Shyamal - Water Supply And Sanitation Specialist - Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Md. Naziruzzaman Shyamal

Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh


Having more than 25 years professional experiences in water supply, sanitation, hygiene and environmental sector, which includes design of water supply system, water treatment plants, sewerage system design, construction supervision, feasibility studies, Policies and strategies documents for WSS sector of Bangladesh.


Water Supply And Sanitation Specialist


I have been working in the WSS sector since my graduation in civil engineering in 1984. which includes design water distribution network, sewage network, production tube well, strategy documents, feasibly study, bid documents, report writings, etc.

Work History

Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist (Short Term Consultant)

The World Bank

October 2012 - April 2014

Prepare PPP bid document, appraise rural piped water supply schemes, reviewed different reports, etc

Senior Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist (Consultant)

The World Bank

October 2012 - April 2014

Location: Bangladesh
Client: The World Bank
Main project features:
The project aim at to implement 125 rural piped water supply schemes through PPP, installed 20,000 Deep Hand Tubes, installed about 300000 sanitary latrines at 383 unions, capacity building of the DPHE, LGIs, for implementation and operation and maintenance, etc.

Position: Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist (Short Term Consultant)
Activities performed:
- Reviewing and providing suggestions on the Pre-Feasibility Study Reports (20 nos) for Batch-1 Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes;
- Reviewing the Draft Concession Contract proposed for the project towards engaging Sponsors/NGOs, etc.;
- Liaison with the Project Director and PMU to update the project;
- Member of the Review Missions of the World Bank and visited the BRWSSP Office and met with relevant Officials, assisted in preparing the Aid Memoirs;, etc.
- Review the draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for Technical assistance consultancy of the BRWSSP;
- Review the shortlisting of the expression of interests submitted by the Consulting firms,
- Reviewed darft feasibility study reports of the Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes under Batch-1, etc.
- Evaluated the expression of interests submitted for the TA Consultancy and Suppoort Organizations (SOs);
- Evaluation of the Technical Proposals submitted by the Consultancy agencies for Technical Assistance to PMU for preparing Rural Piped Water Supply (RPWS) Schemes (125 numbers);
- Assist in preparing Standrad Bidding Document for implementing the RPWS schemes in PPP model of Consensus Contract;
- Review and provide necessary feedback of the reports of the assignment "Preparation and Analysis of Institutional Capacity and PPP Financing Options for Improved Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Small Towns of Bangladesh";
- Prepare and finalization of M & E framework for monitoring the process and outputs of the three components of BRWSSP, viz: RPWS, Non-piped WS and Sanitation and prepared...

Dissemination of Sector Development Plan (SDP)

Policy Support Unit

January 2012 - July 2012

(PSU) (Phase-III)
Year: Jan 2012 to Jul 2012
Location: Bangladesh
Client: Policy Support Unit (PSU), Local Government Division, MoLGRD &Cs, GoB-Danida
Main project features:
Dissemination of Sector Development Plan (SDP) for WSS Sector and assist implementation of the SDP, assist implementation of Water Safety Framework, Introduce Sector Wide Approach (SWAp), functional of Water Cell towards preparing Water Regulatory Commission, etc.

Position: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Adviser
Activities performed:
- Prepared complementation reports of the PSU-II for the Embassy of Denmark and for IMED following their formats;
- Support and liaison with DPHE for continuing operation of the National MIS for WSS and groundwater database prepared under PSU-II ;
- Revisit the Technical Assistant Project Proposal and Component Description of the PSU-III;
- Preparatory work towards full placed PSU-III and define activities for the entire project period;
- Facilitate dissemination of the Sector Development Plan for WSS sector in Bangladesh for its use;
- Liaison with WHO for getting assistance for National MIS for WSS and prepared necessary documents towards getting fund and appointing one IT/MIS Expert for the same;
- Assist WHO in preparing strategy for scaling up of the water safety plans and water quality in Bangladesh an AusAID assisted programme following the Water Safety Framework in Bangladesh.
- Preparing Inception Report of the PSU-III. etc.


Environmental Impact Assessment for Block

(Sandwip, Bhola, Noakhali, Laxmipur&Chandpur Areas) of Shell Bangladesh

Sanitation & Hygiene Adviser

Policy Support Unit

August 2007 - July 2012

Established Water safety framework, Sector Development plan (WSS), prepare necessary policies and stratgies documents for water supply, sanitation & hygiene, etc,

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Adviser

Policy Support Unit

August 2007 - December 2011

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Policy Support Unit (PSU), Local Government Division, MoLGRD &Cs, GoB-Danida
Main project features:
Prepare country WSS planning document Sector Development Plan (2015-25), establish Water Safety Framework, Establish National MIS for WSS and Groundwater Database, donor harmonization, prepare necessary strategic documents for WSS sector in Bangladesh

Water Supply Specialist (WSS-RPWS)

Bangladesh Water Supply Program Project

November 2005 - July 2007

Prepare project proposal guideline for NGOs, reviewed project proposals, field visits for ensuring appropriate sites for RPWS schemes

Team Coordinator

Department of Public Health Engineering

November 2005 - July 2007

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE)
Main project features:
Piloting Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes (RPWS) through private sponsors , Introduce PPP for operation and maintenance of Pourashava Water Supply Systems, capacity building of the NGOs, Contractors, LGIs

Position: Water Supply Specialist (WSS-RPWS)
Activities performed:
• Reviewed and Finalization of the Reports prepared by the TA Consultants particularly (I) Guidelines to the Sponsors for preparing project proposals (II) Guideline for design and installation of Deep Tube Well, (III) Technical Specification for Different components of the Water Supply system, (IV)Monitoring and Evaluation System, (V) Water Quality Monitoring System, (VI) Customer Complaint System, etc.
• Review the relevant policies and sectoral issues related to WSS of the UPs, DPHE local and central levels.
• Review, finalization of the Feasibility Study Reports and Project Proposals of the pilot rural water supply schemes submitted by the Sponsors in consultation with the World Bank under the previous project Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project (BAMWSP) of DPHE.
• Top construction supervision for quality works of the Duptara Village Piped water supply scheme of BAMWSP, participate in motivational activities to the villagers in order to pay and take the house connection.
• Provided training (7 days) to the short listed (97nos) sponsor's representatives of the BWSPP for the preparation of the Project Proposals for their proposed schemes and mode of grant payments and introducing Water Safety Plan to the respective schemes. They are also requested to involve in the rural sanitation program in their schemes areas to achieve the National Goal.
• Contribution for the Preparation of the Final Report on Water Safety Plan for "Piloting in Rural Urban Areas"
• Review the Inception Reports (IR) and visited the schemes area to validate the information provided in the IR as well as to assess...

Water Supply Engineer

Wise Drinking Water Supply Coverage

From October 2005

nation wide survey arrangement and analysis

Team Leader/Water Supply Specialist


From October 2005

Main project features: Conduct sample survey and assess the drinking water coverage in Bangladesh
Position: Team Leader/Water Supply Specialist
Activities performed:
Preparation of the Inception Report and Questionnaires in light with the ToR with the help of Sector Development Program (SDP) of the Unit for Policy Implementation, LGD. Discussed with different stakeholders about the survey objective, policy, programs and sorted their suggestions. Presented the Inception Reports to the Client and Finalized the same with revised survey areas following the suggestions of the evaluation committee.

Team Coordinator

Karnaphuli Water Supply Project of Chitagong WASA, JBIC

June 2005 - September 2005

Location: Bangladesh
Client: JBIC
Main project features:
Feasibility Study for Karnaphuli Surface Water Treatment Plant, assess the water distribution network and Environmental Impact Assessment

Position: Team coordinator/ Water Supply Planning Specialist
Activities performed:
- Collection of relevant data from CWASA and also from DWASA;
- Review of existing water supply situation of CWASA, Policy, programs of the CMDA to assess the over all water supply needs in future, based on the city development trend. Assisting JBIC Study Team to prepare reports on surface water treatment plan, EIA, etc.

Bandarban Pourashava Water Supply Feasibility Study under Municipal Services Project: IDA Credit No. 3177-BD of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

Water Supply Engineer

Local Government Engineering Department

December 2004 - May 2005

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
Main project features:
Find out the main source(s) of water supply in Bandarban Pourashava, assess feasible option and preliminary design of distribution network.

Position: Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Reviewing available information, collection of required data, conducting survey and updating map of water supply system.
- Review the Programsof other organizations (NGOs) related to WSS.
- Conducting inventory of existing water supply facilities, pumps, water treatment plant, etc. and assessment of present condition.
- Study existing system, identify potential source of water supply and carrying out network analysis using computer software WaterCAD considering water demand for the year 2020;
- Bandarban being a hilly pourashava is not feasible to supply drinking water through piped system to all part of the Porashava and hence other non piped sources like protected ring wells (PRW), RWH and STWs suggested; Installation of 25 number SHTWs and 10 PRWs in order assess ground water quality and quantity;
- Design of proposed development works, preparing cost estimate.
- Environmental impact assessment & recommending monitoring program.
- Preparation of reports (Inception, Interim and Feasibility Report)

Landfill Sites of the Study on Solid Waste Management in Dhaka City

JICA Funded

July 2004 - November 2004

Location: Bangladesh
Client: JICA
Main project features:
Assess the waste water quality and subsequent contribution on the nearby surface water bodies, groundwater due to solid waste dumping, etc.

Position: Team Leader
Activities performed:
Team Mobilization; Selection of sample locations for leachate, ground water and surface water along with JICA Experts; Flow measurement for leachate; Coordination of samplings and laboratory analysis for various parameters including Arsenic; Data analysis, compare with the ECR 1997 and report writing, etc

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)-Moulavi Bazar Development and Baseline study of Block-12 for Unocal Bangladesh Blocks thirteen and fourteen

Pilot Village Piped Water Schemes of Social Investment Program Project

The World Bank

August 2003 - January 2004

Location: Bangladesh
Client: The World Bank
Main project features: Establish Guideline for Preparing Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes by private sponsors
Position: Individual Consultant (Technical Analysis-short term consultant)
Activities performed:
Was responsible for technical evaluation of the 13 existing village (rural) piped water schemes of BMDA, NGO Forum, BRAC, RDA, SODESH, etc. located in different hydrological locations of Bangladesh (Pakundia&Nilkanda, Sonargao, Narayanganj; Putia, Daudkandi, Comilla, etc.). Evaluation of the existing O & M practices of the rural piped water supply; Preparation of different technical options suitable for the specific area (location) like; deep tube well based, tube well with treatment in case of excessive iron content, surface water based, Rainwater Harvesting, etc. preliminary design and preliminary cost estimation; Suggest the cost recovery system from the new rural piped water system; Assist to develop a template (Guideline) for detailed proposals that Sponsors will be required to submit to Social Development Foundation (SDF) for the selection of the sponsors for getting grant; Assist SDF in the development of the work program for the implementation of the pilot projects, etc


Consultant (Environmental Engineer)

Shell Bangladesh

July 2003 - August 2003

Main project features: Environmental Impact Assessment of
Position: Consultant (Environmental Engineer)
Activities performed:
Field visits, public consultations , Environmental & Social Assessment (ESA) Verification; IEE & EIA for Aeromagnetic Survey; Baseline Survey; IEE & EIA for 2D Seismic Survey including different policies, rules to protect the Environment

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)-Arsenic Mitigation (AM) of OCEATA (Ontario Centre for Environmental Technical Assistance), Canada, funded by CIDA

Field Project Manager

OCEATA, Canada

February 2003 - June 2003

Main project features: Field Verification of Household level Arsenic Mitigation Technologies
Position: Field Project Manager
Activities performed:
Overall operation of the field program; Communicates of progress and potential issues associated with field testing to the verification organization; Ensures data integrity is maintained through strict adherence to the accepted QAPP and ensure that corrective measures are taken to ensure QAPP compliance; Ensures that the Waste Management Plan (WMP) and the Health and Safety Plan (HSP) reflect field conditions

Services on Design of Water Treatment Plants at Rajbari, Serajganj&Chandpur of DPHE under Tube well Regeneration Project

Water Supply & Sanitation Expert


October 2003 - November 2003

Main project features: Assess the process and impact of the National Sanitation Campaign month, October
Position: Water Supply & Sanitation Expert
Activities performed:
Was responsible for selecting the representative areas to be monitored in consultation with the UPI and LGD. Developed questionnaire for the survey and coordination of the field survey for quality output. Review the policy and WSS in the context of muti-tiered governments in order to attain 100% sanitation coverage by 2010. Report writing reflecting the findings of the survey

Environmental Specialist

Unocol Bangladesh

December 2003 - June 2004

Main project features: Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment report for exploration of Hydrocarbon and proposed Gas Field
Position: Environmental Specialist
Activities performed:
Organize to collect secondary as well as primary data; Identification of environmental consequences as well as positive impacts due to the project activities, gas process plant, wells drillings, etc.; Preparation of mitigation measures to be taken; Review of Policies and Legislative Requirements that are needed to be considered for implementing the project. Preparation of the IEE and EIA reports acceptable to the client, etc.

Monitoring and Rapid Assessment of Month Long Sanitation Campaign in Bangladesh" Unit for Policy Implementation (UPI), LGD, MLGRD & C

Team Coordinator/Water Supply


October 2001 - January 2003

Main project features: Design of Water Treatment Plants (Gorundwater and Surface water), preparation bid documents, O & M Manual
Position: Team Coordinator/Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Selection of survey team for topographic survey of three treatment plant sites.
- Identify parameters to be tested for groundwater of Rajbari&Serajganj and surface water for Chandpur for selection of process units of the treatment plants.
- Analysis of raw water quality data, conduct jar test to find out optimum chemical dozing for the treatment.
- Hydraulic design and Selection of the appropriate process units, economical dimensioning of each process units of the treatment Plants,
- Preparation of the O&M Manual.
- Attending meetings with the client (DPHE) defending reports and liaison with the client;
- Discuss with the local people regarding different aspects of the project, so that the treatment plants will socially be accepted by the community

Water Supply Specialist


October 2001 - January 2004

( 15 man months)
Location: Bangladesh
Client: DPHE
Main project features:
Detailed Design of Surface water treatment plants, Water Distribution Network, Drainage System, preparation of Bid Documents, Construction Supervision, etc.

Position: Project Coordinator/Network Analysis Specialist
Activities performed:
- Detail design, design development, preparation of tender documents, top supervision of water supply systems (30 km), drainage systems (12 km) which includes 2 nos. of surface water treatment plants of capacities 1x12.96 MLD & 5.28 MLD, water transmission and distribution network; etc.
- Responsible to provide backup support to the field staff regarding technical and administrative aspect.
- Monitor the administrative and financial matter of the field office at Gopalganj.
- Preparation of Project Completion Report and O & M Manual
- Attending meetings with the client (DPHE) defending reports, and liaison with the client till the completion of the project;

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for the JICA Study for Rural Development Focusing on Flood Proofing in Bangladesh a JICA Funded Project

Team Leader


June 2001 - September 2001

Activities performed:
- Mobilization of multidisciplinary team for the IEE study, describe their responsibilities.
- Responsible for collection of secondary data, maps, etc. from different organizations, agencies and Liaison with the Study Team
- Review of Policies and Legislative Requirements that are needed to be considered for implementing the project
- Public consultation to create awareness about the project in the project area.
- Responsible to collect the output of multidisciplinary team and compile for the report.
- Identification of impacts and recommends necessary mitigation and monitoring measures for negative impacts and preparation of reports etc.
- Preparation of IEE report

Study on the ground water development of the deep aquifers for safe drinking water supply to arsenic affected area in western districts of Bangladesh; Jessore, Jhenaidah and Chuadanga

Water Supply Engineer


December 2000 - May 2001

Main project features:
Deep Aquifer Study to assess the quality of water to provide arsenic free water through installing deep hand tube wells

Position: Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Collection of Thana Base Map, from LGED and for locating HTWs with GPS in the map.
- Organized to check digitized maps for final reporting.
- Review the current policy of WSS and Institutional arrangement of DPHE, different Arsenic mitigation committees, in order to assess the present so that future recommendations could be made by the JICA Study Team
- To maintain liaison with the JICA study team.
- To co-ordinate survey teams for the study work of village survey; Hand Tube Wells (HTWs) & Production Tube Wells (PTWs) survey and water sampling, as well as field-testing.
- To compile data & to analyze the data as necessary.
- To prepare progress reports.
- To prepare final report on information collected from field & DPHE Office
- Dealing with different NGOs/PNGOs like , BRAC, PROSHIKA, SAMADHAN, Ad-dinKeshobpur Unit etc. who are involved with providing water supply installing DHTWs and sanitation facilities to these areas in order involve them for community piped water supply

Redesign and Monitoring of Distribution System in Different Pourashavas under "Tubewell Regeneration and Water Supply System Rehabilitation and Development in 20 Pourashavas

Water Supply Engineer


January 2000 - June 2000

Main project features: Design of water distribution network of 20 district towns, detailed design drawings, etc.
Position: Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Collection of secondary data, likes water quality, meteorological data, hydrological data, socio-economic data and maps, etc.
- Water demand assessment for the years 2000, 2010 and 2020 for twenty Pourshavas.
- Identification of potential sources to meet the water demand of 2010 and 2020.
- Checking and finalize the design of network distribution systems (preliminary designed by Jr. Engineer) of the Pourashavas using computer software LOOP Version:4 for 20 pourashavas..
- Preparation of design drawings for the year 2010 and 2020.
- Assist Team Leader of the Preparation of the Reports

Project: Overhead Water Tank and Iron Removal Plants (IRP) at Natore and Srimangal Towns, DPHE

Team coordinator/Water Supply Engineer


January 2000 - November 2000

Main project features: Detailed design of Iron Removal Plants and Overhead Water Tanks, working drawings, bid documents, etc.
Position: Team coordinator/Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Analysis of raw water quality data, conduct jar test to find out optimum chemical dozing for the treatment.
- Selection of the appropriate process units, economical dimensioning of each process unit (200 m3/hr& 300 m3/hr)
- Checking and design of transmission mains to carry the newly produced water to the district distribution system;
- Attended meetings with the client (DPHE) defending Inception Reports, Design Reports, Working Drawings, etc.
- Preparation of the Bid Documents and organize to prepare & submit Final Reports.

Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Construction supervision of Pourashava and Thana Water Supply and Sanitation Project of Gopalganj District

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene adviser


-2004), strategies (Pro-Poor Strategy, National Sanitation Strategy) of WSS sector;
- Reviewed the existing Sector Development Programme (SDP-2005) for necessary updating;
- Reviewed of the existing Water Safety Plans (WSPs) for different water supply options prepared by different stakeholders;
- Prepared Concept Note for National Guideline for Water Safety Framework, in consultation with the respective stakeholders and finally got approval from the National Forum for water supply and sanitation for onward actions; Prepare Request for Proposals for the Consultancy Works for National Guidelines on Water Safety Framework
- Contributed in Preparing Rural Sanitation Catalogue for Bangladesh
- Prepared of EoI document and assist Senior Sector Adviser to prepare ToR for the SDP revision
- Prepared Request for Proposal (RFP) for the shortlisted Consulting Firms for submitting proposal on SDP revision.
- Supervised the activities of the Consultants towards preparing strategic documents Sector Development Pan (SDP) for WSS in Bangladesh particularly, Water Safety Plans, Arsenic and Environment, Climate Change & Disaster Management issues;
- Prepared Concept Note and Terms of Reference for National MIS for WSS in Bangladesh and National Groundwater Database for WSS in Bangladesh presented before the National Forum for Water Supply and Sanitation. After getting the approval of those, did necessary steps towards engaging Consultancy Firms, EoI, RFP, member of the PECs. Prepared Contract documents for different consultancy assignments.
- Assisted JICA/DPHE to conduct study on the existing "Evaluation of the Performance, VillagePiped Water Supply Schemes (120 Schemes);
- Attended meetings with different development partners, Departments, NGOs for harmonization, cooperation, lessons learning, etc;
- Prepared working paper and drafting minutes of the meeting of the National Forum for Water Supply and Sanitation (NFWSS);
- Attended different workshops, seminars of water supply,...

Water Supply Specialist


October 1998 - December 1999

Location: Bangladesh
Client: DPHE
Main project features:
Feasibility study for piped water supply in two Pourashavas, assess present water supply situation for remedial actions, assess suitable options for non-piped water supply Thana (Upzilas), engineering survey, etc.

Position: Network Analysis Specialist
Activities performed:
Collection of secondary data, maps, reports and other relevant information from the field and other offices.
- Find out data gaps.
- Analysis of raw water quality data, conduct jar test to find out optimum chemical dozing for the treatment.
- Selection of the appropriate process units, economical dimensioning of each process unit
- Writing inception report along with other professionals.
- Assign works to the Jr. Engineers for data collection, supervise engineering survey, etc.
- Checking engineering survey data and other data.
- Review of the existing situation for water supply both piped water and non piped water (Dug wells, tube wells), drainage, sanitation and solid waste management system within the project area.
- Preliminary design of the water distribution systems, Iron Removal Units for non piped sources, assess sanitation, drainage, solid waste requirement along with costing.
- Preparation of different options for water supply sources with other professionals along with costing and recommend most feasible option.
- Preparation of draft feasibility report, presented to the selective representative by DPHE and finally prepared Final Feasibility Study Report incorporating all comments and recommendations.
- Establish Design Criteria and Detailed design of Distribution networks using computer software for Gopalgonj, Tungipara and KotaliparaPourashavas (Municipalities) and preparation of Bid documents, etc.
- Design of none piped water sources (tube wells and tube wells with IRU) for Kasiani and MuksudpurUpazila Headquarters;
- Design of drainage system, garbage bins, recommended solid waste collection method, sanitation system,...

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Impact Assessment

August 1998 - September 1998

Position: Environmental Engineer
Activities performed:
- Collection of secondary data, maps etc. from different organizations, agencies.
- Collection of field data and public consultation to create awareness about the project in the project area.
- Review of Policies and Legislative Requirements that are needed to be considered for implementing the Project
- Identification of impacts and recommends necessary measures for negative impacts and preparation of reports etc.

Dhaka WASA Improved Sanitation Services Project (World Bank financed), a Component of Fourth Dhaka Water Supply Project

Programme adviser

Dhaka WASA

August 1997 - July 1998

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Dhaka WASA
Main project features:
Assess Sanitation Situation of Dhaka City, Pagla Sewage Treatment plant, conducted feasibility study (options) for improved sanitation services to the Dhaka city

Position: Sanitary Engineer
Activities performed:
- Collection and review of maps, data, documents etc. from DWASA, DCC, DOE, RAJUK and other relevant agencies.
- Selection of important routes to carryout the detailed topography survey of existing sewer mains.
- Contracting out Engineering survey works and responsible for necessary payment after satisfactory completion of the works.
- Supervision and checking the topography survey and prepared sewer profiles, also checking drafting works.
- Collection data from sewage lift stations, Pagla sewage treatment plant and assess their physical condition.
- Collection of Data from DCC about solid waste collection system, existing available tools for handling of the same and disposal method of solid waste to selected places and also assess the over all system.
- Preparation of data for computer analysis to review the existing situation of sewerage network.
- There are many places of Dhaka City where Conventional Sewerage System is absent; there exist different on-lot sanitation system. In the on-lot sanitation system. Septic Tanks, Pit Latrine, International Voluntary Services (IVS) Latrine, Chute Latrine, Vault Toilet, Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (VIP), Vietnamese compost latrine, Bucket Latrine etc, options are studied. The advantages and disadvantages of these options are mentioned so that decision makers can decide the proper option as per field condition.
- Review the activities of different NGOs about their involvement in providing water supply and sanitation facilities to the slums & poor groups and studied their future role.
- Analysis of existing sewerage network using standard computer sewer design package (sewer version-3); find out the present condition of network, assess for the...

Effluent Treatment

Bangladesh Tobacco Company Ltd. Dhaka Factory

July 1997 - August 1997

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Bangladesh Tobacco Company Ltd
Main project features: Effluent Treatment Plant Design
Position: Effluent Treatment Plant Design Engineer / Environmental Engineer
Activities performed:
- Measurement of effluent at different important points using V-notch.
- Sample collection in different times and day for analysis to find out the probable options of treatment.
- Assessment of Treatment requirements and studied different treatment alternatives.
- Analysis of raw water quality data, conduct jar test to find out optimum chemical dozing for the treatment.
- Selection of the appropriate process units, economical dimensioning of each process unit
- Preparation of the O&M Manual.

Team Leader


May 1997 - June 1997

Location: Bangladesh
Client: JICA
Main project features: Initial Environmental Impact Assessment
Position: Environmental Engineer
Activities performed:
- Reviewed Policies and Legislative Requirements that are needed to be considered for implementing the project and report writing

Performance of Tara Hand

December 1996 - April 1997

Location: Bangladesh
Client: UNICEF
Main project features: Field verification of Tara Hand pumps country wise, data analysis and report preparation
Position: Chief Survey Coordinator
Activities performed:
- Overall organization and management of the survey works throughout the Country for about 12000 Tara Hand pumps.
- Preparation of survey questionnaire as per requirement.
- Orientation training for survey works to the surveyors (36) and survey co-coordinators (5).
- Checking of survey works and random field checking.
- Data processing, analyzing and preparation of report, etc..

General Manager (Water Supply

BETS Consulting Services Ltd

February 1995 - October 2005

Sanitation and Environmental Division

Sanitary Engineer

Dhaka WASA

February 1995 - November 1996

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Dhaka WASA
Main project features:
Isolation of selected areas from DWASA main network, Consumer survey, pressurized the areas and identify leakages, calculate un account for water (NRW) both technical and administrative and on the job training to the DWASA staffs

Position: Civil Engineer (Supervisor-1)
Activities performed:
- Isolation of four selected pilot/cell areas from the main water distribution system of Dhaka WASA.
- Updating the existing distribution map of the areas through excavation of the selected important points. Preparation of sketches showing the pipeline including joints, valve location, dia and material of pipes, depth etc. The service connections, its size and location are also shown in the updated system map.
- Procurement of necessary materials to isolate the selected areas.
- Preparation of pilot /cell areas by installing sluice valves and made necessary measures for leak detection campaign.
- Calculation of the status Que flow of the areas using "Ultrasonic Flow Meter-UEP-1000" and installation of pressure recorders.
- Organizing leak detection campaign on the areas, traced out leakage in the water main visually and using different electronic leak detection equipment, like FM-880, Noise detector-GM-200, Hydrolux with Wamy, Bomy, Tamy, etc.
- Taking necessary measures to repair the leakage.
- Calculation of un-accounted for water for both administrative and technical of the areas.
- Room and on the job training to the selected DWASA personnel regarding consumer survey, map updating, handling of different electronic equipment, leak detection campaign etc.
- Network analysis using "LOOP SEWER" a QBASIC package developed by UNDP/WORLD BANK for the selected areas and made recommendation accordingly.

Junior Modeller


Position: Junior Modeller
Activities performed:
- Was responsible for collection of relevant data and programs from different organization/departments (BADC, DAE, BWDB) in order to ascertain the future ground water abstraction of the country. Data input in the computer and assessment of Groundwater Development Potential by analyzing the Hydrological and Hydro-geological data. Prediction of groundwater level in 1995, 2000 and full development by using computer Model (developed by Expatriate Consultants) and determine the areas for Suction Mode, Tara-1 and Tara-2 during the year 1995, 2000 and to full development. Provided necessary input for preparation of different reports of the project.

Dhaka WASA Water Supply and Sanitation Urgent Expansion Project (Financed by the World Bank) with the expatriate Specialist of M/s. Mott MacDonald Ltd., U.K. and Camp Dresser &MacKee, U.S.A.

Civil Engineer

Bangladesh water Development Board

July 1994 - January 1995

funded by ADB
Year: Jul 1994 to Jan 1995
Location: Bangladesh
Client: Bangladesh water Development Board
Main project features: Redesign of the creeks for irrigation and preparation drawings and preparation bid documents
Position: Civil Engineer
Activities performed:
- Was responsible for design of the creeks, working drawings and cost estimation

Project: DPHE/UNICEF Study to Forecast Declining of Groundwater Level in Bangladesh

Jr. Modeler


January 1994 - June 1994

Location: Bangladesh
Client: UNICEF
Main project features:
Collection of all information (tube wells, irrigation wells, etc.) on use of ground water, soil characteristic reports of the country, software design , forecast the groundwater declining level based on the trend of using ground water

Detailed Design Engineer

Dhaka WASA

April 1988 - December 1993

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Dhaka WASA
Main project features:
Design and supervision, 100 km sewer line, 300 km water distribution network, 45 production tube wells, 7 sewage lift stations, tender documents for importing necessary materials, bid evaluation, preparation system map of DWASA, etc.

Position: Detailed Design Engineer
Activities performed:
- Collection of necessary maps, documents, data from Dhaka WASA and other departments.
- Organize topography survey of the selected areas of the Dhaka City.
- Detail Design of Water Pipe Distribution System (300 km) and Sewer Mains (100 km), Water Pumping Stations (45 nos) and Sewage Lift stations (7 nos) including preparation of construction drawings.
- Assisted expatriate system analyst to input relevant data, create drawings and analyses the DWASA distribution system using WETNET-3 Software.
- Construction supervision of Water, Sewer Pipe laying works and pump houses, Sewage Lift Stations Construction works; given layout of the water pump houses & sewage lift stations.
- Checking and evaluation of international Tenders to find out the responsive and non-responsive bidders including select the lowest bidder in order to procure necessary materials.
- Preparation of water/sewer pipe laying specifications and evaluation of Tenders for pre-qualification of the construction firms.
- Designing of Deep Tube wells (DTW), Supervision of drilling, installation, development, pump testing and checking verticality of DTWs.
- Giving alignment of sewer lines and sewer construction cut-sheets.
- Witnessing pressure test of the laid water pipe lines and Hydraulic Test for the sewer mains in order to certify the acceptance of the construction works.
- Preparing As-built Drawings for Water and Sewer lines, Sewage Lift Stations and Pump Houses after completion of the works in all respect.
- Preparation of system maps both for water and sewer lines from the information available in DWASA, and as built drawings prepared under this...

Civil Engineer

Bangladesh Water Development Board

July 1987 - March 1988

Main project features: Design of Sluice gates, closures, embankments, bid documents,
Position: Civil Engineer
Activities performed:
- Assist in Design of Sluice Gates and cost estimation
- Assist in design of embankments and closures and cost estimation

Design Engineer

Private organization

January 1987 - June 1987

Main project features: Design of water supply system
Position: Design Engineer
Activities performed:
- Detailed Design and implementation of piped water supply system, overhead water tank, bill of quantities, cost estimation, and tender document, etc. including construction supervision.

water supply engineer

Security printing press authority

July 1986 - December 1986

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Security printing press authority
Main project features: Design of water supply system and preparation working drawings
Position: Design Engineer
Activities performed:
- Design and implementation of water supply distribution network (piped) and bill of quantities, top construction supervision, etc. Main purpose of the project is to design the networks system so that supplied water can reach the roof tank of the existing multistoried buildings without booster pumps

jr.water supply engineer

Royal Haskoning, Netherlands

July 1985 - September 1985

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Royal Haskoning, Netherlands
Main project features: Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Analysis
Position: Water Supply/Sanitary Engineer
Activities performed:
- Collection of data from different selected district towns/ pourashava in relation with water supply and sanitation. Analysis of data in order to formulate probable design criteria to be followed for water supply and sanitation projects of DPHE.

Water Supply Engineer

Power Development Board, Bangladesh

October 1985 - June 1986

Location: Bangladesh
Client: Power Development Board, Bangladesh
Main project features:
Feasibility study for water supply system of Kaptai area, Design of Surface water treatment plant, distribution network, Overhead water tank.

Position: Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Updating existing distribution system map of the area.
- Design of piped water distribution system, it is a hilly area and its distribution system is different then usual.
- Preparing master plan, working drawing for water supply system and over headwater tanks.
- Responsible for preparing bill of quantities, cost estimation & tender documents of different components.
- Assisting designing of Surface Water Treatment Plant (200 m3 capacity of Rapid Sand Filter).
- Preparation of the Feasibility Study Report

Water Supply Engineer

Bangladesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (BRWSSP)

October 1984 - June 1987

Project: Bangladesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (BRWSSP)

Water Supply Engineer

BKH Consultants Ltd

October 1984 - June 1985

Location: Bangladesh
Client: BKH Consultants Ltd, Netherlands
Main project features: design of water distribution network and working drawing for 12 districts
Position: Water Supply Engineer
Activities performed:
- Design of piped water networks (distribution systems) using Hardy-cross method.
- Preparing master plan, working dwgs. standard details for water supply system of 12 districts towns.
- Design and preparation of working drawing of overhead water tanks.
- Preparation specification and BoQ for the district towns.

Qualifications & Certifications

Masters of civil engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka

Harishangan High School

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