used NLP successfully with before. Make sure that person has had success with problems similar to your own.
3. Ask them to define, clearly, what NLP is. Anyone who can't do that clearly, simply and in a way you can understand, doesn't really get it themselves.
4. Meet the practitioner face-to-face and see how much you like that person after you've met them, and BEFORE you work with them. If you feel good about them and yourself in their company, they'll probably be good at their craft.
5. Get an estimate from the practitioner on how many sessions they think they'll need to help you overcome your problem. Assess how confident they appear about that timeframe and how they will measure your success.

NLP Coaching - What is it and How can it help you?

NLP Coaching - Be Free of Old Limitations and Move Forward Empowered and Focused!

NLP Coaching is said to be the technology of permanent yet rapid change for those wanting positive personal development. NLP is not traditional therapy and views the 'problem' from a different perspective and rather than going over and over your issues, we only ever want to know how you do something. In this way, NLP gets to the heart of the matter.

NLP Coaching creates lasting changes in your life which occur the level of your unconscious mind that gives you definite results you know consciously. NLP Coaching is becoming the way for people to really move forward and have the life change they are really looking for.

Why would you not live the life you love when NLP Coaching can assist you to have all that you want, right now! You would wouldn't you?

Experience NLP Coaching...

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ or confused about what you should do?
NLP Coaching gives you amazing clarity and moves you forward at a rapid rate.

Have you felt the urge that part of you wants to do something and yet, part of you holds back, and so you do nothing?
NLP Coaching will bring you inner congruency and a deep sense of wholeness.

Ever felt there was unfinished baggage from the past weighing you down?
NLP Coaching will clear up the issues from your past and assist you to create a desirable future!

Do you “know” what you need to do, but just can’t get started?
NLP Coaching will assist you to take action and really achieve success.

Have you ever wanted to achieve a new level of success in an area of your life that is already working for you?
NLP Coaching will take you life to a new level, personally and professionally.

What to know the tools and techniques behind “The Secret”?
Create the life you want and achieve your dreams with NLP Coaching!

Executive Client's Testimonial

“Working with Miriam has opened up new possibilities for my future. We have let go of emotions and limiting decisions which I now realised where holding me back from achieving my dreams and goals.

I have learnt to communicate in a more confident and assertive manner in my daily life with my family and work colleagues.

I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone going through big life changes to assist with letting go of the past and planning an exciting new path for the future.”

Jeanette L, Business Owner and Agricultural Consultant

Results of a 12-Session Executive Coaching Program

Over 2012 I had the pleasure of working with a number of Directors of Nursing and nursing managers from various sites as part of the UnitingCare Wesley Aged Care group.

Engaged by their Senior Manager (the Sponsor) to provide coaching, I was asked to assist these highly experienced, and very busy professionals, with issues including:
- Time Management
- People Management
- Building systems and structures
- Performance enhancement
- Self-care, health and wellbeing
- Confidence
- Emotional support and an opportunity to debrief difficult situations (personal and professional)

In the first session I had each client complete measures to assess their current situation, how much it impacts them, and how far off achieving their desired outcomes they were. At the completion of the program, I again assessed each client to measure the impact of the program on the original issues and on the progress of their desired outcomes.

Results showed that:
- 100% of clients found the program "highly beneficial"
- Average reduction in negative impact of a problem was 70%
- Progress on desired outcomes averaged at 80%
- All clients supported recommendations for further coaching

A Client's Testimonial

"I sought Miriam’s services because I really wanted to address an issue which had been restricting me for a while, and despite attempting to address it alone, had not been resolved. The symptoms resulting from this issue was behaviour which (whilst not “risk-taking”) was certainly testing my personal values of health and well-being and consequently resulting in mental conflict

Working with Miriam was fascinating as she locked in immediately to how I would best gather the learnings from our session: she used a whiteboard with me to illustrate and reinforce things – I love visuals! This absolutely gave me time to allow for revelations to soak into my brain. She worked at my pace and I felt comfortable and cushioned, because she was with me all the way. Not for one moment did I feel judged even when she would challenge my perceptions and long-held beliefs. I felt comfortable enough to be completely honest with Miriam and it paid dividends ☺

Miriam and I did a 3 hour session – could have been slightly longer in fact - it all went so quickly and was packed with technique (although I didn’t feel any of those transitions as it was all so smooth) – a combination of stories and metaphors, Anchoring and Time-Line Therapy challenged some old and (very) unresourceful beliefs I had long been holding onto and reinforced the results I had been seeking. A follow-up session a few weeks later revealed that I had indeed taken on even more learnings than I had realized and consequently there were substantial changes!

I too am a Coach and always seeking to learn from and model myself on fabulous teachers. Miriam is definitely all that and I would thoroughly recommend her if you’re looking to bring about effortless and effective changes in your life."

- Anne M, Professional Coach and Rehabilitation Consultant

NLP Coaching

For over 5 years Miriam has been using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) at the core of her coaching practice. Since completing her first NLP training course in 2007, she has found this system and style works incredibly well to help her clients shift out of the "box" of their problems and into thinking, feeling and acting more in line with their values, goals and dreams.

Miriam provides one-on-one coaching (in person, over the phone or by Skype) to individuals who want to get their life back on track, need some extra motivation to get them moving or want to discover their life's purpose.

Along with NLP, Miriam is trained in and uses the following coaching techniques, including:
- Hypnosis
- Time Line Therapy
- Create Your Future and SMART goal-setting techniques
- Mindfulness
- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
- Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
- Guided and dynamic visualisation

Bookings can be made by calling 0403374694 or emailing Miriam directly at miriam@revelationtrainings.com.au.

Health Promotion - Corporate trainings & services

Trainings, workshops and tailored programs are available for organisations and businesses who would like to support their executives and staff to care for their health and wellbeing. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce!

Private Practice - Psychology services

Having recently completed my Master of Psychology (Health) at the University of Adelaide, I am going through the process of completing my full registration as a psychologist with the board.

I will be updating everyone soon with details once I am ready to receive psychology referrals in my private practice, as I am extending my coaching/consulting business to include psychology consultations.

My specialisations will include:
- Anxiety Disorders
- Chronic Pain
- Chronic Disease prevention and recovery
- Cancer (both current patients and survivors)
- Positive Psychology and Human Flourishing

I will have both Medicare and Hicaps available for rebates. For Medicare rebates, clients will need to have a current Mental Health Care Plan arranged by their GP and a referral from the GP directly to me.

Qualifications & Certifications

Master of Psychology (Health)

University of Adelaide

NLP Practitioner Certification (Tad James Company)

NLP Practitioner Certification (Tad James Company)

NLP Master Practitioner (Tad James Company)

NLP Master Practitioner (Tad James Company)

NLP Trainer Certification (Tad James Company)

NLP Trainer Certification (Tad James Company)

Certificate IV Life Coaching

Life Coaching Institute of Australia (LCIA)

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

University of South Australia

Bachelor of Psychology

University of South Australia

Adelaide High School

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