Swain - Development Project Planner - Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

Laxmidhar Swain

Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India


World Class Trainer Facilitator in Sustainable Livelihoods & Governance experience in India. Working in XIMB as Coordinator of Developmental MDPs –cum- Consultant.

Looked after funding for LWR India Development Projects for 4 years and capacitating the Partners and other stakeholders.

Studied Commonwealth Diploma in Youth Development with Youth Entrepreneurship specialisation based in 5 Asian Countries. Studied Community based Health Management from Jamkhed and did internship in Sustainable Agriculture from IIRR manila & Consumer Protection from CERC Ahe’d and have more than 30+ years of training experience in Micro & Macro level. Worked for Tata Steel & Jindal training their officers and thousands of Odisha Govt, Officers on Basic Management Skills & Managing Change for Excellence with Leadership and Team work etc.

Meets training needs of PRIs, CRS groups, Govt., NGOs and CBOs since 2008 on a regular basis acting as a trainer-manager-coordinator of Capacity Building. Also conducts about 30 different development sector training for Indian NGOs, Govt and companies every year on all varied subjects of development. managing Change and Reaching Heights are the recent pioneered programs conducted for Software Engineers, development functionaries, Engineers and CSR groups like Tata Steel and Jindal Steels & Power etc. Quite independent in handling all different training portfolios starting from conductingTNA to evaluating the training in the best participatory way.


Development Project Planner

Work History

Development Training Consultant

VIII. MBA Continuing

Annual MDPs of XIMB as its Coordinator of Development Sector Trainings

XIMB Campus

In addition, have also conducted the following Annual MDPs of XIMB as its Coordinator of Development Sector Trainings such as;
XIMB Own Developmental MDP Programs Conducted in XIMB Campus during the Year 2013-14

Training Of Trainers

Prof. Snigdha Pattnaik, LD Swain & Dr. Pradeep Patjoshi.
TOT on Sustainable Tribal Empowerment; A Perspective Program in India" - Jointly organized by CARE India & XIMB following the Andhra Pradesh STEP Model.

Basant Mohanty & LD Swain

TOT on "Strengthening Civil Society Organizations; A Step Forward in Decentralized Planning & Management"-A Program proposed with SIRD, GoO.

Dr. Bhagabanprakash

Haris Chandra Singh, Satya Narayan Nanda & LD Swain

Other Attainments in Training & Capacity Building Area;
A. Handled similar works for a number of funding agencies across the countryby organising and conducting several courses for Officers like IAS, IFS, Bankers, corporate houses, NGOs and Civil Society Organisations including citizenry groups.

SHGs Facing Challenges For Their Development

PK Sahu & LD Swain

SHGs Facing Challenges For Their Development; Problems & Prospects- A joint Consultation Program of EDII & XIMB Proposed to NABARD

UNDP, Interact Worldwide, Aide et Action South Asia, XIMB & Proposed for OSDMA & GoI

CR Patnaik & LD Swain

From June 2013

"Convergence with Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Planning & Management; A Special Focus on Disability Inclusion" - A Joint Program of Handicap International, CYSD, Indian Red Cross(IAG), UNDP, Interact Worldwide, Aide et Action South Asia, XIMB & Proposed for OSDMA & GoI collaboration.


Up to July 2013

Dr. Bhagabanprakash, Mrs. Sarita Barapanda, Umi Daniel & RK Mishra.

Helping Organisations Improve Performance Through Strategic HRM Practices

Fr. PD Thomas, S.J. & LD Swain
TOT on Dr. Cho's Global Technology Applied to Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Farming Methods; A Joint program of SARRA Bangalore, SAMBHAV & XIMB

Dr. Bhagabanprakash, Dr. GN Reddi, Dr

P Patjoshi & LD Swain
1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Responsible Business Behaviour September 22-24, 2013 Prof. SP Das & LD Swain
"Climate Change and Addressing the Loss of Traditional Livelihood Practices" September 14-16, 2013 Prof. Radhamohan, Jagadananda, Gyana Das & LD Swain

Development Sector Programming

Prof. SP Das

October 27-29, 2013 Mrs. Sarita Barapanda, Dr. GN Reddi & LDSwain

A Joint Program of RedR UK, Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) & XIMB

Sustainable Livelihood Securities

From March 2013

March 11-13, 2014 Dr. BP Mishra & LD Swain
TOT on Driving Strategic Planning & Management for Development Organisations; A Joint Program of RedR UK, Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) & XIMB.

LD Swain & Prof. P K. Sahu

Prof. G.K. Nayak, LD Swain & Prof. P K. Sahu

WS William, KVD Prakash & LD Swain

From August 2013

August 8, 2013 Prof. WS William, KVD Prakash & LD Swain
ToT on Strengthening Participatory & Integrated Community Managed Watersheds & Improving Sustainable Livelihoods in collaboration with SAMBHAV

Weaverbirds, Odisha

From May 2012

Weaverbirds, Odisha Finding Roots & Reaching Heights for 115 Software Engineers May 12-26, 2014
Centre For Youth & Social Development DRTC, Bhubaneswar

• Basic Managerial Skills Orientation for middle level Managers
• Planned Reaching Heights Program for Seniors
• Developing CYSD DRTC Calendar of Programs having 10 National Programs.

March 22-23. 14
July 21-25, 2014

Year 2014-15

Project Planning & project Management


May 2012 - December 2012

✓ Designed Training Modules and Conducted 14 module CB package programs for 400+ NGOs working in 30 Districts of Odisha covering training topics like;
✓ Project Planning & project Management
✓ Understanding our Organisations
✓ Micro Planning through advance Tools
✓ Women in Gender & Development Planning
✓ Project Budget & Financial Management
✓ Understanding self & Others
✓ Developing local Leadership
✓ Building Effective Teams & Communications
✓ Entrepreneurship & Enterprise setting
✓ Project Monitoring & Evaluation
✓ Quality of Work & Continuous Quality Improvement.

Sl. No

Up to April 2014

Name of the Training Program Dates Program Directors/ Coordinators
1. Methods & Techniques of Effective Project Planning & Management April 14-16, 2012, (phase-I); July 29-30, 2013, (phase-II) Dr. BP Mshra, B Mohanty & LD Swain.

Empowering Women Federations to Emerge & Sustain as Legal Counseling Centers

From November 2012

Dr. Bharati Ray
From Micro Credit to Micro Enterprises: A Joint Program of XIMB with CYSD & EDII. November 15-19, 2013 Prof. SP Das, Mr. CR Patnaik, Dr. P Patjoshi, & L D Swain
1. High Impact Monitoring & Evaluation Through Winning Environment for Development Organisations December 5-9, 2013 Prof. Brajaraj Mohanty LD Swain & Haris Chandra Singh
Theme Centered Interaction Program December 19-20, 2013 Prof. Hafiz, Prof. C Thomas Abrhaham, LD Swain & C Prabhakar


From January 2011

Sarba Sikhya Abhiyan Odisha Govt. OPEPA & SCERT

May 2010 - June 2010

State Institute of Health & Family Welfare

✓ "Equity & Gender" District level Sensitisation program for all different stakeholders of Nawarangpur, Rayagada, Malkanagiri & Koraput covering functionaries of Health, ICDS, Panchayatiraj and Other line Departments


From June 2009

Centurion University, Odisha-Gram Taranga & GAP Foundation Life Skills 90 days Motivational Tips for Drop Out Girls in High Schools for Vocations May 3, 2014 & Continuing

Transparency and Accountability

From August 2009

SaroJ Kumar Jena, RK Mishra & Ms. Rekha Panigrahi.

Dr. Rohini Reddy

From September 2009

Ms. Savarmati, Prof. Radhamohan & NC Swain.

Managing Change, Building Relations & Leading a High Performing Team; A Foundation Program for Development Organisations

B. As Team Leader

SIRD-UNDP project

as a part of CARE India of Odisha and developed the Training Manual on all Line Deptt. Schemes. The Training Manual is widely used at District, block and Panchayat level empowering the 1lakh+PRI members in Odisha to understand the Govt. schemes.

Indian Red Cross

Up to March 2013

for the entire team of Indian Red Cross Odisha Branch from 2008. In March 2013 completed the last training, Managing Change for Excellence with Leadership skills Building & Effective Teams.

Youth Development, Perembudur & Commonwealth Secretariat (Asia)


AFPRO, New Delhi ✓ Effective Project Planning & Management attended by all its Project Heads and In-charges working in India 1998 May 11-18
Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Perembudur & Commonwealth Secretariat (Asia)

• Development Challenges in the 21st Century for Asian Youth Leaders in CYP Asia Centre
• Development Challenges in the 21st Century for Indian NGOs/ CBOs & Youth Leaders in XIMB
• Development Challenges in the 21st Century for NSS & NYK Youth Coordinators in XIMB

July 15-19, 1998
December 5-9, 1999


From August 2008

Bhubaneswar • Developing Micro level Plans with Leadership Aug. 23, 2013
SCERT, Bhubaneswar
HRD Ministry, GoI, India & OXFAM (I) Trust

• 20 Batches of NSVs Month long Orientation for Indian Universities in CYSD, Bhubaneswar
• Preparedness for Disaster Management, 2 Batches of NSS Officers & NYK Coordinators
• Management Development & Office Administration for NSS APAs & NYK Coordinators /Directors week-long program in XIMB for 2 batches

Year 1986-88

Govt. Of Odisha Senior Officers of the Dept. Of Agriculture

CARE Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh

Re-planning Sustainable Livelihoods, Education, health & Nutrition Interventions for 40 NGOs, Govt. Officers & Media Year 2003-2008
EDII, Odisha ✓ Developing and Setting small & Micro Enterprises and Entrepreneurship for Indian NGOs-5 day programs Year 2008-20013
Govt. Of Odisha Senior Officers of the Dept. Of Agriculture
(All 3 Days Programs)

• Aiming at Excellence-6 Batches
• Managing Change for Excellence-7 Batches
• Basic Managerial Skills for Excellence-2 Batches
• Reaching Heights-Planned 11 Batches

June-Aug. 2011
Oct- 2012 & Feb 2013
January 1-3, 5-7, 2014
Year 2014

A Foundation Program for Govt. Officers & Development Practitioners

Information Technology (IT) & E-Governance

From October 2008

Prof. G.K. Nayak, LD Swain & Prof. P K. Sahu
Development Prism for Sustainability Producers' Organizations October 14, 2013 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak & LD Swain
Setting and Promoting Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises/ Entrepreneurship- initiating Self Employment: A Joint Program of EDII with CYSD & XIM.

Development vs

Globalization & Social

From November 2008

Prof. SP Das & LD Swain

Dr. GN Reddi

From February 2008

Saroj Kumar Dash & LD Swain

Development Sector MDP Training

C. Continuing

with a Calendar of 31 different programs every year for Development Sector professionals after conductinga TNA exercise every time and program evaluation at the end.

Responsibilities handled;

D. Continues

to Conduct "Decentralised District Planning" for 4/30 different districts of Odisha covering all line departments developing vision 2020 and Strategy plan for the districts of Nawarangpur, Boudh, Subarnapur and Malkanagiri after consulting all different stakeholders and presented the plan to Zilla Panchayat Planning Committee (DPC) from year 2008 till now for IDEA Vizag & Sabuja Biplav, Bolangir as a part of the state Technical Institution as a part of Planning Commission Task.
• Continues to do TNA, training design & conduct "Managing Change for Excellence Programs'' like'Finding Roots & Reaching New Heights!'; 'Setting Small & Medium Micro Enterprises & Entrepreneurship'; 'Basic Managerial Skills for Managing Change for Excellence'; 'Grooming 360° Leaders','Information Technology Enhancing Change through Social Media'; 'Sustainable Development & Management Challenges for CSR Groups & Development Practitioners in India'; 'Driving Change for Effective Organisational Development & Management'; 'Building Level 5 Leadership & Enhancing Future Leadership Potential in Organisations'; 'Developing Effective Teams & Continuous Quality Improvement in Orgs'; 'Project Management through High Impact Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation'and several such other customized Developmental MDP programs for Odisha Govt. Officers of different line departments from the year 2008-till now.

• Continues to Work as Team Leader for NACO, GoI as an External Evaluator for NACP-III & IV conducting training and doing Evaluation of Targeted Interventions in Odisha from 2008.
Papers Presented in 2012-13:

Project Director-cum-Technical Specialist, Health and Nutrition for Sustainable Tribal Empowerment Project

CARE India

From May 2006

1. Project Director-cum-Technical Specialist, Health and Nutrition for Sustainable Tribal Empowerment Project (STEP) in Andhra Pradesh, implemented by CARE India hand in hand with ITDA, Andhra Pradesh Government, covering 6200 hill top and forests villages (tribal habitations) spread over some 4 districts of north coastal AP from May 2006 in the ITDA agency area supported by the European Union during the last leg of the project year 2006-2008.

Rural Development (SIRD)


From September 2005

New Delhi • 'Tribal Youth Perspective in the Eastern Ghats' for India 12th 5 Year Plan at Ashoka Hotel New Delhi. September 4-5, 2012
State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), Bhubaneswar

• TOT for State level Trainers on use of DAKHYATA Project Training Manual on all Line Deptt. Schemes.
• Soft Skills for Master Trainers on "TRAINING" at SIRD

Year 2009-10

Micro Planning & Resource Mobilization

From November 2005

Prof. S. S. Singh & LD Swain

India Expert Group Consultation and to present

UNFPA(United Nations) Invited

From September 2005

a paper in New Delhi on 'Tribal Youth Perspective in the Eastern Ghats' during September 4-5, 2012; contributed to India 12th 5 Year Plan to Emerge!
(ii) (IFAD) International Fund For Agriculture Development (a part of UN), New Delhi & OTELP Odisha invited to present a paper on 'Family Based, Low Cost Integrated Agriculture' presented during the National Workshop in Puri on 'Tribal People & Emerging Development Paradigms, during October 24-26, 2013.
(iii) Sustainable Agriculture Training Manual of XIMB -SFAC Bulletin December 15, 2013, Bhubaneswar.
(iv) Developed a 10 year Tribal Empowerment/Development Plan of Niyamgiri Dangorea Kandha & Lanjia Saura in Rayagada District Odisha for the Year 2013 to 2023 for Odisha Govt. and IFAD New Delhi.
Organisations/ Institutions Worked with;
Prior to taking up Development Consultancy work, have worked for 14 different Organisations spread over different parts of India- at a Glance;

Formulation and Management

From January 2004

Prof. S. S. Singh & LD Swain

District In-charge

CARE India Chhattisgarh RACHNA

strengthening 1567 Anganwadies through training of the workers, supervisors, CDPOs and other line department officers with hand-holding support, brought down IMR, MMR, Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS etc.

Training Coordinator

Care India

June 2003 - May 2006

and brought the synergy and convergence in work of all line departments working in the district to come together, plan and implement the Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control by strengthening 1567 Anganwadies and building their capacity at all levels in the district as a team.

Jindal Steels & Power

From July 2001

, Angul
• Training of Trainers Program - 2 days
• Developing Level 5 Leadership

August 4-5, 2011
Nov 13-14, 2011

David Thomforde

June 2001 - July 2013

Ms. Annie Patri, HK Harichandan, Dr. Bhagabanprakash, Prof. Anup Das, Umi Daniel, Mrs. Sarita Barapanda & LD Swain.

Level 5 Leadership Orientation; Developing Leadership Potential in Oneself and Others July 8 - 9, 2013 Fr. George Joseph, S.J. & LD Swain


From August 2001

February 16-29, 2013, (Phase-II)

Fr. K T Channdy, S.J., Sabarmati, Prof. Radhamohan & LD Swain

Effective Project Planning & Management

Lutheran World Service India Trust

Up to January 2007

• Building Teams with high Performance
• Managing Change for Excellence
(All Programs conducted in XIMB).

June 1-5, 1998
July 11-15, 2008
Apl. 15-19, 2010
Dec. 7-13, 2013


Setting Co-Funding Portfolio for India Partners Year 1993-97
DANIDA, ILDP Project of Danish Embassy in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Odisha.

• Effective Project Management
• Extension Management
• Finance Management
• Leadership Development
• HR Management

Year 1995-98

Bankers of Odisha through NABARD

Bankers of Odisha through NABARD Bankers Interface with NGOs/CBOs Developing SHGs in XIMB 36 Batch 2 day Programs Year 1993-2000
Tata Steel, Sukinda, Jajpur & Sundergarh

"Community Satisfaction Index Assessment & Strategy Plan" in Sukinda Valley with Dr. GN Reddi & Dr. R Chezhian from South India.

Training Coordinator

In Care India

who are presently doing excellent work.
• Worked as Consultant for UNICEF and Odisha Govt. of DWCD developing "SPAC -State Plan of Action for Children year 2009-12"; designed and anchored state consultation on "Prevention of Child Marriage in Odisha" for UNICEF, XIMB and OSCPCR during March 13-14, 2014 Developing a 10 Year Strategy Plan for Odisha Govt.
• Facilitated Partnership in Sexual Health Project for Prevention & Control of HIV/AIDS/STIs for Odisha Govt.and assessed training Needs, designed Training Modules and Conducted several type of programs covering end number of batchesin the year 2000-2003 in addition to conducting regional & local level trainings for Peer Educators, Out Reach workers, project Directors of Targeted Intervention projects in Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

Training Officer

Health Department, GoOState Management Agency Partnership

From September 2000

in Sexual Health Project under OSACS, NACO & DFID support, covering 30 districts of Orissa initiating and implementing 36 Targeted Intervention Projects on behalf of Care India from September 2000 till month of May 2003.

Caritas Netherlandica

Empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions in Odisha for Zilla Parisad Chair-persons

Action AID

Up to May 2003

IIRR, Manila & SARRA

in every year week-long Program in XIMB
UNICEF, Odisha Office

• "Effective Communications & Developing Leadership" for 70 District Officers of Koraput, Odisha.
• Managing Change for Excellence Program for 70 Officers of Mayurbhanja District and Nawarangpur District. (Part of NRLM Support)

2008 June 17-18.
October 12-13 & 24-25, 2013 respectively.

Terre Des Homme Homme (TDHC) South India for its 30 different Project Directors & In-charges.

✓ Team Building
✓ Building Level 5 Leadership
✓ Effective Project Planning & Management
✓ 360 Degree staff Performance Appraisal & Strategic Planning
✓ Organisational Diagnosis, Visioning Exercise & Organisational Renewal.
✓ Managing Change for Excellence with Basic Managerial Skills orientation.
✓ Creating a start up Hub for Young Women Entrepreneurs etc.

Country Representative

Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

for Lutheran World Relief (LWR), USA in India for 36 Community Development projects across the country during the year 1994-1997, operating from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and handled funding of about 8 crores per year. A part of the responsibility was to conduct field assessment, develop project plan and budget with the NGO partners and recommend for fund approval and disbursement including facilitating review and external evaluation of the projects on term-end times. Also developed India Strategy Plan for LWR India Operations in 1996.


Christian AID

Up to January 2007

City Water Supply Engineers

on a regular basis

City Water Supply Engineers of PHEO Odisha
• Aiming For Excellence-4 Batches
• Basic Managerial Skills for Excellence-6 batches
• Managing Change for Excellence-4 batches.

Govt. Of Odisha District & State Officers of National Nutrition Program

"Development of Effective MIS & Basic Communications" for 12 Batches Year 2009-2012
With Odisha Govt. Departments, a number of pending programs;

✓ Agriculture Officers Refresher on Reaching Heights. (6 Batches)
✓ Women & Child Development Department on Basic Managerial Skills and Managing Change for Excellence. (4 Batches)
✓ City Water Supply Engineers (PHEO) of 8 Districts & state (7 Batches)
✓ SC & ST Department Officers (4 Batches)
✓ Rural Development Dept. Engineers (6 Batches) and so on.

Year 2014-15

Senior Program Manager-Cum-National Training Coordinator

Xavier Institute

of management, (XIMB) for Development Sector Programs during 1993 - 2000 and conducted 100+ trainings and field assessment and project planning, fund disbursement and monitoring covering large number of developmental projects in India.

Team Leader, Capacity Building


Developed 30 district level NGO networks having one in each district and facilitated their Training need Assessment, developed their Capacity Building agenda, developed 12 different training modules and conducted those in all the 30 districts on a rotation basis.

FPAI, Mumbai

August 1987 - December 1988

Steps Ahead in 10 Year Strategy Plan in India held in Patna, Bhopal, Ooty & Bhubaneswar August 1987-December 1988

Preparation for Effective Project Management

Catholic Relief Services

Up to July 2007

for CRS Directors and Project In-charges in India July 3-7,1986

• 35 Training programs on Prevention & Control of HIV/AIDS
• STI Management
• Sex & Sexuality
• Addressing Myths & Misconceptions
• Project Planning & Management & • Behaviour Change Communications
• Finance Management & Budgeting
(Designed and Conducted the above programs for Project Directors & Project Managers of Targeted Intervention Projects with 30 Courses for Peer Educators and Out-Reach workers at Regional level in Odisha.)

Effective Project Planning & Management

Voluntary Health Association West Bengal and Orissa

At Kolkata & Bhubaneswar


Training and Extensionin CYSD-Center


Sl. No

An Overview;
Training and Capacity Building has always been my Forte from the beginning of my career and since then, I have effectively handled thousands of development sector trainings starting from Organisational assessment to conducting Training Needs Assessment (TNA), designing appropriate training Modules as customised and conducted several capacity building programs and Management Development Programs (MDPs) in India. A few of those given below;

Sl. No Training Conducted For Organisations Name of the Training/Capacity Building Periodicity of Program

Senior Manager

Learnt Organisational Review/Assessment and Renewal Exercise in Centre for Youth & Social Development (CYSD)

Bhubaneswar coordination and facilitation for 2 years for CYSD facilitated by Dr. Prem Chadha and several other development experiences during 1985-1993.
• Worked as Senior Manager in XIMB for Center For Development Education, Research and Training from 1993 to 2000 and conducted several national level, regional and local level development trainings and capacity building for varied clientele groups including Govt. and Companies in India by designing, coordinating & facilitating the programs.
• Worked as Country Representative for Lutheran World Relief (LWR), USA in India supporting development fund for 36 mega Community Development projects across the country during the year 1994-1997.

Program coordinator, Joint Assistance

Haladia College

in 1984.
10. Vice chairman, Youth for friendship and Peace, Kutch, Gujarat in 1981-84, organised a number of youth for Peace meets.
11. Extension Program Coordinator for FORDSA-Foundation for Rural Development and Social Action (Rajasthan) during year 1982-83 and facilitated ICDS launching and implementing in Sirohi District of Rajashtan.
12. Research Associate in NISWASS-National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences in 1981.
13. Communicator, Village Reconstruction Organisation(VRO), Guntur in Andhra Pradesh in 1981.
14. Continue to work as Honorary Program Director for Indian Rural Reconstruction Movement (IRRM)based in Bangalore for its BIMAROU state programs related to rural Livelihoods, Food and Nutrition security covering the entire Eastern Ghats and central India from the year 1994 onwards.

Qualifications & Certifications

International Institute of Health Management

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

Creative Literature

Berhampur University

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