Costello - Quality Manager - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Martin Costello

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


Quality Manager


35 years experience in the Oil/Gas, Power-generation and Mining fields.

Work History

Site QA/QC Manager Project undertaken

Name of organisation

October 2012 - March 2014

SNC Lavalin
Type of business: Multi-national EPCM Company.
Duration of Employment: October 2012 - March 2014.
Job Title: Site QA/QC Manager Project undertaken: RTR Copper/Cobalt Mine Project
(ENRC - UK) Katanga Province, D.R.Congo. $US1.4 Billion. N.B. Plant

Bateman Eng. Projects

Name of organisation

February 2011 - May 2011

Type of business: Sub Saharan Africa EPCM Company, primarily to the Mining industry.
Duration of Employment: February 2011- May 2011. N.B. Employment prematurely concluded due to contractual disagreement between Bateman and our client. (African Minerals.)
Job Title: Site QA/QC Manager.
Project undertaken: Tonkolili Iron Ore Mining Project, Tonkolili, Sierra Leone. ($US 1.5 Billion)
Site infrastructure establishment inc. Rail-Head for African Minerals Ltd.

Duties included: Initial duties included the request to all contractors appointed to the mining
site portion of the project to submit for approval their quality management
systems. (Portions applicable to their contract/scope of work.)
Review/comment on/oversee revision/approval of all contractors' quality documentation which typically inc. PQP's (Project Quality Plans) QCP's/ITP's, method statements, sample check-lists/formats, and all
Inspection/test reports.
Request/review/comment on and approve all contractors' post- construction "sample" hand-over dossiers. (MDR's)
On an ongoing basis, conduct/witness inspections on behalf of our client on contractor's work as per approved QCP intervention points.
Participate in all weekly progress meetings with all contractors.

Reference: Geoff Burton (Manager of Quality Sub-Saharan Africa) +27(0)-82-336-8260
+27(0)-11-899-9111 /

Name of organisation: Humboldt Wedag Pty Ltd Africa. (German)

Site QA/QC Manager

Multi-National EPCM Company

May 2011 - October 2012

Projects undertaken: Liberian Western Range Iron Ore Project. - Port Re-build: Buchanan,
Mine /Concentrator Plant: Tokadeh/Yekepa. (Arcelor-Mittal - $US1.7 Billion.

Duties included: Seconded to the AMEC Oakville (Toronto) office for 2 months, primarily
tasked with the completion of the Project Management Plan, (PMP)
including the compilation of the Project Quality Plan. (PQP)
Modify numerous quality documents for inclusion in our bid packages.
Take part in vendor bid clarification meetings with potential suppliers.
Following site mobilisation:
Request/review all contractor's Quality Management Systems. (QMS's)
Review/comment on/oversee revision/approval of all contractors' quality documentation which typically inc. PQP's (Project Quality Plans) QCP's/ITP's, method statements, sample check-lists/formats, and all
Inspection/test reports.
Request/review/comment on and approve all contractors' post- construction "sample" hand-over dossiers. (MDR's)
Review numerous site created documents prior to issue inc. SEQ's, SI's
RFP's etc
Create audit schedule and conduct audits internally and on our contractors.
Assist Oakville office with ongoing squad-checks of internal and vendor
information submissions.
Compile/review minutes of meeting with our various contractors.
Take part in overseas alignment meetings with our client. (Arcelor-Mittal)
Stand-in when required for the Construction Manager/Lead Field Engineer.

References: Paul Weinberg (Amec Construction Manager)
Gavin Chamberlain (Amec Projects Director, Africa)

Quality Engineer

Material Processing Technology Specialists

February 2010 - December 2010

Project undertaken: Assmang Khumani Iron Ore Expansion Project. (South Africa)

Duties included: Review/approve all suppliers/manufacturers and their sub-contractor's ITP's/QCP's in conjunction with the applicable codes/standards and Assmang DRA / Humboldt-Wedag specifications.
Carry out scheduled inspections and expediting visits at all fabricators and suppliers. Ensure that all code and specification requirements are met.
Witness the testing/trial-running of equipment.
Supply on a daily basis detailed feedback to the Project/Engineering Managers an assessment and update of the prevailing status at our fabricators and suppliers particularly regarding schedule compliance, quality and any issues/problems that could affect planned completion dates.
Oversee the progressive and ongoing compilation of all Manufacturer's Data Reports (MDR's) to ensure they are being put together as per the contents / index's agreed at the outset of the project.
Review and approve all manufacturers' MDR's (Manufacturer's Data Reports.)
On completion of the works at our numerous fabricators/suppliers, consolidate the various dossiers into system/area handover packages as agreed with DRA/Assmang management.
Present for review/signature the system/area packages.
Carry out overseas visits to Europe and Asia to assist suppliers experiencing problems with conforming to code/specification requirements.

References: Ian Chapman (Engineering Manager, Africa) +27(0)-11-397-9710 (Off) +27(0)-82-903-5486 (Mob)
Peter Nelson (KEP Project Manager) +27(0) -83-630-6663. (Mob) /

Name of organization: Avocet Mining. (U.K.) - Lycopodium, Perth)

Site Fabrication/Welding Advisor/Quality Engineer

Mineral Extraction Company

September 2009 - February 2010

Duration of Employment: September 2009-February 2010.
Job Title: Site Fabrication/Welding Advisor/Quality Engineer.
Project undertaken: SMB Mining Project, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
"Banding" of CIL and Process water tanks.
($US 350 Million Gold mine.)

Duties included: Background: All the Tankage on site had not been built in accordance to the required code of construction. (API 650) The mine thereafter brought in
Lycopodium and certain individuals to oversee the rework/repairs to the tanks
My initial task was to inspect the tanks and review all the NDT that had been
performed previously. (Review all radiographs, reporting thereon.)
In consultation with the Lycopodium Perth design office and the Avocet
Project manager, make recommendations on which tanks were to be "banded/
strapped", weld repaired or left as-is. (Fit for purpose.)
Review all sub-contractor welding documentation. (PQR's/WPS's/WQT's)
Lead "local-crew" on repair preparation work whilst awaiting the mobilisation of the tankage repair contractor from Ghana. (Webb Construction.)
Oversee and inspect tank repairs in consultation with Commissioning Engs.

References: Bob Voisey (Senior Project Mng. - Avocet Mining.) +233(0)-75780802
Nuccio Brunetto (Snr.Project Mng. - Lycopodium, Perth, Australia.)

Name of organisation: GRD Minproc (Pty) Ltd

Stand in when required for our Construction Manager / Contracts Administrator

Bulk of Earthworks

Civil and Structural Steel
works completed / installed previously.)

Duties included: Request/review all contractor's Quality Management Systems. (QMS's)
Review/comment on/oversee revision/approval of all contractors' quality documentation which typically inc. PQP's (Project Quality Plans) QCP's/ITP's, method statements, sample check-lists/formats, and all
inspection/test reports.
Review all submissions for conformity to all governing codes and the project specifications.
Request/review/comment on and approve all contractors' post- construction "sample" hand-over dossiers. (MDR's)
Create an audit schedule and conduct audits internally and on our various
Manage all discipline inspectors' including civil, structural, mechanical,
piping, welding, electrical and instrumentation.
Coordinate all area punch listing / working-off to enable contractor "safe- access" to existing structures / pipe-racks.
Oversee WQT's (Welder Qualification Tests) including training, where
Review all external supplier / vendor document submissions for conformity to all governing codes and project specifications.
Take part in all H.O. generated squad checks of all procedures, guidelines and RFQ's
Furnish our Planners, QS's and CA's with the inspection status on equipment and ancillaries to assist with monthly certificate verifications, area completion and commissioning planning.
Stand in when required for our Construction Manager / Contracts Administrator.
References: Adrian Cullinane (SNCL Manager - Operations Excellence) + 27(0)-82-318- 4929 / +27(0)-11-535-4900 /
Seun van Wyk (ENRC Construction Manager) +27(0)-82-717-7821 /

Name of organisation: AMEC

Site QA/QC Manager

Sub Saharan Africa EPCM Company

April 2007 - August 2009

Project undertaken: Tenke Fungurume Mining Project, Katanga Province, DRC.
($US 2 Billion Copper and Cobalt mine.)

Duties included: Review, revise and approve all site specific GRDM control procedures.
Review all suppliers/manufacturers ITP's/QCP's in conjunction with the applicable codes/standards and GRDM specifications.
Conduct quality kick-off meetings with all contractors.
On an ongoing basis, review/approve all contractors' quality documentation.
Manage all discipline inspector's including earthworks, civils, structural, piping, electrical and instrumentation.
Manage all document control and mechanical completion handover staff.
Oversee owner supplied NDT personnel, including TOFD technicians.
Perform ongoing audits and follow ups on all our sub contractor's quality management systems.
Take part in quality, progress and schedule meetings.
Coordinate/assist with vendor personnel inspections. (At site)
Oversee and review the progressive and ongoing compilation of all our sub contractor's dossier files (MDR's)
Manage handover of all documentation for Mechanical Completion. (M.C.)

Reference: Adrian Cullinane (GRD Quality Manager, Africa) +27(0)-82-318-4929

Name of organization: BPR Bechtel Africa.

Site Quality Engineer


January 2006 - April 2007

of business: EPCM Company specialising in "Brown-Field" expansion projects.
Duration of Employment: January 2006-April 2007.
Job Title: Site Quality Engineer.
Projects undertaken: Highveld Steel and Vanadium Capex programme management. (South Africa)

Duties included: Carry out capability assessments at numerous fabricators and suppliers shortlisted for the rebuild of Iron Plant Furnace 6 and make recommendations.
Review purchase orders and contracts placed on all fabricators and suppliers to ascertain the scope of work, schedule and delivery requirements.
Review/approve all suppliers/manufacturers and sub-contractor's ITP's/QCP's in conjunction with the applicable codes/standards and BPR Bechtel specifications.
Carry out scheduled inspections and expediting visits at all fabricators and suppliers. Ensure that all code and specification requirements are met.
Schedule ongoing meetings with senior management at our major fabricators to determine procurement, fabrication and delivery status. Report back immediately to the relevant area manager/engineer at site.
Review and approve all manufacturers' MDR's (Manufacturer's data reports.)
Take part in weekly site meetings for all contractors awarded supply and install contracts.

Reference: Michael Durant ((BPR Bechtel Project Manager Africa) +27(0) - 82-886-4737.

Name of organization: Fluor SA (PTY) Ltd.

Site Welding Advisor/Quality Engineer

Multi disciplined EPCM Company

February 2005 - January 2006

Job Title: Site Welding Advisor/Quality Engineer.
Project undertaken: Turbo Project O.B.L.piping @ Sasol Secunda. (South Africa)

Duties included: To champion the "fix" of the unacceptable weld repair rate that had occurred on the O.B.L. (Outside battery limit) piping. (> 25%)
In conjunction with the Fluor welding engineer (Barry Mercer) and the appointed independent welding consultant (Fusion Eng. - Andy McNally) we performed a thorough and systematic investigation into the causes for the weld repairs. We then systematically prioritised and addressed the problems, which ultimately resulted in a lowering of the repair rate down to a more acceptable norm/level. (3 %)
We concurrently held training workshops with all the relevant piping/welding supervision to prevent any recurrence.
Reviewed on a daily basis all the radiography performed on the OBL piping, ensuring that the resident NDT companies and the associated AIA's worked strictly in accordance with the relevant codes and specifications, particularly in regard to acceptance criteria.
Oversaw the modifications to tanks in the high pressure tank farm, following the early departure of the Fluor tank superintendent.

Reference: Barry Mercer (Group Welding/Materials Engineer) +27(0)-72-150-6844.

Name of organization: Babcock Engineering (PTY) Ltd. (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Site Quality Engineer

Construction Company

April 2003 - February 2005

Job Title: Site Quality Engineer. (June 2004-February 2005)
Project undertaken: Turbo Project, SASOL, (South Africa)
O.B.L.piping @ Midlands Polymers S.C.I. Sasolburg (for Fluor)

Duties included: Carry out the completion and review of all site related quality documentation for Babcock Engineering and their sub contractors.
On an ongoing basis, compile all quality related documentation, as our work scope increased.
Review on a daily basis all radiography/reporting performed by the NDT sub- contractor.
Progressively compile all piping test packs.
Coordinate all NDT carried out by our sub contractor.
Generate and control certain site specific contractual documents, including Field engineering queries and Site Instructions.
Perform/oversee all punching activities on installed pipe work.
Oversee all pipe work hydro-testing and reinstatement.
Manage pipe work handover to the EPCM contractor. (Fluor.)
Conduct inspections/expediting at various sub-contractors.

References: Wayne Unsworth (Group QA Manager) +27(0) -83-414-5448.
Piet Vermuelen (Construction Manager) +27(0) -82-552-4497.
Liam Mc McCafferty (Fluor Construction Manager) +27(0) -79-779-8889.

Site Quality Engineer

AECI Modderfontein Translocation Project

April 2003 - June 2004

South Africa)
Dismantling, packaging and shipping to China the Ammonia # 4/Urea Plants.

Duties included: Review/complete all Babcock project specific field procedures/instructions.
Review/approve all sub-contactor's quality documentation.
Assist site engineering manager with data base compilation/packages.
Manage inspection/NDT personnel.
Manage the identification/inspection/bar coding and photographing of all mechanical equipment/pipe work/valves and structural steel. Ensure uploading of complete data base for the area prior to authorising the go-ahead to commence stripping of an area.
Assist with ongoing project scheduling.
Assist with coordinating of area scanning/packing/transportation and shipping.

References: Wayne Unsworth (Group QA Manager) +27(0) -83-414-5448.
Piet Vermuelen (Construction Manager) +27(0) -82-552-4497.

Name of organisation: Watec Engineering projects (PTY) Ltd. (South Africa)

Project Engineer

Mechanical Engineers/Fabrication/Construction Company

May 2001 - April 2003

Projects undertaken: Impala Platinum Mine # 14- Structural steel and underground services piping.
Morila Gold Mine Mali- Structural steel and piping.
Evertrade Medical waste treatment plants. (Johannesburg and Cape Town.)
Kanon handling systems-Loading platforms for the Petro-Chem. industry.

Duties included: Enquiry compilations.
Carry out all procurement for workshop and sites.
Manage workshop re-modeling and the selection and sourcing of new equipment.
Assist with all workshop and site scheduling/planning.
Manage workshop supervision.
Oversee all site personnel.
Interview all personnel for workshop/sites.
Conduct/agree measures with our client's QS personnel on site.
Manage all workshop and site sub-contractors.

References: Ray Hewitt (Group M.D.) +27(0) -82-560-0880.
Garvan McCann (Divisional director.) +27(0) 83-303-2761.

Name of organisation: Metallurgical Design and Management. (MDM) PTY Ltd.

Vendor Inspector/Expeditor

EPCM Company

September 1999 - April 2001

to the Mining industry. (Africa)
Duration of Employment: September 1999-April 2001. Job Title: Vendor Inspector/Expeditor.
Projects undertaken: Chibaluma Copper Mine-Zambia.
Morila Gold Mine-Mali.
Tirek Gold Mine-Algeria.
East Driefontein Gold Mine-South Africa.

Duties included: Review purchase orders on my allocated project/companies to establish their
precise scope of work.
Review and approve all manufacturer's QCP's/ITP's.
Carry out scheduled visits at all allocated fabricators and suppliers, ensuring that they meet the required quality standards and scheduled delivery dates/ milestones.
Witness NDT and FAT's of supplier equipment.
Coordinate logistics at fabricator's/suppliers. Ensure that the correct type and quantity of containers are allocated/ packed on schedule to ensure they make the "stacks" for the targeted ships.
Oversee the inspection, selection, stripping, removal, repairing, tagging and transportation of redundant mining equipment from OCC in South Africa to Chibuluma in Zambia.
Carry out assessments on potential supplier's and fabricators and make recommendations on capability and suitability.

References: Mark Humphrey (Business projects Manager.) +27(0) -83-604-0469.
Clinton Redman (Snr.Project Engineer.) +27(0) 83-255-7565.

Name of organisation: Steinmuller Africa.

Lead an expediting team


March 1997 - June 1999

Reformer Train III (Make-Gas Boilers replacement)
Mossgas: Reformer Train III Rebuild (Following explosion)
Sasol; Various shutdowns.
AECI Kynoch Modderfontein: HP Steam survey.
Iscor: Direct reduction plant; Boiler revamp.

Duties included: Guide estimator tender compilation, on my allocated projects. Source budget
prices from suppliers/potential sub-contractor's.
Negotiate with shortlisted suppliers and sub-contractors.
Motivate selection of suppliers/sub-contractors.
Oversee planning. Fine tune detailed planning (level 4) with our client's project management team / planners.
Ensure in-house fabrication and deliveries are in accordance with schedule requirements.
Manage all sub-contractors.
Communicate extensively with the site construction manager to manage the detail of all deliverables, inc. all resources, steelwork, plant and equipment.
Lead an expediting team at our Chamdor works, following an explosion at our client's refinery. - Approximately 10 months. (Mossgas Train III Re-build)

References: Leigh de Huff (Steinmuller Africa Senior Contracts Eng.) +27(0)11-806-3911
Tony Redfern (Steinmuller Constr. Senior Contracts Eng) +27(0)82-904-4650

Site Lead Inspector (L & C Steinmuller Construction)

L & C Steinmuller Construction

August 1991 - February 1997

(5½ years) Based @ Sasol 1, Sasolburg.
Types of contacts: Power generation plant outages/shutdowns. /Petro-chem. projects/shutdowns.

Duties included: Lead inspection survey's on all our client's numerous power generation plants and report thereon, including all recommendations to create the overall scope of work.
Lead inspection/NDT personnel on all projects awarded to LCSC in the Vaal Triangle region, including Sasol 1, Natref, Omnia and Iscor.
On an ongoing basis carry out/oversee all work carried out by both LCSC and our sub-contractors to ensure that all work is performed in accordance to the applicable code, standards and clients specifications.
Perform expediting/inspection visits on suppliers and fabricators utilised on our projects and furnish immediate feedback to project and construction management.
Compile/oversee the ongoing compilation of all test packages/dossier's. (MDR's)
Assist the Commissioning department with plant optimisation projects.

References: Steve East (LCSC QA/QC Manager) +27(0)11-806-3911.
Tony Redfern (LCSC Snr. Project Engineer) +27(0)82-904-4650

Lead Inspector to QA/QC Manager (Steinmuller-Lavis)


September 1988 - August 1991

Type of contracts: Eskom power stations, Offshore Oil Platform Modules, Steel/Petro-Chem.
Plants, Mining/Material-Handling plants.

Duties included: Review/revise and approve all existing quality control procedures.
Generate on an ongoing basis, new procedures, as required.
Generate all required ITP's/QCP's.
Peruse incoming enquiry documents and advise on any possible onerous requirements, manpower levels and costs.
Review/revise and approve all sub contactor's documentation.
Manage all inspection and NDT personnel.
Schedule and manage client/vendor inspection personnel visits to optimise monthly cash flow deliverables.
Assist the Welding Engineer with procedures/process optimisation projects.
Carry out site visits to all our client's erection sites to build client relationships and handle any issues that arise periodically.
Carry out assessments on potential supplier's and fabricators and make recommendations on capability and suitability.
Carry out all inspections on our Oil and Gas Platform Modules. (Due to sub-ordinates not been qualified to perform the work.)

References: Jurgen Schneider (Managing Director) +27(0)11-806-3911.
Ian Mc Millan (Group QC Manager) +27(0)11-806-3911.

Project Engineer

EPCM Company

September 1986 - June 1999

to the Power generation, Oil/Gas, Mining and Petro-Chem. industries. (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Duration of Employment: September 1986-June 1999. (13 years) Job Title: Project Engineer.

Qualifications & Certifications

South African Institute of Welding

studies and techniques

Bradford College of Further Education

City and Guilds


Cardinal Hinsley Boys Grammar School

Bradford College of Further Education

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