Ahmed - Telecommunications Engineer - Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Laiq Ahmed

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


I joined PakT&T Dept in Aug1967as Engineering Supervisor (ES) beig BSc& got20months training at Telecommunication Staff College (TSC) Haripur Hazra with specialization in mtce of automatic tele xges & posted as ES phones Central Telephone Xge Kar. Grad in Electrical Engineering with major inTelecommunications in1st class in1972 & FTCinTelecommunications fromC&G of London Institutes London with credit 1976. Registered asProfessional TelecomEngineer 1976with PEC.Selected as Asstt.DivisionalEngineer for T&Tdept.(now PTCL) by FPSC & got 2years trg in Advanced Telecommunications Engineering inJuly1977at TSC.Joined NEC Japan's Engineers team in Jan1979 installing Karachi International ElectGateway Exchange.Posted as Divisional Engineer EPIC Karachi in July1981 & planned 400K lines Digital Tel Xges.Got 6months trg in Digital switching at CIT ALCATEL Paris France inAug1983. Posted as DE Phones CentralTel Xge Kar in May84 to set stage for instal 40K Digital EWSD(3241,3242,3243&3244) lines.Posted.as DEPhones (South) Kar inJuly88 & supervised instal 10K lines EMDas conversion of old F-1(51group) working Xge overnight in March90.Posted as DE Phones( North) Kar in March92 & supervised instal of 20Klines(3493&3494 groups) E-10B Xges.Promoted&Posted asDirector Zone1 in May1993 where I supervised instal of60K Lines in zone1(Numbering scheme:3586.3587,3588,3566,3566&3589).Two months trg in the manufacturing large size of communication cables at Turks SiemensCable Factory IstanbulTurkey1995.


Telecommunications Engineer


Worked inT&T Dept for16years as Divisional Engineer and as Director in PTCLfor14years.Qualified B.Sc1968,Grad in Elect Engineering1972 and FTC in Telecommunications from C&G London1976.Trg inDigital Switching for6months atCIT Alcatel ParisFrance1984.

Work History

Divisional Engineer EPIC(Exchange Planning & Installatio Centre) for KTR Karachi

Pakistan T&T Department (Now Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited )

July 1981 - August 1983

I was posted asDivisional Engineer EPIC(Exchange Planning & Installation Centre) KTR in July 1981 which was directly under T&T HQ Islamabad(Now PTCL) and was given the task of planning and Installation of 400K lines digital switching exchanges for KTR There was no Analog or Digital phone xges working inKarachi except International Gateway Xge(IGE) Karachi installed by NEC Japan in1979.There were Siemens F-1 typeof xges developed by Siemens after 2nd world war similar to BPO Pre3000 type of xges and secondly SiemensEMD type of xges( introduced in Pakistan in 1964) which were working all over Pakistan including KTR in1981 .Two systems namely CIT ALCATEL E10B and SiemensEWSD were selected for installation inKTR in 1981.The installation of EWSD Xges and development of its compatible Interface with F-1&EMDxges had no difficulty as these systems were developed and installed bySiemens co who were inPakistan since1951.The ALCATEL Engineers responsible for development of E10B and its compatible Interface had to work very hard with EPIC group Karachi for tabulation of designing & operational data of F-1&EMD Xges which was completed by March1983.It was decided to install 10K lines1st E10B xge at IGE Marston Road Bldg complex Kar .The1st 10K lines EWSD xge was to be installed in Central Tel Xge Kar as replacement of old '23' group working xge. I was one of the14 senior Engineers team selected for 6months training in Digital Switching at CIT ALCATEL Paris France from Aug1983 to Feb1984.

Director P.T.C.L.


August 1977 - January 2007

As a Director Network Maintenance my duties were to make Engineering Management of switching & External network of a large area of the city.


Installation digital telephone lines in Karachi Pakistan

I was posted as Divisional Engineer Phones Central Telephone Exchange Karachi in March1984 till Oct1988 to maintain 20K lines( 23 &22 group) F-1 xge and to prepare the infrastructure for installation of 40K lines Digital Exchange . It wasn't possible to start instal EWSD in Cent Tel Xge Karachi immediately in 1984 due to technical reasons and working 20K lines F-1 xge had growingly become obsolete and was considered on the verge of collapse as no spare parts of F-1 xges were available in normal supply.T&T Administration was under great pressure to provide normal phone services to this VIP area of Pakistan.My strategy was to put all o/o/o F-1 switches back into services without further loss of time by using all resources at my disposal.All burntout 14/51 Magnet Coils of F-1 switches were got rewinded from local workshops and thus improving the efficiency of the xge to a great extend.All fuses were replaced by new ones. The four RSM working in two xges were replaced. The 30K jumper wires in MDF1,2&3 which became brittle due to continuous use for last 30years were replaced n'block which was a gigantic work.A/C units were overhauled completely.In this way the 20K lines F-1Central Tel Xge Kar kept on working till May1988 when phases wise offloading from F-1 sys to EWSD sys were started.In this way the F-1 Central Tel Xge which had almost stopped working in 1984 was made to work till 1990 when all 20K F-1 tele nos were offloaded to EWSD sys and subscribers felt sigh of relief .

Planning and Installation of four Lac Digital Electronics Telephone Lines for Karachi.

I was posted as Divisional Engineer Planning for Karachi Telecom Region ((K.T.R.) in 1981 and was given the task of planning 400K Digital Switching lines for KTR Karachi. I remained as DE Planning KTR fromJuly1981 toAug1983 and prepared the blue paper for installation of new300K lines of Digital Switching and100K lines of Digital Switching as replacement of old Siemens F-1& EMD Switching.I was sent for training in Digital Switching for six months at CIT ALCATEL Paris France from Aug83 to Feb84. The first10K lines,E-10B prototype DigitalTelephonesExchange was installed at Marston Digital Exchange in May 1984 and thereafter I was posted as DE Phones Central Telephone Exchange(20K F-1) Karachi in May1984 for installation of 40K Digital Switching lines(SiemensEWSD).The installation of first 10K Digital Switching(EWSD) in Central Telephone Exchange Karachi was completed in1988 with numbers series 3241 as conversion of 23 numbers F-1 exchange and than 3242,3243 &3244 was installed in next three years .I arranged the installation of first 10KDigital lines in Pak Capital Telephone Exchange when posted as DEP NORTH in Mar1992 as replacement of ‘41’(F-1) exchange with new numbering series‘3493and added by additional 30k Digital Switching lines in numbering series3494,3492&3491in next 2years.I was promoted and posted as Director ZONE 1 in1993 where I arranged installation of 60K Digital telephones lines in the numbering series 3586,3587,3584,3588 3589&3566 from May1993to1996(3years)..

Qualifications & Certifications

Bachelor of Science with Physics & Mathematics

Karachi University

st.peters high school

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