Wysoczanska - Advocate for a Functional Living Throw Mind-Body Awareness - Cape Town, WC, South Africa

Magdalena Wysoczanska

Cape Town, WC, South Africa


Advocate for a Functional Living Throw Mind-Body Awareness


“My work is about creating PURE ENERGY shifts in the way you see yourself, your place in the world and what you are capable of achieving.
I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, spoken in front of countless audiences and created a clear, simple and real life approach to my work.
It consists of se7en levels and principles which in this case every woman can take in order to soar way into the void and beyond, taking the health of your mind, body and your heart as well as everything in your life including your business, far beyond what you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, logically, physiologically and intuitively you will learn to expend your vision of what is possible. By allowing this very exciting process to be part of your life, I get to be a catalyst for huge foundational shifts and total transformation.

“Intense by nature” and “Defying gravity” are just two of the programs
in the seven levels and they were each created for you, to experience your own unique

However I’m most interested in working with, goal setting, high goal achieving, focused and driven through pure energy, and extremely motivated women. Who not only feel the need to be more
But also to inspire and encourage so many others who can benefit for this.

Work History

a team member, chief advocate for "functional boot camp on fire"

firezone at body future

January 2013 - January 2013

“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” -Michael Jordan

The only things all participants have in common are their willingness to try something new and their drive to push themselves. Boot camp isn’t easy. It’s tough and you should expect to work hard and sweat your butt off. I ask that participants know their limitations and aren’t afraid to say, “I can’t do that.” We can always substitute an exercise you can’t do with one that you can. Many boot campers can’t run, so we put them on an Airdyne bike or a rower. Many boot campers can’t jump so instead of box jumps we have them do squats or step ups. Your limitations should only keep you from doing a specific exercise, it shouldn’t keep you from giving it your very best effort.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson



January 2011 - January 2011

chife photographer

life.on.fire photography

From January 2010

Owner and Founder


From January 2010

mind core raw advocate, defying gravity & core correction conditioning

raw Z.E.N

June 2010 - June 2010

seven ways to defying gravity

functional photographer

surf on fire

October 2009 - October 2009

photography as part of everyday capture

"surf on fire" photography

From February 2006

C.E.O and Photographer

iRaw photography

January 2005 - January 2005

3 dimensional Raw photo images & creative design

head sport specific coach and fitness advocate

Self Employed Fitness Model

From January 2003

CEO & Founder


From January 2001


firezone 3D functional well being

January 1999 - January 1999

Firezone offers a Holistic approach to everyday health and well being, resulting in fit and dynamic quality of life.
Helping to become “Well” and ensuring staying “Well” is Firezone way of life.
Fitness is a part of keeping you healthy.
Nutrition is a part of keeping you healthy.
Healing therapy is a part of keeping you healthy.
All these are vital and play a very important part to your well being.
Firezone 3D way of life and the fitness programs provide all of the necessary services required for a better way of living.
Not a Doctor’s office and nothing like a fitness club.
All the Firezone 3D Health & Fitness programs are above and beyond all other traditional concepts, and are based on the seven level principles resulting in a perfect “Mind Core Raw" Way of Life, with opportunity for everyone to:
Take a pro active role in the well being of one’s mind.
Take a pro active role in the health of one’s body.
Team up with Firezone 3D way of life to get fit and functional for everyday life.
To make Firezone a partner, is the 1st step to making a commitment to a healthy living.
It is a commitment to becoming the absolute best that one can be and transforming a way of living with only a positive impact on everyone and everything around us. Firezone provides every individual the opportunity to becoming “mind core raw” aware and living in total wellness through fitness, nutrition, and essential healing modalities.
The plus with interactive approach is the principles that its built on, starting with 3D functional form, seven level equilibrium, total core fitness programs, rejuvenation therapies & detox flushes, reparative and regenerative nutrition guide, and a true state of optimum health & well being with our modern application of Raw way of eating.
We embrace the seven elements of Firezone everyday (air, fire, earth, core, stone, water, wood) directing all energy to reach the higher state of well being.

I – mind core raw Zone ,

Starting with breathing

CEO & Founder

R.A.W "firezone 3 D functional fitness with form

From September 1998

anti-aging mind body proffessional advisor

firezone 3D way of life- mind core raw zone

January 1998 - January 1998

Firezone - way of life is a combination of health and fitness as well as meal planning, to help to get you well and keep you healthy.
Promoting wellness to others is my passion, this 3D way reflects mind body & core as one and is the first step to an anti-aging way of living.
Mind-body therapy keeps you focused, Fitness keeps you active. Nutrition is keeping you well & each element plays a part in your existence, who you are? Tools and all of these services, are developed through only the best research, motivated by passion and belief in what it is our bodies need. I have a commitment to getting you healthy and keeping you well.
Firezone is't just another lifestyle, it's a way of life driven by an inflammable passion. Helping you to create your own environment, a strong foundation and a platform for a way to show you "raw eating energy & positive attitude".
Our programs embody total mind-body & spirit life, which symbolizes an approach, exceeding the traditional concepts.
Taking an energetic path in your well being with enthusiastic avenues will guide your health for ever- takeing charge of your life.
Make a commitment to yourself. Become the absolute best & learn to maximize your potential through optimum mind-body & heart experience.

Mind-body & core" is firezone’s flagship program, a “se7en level-3D way of living code”. Encompassing functional form & fitness, firm fundamental force of nature’s resistance and newest nutrition & an anti-aging approach to living.
The philosophy to build you up from the inside out, tailor specific programs to meet the very specific needs and goals of each one of you, as individuals.
The approach is of total mind-body fitness & above all rejuvenating, purifying and regenerative. Each customized nutrition & fitness program, represent a true pinnacle of having a healthy heart, feeling fit & functional as well as wanting a well being feeling in our way of living.



September 1998 - August 2001


MTN Gladiators was a game show produced by MTN for SABC3 in South Africa from 1999 to 2001. Following South Africa's initial participation in the second International Gladiators and Springbok Challenge YouTube tournaments in Birmingham, England, the format developed a cult following in South Africa. In 1998 production finally began for a domestic series, eventually airing in 1999.

The show pitted contestants in a variety of physical events against the 'Gladiators', who would attempt to prevent them from achieving maximum points on a variety of games. After this, the two contenders would race each other on the Eliminator, an assault course containing climbing, balancing, and cargo nets. The contender with the most points received a half second head start for every 1 point they were in front by.

The show was originally presented by Glenn Hicks - executive producer of the first four series - and Ursula Staplefeldt. Following Glenn's departure from the show in 2000, he was replaced by James Lennox when it was resurrected for its penultimate fifth series in 2001.

The referees were legendary South African cricketer Cyril Mitchley (1999 - 2000) and international strongman Wayne "The Boss" Price (2001). The timekeepers over the show's run were Ingrid Chantler (1999-2000), and female Gladiator ICE (2001) - unable to compete due to pregnancy. The Gladiators and crowds alike were cheered on by a group of cheerleaders, known as G-Force.

All the MTN Gladiators tapings took place at the Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg (1999 - 2000) and Big Top Arena, Carnival City (2001) in South Africa.

A special second Springbok Challenge series, known simply as Springbok Challenge 2, against a team of British Gladiators and contenders was filmed in South Africa in 2000 YouTube.

self employed and an athlete

From January 1995

photography advocate

raw "photography on fire"

From January 1990

Qualifications & Certifications


Bryanston High School

The Glen High School


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