Castro - Mechanical ( Static/Rotating Packages ) Engineer - San Pedro, CALABARZON, Philippines

Luis Castro

San Pedro, CALABARZON, Philippines


My forte or strenght is Operation & maintenance of Power plant & utilities since I start as a mechanical Technician from Kimberly_Clark until I reach the pinacle of my career as plant Manager in San Miguel Corporation in Plant Operation & Maintenance when thr contract of Rolls Royce with San Miguel ended.


Mechanical ( Static/Rotating Packages ) Engineer

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Equipment assembly, installation, operation & maintenance including Engineering procurement and construction for power & energy project

Work History

Senior Mechanical Field Engineer

Madina Group

From April 2012

Project: Qatar Shell Pearl GTL (OEM Contract)
Ras Laffan Industrial City, State of Qatar

Job description:
• Plan and coordinate CM & PM shutdown jobs @ Qatar Shell GTL, work pack preparation from up-stream to downstream as required in feed Gas plant, liquid processing unit & gas to Liquid plant including utility facilities
• Prepare CM & PM work pack for Shell maintenance of equipments including minor design adjustment requirement for efficient plant operation.
• Coordinate and prepare maintenance program & solution for rotating & static equipment including direct hand work with shell engineers & technician in equipments reliability, corrosion inspection & testing using (PIG) Pipe Inspection Gauge in piping & tanks.
• Supervision & implementation of HSSE life saving rules in all CM & PM works.
• Maintain high level of technical knowledge in re-designing process flow system such as water injection, sulphur recovery, liquefaction, flash gasification (compressor system), PSA / Gas & air separation (separate Nitrogen for flushing and preservation and Hydrogen use in base oil and Wax), SCOT shell carbon oxidising treatment, NGL-extracting natural gas if required in accordance to API, ASME and DEP as shell requirements in relations to plant data requirements.
• Maintain reliability and integrity of equipments used in process such compressors (Thomassen , Man turbo, MHI and Siemens) pumps-Sulzer and Flowserve, furnace that supply steams to steam driven compressors and effluent treatment plant where toxic residue is treated some are burn as H2S gas and others injected back to under ground.

Maintenance Manager (Wartsila Services)

Wartsila Services

June 2011 - April 2012

Project: Petrodar Operating Company/Sudan Petroleum Piping Corporation(PDOC/SPPC)
Melut Basin Development Projec, Khartoum SUDAN

Job description:
• Developed operation and maintenance program of three(3) Power Plant and Six(6)Oil Pumping station of PDOC/SPPC.(South & North Sudan)
• Plan and control the maintenance program for the power plant and pumping station.
• Supervise maintenance personnel on site during over hauling including trouble shooting.
• Over see and Coordinate in the procurement of rotating spares and parts needed for power plant and pump station maintenance
• Evaluate power plant and pumping station equipment during normal operation and before and after maintenance
• Support and sustain global services and contract of Wartsila within the region (Africa)

Mechanical (rotating & stationary) Engineer

Toyo Engineering of Japan & Hyundai Engineering of Korea Consortium

January 2008 - July 2010

(January 2008 - July 2010)
Project: Qatar Shell Pearl GTL LPU-C5 project
Ras Laffan Industrial City, State of Qatar
Job description:
• Prepare method of statement and test plan inspection of rotating and static equipment.
• Supervision of sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers during assembly, installation of equipments and constructing of structural components.
• Effective implementation of General requirements in Design standard in API, ASME, DIN, DEP and design standard from the country of origin in accordance with local standard.
• Evaluate possible modification and re-design defective structure, supports and rerouting of piping.
• Receiving and inspection of equipments & documents on site prior for installation and assembly
• Full implementation of client(Qatar Shell) and company(THC) standard in HSSE ( Health Security Safety & Environment)
• Proper inspection of equipments and documents during hand over to project management or client.
• Assist equipments vendors / representative in applying solution during construction and pre-commissioning including permits, materials and support equipment.
• Monitor sub contractors and vendors representative at site for the implementation of plans & drawings.

Snr. Mechanical Field Engineer

Training and Seminar

) for the Gas to Liquid Proj.
• Leadership Training Program (Bronze)
1. Introduction to HSSE and L/S
2. Supervision with in LCA (Life Critical Activity)
3. Train the Trainer
4. SSK Supervision and Skills
5. Practical L/S
• L / S (Silver)
2. Cultural Awareness
• L / S (Gold)
1. Q / A (Quality Assurance)
2. Organizing and Planning
• Study of French Languages (Senegal School of Arts & Culture:Oct.2006-Dec.2006)
• Effective Business & Technical Program (Guthrie Jensen: Aug.9 & 10, 2001)
• Material Selection (Alfa Laval: July 26,2001)
• Work Attitude & Value Enhancement (Guthrie Jensen: March 16-18, 1999)
• Boiler Feed Water & Maintenance ( PSME: Nov.28, 1998)
• Customer Information & Awareness Course (ABB Singapore: Oct.21-23, 1998)
• Supervisory Skill Development (University of the Philippines-SLAIR: Sept. 30-Oct.2 1998)
• Welding Technology (PSME: July 25, 1998)
• Metallurgy and Application (PSME July 26, 1998)
• Electromechanical Operation and Maintenance (SIEMENS: Aug.30, 1998)
• Shaft Seal Operation and Maintenance (John Crane: Aug.22, 1998)
• Power Plant Operation and Maintenance (Wartsila Finland Oy: Aug.25-28, 1997)
• Operation and Maintenance (Alfa Laval: July 30-31, 1996)
• ENRON Leadership Program 1 ( Asia Business Consultant: Jan.17-19, 1996)
• ENRON Leadership Program 2 (Asia Business Consultant: March 6-8, 1996)
• Fuel Injection System (Wartsila Diesel: Dec.19-20, 1994)
• Diesel Power Plant Operation and Maintenance (Wartsila Diesel Factory: Finland: May 12-30,1994)
• Machinery Management "MAMA" (Wartsila Diesel: July 21-24, 1994)
• Environmental Awareness Program (ENRON: Nov.19,1994)
• Fuel Purification (HFO-LFO Petron Corporation: Oct.1, 1993)

Computer Literate: Word, Exell & Power Point

Maintenance Manager (start up)

Wartsila West Africa SA

September 2006 - March 2007

Project: 60 MW SENELEC Diesel Power Plant
Bel Air Ponty Dakar, Senegal
Job description:
• Provide technical expertise and management for the maintenance of 60 MW Diesel Gas fired power plant (4 units 18V46 Wartsila Engine including a complete fuel processing system, steam generation, water and waste treatment plant)
• Set up maintenance program & procedure of the plant including the acquisition of rotating spares for preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Implement Wartsila - Senelec Contract
• Implement wartsila power plant operation and maintenance program

Senior Reliability Engineer

Korea Electric & Power Company

July 2006 - September 2006

Project: 1200MW Combine Cycle Power Plant (Gas & Steam)
Ilijan Batangas City, Philippines
Job description:
• Provide technical assistance in Operation and Maintenance: 4 units MHI 501G(gas turbine) multi shaft cold end drive with 4 units 3 stages HRSG (steam recovery system generator) with out by pass which is the supplied source of steam to Multi stages condensing reheat steam turbine and a variety of vertical & horizontal pumps, compressors, chillers and complete water & waste treatment plant.
• Plan and implement maintenance program base on system operation for the gas and steam plant.
• Evaluate the power plant management in accordance to IPP contract agreement.
• Assist and coordinate in spare parts inventory and acquisition.

Plant Manager (O&M)/ Consultant

San Miguel Corporation

January 2006 - July 2006

Project: 10 MW Co Generation (Power, Steam, Water & Waste treatment Plant)
GSM DBI Bago City, Negros Occidental
Job description:
• Consultant during the transition period (10 MW: 2 units Shin Nippon Steam Turbine, 2 units John Thompson Steam boiler, 8 MW: 4 units 32 series Caterpillar Diesel engine generator and 500 GPM water treatment & processing plant.
• Provide information & inspection for the Operation and Maintenance of plant equipments during hand over.
• Provide recommendation on man power utilization (Table of Organization)
• Modernized water treatment facilities to reduced over head cost of the plant operational system.
• Adopted new and prudent approach for the Operation and maintenance of the Plant.
• Prepare and submitted monthly production report for the power and water operation utilized by manufacturing plant.

Service Engineer

Wartsila Dubai

August 2005 - November 2005

Project: Oil Rig Ekhabi Power plant & Marine Vessel
Job description:
• Over hauling of 4 units 8R22 & 6R22 Wartsila Engine (Oil Rig Ekhabi) including its ancillary equipment
• Performed and repair Tug Boat Marsol X & XI
• Service fuel system of France Navy Ship auxiliary engine
• Conduct trouble shooting and over hauling work of wartsila Engine & equipment
• Provide technical support to wartsila client & prospective client.

Plant Engineer


July 2004 - October 2004

Project: 30 MW Kinoya & 20 MW Vuda Diesel Power Plant
Job description:
• Implement new program for the Operation and Maintenance on both Kinoya and Vuda Diesel Plant.
• Support and assist Wartsila personnel during the crank shaft replacement of 18V38 Watsila Engine.
• Review and implement maintenance programs for the improvement of Plant facilities operation.

Consultant (Mechanical)

Home Construction Inc

January 2004 - July 2004

Project: 110 MW Diesel BNPC Power Plant (transfer of power plant from Pinamucan Proper, Batangas
To Dingle Ilo-Ilo)
Job description:
• Provide technical expertise for the dismantling, transfer, assembly and Installation of 110 MW Diesel Power Plant (formerly 110 MW Enron-BPC Diesel Power Plant)
• Designed and provide modification for the new construction of power plant.
• Support sub contractor for the installation and commissioning of plant

Faculty Instructor

Golden Gate College

June 2001 - April 2004

Job description:
• Faculty Member & Instructor: provide training for Mechanical Engineering students on Power Plant Design, Thermodynamics, Internal Combustion Engine, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Shift Manager

Batangas Power Corporation

April 1998 - July 2003

Batangas Power Corporation is the Company raise by stake holder in the Philippines as a joint venture for the operation & maintenance of 110 Mw power plant in Batangas where the plant isinstalled & operate for 11 years.

Mechanical Engineer/Shift Manager


February 1993 - July 2003

Hired during the commissioning & Operation & Maintenance of 110 Mw Dual fuel(Bunker-Diesel) Power plant during energy crissis in the Philippines. an IPP project between ENRON International & Philippine Government for the contract convertion of fuel to energy for 11 years. The Power is produced from the Biggest & top Equipment product of Wartsila.

Mechanical Engineer


February 1993 - April 1998

Project: 110 MW Operation & Maintenance of ENRON-BPC Power Plant
Job description:
• Operate and Maintain 110 MW Diesel Power Plant ( 4 units 16V46 & 4 units 18V46 Wartsila Engine)
• Evaluate, review and implement preventive and corrective maintenance of main plant equipment & auxiliaries.
• Prepare and review shunt down & start up in accordance to operation and maintenance schedule as per IPP contract signed.
• Over all supervision on trouble shooting and over hauling as per schedule and immediate repair.
• Compute and analyze daily usage of fuel, lubricants, chemicals and water consumption of the plant.
• Prepare and review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual production report.
• Evaluate work performance of personnel involved in operation and maintenance and recommend for monetary rewards or position promotion including demotion, verbal and suspension in accordance to habit and attitude.
• Design and create procedure to improved work shop condition in accordance to safety of the personnel.
• Design, rehabilitate or modify parts to prevent repeated failure of the of the equipment
• Testing and commissioning of new acquire equipment base on vendor recommendation
• On top of situation in ordering plant equipment and parts upon approval of the plant Manager
• Review: Operation and Maintenance for daily and monthly programs

Mechanical Engineer (Technical Staff)

Engineering Services Ltd

May 1991 - December 1991

Project: 70 MW Umbunggo Diesel Power Plant (Rehabilitation)
Job description:
• Supervise and control the rehabilitation of 70 MW Diesel power plant, 2 units 18VPC2.5 Pielstick, 1 unit 14VPC4, 2 units 16VKV Major Mirrless including 1 unit W25B8 Westinghouse Econo-pack gas turbine.
• Conduct overhauling of main engine and auxiliary equipment.
• Functional test and trouble shooting of the plant during test run and commissioning.
• Control spare parts and tools during rehabilitation of the power plant.

Sale / Service Engineer

WARME Chemical Corporation

May 1990 - May 1991

Job description:
• Provide client service after sales of equipments for water treatment ( Demineraliser, softener, reverse osmosis, Di-electric reversal including inhibitor and chemicals.
• Provide customer assistance for the equipment operation and maintenance
• Monitor the client equipment for any kind of assistance in operation and maintenance including chemical needed for daily consumption.

Mechanical Technician

Zamil Operation and Maintenance Company

November 1986 - April 1988

Job description:
• Performed trouble shooting and over hauling of Diesel and Gas engine on both Power plant and Motor pool workshop.
• Operation of waste treatment facilities
• Servicing of generating sets ( Caterpillar, Cummins and other brand)

Instructor (Vocational)

Laguna Northwestern Institute

June 1984 - April 1985

Job description:
• Faculty Instructor ( Teaching Mathematics and Technical Subject)


ACLEM Paper Mills

June 1981 - May 1984

Job description:
• Performed mechanical over hauling and trouble shooting on paper equipment (steam boiler, Pulp drier, rollers, pumps, compressors, belt conveyor and water clarifier.



December 1978 - June 1981

Job description:
• Performed mechanical over hauling and trouble shooting on paper equipment ( steam boiler, kiln Pulp drier, rollers, pumps, compressors, belt conveyor and water clarifier)


Qatar Shell Pearl GTL

EPCM + assembly and installation of Rotating & Stationary Equipments for the Liquid processing Unit of QSGTL_C5 LPU project.
Inspection, coordination , pre-commissioning of all Rotating & Specific Static equipments in LPU C5 project under the Toyo_Hyundai Contract.

Qualifications & Certifications

BS Mechanical Engineering

FEATI University

Mechanical Engineering

FEATI University

Mechanical Engineering

FEATI University

Lake Shore Educational Institution

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