Agrawal - Hypnotherapist - Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Manju Agrawal

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India


At the knock of bright beginning of the new year I would like to wish you Merry New Year 2011.

May God help you utilise your immense personal strength to relax, enjoy, help, work with honesty, perseverance, resilience, philanthropic virtues that



  • Part time


I am a happiness promoting psychologist

I have expertise in designing training courses for corporate employees, NGOs and Internationally funded projects.

I am a life coach to help people realize their potential, set targets and help them achieve their dreams, as well as facilitate them to maximize utilization of their talents, skills and potentials.

I am also a positive therapist who does not believe in finding problems but attaining and implementing solutions.

Work History

Agrawal, M

Measure to bring quality improvement and enhancement in higher education, keynote speaker, internal quality assurance cell, Ramswaroop Memorial university, 22nd Jan.
Agrawal, M. (2013). Counseling Children: the challenges and achievements. Lecture at NIIPCID, 18th June
Agrawal, M. (2013). Counselling and Coaching: A peep into the new technique for growth and happiness. Invited for keynote address at Digdarshak:The Path Finder, 17th June.

Agrawal M

Problem Identification to dream realization, abstract published in Souvenir, National Conference on Current Concerns and Emerging Areas of Application of Counselling, . Feb 27-28, BHU.

Emotional Intelligence and Stress management

Agrawal, M

for Senior Medical Officers' Capsule Course ( Brigadiers-SMOCC-09), Officers' Training College, AMC center and college, 13th March.
Agrawal, M. (2013). Values: Promoting mental Health and Personal Growth, Noor Manzil Psychiatric Center, 2nd March.

Productivity and Innovation for Sustainable Development, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Agrawal, M

14th Feb.

Agrawal, M. (2013). Appreciative Inquiry as a Therapeutic Tool. The Richmond Fellowship Society (India), Lucknow Branch. 24th Jan.

Agrawal, M. (2012). Organizational Behavior: Communicate through appreciative inquiry for Senior Medical Officers' Capsule Course ( Brigadiers-SMOCC-07), Officers' Training College, AMC center and college,18th July.

Agrawal M

Participative appreciative therapy: A positive approach, XXX International Congress of Psychology, Abstracts, Cape Town, South Africa, July 22-27, 2012
Abstracts, International Union of Psychological Science (IUPS)

Psychological Instrument
3. Agrawal, M., (2012). Students' Stress Scale , A standardized scale, Prasad
Psycho.Corporation, New Delhi.

In National Journals/ Newspapers/Books
4 Agrawal M, Srivastava, Manini, Mishra, Jyoti (accepted for June 2014). Role of Positive and Negative Messages in determination of Self-Esteem and Positive Life Orientation of Adolescent girls, Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. June.
5 Agrawal, M. Malhotra, M. & Shrivastava, A. (2014), Women and Mental Health in a book Rethinking Gender, edited by Roli Mishra, Rawat Publications, New Delhi.


23 Agrawal,M

): A Cream and Dessert Approach, Keynote address in 3rd International Conference on Positivism: 6th-8th August, Amity University, Jaipur, India.
24 Agrawal,M (2012). Participative Appreciative Therapy: A Poitive Approach. Presented in 30th International Congress of Psychology, 22nd -27th July, Cape Town, South Africa.
25 Agrawal, M. (2011). Barefoot Lawyers and Judges of India presented in International conference on SOCIAL JUSTICE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT on 18-20 December1.

Refresher course in Education, Academic Staff College, Lucknow University, 22nd Feb

Agrawal, M

(2012). Appreciative Inquiry and Experiential Learning Cycle, Refresher course in Education, Academic Staff College, Lucknow University, 22nd Feb.

Agrawal, M. (2011), Gender issues and Literacy. Invited for a training session of Govt. medical Doctors by State Health Institute of Family Welfare. 24th March.

Agrawal, M. (2011). Stress Management: A Fine Art of Internal Engineering. Organized by Association of Knowledge Workers, Lucknow, attended by delegates and students, coordinated by secretary UPPCL, Mr. Dileep,, 5th Feb.

Agrawal, M. (2010). Motivational lecture for IFFCO, Lucknow, 11th Aug.

Agrawal, M. (2010). "Perspectives and Motivation", invited lecture for managers of IFFCO, at IFFCO, Lucknow, 18th March, 2010.

Agrawal, M. (2010). "Intervention Strategies for Teachers" A lecture for Teachers of Mount Carmel School, Lucknow, 20th March, 2010.

Agrawal, M. (2010). "Stress Management", workshop for TELCO managers, organized by Saksham at TELCO, Lucknow, 18th March, 2010.

Agrawal, M. (2010). "Counselling for Sexual Assault" workshop for Mater Trainers organized by Psychology Department of Lucknow University, 30th Jan. 2010.

Agrawal, M. (2010). Mental Health of Women and Children, invited lecture by "Sanjhi Duniya" 14th January.

Agrawal, M. (2009). Nominated as Education Minister in the "First Women's Parliament" held at Delhi 2nd - 5th November 2009.

Agrawal, M. (2009). "Education and Youth Policy", panelist for discussion on "Youth in Change, Policy Dialogue", 29th October 2009, Lucknow.

Agrawal, M. (2009). "The Journey of Formation of Women's policy and its Challenges" panelist in discussion on effective implementation of women's policy in Uttar Pradesh, 9th April 2009, Lucknow

Agrawal, M. (2009). "Youth in Change" panelist on State Level Discussion on Youth policy, 6th April, 2009, Lucknow.

Agrawal, M. (2009). "Domestic Violence and Stress Management" Session conducted at State Planning Institute, Lucknow, 21st May 2009, Lucknow


Agrawal, M

). A Positive Approach to Psycho-Therapy, presented in International Conference on Positivism: Path to Success, Satisfaction and Bliss, Jaipur, 6th-8th August.
27 Agrawal, M., Dangwal, P. (2010). Towards "Domestic Harmony": A Behaviour Change Communication Model to Curb Domestic Violence, presented in International Conference on Positivism: Path to Success, Satisfaction and Bliss" Jaipur, India, 6th-8th August.
28 Agrawal, M (2010). Participative Appreciative Therapy: A Psychotherapy With A Positive Approach, presented in International Conference on Positive Psychology: A New Approach to Mental Health, Jaipur, 6th-8th August.

Agrawal M

Myths about sex and sexuality - the need for sex education, Indian Journal of Social Work, vol.17. issue 2, April
8 Agrawal M. (2010). SWOT analysis vs Appreciative Inquiry, Psyinsight, vol1, isuue 1, August p 41-42.
9 Agrawal M. (2007). The world Cup Debacle: A New perspective, player's attitude and team spirit more important than skill. In Times of India, 12/04/07, p 16

Ramani, S.K., Agrawal,M

). Emotional Intelligence and Women Empowerment, presented in International Conference on Positive Psychology: A New Approach to Mental Health, Jaipur, 6th-8th August.
30 Agrawal, M., Malhotra, Meeta; Sharma, Eshanika (2009). Effect of Academic Dissatisfaction on Suicidal Ideation, 4rth International Symposium on "Cognition, Stress and Mental Health" 14 - 16 December, 2009. Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi INDIA.
31 Agrawal, M., Sharma, Eshanika; Malhotra, Meeta ( 2009). Physical and Mental Well-Being of 'Identity Achieved' Women, presented in 8th biennial conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology, IIT , Delhi, 11th -14th Dec. 2009.

Kewalramani, S. & Agrawal, M

). Five models of emotional intelligence: similarities and discrepancies. National seminar on emotional intelligence: A key to human well-being, Amity University, Lucknow, 4 -5 March.
47 Agrawal,M. (2010). Stress and brain. National Brain Awareness Program on the Mysterious Brain, IIIT, Allahabad, 13-14 March.
48 Agrawal,M. (2007). Status of Domestic Violence in the state of UP. Keynote speaker of "Domestic Violence: Developing a Holistic Healthcare Response" 8th Dec. 2007, Lucknow

Taj Residency

Agrawal, M

(2007). Sex Education: Myths and Realities VIII International Conference on Asian Youth And Childhoods 2007 to be held from Nov. 22-24 at Taj Residency, Lucknow
33 Agrawal, M., Kumkum, Tripathi, Abhijit Das (2005). Increasing use of Oxytocin in rural north India: Implications for maternal and neonatal health. Presented in the 10th International women's health meeting held in New Delhi from 21st -25th Sept. 2005.


Social issues behind female foeticide", presented in "Media Sensitization on Declining Sex Ratio and PNDT Act" , held on 22-23 Nov. Agra, India.

Agrawal M

women in grassroot democracy: In a book "Participatory citizenship: Identity, Inclusion, Exclusion" edited by Ranjita Mohanty and published by Sage Publications,

Openinig Horizons

). A study carried out by Mahila Samakhya under my supervision on residential literacy centers for rural adolescent girls was published. Mahila Samakhya, U. P.
21 Agrawal M. (2005). The World of Adolescent Girls, published by 'Books for Change' . It is available both in Hindi and English.

member of New Advocacy Project

34 Agrawal, M

to raise the prominence of Reproductive Health within United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

35 Agrawal, M

Beijing +10 review meeting at New York organized by United Nations in Feb-March

36 Agrawal, M

Invited by International Planned Parenthood, for presentation on "Violence as a multisectoral issue" at 'ICPD at 10 South Asia Regional Roundtable' 4-6th Aug, Kathmandu.

Development of Following Training Packages

Samakhya, Lucknow

35 Community Mobilization and Service Delivery: A Manual for Trainers of
Community Based Workers, Prerana Population Resource Centre, Lucknow
36 Reproductive Health A Manual for Trainers of Community Based Workers,
Centre for Development and Population Activities, Washington D.C. U.S.A.
37 Supervision: A Manual for Trainers of Supervisors of Community Health
Projects. Prerana Population Resource Centre, Lucknow

International Conference on Democracy and Governance

New Delhi.

Women in Grassroot Democracy and Panchayati Raj

A study carried out under my supervision on women's participation in Panchayats by Mr P.N. sharma and Vani Vinayak. A published study, Mahila samakhya U.P.

International Seminars and conferences

Former Editor

Mahila Samakhya

Up to July 2005

magazine "Bhumija" for sensitization of gender issues particularly meant for males. Was its Editor from 2002 -2005
39 Started publication of two news letters "Asmita" and "Dhanya" at for
Mahila Samakhya program (2002-2005) and also edited them.

IEC material
Conceptualized, designed and developed several posters, handbills, flash cards, booklets and other material for behavior change communication. "pitrasatta ke ghere mein purush is a very popular booklet.

Agrawal M

). A psychological explanation of women's status. Presented in International Conference on Gender Equality through Women empowerment, March, Lucknow, India.
39 Agrawal M. (1993). Cognitive resources and coping with diseases. Presented in International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Cognition. Dec., Varanasi, India.

Agrawal M

The trauma of a rape victim. Pioneer, p.10, July3

Agrawal M. Dalal, A.K Agrawal, D.K.. Agrawal R.K

Positive life orientation and recovery from myocardial infarction. Social Science and Medicine,40(1), 125-130.
3 Agrawal,M (2012). Participative Appreciative Therapy: A Poitive Approach. Abstract of 30th International Congress of Psychology, 22nd -27th July, Cape Town, South Africa.
South Africa

Agrawal M

). Signals of heart attack. Times of India, July 30
13 Agrawal M. Dalal, A.K.(1994). Patients in Indian hospitals: Environmental stresses and affective reactions. Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol. LV , 1, 41-46.

Agrawal M. Dalal, A.K

Beliefs about the world and recovery from myocardial infarction. The Journal of Social Pssychology, 133(3), 385-394.

A.K. & Agrawal M

Doctor patient communications in an Indian hospital, Presented in the 4th International conference on Social Psychology and Language, Aug. U.S.A.

Care in 21st Century , Sept

Self initiated recovery of myocardial infarction patients Presented in the 2nd International conference of Health and Behavioral Sciences:Care in 21st Century , Sept. Tokyo , Japan.

Seminar Papers
42 Agrawal, M. (2013). Problem Identification to Dream Realization presented in the National Conference on Current Concerns and Emerging Areas of Application of Counselling (CCEAAC-2013), A keynote address, 27-28 February, BHU, Varanasi.
43 Agrawal, M. (2010). Stress and Brain, Presented in the seminar on Brain Awareness Program, organized by IIIT, Allahabad, 13-14 March.
44 Kewalramani, S. & Agrawal, M. (2011). Women Empowerment through Emotional Intelligence, presented in International Seminar on Counselling and Community Psychology, Jaunpur, 17-19 Dec.
45 Agrawal, M. (2010). Mental Health and Child Rights. presented in U.P. Media Schools Summit on Child Rights Education, 21st Jan 2010, Amity University, Lucknow.

Agrawal M. & Dalal, A.K

). Belief in the doctrine of 'Karma'and recovery from heart attack. Presented in the All India Seminar on Indigenization of Psychology, Allahabad
55 Agrawal M. & Naidu R.K.(1988). Working wives' job: An enigma. Presented in the Indian Science Congress, Lucknow.

Agrawal M. & Naidu, R.K

). Impact of desirable and undesirable events on health. Journal of personality and Clinical Studies, 4,1, 53-62.
15 Agrawal M. (1993).Proper policy is need of the hour. Times of India, Nov. 23
16 Agrawal M. (1993). How students feel about Ayodhya Times of India, Sept. 23

Agrawal M. & Naidu R.K

A comparative study of professional stresses of men and women. Presented in the 8th All India Convention of Clinical Psychologists, Lucknow.

Invited As A Panelist/Speaker In Following Meets And Seminars ( list is only for 2009-10)

Professor, Director, Head, Lecturer

Amity university, Mahila Samakhya, PPRC-CEDPA, Lucknow University and Allahabad University

Ph.D in Psychology fro University of Allahabad.

I have rich experience in receiving and imparting training. I have received trainings from International agencies (CEDPA, INTRAH, CHI, and many organizations) on community based approaches, reproductive health, organizational behaviour issue, management issues, adolescent issues, appreciative inquiry, life coaching, hypnotherapy etc. etc. I have conducted Management Development Programs for Govt and Non-Govt employees, NGO personnel, Defense personnel etc. etc.

I am a practicing hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and life coach.


Director, Amity Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Amity University.

I am a trainer with participatory approach, a life coach, a psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist.

Qualifications & Certifications

St. Anthony's Convent, Allahabad, UP

Ph.D in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Child and Adolescent Issues, Women in Management

Ph.D in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Child and Adolescent Issues, Women in Management

University of Allahabad


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