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Improve your study habits, score high in your exams then be happy always.

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IIMS Mind Academy and Madras Magic

Founder and CEO of IIMS Mind Academy and Madras Magic, I am the Internationally Certificated Master in Hypnosis, NLP and Magic



Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for study habit improvement. Hypnosis cannot take the place of studying; reading, listening, but it can enhance the individual learning abilities and recall. Hypnosis enables the individual to tap the great resources of the subconscious mind hypnosis can help improve one’s scholastic abilities:
Increase One’s ability to concentrate.
Improve the ability to retain, recall, and remember.
To control emotions and stress.
Enhance motivation and enthusiasm for learning.
Increase energy and endurance.
Increase self-esteem, confidence, and self efficiency.
Resolve subconscious blocks or conflicts.
To help one remain calm and relaxed while taking examinations. One of the areas which may be a block to learning is some long ago past experience. For example, a child knocks over a glass of milk and is called “stupid.” The subconscious mind may accept that as true for the child may take the words literally. The parent may have meant: clumsy, awkward, not paying attention, but used the word, “stupid.” If his subconsciously accepts this statement as true, the person will continue to do stupid things. They may have a high IQ, but do poorly in school, because a stupid person cannot make good grades.

Hypnotherapy in a definite step- by- step manner can help one to dissolve these conflicts and blocks .It can empower the student to rebuild their confidence in their capability to study - strengthen their power of focus, improve memory and recalling abilities and thereby perform well in their exams.


At our center we help many smokers achieve their goal of quitting on a regular basis. It is a well-known area of our work, and the results we produce are quite astounding, that’s why so many ex-smokers send their friends and acquaintances. The habit of smoking is not a decision that most people take logically. It is an emotional decision taken at a subconscious level. Therefore, any decision to stop needs to be taken at that same level. Quite simply, this is why hypnosis is such a successful way to give up smoking cigarettes. Many people considering stopping smoking feel that their true choice is being taken away from them. The secret of hypnotherapy is that it gets people to use their imagination to create a non-smoking future. This often feels very positive and empowering.

Stopping smoking becomes the positive and definite choice. We not only help people to stop smoking, we also help them to establish a replacement habit at the subconscious level that is more healthier and can give them more happiness and peace of mind.


Hypnosis can help you to lose weight naturally and easily. It is probably the healthiest way to lose weight if incorporated properly into a healthy lifestyle plan. It is certainly one of the most natural ways to lose weight.

This seems to work on two levels. Firstly, hypnosis helps you to let go of all the bad habits and false beliefs that stopped you losing weight before. For instance, eating too quickly and eating too much are bad habits and eating to feel happier is based on a false belief.Secondly, and far more importantly, hypnosis helps you move forward by developing new habits and new beliefs.

Weight loss should be natural and part of a well defined plan of who you are and who you want to be. We spend an awful lot of time consciously trying to not be something, or not do something. Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss and weight management in so many ways.

It can help you to develop a new self-image. You will still be you, but imagine being you in a happier, healthier, and lighter way!

It can help you feel much more relaxed, not only about food, diet and nutrition but about yourself. Overcoming stress will naturally help you to stop comfort eating and to adopt a much healthier attitude.

You can learn incredibly powerful self-hypnosis techniques to lose weight. These techniques and ideas will help in many areas of your life. Tackling weight loss head-on with diets and willpower can just become a battlefield. Re-educating your unconscious mind and learning to feel positive about healthy choices make weight loss and management more of an automatic and natural by product.


Stress and anxiety are everywhere in our society and if not dealt with can cause real health problems i.e. back complaints, stomach problems, migraines, depression etc. There are even links suggested between stressful lifestyle and diabetes. Relaxation exercises, and other stress management techniques will help you not only to combat stress and cope with it but ultimately, and far more importantly, to prevent it in the first place.

Stress management and anxiety are two of the main reasons for people coming for hypnotherapy. An important point to note is that many of the other people who come for hypnotherapy for issues such as insomnia, nail biting, stopping smoking and weight loss will report stress and anxiety as playing a part in the problem or habit.

Hypnosis can incorporate lots of different therapeutic models to help you deal with the presenting stress but also to help you avoid developing high underlying stress levels.

It can help unconscious learning and by teaching you relaxation techniques and exercises it can enable you to develop natural responses i.e. a relaxation reflex as opposed to a stress reflex.
It can also help with positive thinking and assertiveness. By understanding stress and your body's reaction to it, you can start to create new positive reactions which become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Basically, the better you feel about your ability to cope with stressful situations, the better you will in fact cope with them. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for stress symptoms such as insomnia, muscle tension, rushing, worrying etc but is also a great approach to dealing with stress and anxiety before they even happen.

Illusions And Magics - Madras Magic

TK Vadivel Pillai is a professional entertainer, who has starred in very highly acclaimed magic serials on national network TV channels in India.

He now travels widely all over the world dazzling audience with his variety show, which consists of his fantastic corporate illusion routine along with an exquisite art form, which now features in his act, known as Hand Shadow Play. His show always brings loud cheers and applause from the audience.

Vadivel Pillai's show is absolutely perfect when you need something for those special VIPs. If you are looking for entertainment that will have your guests talking for weeks, then your search ends here.

Vadivel Pillai is a Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA; Society of American Magicians, USA & Supreme Magicians Club, UK.

He is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) from one of the leading NLP institutes in the USA (NFNLP); Master Hypnotist and certified practitioner of Advance Hypnotic Techniques and Modalities from CHI, California. He is also the erstwhile visiting faculty for 'Personality Development' at the prestigious Fashion School of Chennai-NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology).

Corporate Illuusion:
This magic programme is ideal for company meets and product launches. It is designed to entertain the grown-up audience. It is Motivational Magic which unravels the power of the Human Mind through experiments on ESP, Thought Transference, Mind-reading, Telekinesis and so on, in a very engrossing manner. This highly participative program can leave the audience totally spellbound.

Shadow Magic:
This is a very unique and wonderful art form known as Hand-Shadow play. With just ten fingers as assistants Vadivel Pillai moulds and brings to life world renowned personalities, animals, people in conversation and what not! The only other props used are a light source and a screen. It is so good that it has just got to be seen to be believed!

Psychological, Emotional and Physical Disorders Solves Here - IIMS Mind Academy

At IIMS Mind Academy - we enable individuals, teams and organisations to recreate success every time. We believe you already have the resources to get what you want, and with our help you will discover new ways of thinking, that will fully release your total potential.

Hypnotherapy can be applied to many Psychological, Emotional and Physical Disorders.

Hypnotherapy can help you to:
Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Overcome Phobias
Boost Confidence
Improve Study Habits
Stress Management
Sports Improvement
Past Life Regression
Self Motivation

Mr.T.K.Vadivel Pillai is the man behind Mind Academy practicing and helping people with the most powerful mind sciences available to mankind today for change using Hypnosis,Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP).

As a life long seeker, TK Vadivel Pillai has sought to find the simplest way to change from unproductive behavior to spectacular results. As a graduate of the NFNLP (USA)series of trainings, he is accredited as a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming,and is highly accomplished in advance Hypnotic Techniques and Modalities. Vadivel Pillai has an elegant way of weaving metaphors and hypnotic language together that create inductive learnings at the subconscious level allowing one to experience powerful results in their life with little or no effort.

‘Learn Hypnosis’ deals with the power of the human mind and its giant capacity to achieve anything it wants and deals with powerful and practical techniques which can help a person or a company to achieve their goals systematically, but surely. The program uses the highly powerful and effective science of Hypnosis. This experiential Program can change your life for the better, sow the seeds in helping you get what you want and make you lead a fulfilled and happy life. After learning these techniques and exercises, the participants can experience for themselves the transformation that happens within them. As the techniques are not very complex and long-drawn but short, crisp, powerful and practical, they can be used to great advantage.

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