Lockwood - English Teacher - Indore, MP, India

L George Lockwood

Indore, MP, India


English Teacher

Work History

Academic Coordinator-cum-Supervisor

Five different CBSE schools

August 2008 - March 2013

in the city and the district of Bhilwara in Rajasthan -(Aug.'08 - Mar. '13).

• Rendered services of an Academic Coordinator-cum-Supervisor in the first school.
• Appointed as a Senior English language Trainer in three other schools to teach structural and functional grammar and
Enrich the students in the Communication Skill, thereby applying it to Content Writing.
• Researched and developed an unconventional, simplified Module of Tenses (Active & Passive Voice included), Modals, Parts of Speech - their respective places in sentences used in relation to other words to amplify the sense, thereby, apply the method to frame and speak and write effective English.

• Worked as an Academic Manager in one School:
• Trained teachers in classroom management.
• Helped low-ability students to develop confidence and learning capacity through sound understand of the subjects.
• Motivate teachers' & students' interest further by video-shooting their activities so as to project them in the TV to be viewed by visitors and others.
• Improved the inter-class disciplinary attitude amongst the juniors - seniors.
• Counseled parents to change their attitude towards their wards & tried to get the home environment conducive for studies.

Tutoring Experience: (1981 -1995)
• Had been giving Maths & Science tuitions to secondary classes students.
• Additionally, had started giving tuitions in English Lit. & Lang. from 1992 on students' persistent persuasion as they got
better results on little guidance given at times.

Other Categories of Job-Experience

Taught Eng

Prudence Int'l. (Res.-cum-Day) School & Junior College

July 2007 - February 2008

. Lang. from Checkpoint to A-Level and also tutored in Bus. Studies, Biology, Chem., Phy., & Maths.
• Organized Students' Forum every Friday to conduct discussions on burning problem-solving social-issues to shape them into useful citizens for the morrow.
• Taught students a journalistic approach to understand and display important national and international news.

Eng. Lit. & Lang

Cambridge Int'l. (Res.) Academy

June 2006 - June 2007

. to classes V to Checkpoint but was, subsequently, promoted to teach from Checkpoint to A-Level
• Besides the assigned task, combined passion with coordinated efforts to assist IGCSE and A-Level batches in the Evening
Study-Hours successfully preparing them in a comprehensive way in Eng. Lang. and other subjects, too.
• Conducted Workshops for Applied Studies to elaborately explain the subject-topics to comprehend the socio-economic and political inter-related needs and thereby, its development strategies and processes with a guideline to the profession-oriented
avenues to choose from for the industrial world.

Akiko Call Net

From March 2001

to qualify the trainees for any job-placement.
• Given a deadline of only 8 days, trained them into every specific job-area with the required traits which got them the placements in Delhi except one who later got placed in Bhubaneswar.

Spoken English Institutes:
• Having given an attractive offer, went ahead with discourses on the pronunciation, intonation, accent development with appropriate tongue, jaws and lips positioning and Voice Management done psychologically and diplomatically to get the
esired effect and result.

Research Work on Extra-Academic Pursuits:
• Have been actively involved in condensing and simplifying the study-methodology.
• Specialized in American English Grammar besides British Grammar, condensing several rules into just one basic rule
simplifying the entire process of learning.

• My research in Applied English, that is, to connect subjective studies with the relevant work as today's students are
tomorrow's job-seekers. Thus, every lecture is subjective, exam-oriented and job-oriented covering every related
subject possible, and if need be, research-oriented too, to proceed further with the development work innovatively to seek the solutions for the existing problems and needs, in its respective area in the society or otherwise. For instance, if at first, we
study 'A' for apple, later we study 'A' for agriculture of apple, and then, 'A' for 'aim' to develop marketing- cum- management policies to enhance and boost the economy, creating employment opportunities, increasing the per capita income and thereafter, to go beyond with the 'Agro-based' (biotech) research for a better quality and greater production. Thus,
making every student's academic and professional pursuit purposefully meaningful right from the start.

Other Skill-Sets and Interests:
• Computer - Proficient in MS - Word and necessary internet operational knowledge.

American Eng

Medical Transcription

From June 2000

Gram. And categorical Americanism to the Trainees at Shivam InfoTech,
Pramila InfoTech and Daniel Soft.

Eng. Lit. & Lang

St. Gregorious (I.C.S.E.) School

July 1995 - April 2006

. to classes VII & VIII but just after 3 days was promotionally assigned the task of classes IX & X.
• Taught Functional Grammar in an unconventional, simplified, self-developed way integrating it to developing
effective speaking and writing skills.
• Regularly surveyed Competitive Magazines for Competitive Exams.' Grammar Objective Questions for any
change in pattern or new addition and update the students with the same as those types are certainly added to the next board exams. (because its pattern matches the job competition questions and the curriculum even
gets updated accordingly ) to prepare the students.
• To enhance the contextual concept in Lang. compositions, imparted special well-explained classes to understand
(through observations) the micro and macro developments in social, economic and political affairs / areas besides, other
fiction and value-based issues.
• To find topics for Compositions, went beyond the text books and incorporated controversial technology based research
development works in classroom discussions and even on burning social issues that concerns teens, their upbringing,
education, health, safety, security and future.
• Covered topics from every subject for Composition Topics in the Lang. Paper as Lang. covers every subject; be it
stem cells, bio-genetics, fast food, bio-medical, aquaponics and many others.

• Drew blue-print like structural drawings of the events/happenings of the Prose and Poems lessons to explain the text and enable the students to visualize the entire story and thereby, capture a visual-memory of the lessons taught.
• Related Shakespeare's different plays' plots / happenings and developments with their subsequent continuity in successive Acts, condensing the entire play into few slots making it easier to understand and also frame a set of questions on those slot events focusing on the vitals, viz., who said, what, why, how and explain with reference, etc.
• Trained and moulded a selected few to emerge...

St. Joseph (Res.-cum-Day) High School

May 1990 - July 1990

Taught Maths and Science to State Ministers' and Industrialists' spoilt brat and mediocre teens.
• Motivated them through regular reformative counseling.
• Mentored through self-designed and well-planned, simplified modular-lessons.
• Conducted, monitored and evaluated regular board-exam. oriented practice tests.
• Provided assistance to Special Needs Students separately for their independent individual development.
• Drew commendable progressive results and acclamation that won me an offer of Science H.O.D. from St. Paul's, the biggest school in Aizawl.

Qualifications & Certifications

Cambridge University


Govt. College


Joined St. Xavier's College

Orissa under Board of Secondary Education

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