Branescu - Vocaloid Music Producer - Hunedoara, HD, Romania

Miki Branescu

Hunedoara, HD, Romania


Vocaloid Music Producer


Virtual DIVA to be more real than the reality itself!
Pianist, musical arrangements, knowing guitars, bass and drums too, sound engineering.

Work History

Vocaloid Music producer

Vocalekt Visions

From January 2011

Co-founder and co-owner, composer, musician, COO

home musician (for now)

Vocaloid Music producer

From March 2008

Vocaloid Music producer

From March 2008

Vocaloid Music Producer

Home musician

home musician

From January 2007

Composer, sound engineer, instruments, sound creator

IT Hardware manager

Local business

September 1999 - May 2007


New VOCALOID Kokone to sing in ROMANIAN

It came out really nice!

Secret Princess

One of my recent cute songs

[GUMI] Freely Tomorrow [MMD] [VOCALOID3]

My friend Mitchie M allowed me to cover one of his hits!
Song by Mitchie M
Lyrics: Lyrics ЯIRE and Mitchie M
Vsqx, programming, mastering: neutrino
Motion: Kuraudo-P
GUMI model: Mamama
Stage: SachiShirakawa

Motion adaptation and camera motion: neutrino
Video: neutrino

[パラレルワールド] [VOCALOID] [neutrinoP & tempo-P] [ORIGINAL]

So far is the biggest hit!
Lyrics: Tempo-P
Composition, arrangements, playing instruments, frying one amplifier, programming, mixing, publishing: neutrinoP
Picture by 宵月秦さん
Voices: Miku, MikiBee, Gumi, Rin.

[笑顔を取り戻せ!] [VOCALOID] [Miku & Luka] [ORIGINAL]

Lyrics: Tempo-P
Song, instruments, recording, programming, mixing, mastering, publishing this with all the mistakes: neutrinoP

[Give all of your BEST] [MikiBee+Miki B.] [neutrinoP&tempo-P

[Give all of your BEST] [MikiBee+Miki B.] [neutrinoP&tempo-P] ORIGINAL

[竜巻] [ORIGINAL] [MikiBee] [Vocaloid] [neutrinoP+tempo-P]

Lyrics: tempo-P (Vocalekt Visions)
Song&vsq: tempo-P & neutrinoP
Instruments, recording, sequencers, mastering, producing: neutrinoP
Picture: Kagamine Rin (Mikan) [based on idea of the new vocaloid character named MikiBee]
Enjoy the first version ≧ω≦

[NEUTRINO] [ORIGINAL] -collaboration [tempo-P]+[neutrinoP]

Lyrics: Tempo-P (Vocalekt Visions)
Song composed by Tempo-P & neutrinoP
Instruments, sounds, recording, playing, mastering, programming: neutrinoP
Picture: all credits to the awesome artist (I wish I knew who you are!)
Enjoy this anniversary of 1 year with vocaloid2 for me ≧ω≦ ~~~

English translation of lyrics:

From the middle of the sun this journey begins.
The eternally living neutrino.

Although very small and can't be seen
I am always with you

From the sun to you
In just a few seconds

But I can't stay forever

Because I can only be with you
For a few seconds.

I, the composer, am also neutrino
The doctor told me I would never walk again

It was painful, but I believed in Vocaloid

The eternally living neutrino

From the music we can walk together,
Until the song ends
In a few seconds.

Your sufferings and pains disappear

My farewell
In a few seconds.

By the time I disappear, you will have probably forgotten me.

From afar I wish you happiness
The time it takes for my feelings to reach you:
Just a few seconds

Although very small and can't be seen
I am always with you

From the sun to you
In just a few seconds

愛を誓います -ORIGINAL- tempo-P+neutrinoP collaboration (take 1)

Theme and lyrics: © tempo-P
Arrangements, orchestration, playing instruments, recording, mastering, programming, publishing: © neutrinoP (Miki Branescu)
Photos: © 鈴夜(Suzu yoru), にぃな✿(Ni ~ina ✿), 小樟きさら(Shō Kusunokiki Sara)
Enjoy the first version ≧ω≦ ~~~

[ふたりのこいびとと, あるこ!] [ORIGINAL] [neutrinoP] + [tempoP]

Lyrics made by tempo-P (Vocalekt Visions)
Music, playing instruments, programming, mastering = neutrino (Miki Branescu)
Main voices: MikiBee, Nekomura Iroha.
Background voices: Miku, Luka, Gakupo
Enjoy ≧ω≦ ...

Lemon Ice Bar ORIGINAL VOCALOID -[neutrinoP]+[tempo-P]

Lyrics: Tempo-P (Vocalekt Visions)
Music, instruments, recording, playing, programming, mastering: neutrino (Miki Branescu)
Publisher: © neutrino

Himegoto VOCALOID -neutrino version (take 1)

the ending theme from Vandread series

Sora no mori de VOCALOID -neutrino version

the latest cover for now

Say Chese

Still working on this ... the second version:
Is a Yui Horie song after all ... I love it !


Higurashi theme made in vocaloid version

Wishing on the same star

Amuro Namie awesome song remade by me with vocaloid

Watashitachi no Ai

Original Vocaloid song
Credits in the video

Qualifications & Certifications

Vocaloid ≧ω≦

Liceul Industrial Nr.1 Hunedoara

Local -Hunedoara

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