Buhariwalla - Accountant - Mumbai, MH, India

Minocher Buhariwalla

Mumbai, MH, India




I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. I have cleared the C.A. Exams from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India upto intermediate level in 1985.

Work History



The sytem records the details of trips made by drivers of the Transport division. From these details, the trip allowance to drivers is automatically calculated and kept aggregated. At month-end, the total trip allowance payable is automatically transferred to the relevant driver's pay-slip. From the details of trips made, the billings (on weight / trips basis) to parties with whom we have a transport contract, can also be made even though the cut-off for transfer of trip allowance to payroll is different from the cut-off for raising bills. The trip allowance payable is also dynamically linked to the pay-slips as well as to the leave / final settlement form.


(1) It has an imports register in which all relevant information about the consignment are
(2) On receipt of the GRV (goods received voucher) from the stores, information of shoratges and claim raised thereagainst (if any), are also entered in the imports
(3) Cost-Sheets are automatically generated in the case of consignments for which full
information is received (using program developed in Visual Basic).
(4) The financial entry to record the imports is also automatically passed in a columnar
purchase register in the case of consignments for which cost-sheets are prepared
(using program developed in Visual Basic). The program ensures that no duplicate
entries are made. The register is also used to record entries relating to debit notes /
credit notes.
(5) The foreign suppliers' sub-ledger accounts are then constructed using the information from the columnar purchase register. Payments made to each supplier are recorded in the individual supplier accounts. The suppliers' accounts are maintained separately for each foreign currency alongwith the local currency. From the suppliers' accounts,
details of invoices paid on specific dates as well as unpaid invoices can...

Data Entry

Calculator / Calendar / Zoom-Box

and "Find"

(11) Background processes like Valuation, Renumbering of Registers and Refreshing
certain data in the Items Master can be viewed on screen to show the state of progress. A 'progress meter' and logging of the internal workings of the process to the screen provides visual assurance in the case of a process requiring a very long
time to complete.

(12) Valuation of Issues / Stocks can be done using either the 'FIFO' method or the 'Weighted Average' Method.


Freelanced as an IT Programmer-Cum-Accountant

In Mumbai, India

From December 2007

Manager, Purchase Accounts

Last Gulf Employment

January 2006 - December 2007

(from 26th January, 2006 to 14th December,2007)

Worked with Al-Turki Enterprises L.L.C.(Muscat, Oman), a Construction Company, as Manager, Purchase Accounts. My department was responsible for booking the purchase invoices after checking the same with purchase order as to rates, quantities and other terms, ensuring that goods were in fact received and no payment was made for any goods returned to supplier. That, services were received in full and the rates charged in invoices were as per agreement entered into by authorized persons. Ensuring, that bills were booked before their due dates and that no bill was booked/paid more than once. Liaising and resolving queries with suppliers.

Gulf Employment

February 2005 - April 2005

Worked with Desert Line Projects L.L.C.(Muscat, Oman) at their road construction site in Yemen.

Upon the demise of my father, I returned to Mumbai on leave. Due to compelling
circumstances at that point in time, at home, I decided to quit my job. I freelanced as IT Programmer-Cum-Accountant as this facilitated looking after my aged Mother who expired on 2nd October, 2011.

Freelanced as an IT Programmer-Cum-Accountant

In Mumbai, India

February 1999 - January 2005

Since my return from Muscat in January, 1999, after resigning from the job, I began upgrading my programming skills in Microsoft Access(a database software) and Excel 2000(a spreadsheet software) - both quite useful to an accountant. I started compiling a set of generic programs, that I felt, would be useful to me as an accountant. I also made use of this time (away from work) in scrutinizing programs I had earlier written (in a hurry while on a job) and improvised on their logic and efficiency. All this consumed a lot of time.

I also took up part-time accounting assignments for small business enterprises, tutoring office staff (in Microsoft Excel and Word 2000), and taking up programming assignments offered to me by Chartered Accountants and Business Owners/Executives. During this period, I developed three major programs in MS Access XP (One for a Private Limited Company assembling modular office furniture, another for a person owning a Printing Press and yet another for a person owning a fleet of Vehicles). The development of these programs also took considerable time as the clients were very fastidious about what features and conveniences they wanted in their program and I was required to come up with programming solutions to problems not envisaged at the time of accepting the assignments. Upon successful completion of the assignments, I made it a point to obtain certificates of merit from those clients.

During this time, I did receive stray offers from abroad but did not accept the same as I had a commitment to complete the aforesaid programming assignments. After completing the assignments, the programs required to be monitored for at least 12 months to ensure that they were working properly and as intended, without throwing up any errors.

I would execute my assignments from my residence and only occasionally go to the client's office to install updates or solve queries.

The expertise required to complete the programming assignments was acquired through...

accountant-cum-computer systems in-charge

Muscat(Oman), for SATA L.L.C

September 1994 - January 1999

(agents for Porsche cars, Scania Trucks, KHD engines, ELBA construction equipments, BPW axles to mention a few), as accountant-cum-computer systems in-charge.

This company has a 'networking' system running on the UNIX operating system. The main accounting software was designed by outside consultants in Oracle version 7. The P.C.- based systems were entirely designed by me and are still in use.

Here, I have designed the following systems IN EXCEL Version 5.0


The salient features of each system are given in a separate annexure.

My duties as the Computer Systems In-Charge included the following: -

- Starting-up / shutting-down the system, backing-up the data every
evening and weekly full-system backups
- communicating / co-ordinating with the outside consultants in case of errors in or modifications to the existing system
- Reviewing existing systems and reports generated from the system

As Accountant, my duties ranged from routine accounting work to submitting information on any of the below-mentioned matters to the Chairman, Executive
Director, Chief Accountant, Department Heads and the External Auditors.

My accounting duties comprised of all matters relating to: -

- imports management and accounting (including GRV costing)
- maintaining the ledger accounts of foreign / local suppliers
- effecting payments to the suppliers
- payroll and personnel management (including staff loan accounts)
- computation of payroll and leave / final settlements
- updating the trips register and arriving at the amount of trip
allowance payable to the drivers of our transport division as well as billing info
- reconciling the ledgers, preparation of year-end schedules

Senior Accountant

Muscat(Oman) for OFSAT L.L.C

June 1992 - February 1994

a company engaged in the business of providing various services to oil-rigs, as Senior Accountant. Here too, I used the 'Newviews' & Lotus 1-2-3 softwares to maximum advantage. The 'Newviews' software is flexible enough to design customised financial & cost accounting reports as well as to write other SUB-PROGRAMS which aid in further automation of accounting work. For example, I have written a program which automatically generates payment vouchers pertaining to suppliers' unpaid bills and also generates a supplier-wise summary of amounts for which cheques are to be prepared. In respect of the company's payroll too, I have written 'Macros' in LOTUS 1-2-3 spreadsheet software.

Work experience-HISTORY

Incorporation - EXPERT KNOWLEDGE

Chartered Accountants

June 1982 - April 1985

in the
Internal Audit Department.

From May 1985 to May 1992
In May 1985, I took up writing the books of accounts of small and medium-sized businesses on a part-time basis.

During the course of my own practice as a part-time accountant, I learnt PROGRAMMING (without attending any professional courses) in the following
computer softwares / languages: -


2) LOTUS 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Software - EXPERT KNOWLEDGE (including the ability to write complex 'Macros')

3) Newviews Procedures Language (related to an internationally famous,
award-winning software for financial / cost accounting by Q.W. Page
& Associates Incorporation, Canada - EXPERT KNOWLEDGE (including the ability to write complex sub-routines)

4) QUATTRO - PRO (a superior spreadsheet by Borland International
Incorporation - EXPERT KNOWLEDGE (including the ability to write
complex 'Macros')

As I gained IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE in the field of computer programming,
I gradually began to computerise my accounts-writing assignments.

In April 1990, I began to market financial-accounting software in addition to my regular accounts-writing assignments.

Areas in which I do not have practical experience

In areas where practical experience is lacking, the same, can however be gained on-the-job.

Other areas of interest

Music, photography and games like chess, carrom, volleyball and badminton.

References in Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman/Dubai
1) Mr. Poras F. Sethna 2) Mr. George Carr
Chief Accountant, General Manager,
P.O. Box 783, code 111 and
Tel.#00968-25594205 SEA & LAND SHIPPING

3) Mr. T. M. Bodhanwala (Finance Manager) 4) Yashan Jokhi B.com, AICWA, CMA
Al Mudhish Group Financial Controller
P.O. Box 34008,...

After passing B. Com

June 1979 - May 1982

I registered myself for practical training with M/S Dalal, Desai & Kumana, Chartered Accountants, of Bombay from 4th June,1979 to 10th December, 1981 and thereafter with M/S H.N. Malbari & Co., Chartered Accountants, of Bombay and completed my practical training on 3rd June, 1982.

Qualifications & Certifications

Intermediate C.A.





Maharashtra State Board

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