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Milan Demsar

Šenčur, Kranj, Slovenia


Well educated: two MBA's, one in Slovenia and one in Austria; fluent knowledge of English, German and Serbian/Croatian language and basic of Russian; well trained for MS Windows/Office etc.; rich knowledge base from individual study of more than 130 US business books from personal library; have a rich personal collection of technics, methodologies and concepts for functional and company management or for business consulting.

Rich in (international) business experiences: sales & marketing director, financial director, general manager in several companies, and consultant to some top managements; have traveled for business reasons in almost all European countries and some countries from other continents; especially rich in knowledge and managerial experiences for company turnarounds.

I am Slovenian and I feel like a citizen of my country but also like a citizen of European Community and even like a citizen of the world. These feelings are the result of my business career, a lot of business traveling all around the world and of my lifelong business education through different international institutions and reading dozens of American business books.

My intention is to be professionally active at list a further then years. I desire to work on Positions where most of my competencies are required. I don’t think that I can do everything but I am confident that with my competencies I can fulfill the requirements of different jobs. And I feel flexible enough to replace the gaps.


Turnaround Experiance


My Turnaround Experience skill is based on leading/managing five companies as interim company director. They are described below (Work History). I managed to successfully turnaround two companies and proposed the bankruptcy for the other three.

Work History

managing director

S.Ž. Elektrode Jesenice d.o.o.

March 1998 - February 2001

The company with 200+ Employee belonged to Slovenske Železarne Group. The program: welding wire and electrodes. The majority of sales was exported to many EU and Balkans states.

Inside the same company group I was named for interim general manager for the second time, regardless of the bankruptcy in the previous case. Yet, this time I came in just before the mother company bankruptcy and the establishment of the new company to be the successor for the healthy core.

I stayed there for three years and succeeded to protect/keep and stabilize its business and make it profitable. For the success I received a special award - an amount equal to three months salary, although it was not part of the contract.

What I did was not something very special, a big thing on its self or a view of them, but a lot of different things that resulted in a success because they represented the parts of the coherent whole. Just to mention more then hundred of them and I would be out of space available. Without to be connected to the story they would sound dull or invented.

What I would like to stress instead is: not only I individually but the top team, techno-structure and finally all employees contributed to the success. Yet, under my leadership not only my management. Next thing I would like to stress: usually no money means no business. Yet, in this case the new company started without money, only with leased equipment and state-of-stock. It was capitalized only by profits.

managing director

S.Ž. Veriga Lesce d.o.o.

November 1997 - February 1998

The company with 200 employee belonged to Slovenske Železarne Group, Ljubljana. The program: ship, automotive and specialty metal chains.

My position: interim general manager with the mandate for company recovery after an unsuccessful restructuring. The company had over 1.200 employee some years ago, was restructured and partly privatized (with new companies established).

Veriga Lesce d.o.o was the largest successor company . I proposed the bankruptcy after the finished analyses of the situation and prospects. The only really profitable business were specialty chains. Yet, they were really only a byproduct.

The bankruptcy reasons: 1. Chinese competitors became the major players on the European automotive chains market. 2. Ship building crises especially in Croatia - the main market for ship chains. 3. The privatized entities of before the same company became independent. They were supposed to find new external customers to fulfill the capacities and rationalize their activities. Yet they needed time for that and their resources were limited and interests for profits stronger.

Yet, Veriga Lesce as their main buyer lost the majority of their market and was selling under cost price for rest of it. The hole idea of the first restructuring was not feasible.

The situation in the company before the bankruptcy was really terrible. No money for wages, material, energy. Even water and phone were disconnected. The local track carrier confiscated the loaded products for a buyer.

managing director

Pekarna Postojna d.o.o.

October 1996 - June 1997

The company with at that time 55 employee. The program: bakery and confectionary products. Sales market only domestic - Slovenian.

I took over the position as interim general manager after the company results were negative for several years. In a timeframe of less then a year I managed to half the monthly losses with measures like product/customer changes, increase of productivity and quality, material prices and supplier changes, investment in the renovation of the company shop. I did not only have to do what's needed for decisions to be made but also to implement them by myself. The staff competences were limited and they were burdened with operational work.

I finished the contractual job after the ownership change. The new owner took over also the general manager position.

finance director

Metalna TGS d.o.o., Senovo

October 1995 - June 1996

The company with over 200 employee that belonged to Metalna Maribor Group. The company produced construction cranes licensed by Liebherr-Germany.

I was interim financial manager in a top management team together with commercial and general manager. The end-result from this nine months engagement was bankruptcy. The reason: after the license agreement break (before we came in) the company remained without product and the largest buyer that was also licensor Liebherr.

The only option that left was the production of different special metal products according to buyer specifications suitable for the equipment available and the workers capabilities. Yet, the demand for such products was limited and unstable. The company didn't have money even for severance pay for workers which would be needed in the case of downsizing.

director and owner

Posvet d.o.o. Kranj

February 1991 - September 2014

I am director and owner of the company. I established it to be legal person for my contracts for interim management und for my formal employment status. It can also be used for tax-shield purpose. Indeed, the cumulative losses that were made mainly because of the investments in my livelong learning could be used as future tax expenses. The company has no liabilities to third parties.

My engadgement in this time period is described below under contractual interim management in four companies. My consulting projects are not described because thay represent only a minor-less important part of my career.

Additionally, in what I differentiate from others, is that I had spent excessive amount of time on lifelong learning and building management/consulting "tools". Further explanation of the later is possible through disclosure of the "tools" and trough personal contact.

managing director

Energoinvest TTL d.o.o., Ljubljana

May 1990 - November 1990

The company with 250 employee that belonged to Energoinvest Group Sarajevo with over 30.000 employee. The company produced high voltage electric power transformers.

After my documented Analysis and Recovery options I proposed a bankruptcy that was agreed by the Group corporate executives. The company problems were: large investment in the false product, lost business with Africa and Middle East customers that was based on the mother company oil purchasing in exchange for our high voltage electric transformers selling, saturation of European market, two production concepts in one: large serial-law voltage vs. individual-high voltage, not adequate financial sources: not enough equity and long term credits, too much short term credits and accounts payable.

The company turnaround would be possible with new investment in product/market and financial restructuring that was in the particular conditions not feasible. The bankruptcy was proposed as a kind of solution, not as the liquidation of all business activities.

My engagement in the position was less then a year, with the main work and the key decision done in less then half a year.

commercial manager

Iskra Videomatika, Ljubljana

April 1986 - April 1990

After three years as sales manager I was promoted to commercial manager. So I extended the responsibilities with purchasing and logistic. I became a member of the company top management. For the first time in my career I was directly involved in all company management key matters, operational management, strategy, structure, staff, IT and others.

This time period was strongly influenced by the circumstances in ex-Yugoslavia, Iskra Group and my company. I had to deal with prices on domestic market with high inflation rates. In such circumstances they were more important then productivity, quality or innovation. I had to balance the import with the export because of the import rights Law. In that context I negotiated yearly/monthly the products/parts, volume and prices with cooperation partners for TV's in Russia and Poland and for electric shavers in Germany. I was a key player in product/market restructuring (PC, VCR,...). I had good collaboration but also strong negotiations for there fee's with Iskra Commerce and there foreign trade firms all around the world. I created and organized marketing activities.

Beside other duties I personally negotiated contracts with key customers, suppliers and trade partners. I spent a lot of time on business trips. I visited customers in some countries more then then times (Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Algeria). I also visited customers and trade partners in Austria, France, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Iran and Zimbabwe.

sales manager

Iskra Videomatika, Ljubljana

October 1983 - April 1986

The company in Ljubljana with more then 1.000 employee that belonged to Iskra Group with over 30.000 employee. The company produced TV's, electric shavers Braun and professional video equipment Over 50% of sales was exported to foreign markets to western and eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East.

I occupied the sales manager position after several months studying foreign trade in practice which was organized by concern Iskra internal school.

I was responsible for planning, organizing, guidance and control of sales and marketing activities. My direct activities included cooperation with other departments in the company, Iskra Commerce, other trade partners and end-customers. An important part of duties was business traveling and personal service for key customers.


Iskra Števci, Kranj

January 1980 - October 1983

The company with more then 1.000 employee; it belonged to Iskra Group with over 30.000 employee. The company produced electric meters. Over 90% of production was exported to more then 100 states on all continents.

It was my first job after finishing the study. I liked to learn what the real large serial production in pactice looks like and how it should be managed. In addition to work duties as operational production planning assistant I also finished my Diploma-Thesis "Production Planning in Iskra Števci".

Qualifications & Certifications

EMBA Krems - Austria

Danube University Krems

Courses for MS Office and MS Windows

different institutions

Kobayashi - 20 Keys to workplace improvement

Kobayashi international association

International marketing

Munich - Germany

International management

Cologne - Germany

Turnaround management

ITEO d.o.o. Ljubljana

Valuing a Business

SRD d.d. Ljubljana

Management Consulting _ EU-Phare Program

MBA School Brdo by Kranj

English language

Wisconsin - USA

English language


Foreign-trade Iskra company school

Iskra company school

University Maribor - Faculty of Economics VEKŠ Maribor

concern Iskra Company School

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