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To put it simply, I solve health issues. Using an once hidden ancient healing art, I help to get your body back to road of recovery quickly. No needles, no medicines, no fanciful equipments and most important of all ....no BS!
This is not a well known skill...therefore it is rightly so that you may not have heard of it.
But it you have any issues listed below that you have yet find a satisfactory solution, I may just be able to help.

Ancient Chinese Secret Bone Therapy
Menstrual problems, period cramps, bloated- ness, mood swings, lower back pain, upper back pain, vertigo, night-cramps, constant headaches, migraine, insomnia, swollen legs, frequent night urination, incontinence, prostate problems, chest pain, palpitation, shortness of breath, ringing in the ear, curvature of the spine, scoliosis, arms cannot bend to the back, arm cannot lift up, general weakness, SDF , chronic fatigue, fingers numbness, trigger fingers, uneven legs, uneven hips, uneven shoulders, shoulders aches, tennis elbows, fibromyalgia, spondylosis, etc

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What makes a good health care system?

Evaluate health this way.
What we all need is a way to keep ourselves healthy without illness with minimum pain and suffering.
We want a maintenance system that is easy, fast, effective and of reasonable cost.

Taking medicine for as long as we are breathing does not constitute good health,
nor can be it be considered
health care system.

Do we really want to be enslaved by the medical system?
Do we really want to see our life savings emptied by medical bills instead of spending on our retirement holidays??

When are we going to wise up?

Ancient Chinese Bone Therapy

Ancient Chinese Bone Therapy is a preventive as well as a comprehensive treatment of all sort of common and less common health problems. Though it focuses chiefly at the spine and its immediate surrounding composition for its analysis and assessment of internal health, you do not need to have bone problem to benefit from this therapy; as it is not treating the bone per se. In fact, receiving regular sessions of Bone Therapy is ideal in laying a good foundation for a superior health and pain free living. Due to its deliberate adoption of a low profile over the centuries, not many are aware of its existence much less its true potential. Those who have the good fortune to experience this Bone Therapy will be wised to quickly make this the primary method of resolving and preserving their well being above all other method. The speed in which result can be attained through it is simply astounding.

Bone Therapy (BT) 骨诊 is a natural, ancient Chinese healing system. Despite its history dating back 1700 yrs, knowledge of BT was a closely guarded secret, kept within the family linage for the last 600 years and released to the world only in recent years. BT uses no fancy equipments, needles, medicines or drugs. . It is one of the purest forms of natural health care that is fast, safe, amazingly effective and without side effects.

Bone therapy principles are centered on our spines intimately linked to the vital organs of the body, through which diagnostic of the state of health can be determined. If any part of the spine is damaged, injured or out of sync, the corresponding organs will inevitably suffer the consequences.

Bone Therapy will be a new experience for you. With an open mind,
It is an opportunity to witness a new approach to solving health problem,
regaining and maintaining good health without drugs.

Bone Therapy is a serious alternative healing system.
It offers, accuracy, effectiveness and speedy result.

In fact Results is all that you need.
No matter what is being said or how impressive the credentials,
the only things that matters when seeking treatment is that you get better as a result from the treatment.

Any treatment that does not deliver result will be a waste of your time and money, is it not?

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