Mollentze - Secretarial - Heuweloord, Centurion, South Africa

Louise Mollentze

Heuweloord, Centurion, South Africa



Work History

Sales Specialist - Car Audio


February 2014 - July 2014

Duties: Tele-Sales.
: Cold calling.
: Testing.
: Building/Acquiring displays & power etc.
: Assist in stock order decisions.
: Deliveries

Driver / Stores clerk

Centurion Branch

March 2011 - January 2014

Duties: Deliveries and collections.
: Planning driving schedule to be able to keep to schedules.(SLA's)
: Shipping to Regions.
: Keep track of assets on repair.
: Receiving parts from suppliers and technicians, booking in&out of Radical(electronic asset register).
: Exchange of faulty parts.
: Arranging for POP.
: Special deliveries (DOJ).
: File and archive paperwork.
: Any other work requested.
Reason for leaving:: Got a better salary offer.

Yard Assistant

DIY Depot - Midrand

January 2011 - March 2011

Duties: Assist with scheduling of deliveries and keep sales departments informed.
: Assist with paperwork controls of deliveries to Head office and queries from customers and stores.
Assist with stock control in the yard preventing shrinkage in yard.
Assist with Control of yard staff.
Assist with achieving budget expenses to achieve expense budgets.
Build and maintain good customer relations.
Keep neatness and good housekeeping standards in yard.
Short to long term planning to ensure availability of stock in yard and to ensure that vehicles are available to deliver on a continious basis to avoid short/long term shortfall in availability/delivery of stock.
HR functions for 3 weeks eg. payment of weekly salaries / wages.
Reason for leaving:: Got a higher salary offer, which I couldn't turn down due to financial circumstances.

Car Security Guard

Lygor Security Services

November 2010 - January 2011

Duties: Looking after client's vehicles at Monument Park Shopping Centre and reporting any suspicious activities immediately to my Supervisor / Police.
Reason for leaving: Offered a fixed income.

Rental Agent

Impact Estates

October 2010 - November 2010

Duties: Listing of properties to be rented out, contacting clients and also assisting in finding clients for selling of property
Reason for leaving: To get an INCOME

Sales Consultant


August 2010 - October 2010

Duties: Convince clients to purchase a Dream Holiday.
Reason for leaving: Mainly commission based. Can take up to 6 months to get paid; and I need a job with a basic salary

Call Centre Agent

Stock Market College

June 2010 - July 2010

Duties: Convincing potential clients to purchase Stock Market computer software, which would enable them to monitor their shares on the JSE. When convinced, a Sales Consultant go and see them and for every purchase, call centre agents gets commission.
Reason for leaving: Temporary job

Sales Rep (Temporary)

National Gold

June 2010 - June 2010

Duties: Selling of Kruger Rand Coins part- time / after-hours.

Reaction Officer / Security Guard

Dualtek Security Services cc

December 2009 - May 2010

Duties: All duties related to reaction security services.
Reason for leaving: Was only a temporary job as I'm not qualified as working a Security Officer, though financially I was better off for these few months.

Sales Consultant

House and Home

February 2009 - November 2009

Duties: Sales admin-related duties such as stock controlling, keeping budget cards up-to-date, etc. We are expected to do 'shifts' on the floor in general - keeping an eye over everything.
Reason for leaving: Got a job offer with a higher basic salary.

Admin Assistant

Dept of Cooperative Governance

November 2008 - May 2011

PA to the Executive Director
Duration: 03 November 2008 - 31 May 2011
Main duties:
✴ Answering the telephone of the Executive Director (x 2 Senior Managers wef February 2011)
✴ Screening through the Executive Director's (x2 Senior Managers wef February 2011) e-mails, post, etc. before handing it over to him for signature, confirmation, etc.
✴ Distributing the relevant tasks / correspondence to be draft delegated by the Senior Managers to their Managers {to the relevant person(s)}
✴ Sending and receiving documents (memo's, submissions, claims of members, etc) to and from Registry
✴ Co-ordination of monthly vehicle claims between members, the Senior Managers and the DDG's and / or DG's office
✴ Travel arrangements for the x 2 Senior Managers
✴ Booking of venues for meetings, workshops, etc. as well as the arrangements of refreshments, etc. for such meeting
✴ Arranging of parking for visitors
✴ Typing of "confidential" documents for the Senior Managers, as requested

Senior Secretary Gr II

Defence Legal Services Division - Legsato Thaba Tshwane

June 2007 - October 2008

Duration: 18 June 2007 - 31 October 2008
Main duties:
✴ Answering the telephone of the Brig General (and Cornel)
✴ Transferring calls to the appropriate person. We are having about 8 sub-sections and 10 sub-/base-offices. If necessary (this is on a regular basis), direct the callers to the appropriate person. Internal lines for switchboard are about (±) 50 - 100 lines.
✴ Filing of documents for Brig General and local for S & T - records of applications and approvals, etc
✴ Assisting the Brig Gen with his dairy-management / appointments
✴ E-mailing (Lotus Notes and MS-Outlook)
✴ Assisting with the arrangement of meetings between Brig General and other Generals from other Defence offices and all other members of Legsato - as requested
✴ Typing of Agenda and Minutes of Meetings - weekly basis. Circulating the minutes to all the relevant persons
✴ Typing and sending of faxes for internal correspondence inside the DOD (Department of Defence) and faxing it to the appropriate sub-office(s)
✴ Liaising with personnel from registry for documents and/or files needed by the Brig General or other colleagues sent from the Brig General's office to other offices (urgent documents)
✴ S & T-related admin duties. Checking forms of personnel officers - which it's completed correctly and all necessary documents are attached. Compiling of the monthly stats for general S & T's
✴ Doing stats for MMS & SMS on a monthly basis (motor vehicle claims)
✴ Other related administrative duties as requested, like drafting registers, record-keeping of faxes received and faxed, making of photocopies, liaising with all personnel in the Directorate: LTT on a regular basis
✴ In our Legsato Section, there is 3 other Secretaries (excluding myself), if one of the other Secretaries are absent, on a rotational basis we assist each other with answering of the telephone (the Secretary absent divert their lines to one of the other 3 Secretaries) and on a rotational basis, another Secretary...

Sales Consultant and was HOD

Hifi Corporation

June 2007 - December 2008

If the Chief Typist


From June 2006

letters, certificate, statements & statement of results, et cetera.
✴ If the Chief Typist is absent, relieving her if required doing the admin required from her such as weekly stats to be submitted to our Director & Chief Director; Receiving concept / draft question papers, delegating it to typists; see that corrections get done accurately, et cetera. General - attend meetings and report back to typists.
Data Capturing:
Recently received applications for posts within our Chief Directorate and typing these onto shortlists as requested by the Chief Director.
Secretarial Experience: I've twice been the Secretary for our Social Club at work.
Other General Duties:
✴ Helping at Production Line where the question papers are photocopied according to the number(s) of enrolments for each specific subject, packing it according to numbers to be sent to appropriate colleges, et cetera.
✴ Assisting at other sections, NSC (Matric) and ABET, with the formatting of the question papers which examiners & moderators drafted, scanning of pictures if they've used pictures in their question papers, et cetera.

Assisting the examiners & moderators

From July 2006

Main duties as from July 2006:
With the new NSC being in the news lately, the New Statement Curriculum, for Matrics in 2008, the work at the NSC Section is drastically going to increase. They'll need the assistance of a typist on a regular basis. I've been shifted there recently, and my main duties are as follow:
✴ Assisting the examiners & moderators on all computer-related queries;
✴ Trained them on using Macros & how to format the question papers;
✴ Assist and trained them on scanning;
✴ Assist them in the general layout / format of question papers;
✴ Doing the corrections as indicated by Language Editors
✴ Finalise question papers. Touch-up - give a cover page, et cetera.
✴ Assisting on writing / cutting CD's to be sent to provinces when question papers are finalised.

Sales at car sound systems department and admin

May 2005 - January 2009

-related duties such as stock control within my department/division(daily), keeping budget cards up-to-date, etc. We do relieve salespersons from other divisions from time-to-time and are expected to do 'shifts' on the floor in general - keeping an eye over everything.
Assist with stocktake of all stock.
Reason for leaving: Hence the company opt a new salary / commission structure during 2008, which DECREASEDmy basic salary from R3 300-00 to R2 500-00, I am unable to service to pay my basic expenses, vehicle, insurance, water & electricity, etc.
A reasonable salary.

Sales Representative


May 2005 - May 2005

Duties: Marketing / Selling
Reason for Leaving ; Better salary and commission.

Courier / Driver

PKT Promotions

February 2005 - February 2005

Duties: Deliver parcels.
Reason for Leaving ; Temporary position.


SB Plastics

September 2004 - January 2005

Duties: Design and copy of current
moulds, etc
Reason for Leaving ; They terminated some of the most recent employed staff members.

Cad/Cam Draughtsman

Mutual Safes

September 2003 - September 2004

Duties: Job creation and submission for cutting on a Plasma cutter with the use of Shopcomm2 and SigmaNest ver5. Drawing on Autocad Rev14 and Solidworks 2003

Own initiatives/Extra duties: Create and adapt drawings. Create time-saving changes, e.g. drawer chute by adding holes for the plasma to cut, which saved 58 working days per year.
Reason for Leaving ; Contract expired

Sustainable Development


June 2003 - September 2003

Duties: Recycled bottles, boxes, scrap paper, etc.
Reason for Leaving: Needed a fixed salary/income.

Car Security Guard

Millennium Employment

April 2003 - September 2003

Duties: Guard Vehicles.
Reason for Leaving: Needed a fixed salary/income.

Typist Gr II

National Department of Education

April 2001 - June 2007

Main duties:

Receptionist / Secretary

Trinity Business College

January 2001 - April 2001

Main Duties:
✴ Handling the front office of the college, including: Answering the switchboard, locating the calls to the relevant person, taking messages for the relevant person, if busy with class;
✴ Making photocopies; Typing letters & memos; Sending faxes
✴ Typing agendas & minutes of meetings;
✴ Handling the petty cash & petty cash journal.
✴ Design & layout of certificates of students;
✴ Filing, enrolment of students, et cetera.

Driver and Assistant

Adri Dicks CC Estate Agent

September 2000 - March 2003

Duties: Personal driver and deliveries.
Reason for Leaving: Temporary post as arranged.

Junior Marketing Manager

Pretoria Wholesalers

From August 2000

Duties: Door-to-door sales
Reason for Leaving: Expenses higher than my income

Girl Friday

UWJ Administrators

November 1999 - January 2001

Main Duties:
✴ Designing & printing, CV's up to financial statements. Legal documents, agendas & minutes of meetings, general letters, memos, business cards, letterheads, et cetera.
✴ Handling faxes, photocopies, petty cash and indicating on a income sheet the daily income - smaller businesses got invoices, printing of the invoices to the companies and see to the payments of their bills.
✴ Hence we've served the public, I've learnt here to communicate cross-culturally with all the people.

Secretary / Typist

Barrie Marais & Partners

July 1999 - August 1999

Main Duties:
✴ Handling the front office: receiving visitors for the auditing firm or for Barrie Marais, who was an advocate - directing them to the appropriate person;
✴ Typing, photocopying & filing of financial statements (and binding them if necessary with a binding machine);
✴ General typing such as letters, faxes, memos and sending faxes if requested.
✴ Handling their switchboard (10 lines).
✴ Did some petty cash & petty cash journal work.

Temporary post

National Department of Agriculture

April 1999 - April 1999

Main Duties:
✴ General typing such as letters, memos, faxes, et cetera.
✴ Making photocopies & sending faxes if requested.

National Department of Correctional Services:
Contract post (3 months):
Typist Gr II
Duration: 30/10/1998 - 31/01/1999
Main Duties:
✴ Receiving applications for advertised posts;
✴ Opening files according to reference numbers for the post applications;
✴ Capturing the applications onto shortlists;
✴ Typing general letters, letters to applicants, et cetera;
✴ General typing such as memos, agendas, faxes, et cetera;
✴ General duties such as photocopying.

Contractor for Delta Networks on NDS projects

Contractor for Delta Networks

March 1999 - September 1999

Duties: User support at NEDCOR and ABSA. Install and Setup of Internet, Internet mail, MS-Outlook Express or MS-Outlook with export and import of messages and address books. MS-Office, Smartstream, Corel for WordPerfect, Scheduler, Memo4Winas well as its upgrades and data conversions where needed. Modification and move of old software when needed.
Reason for Leaving: Contract ended

Kelly Girls Temp

June 1998 - September 1998

General Duties:
✴ Various admin duties such as switchboard;
✴ Filing (opening files for applications for the setup of cellular network towers);
✴ Call Centre: Customers lock calls if they have faulty computerised circuits;
✴ Later worked at section where above-mentioned logged calls are received on the computerised system - assigning a technician's name on a fault and sending the technician out to repair.
✴ Technician report back - little report line filled in on system if repaired.

Voluntary Experience
During two (2) holidays at college, I've done some practical experience at the Department of Agriculture as typist and secretary. Mainly doing typing, photocopying, faxing, filing, typing memos, letters, agendas, et cetera.

Times when I was unemployed, I've worked as a Car Security Guard under Millennium Employment at several places.

Career Objectives
I've started my career with lots of temporary positions - each one of them taught me something. I have learnt a lot of basic administrative functions, basic secretarial and administrative duties, client/general liaising with other people, cross-cultural communication, respect for people, irrespective their religion, culture, or whatsoever.
Having recently being appointed as a Senior Secretary, I start realising that there is so much more I want to do - more than 'just typing'. That is why, when I've been working previously at the Department of Education, I took all challenges coming my way and even shifted to another section to assist there - because they did things slightly differently than we were used to in the typing pool at FET Colleges.
I also realise that it would be a great challenge to me to even move toward a field where maybe I have to manage some work and have supervision over sub-ordinates.
I would regard my mission in life as to grow - not only in a career, but also as a person. I am a person who not only does what I am tasked to do, but also - where possible - assist and guide others on what to...

Workshop Technician and Field

USKO Desktops

November 1998 - March 1999

Duties: Worked in the workshop at USKO Desktops where I gained valuable experience on both hardware and software. I also went to other sites and repaired backup systems, as well as arranging, collecting, repairing and installation of equipment and software on servers and PCs.
Example of a live Restore: In Rudd Rd. I wrote a document to the responsible persons to explain the procedure to be followed to rectify the situation and then did a successful restoration. Network experience, cabling and verification of network and server availability.
Reason for Leaving: I wanted to get involved in the Y2K projects and I had a desire to find out what I'm worth as a Technician

Senior Operator


June 1997 - November 1998

Duties: Backup Operator for Enhanced Systems at Hollard, who were outsourcing to Hollard, later knowned as USKO Desktops.
Responsible for all backups and restores on UNIX SCO Ver3: Windows '95 & Windows NT Servers and other specified desktops at sites in Johannesburg and other remote sites.Istarted the long-term projectto expand backups from a five-week cycle to a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily cycle to ensure availability and get International Standards in place for the Insurance Industry which was then 25 Years. The implementation of this cycle proved being very useful later on, as several files and directories were restored. Recovery of one specific file alone avoided a payment of a million Rand as it was a contract.My backups were tested and found reliable. My recovery rate is 100%. I worked mostly with Arcserv, but it was replaced with ADSM, which I also got to know very well.
Facilitated development at KELVIN in Woodmead by providing DBA's with a daily backup copy (DLT Tape) of the Phoenix (SQL) database dump as a recovery of the database over the network was too slow.
Did the planning for methods and proceduresfor the Cape Town Branch backup process for the site which they then implemented.
Assisted clients on own initiative, mutually responsible for online jobs and creation, as well as updating of documentation.Also assisted with physical and logical security.
Reason for Leaving: Contract was completed between Hollard and Enhanced Systems.
They didn't need our support anymore as they got such effective training(as was in the contract)byusasa team that they didn't need our services anymore.

Shift Leader

November 1996 - May 1997

Duties: Assisted in running a Warehouse using Sun Unix4000, as well as assisting the admin personnel with their PCs.
Responsible for the availability of the Network as well as the printing of documents, filing and schedule creation.
Making use of the COMNET and MSI/AIM (pharmacists) system to receive orders from clients.
Reporting of all faulty equipment belonging to the Warehouse and Computer Room. Replacing of ribbons, PCs, etc.
Reason for Leaving: The company rehired their original four people (12 in total) per shift as the 3 of us (3 in total) couldn't get to all task in time.

Operator - Acting Shift Leader


February 1991 - November 1996

Duties: Complete backups successfully and other scheduled jobs on the IBM Mainframe (Unix machines: HP Unix; Sun Unix and Sparc Unix). Job creation and rescheduling if necessary.Printing, filing and form creation as necessary.Updating of standards and procedures.
Timeously call out to support personnel/ vendors when necessary. Stand in for Helpdesk Operators. User support and Standby Operator on rotating basis.
Training of Operators, transport of backups to and from off-site facility, online system tuning using "cpmon" and "rmfmon"."Performance" tuning on Mainframe.
Involved in creating the first change management/chang request form.
Good interpersonal and communication skills. I work permanently in a team without any problems.
Other Activities: On the First Aid & Fire FightingTeam
Reason for Leaving: There was a process in progress to outsource or close the Department.

Apprentice Telkom Technician


January 1991 - February 1991

Duties: Apprentice Telkom Technician & cleaned MUX units
Reason for Leaving: Not sent on training as agreed.

Other (Working) Experience:

supervisor over a group of workers

Gardening / Landscaping Services Company

January 1990 - December 1990

From January 1990 to December 1990, I did Military Service at 2 Signals Regiment Wonderboom. I completed two camps. The 1st in 1991 at the Pretoria Show and the other in 1994 during the April 1994 Elections, installing radio equipment in and around Pretoria.
I've also worked at a Gardening / Landscaping Services Company in Centurion for about one year or more. Gained sound knowledge of gardening / landscaping and pests around and within houses. Was the supervisor over a group of workers (less than 10 but more than five {5}).

N+ (Networking Essentials)
Introduction to C
MS-Word (Basics / Intro)
Excel (Basics / Intro)
**Willing to go on courses needed to develop any skills needed to do a job.

Career Objectives:
Being a almost 42-year-old male, one realise at this point of time, one cannot be choosy on jobs offered. I'll accept any job, temporary / contract as well, as long as I can get a steady income from it at the end to cover my basic living expenses. I hope to get back onto my career track. I'm starting "over", as many of my references listed from previous working places, doesn't work there any more, either I've lost contact with them and don't have the correct contacting details any more. Like is happening a lot in SA today, other private company closed down as well.

Administrative Officer

Duration: 01 June 2011 - date
Main duties:
✴ Requesting quotations from external stakeholders / service providers
✴ Collecting all necessary documents wrt quotations requested, etc. the quotations, completed SBD 4 & 9 forms, banking details of the "winning service provider" / service provider with the lowest quotation, tax certificate of the company, if applicable, etc.
✴ Creating the LOG2 for the abovementioned if all relevant documents are received, in order for Procurement to create an Order Number and they liaise with Finance thereafter
✴ Continuous updating of a contact details database of ALL Air Quality Officials, in Municipalities and Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs Offices
✴ Continuous updating of a contact details database of ALL external stakeholders being involved in Air Quality Management in South Africa, including Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs Offices
✴ Continuous updating of a contact details database of ALL Tertiary Educational Institutions offering courses in Air Quality Management
✴ Creating & continuous updating of a contact details database of ALL Municipal Libraries in South Africa
✴ Closely involved in the organising of the yearly National Air Quality Lekgotla, i.e. selecting of venue, booking of venue, printing of the Programme booklets for the week, travel & accommodation arrangements for our Chief Directorate, as well as sponsorships for less fortunate Municipalities, who's officials would like to attend the Nat. Air Quality Lekgotla, etc.
✴ Arranging of Ad-hoc Committee Meetings, drafting & printing of the agenda, arranging a suitable meeting venue, arranging the applicable meeting refreshments, minute-taking, etc., as requested from our Chief Director from time-to-time, likewise just assisting in taking minutes and Committee Meetings and verifying info with the "Chief" of the Secretariat of such a meeting.

Qualifications & Certifications


Moot High School

this competition

our college

Management Assistant

Pretoria College (now Tshwane North College

Logistics & Supply Chain Demand Management

Education Centre

Institute of Emergency First Aiders

Engineering College


Frans du Toit High School

Secondary Qualifications

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