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Currently employed by Wilson Security as a client services officer on Nauru. I have experience with x-ray machines, itemisers (for the detection of explosives and illicit substances) and interactions with people from diverse cultures.

Work History

Correctional Supervisor

Brisbane Correctional Centre

October 2007 - February 2014

and attach to the project team for the commissioning phrase of the centre on 28 October 2007.
Due to a delay with the commissioning of the centre, I return to Palen Creek Correctional Centre in February 2008 to perform the role of Manager Offender Management.
I was part of a team that has developed, evaluated and implemented a wide range of operational procedures and daily routines. Since the commissioning of the centre I have perform duties in a number of areas within the centre.
• Secure North accommodation area - On a daily basis I am responsible for the day to day operations and supervise 14 custodial staff and a number of interventional specialists, who manage 300 high security prisoners.
• Reception Store /Visits - At present I am performing the role of Reception Store and Visits Supervisor. The reception store is responsible for conducting the induction process for prisoner arriving at the centre from police watchhouses and courts, after being sentence to a term of imprisonment. I oversee the reception / induction process which included the itemising, recording and storage of property belonging to prisoners. I manage on a daily basis prisoners that are from diverse cultural backgrounds. I am a accredited operator of the Ionscan, which is use to detect illicit substances on visitors entering the centre. Whilst performing duties in the visits area I liaise with members of the Legal Fraternity, State and Federal law enforcement agencies and the general public.
• MSU - I was involved in the recommissioning of the Maximum Security Unit and training staff to perform duties within a unique environment. As a Correctional Supervisor in the MSU I was responsible for the management of maximum security classified prisoners.
• Centre Services - I have perform the role of Centre Services Supervisor, managing a diverse range of functions which include, the security management systems, first point of entry to the centre and in charge of the centre after hours. Centre...

Correctional Supervisor

Palen Creek Correctional Centre

December 2005 - October 2007

December 2005 - October 2007.

Due to the closure of SDLCC for refurbishment, I was appointed to the position of Correctional Supervisor on 21 December 2005. The position of Correctional Supervisor at this centre, incorporates the supervision of offender's visits and the Intelligence function (March 2006 ATP 005 intel course). Due to the centre being an open custody facility I oversaw the leave of absence program for offender's reintegration and community projects. I use on a daily basis the Integrated Offender Management System to record and receive information on offenders. IOMS is a tool that I use to track an offender's progress through the system before recommending his placement at this centre. I am responsible for the generation of inci reports, safety orders and intelligence reports on to IOMS. Supervise instant urine testing and quarterly statistical urinalysis testing. Information collected from these tests identifies the level of drug usage and allows me to implement strategies that will address the issue. Due to the centre being open custody and therefore with limited level of static security, the main focus is dynamic security. Dynamic security is achieve through information accessed from IOMS, informants, visitors, outside agencies and case management, with a high level of emphasis placed on staff interaction with offenders. I am responsible for conducting a desk top and active contingency each month and reporting to management any concerns or recommendations on the centre's contingency plans.
It is part of my duties to do monthly audits on case management files, whilst conducting these audits, should I identify problems, I am in the position to offer support and guidance to staff. Should I identify a problem that appears to be widespread, I have then conducted in service training sessions to assist staff in obtaining the skills required.

corrective services officer

Woodford and Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centres

From September 2000

September 2000 I was appointed to the Maximum Security Unit and was directly involved in all aspects of the commissioning of the unit. On a daily basis I was responsible for the direct supervision of 5 staff and approximately 10 offenders. Due to the offenders housed in the unit being classified as "Maximum security" my main duty was to ensure that they were managed in accordance with the structured day and their individual management plans. Due to case management not having the same level of importance as other areas in the centre, dynamic security was achieved through offender's mail, arunta phone system and audio tapes in the non-contact visit booth. The main priority was static security and ensuring the effectiveness of the system. I conduct morning and evening briefing session as a tool for sharing information. Managing and coordinating the daily operations of the unit included, consulting with intervention specialists when developing individual management plans and time tables for the delivery of relevant programs to offenders.
The commissioning of the Maximum Security Unit required the development of unique procedures to manage difficult offenders, within an environment that is installed with "state of the art" technology. In the company of other members of the mid-management team we visited MSUs at Woodford and Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centres. Information that was gathered at those centres enabled us to develop an unique set of procedures. During the 5 years that the MSU was operational, several procedures had been modified due to ongoing evaluations being conducted. When developing a structured day, each offender's maximum security order had to be consulted to ensure that no breaches of the order had occurred.

In my position I managed the resources available by being proactive and monitoring rosters, procedures and routines. Identifying of problems and or weaknesses were addressed through consultation with staff and or management.
I have spent some...

Correctional Supervisor are

From March 1999

March 1999 I was appointed to the position of Correctional Supervisor and commenced duties in K Block. I was responsible for the direct supervision of 10 staff, up to 150 offenders and liaised with intervention specialists to ensure the smooth operation of the block. Determination of breaches of discipline, monitoring procedures, auditing case management files, ensuring static security checks were completed and through increased staff interaction with offenders, dynamic security was achieved. These duties were part of the daily operational and security functions of the block. Due to the diverse offender population, management and risk assessment team meetings were frequently conducted to meet the constant issues that may have jeopardize the smooth operation of the block.
As a Correctional Supervisor in "K" block I was regularly reviewing procedures to meet the changing dynamics of the block. I reviewed the "open door" policy after several incidents and in consultation with staff and management developed and implemented a new procedure. New procedures were developed to ensure the effective operation of the block when offenders were "doubled up".
The benefits of case management to me, as a Correctional Supervisor are:

• Offenders become involved in programs / work, which reduces boredom and leads to less problems.
• Staff establish a rapport with offenders therefore leads to greater interaction and increases dynamic security.
• Staff are involved in certain aspects of the decision making process that affects the offender.
• Sound management tool for offenders.
• Staff and offenders are accountable for their actions.
• Encourages interaction between custodial and program staff.
• Monitors behavioural changes.

spine officer and movement control officer

Sir David Longland Correctional Centre

March 1994 - December 2005

March 1994 - December 2005.

Re-commenced my employment with the department as a base grade officer performing the duties of unit manager, spine officer and movement control officer.
For approximately eighteen months I performed security duties in the laundry and acted in the role of relief trade instructor on several occasions. In 1997 whilst in "K" block I attended a "workshop" prior to the introduction of case management. Prior to the introduction of 12 hour shifts in mid 1997 I developed, in consultation with staff and management, new rosters for the centre, these rosters remained operational for several years.

I perform the role of Manager Offender Management

Up to May 2007

During this period I provided management, planning, organisation, supervision and monitoring of custodial operations and programs including sentence management, psychological and counselling services, education and vocational programs, medical and other allied health services as well as recreational activities.
I coordinated and managed all aspects of offender programs such as sentence management, reception and induction, classification, case management, parole advisory, education , medical, dental and psychological services, industries, recreational activities and programs.
For a 4 week period I perform the role of duty manager, during this period I managed 3 medical emergency escorts and several staffing issues.

Qualifications & Certifications

McGregor state high, Qld

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