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McCully - Critic - Motherwell, Scotland, UK

Kirsten McCully

Motherwell, Scotland, UK


I am a food critic from the Greater Glasgow area. You can view some of my work on If you would like me to review a restaurant or have a critical article written, please get in touch.




I currently have a blog ( that I have written some of my reviews on. I have been published in a Partnership magazine and have also had some positive feedback from the restaurants that I have written about.

I have a qualification in Advanced English and have a strong academic background which focused on argumentative and critical writing.

I am a passionate and pragmatic critic, accounting for all aspects of the perfect dining experience. Food and restaurants have been a big part of my social life, and being able to combine this with my flare for writing is why I am the perfect critic.


My Review of The Wide Mouth Frog

After a stint in Bulgaria where they didn't understand the concept of a starter and a main meal, it was refreshing to come home and have food served in the appropriate order.

The Wide Mouth Frog is a restaurant tucked away at the back of the Dalziel Park, Motherwell. Owned by the Lisini company, this restaurant is one of five in the Greater Glasgow area. If you've tried Angels or the Parkville, then you will know that The Wide Mouth Frog has to meet very high standards!

Interior wise, the eclectic use of blacks, pinks and splashed wallpaper create a comfortable atmosphere. The booths are cosy, with attentive details such as plump cushions and pink flower centre pieces. The décor is very funky and unique, with a Parisian chic feel to it.

The menu for The Wide Mouth Frog is packed with mouthwatering dishes. They also offer mid-week lunch and supper menus - two courses for £9.95 - which I am sure will be an excellent value for money considering the calibre of the food! Some patrons in the restaurant went for the traditional tea package, which did look lovely and is a unique idea for somewhere that isn't located city centre.

I am usually quick to choose what I want, however today's lunch involved many a game of 'eeny-meeny-miney-mo' to try and help me decide. Starter-wise, I chose the smoked mackerel pate, with bruschetta and pickles. Ryan, my dining partner, chose the haggis hash brown with Parma ham, fried egg and hollandaise. Following this, fate led me to the chicken and grilled courgette risotto with tomato confit; Ryan went with a classic favourite of chicken fajitas. Of course, my obsession with onion rings meant that a cheeky side order was added to our main.

The pate was outstanding. It was creamy and soft and easily spreadable on the thinly sliced crunchy bread. Mackerel is slightly fishy, but this was met by the strong smoky taste blended in to the light mixture. My only recommendation would be to serve thick toasted bread, which I think would compliment the smoothness of the pate, and the bitter crunch of the mixed pickles. Nevertheless, I cleared my plate and truly enjoyed my starter. The menu also offers chicken liver parfait, which I would definitely be willing to try if this pate was anything to go by!

I barely got to speak to Ryan once he tucked into his starter. I asked him to use some descriptive words for this starter, to which he replied "wow". Thanks, dear. I managed to scrounge a bite from him, and I can confirm that "wow" was indeed the perfect adjective for this meal. The fried egg was soft and sweet, the hash brown was warm and savoury and the haggis was crumbly and meaty. I quite like my haggis to have a hint of spice, however this dish was actually nicer with a mellow after taste. Two plates cleared, and we were ready for round two.

My work colleague is a worshipper of risotto, and urged me to try it. I felt that it was fate when 'eeny-meeny-miney-mo' ended up eliminating my other choices, leaving the chicken and grilled courgette risotto as the winner. Garnished with rocket and shavings of parmesan, I was elated when this dish was placed in front of me. The risotto rice was gooey (in a good way!) but firm in the middle, making it enjoyable to eat. The chunks of chicken were seasoned with pepper, giving it an inviting kick amongst the thick and creamy cheese sauce enveloping the dish. The tomatoes tucked in throughout the dish were sweet and juicy, which was nicely paired with the mild yet distinctive taste of the grilled courgettes. Overall, I would definitely recommend this dish, even though I couldn't finish it. It's stodgy, warm, and generally very comforting (especially when Scotland suffers it's usual tempestuous weather!)

As mentioned above, I am a major fanatic of onion rings, especially beer battered. The onion rings were served on a lovely thin slate in a stack of seven, with a tomato chilli dip and a garlic aioli. They were crunchy, light and ever so slightly greasy. A recommendation rather than a criticism is this: I am not a fan of salt, and was a bit disheartened when I could taste that they had been salted before being served. Perhaps the salting should be left to the patrons in the restaurant? Apart from this, they were delicious and very much enjoyed!

The sizzling chicken for the fajitas was served in strips, coated in a thick, sticky barbecue sauce. I love that fajita chicken is served in a hot griddle, and The Wide Mouth Frog didn't fail to impress. Once constructed, the fajitas were phenomenal. The smoky barbecue sauce was rich and tangy, which was complimented by bitter salsa and the coolness of the sour cream. The flour tortillas were soft and spongy, and certainly tasted home made. Ryan's only setback was that the portions were smaller than he had expected, however he cleared his plate and was comfortably full.

For two starters, two main courses, one side and three pints of juice, the bill came to just over £37. The menu is very well priced, and I think if they had to take my suggestion on board for different bread with the mackerel pate, I would be happy to pay for it again. The waitress did inform me after the meal that they offer a half portion of the risotto, so I would be willing to order it again!

The staff are friendly, smiley and genuinely happy to chat away, which I thought was a nice touch. It is refreshing to know that there is somewhere offering delicious food at decent prices in Motherwell, which is not well known for anything apart from questionable takeaways and drunken football fanatics.

I can guarantee I will be back to the Wide Mouth Frog, and I hope it's sooner rather than later!

My Review of The Longhouse, Kilmarnock

I have visited Scott's restaurant in Troon more times than I care to share. I genuinely thought that it was my favourite restaurant - the best food, the best staff, the best location and also the best value for money.

That was, until I ventured to Buzzwork's newest addition to the restaurant family - The Longhouse in Kilmarnock. Although the location isn't anything to shout about (a quiet street in Kilmarnock with no particular views) the food, service and value were perfect. The restaurant itself is a quaint and intimate room, with only a smattering of tables. It is really nicely spaced and not too crowded, creating the perfect dining atmosphere.

The four of us were seated at a high table, which is actually featured in the picture on the right hand corner. I went for my ever-fantastic glass of Willowood rose wine, my sister went for the 'Lost Geisha' cocktail and the boys stuck to fizzy drinks. The cocktail list is very unique and refreshing to a cocktail guru's eyes. On my next visit, I plan to try the pomegranate mojito!

I was expecting the menu to be the same as that of Scott's, however there were some new and enticing surprises. I struggled to choose a starter - lobster and crayfish Thai fishcakes, sweet chilli and garlic mussels or chicken liver pate?! - as did the rest of the table. Needless to say that the menu isn't incredibly vast, but it has enough variety to get your mind going. The staff were friendly and polite, as I would have expected from the standards of the other Buzzwork's establishments.

Once we were ready, we placed our orders. My sister and I both went for mussels; my order with the sweet chilli and garlic sauce, Sharon's with the white wine and shallot sauce. Ryan opted for the chicken liver pate, and Mark (being on a diet) decided to miss out on a starter.

We did however, try the 'nibbles' that they had on order. There are six nibble options to choose from: giant olives (which truly were giant), Parmesan chunks, boquerones (also known as pickled anchovies...), piquillo peppers, pickled hen eggs and proscuitto & medjool date. We took them up on their offer of 4 for £6.95 and decided for two portions of Parmesan chunks, a portion of giant olives and the piquillo peppers.

The Parmesan cheese was served with a sweet onion marmalade, and was so unbelievably tasty. The cheese was cut into perfect bite size cubes, and wasn't too over powering.

The olives were tart and salty, as they should be, with that familiar bitter tang. Only thing to be aware of is that the olives are not pitted - please do not try to bite straight into one for fear of losing a fang...

The piquillo peppers were very tangy and strong flavoured - personally I didn't enjoy them (even though I fought for them to be in the final four...) however once attempted with a cube of cheese, the flavour was calmed and it was somewhat enjoyable. The small salad also had a light vinaigrette dressing on it, which was a lovely added (and delicious) touch to the platter.

After all of the steak I have eaten recently (and considering at least 4 of my reviews have been on steak!) I decided to go for the supreme of salmon with Mediterranean vegetables and a duo of sauce. The title of this blog really does sum it up - Buzzwork's, you really have done it again! The salmon was perfectly cooked - slightly crisp on the outside, flaky and tender inside. The salmon was on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, surrounded by slices of courgette, butternut squash and peppers. The duo of sauces were very light and subtle, which is perfect for salmon; a light butter cream sauce, and a red pepper, carrot and butternut squash mixture. All together, it can only be described as the best salmon dish I have eaten to date.

Both Ryan and Sharon ordered the half lobster shell (which wasn't available, so it came in a dish instead) filled with lobster, crayfish and king prawns, served with garlic bread and chips. I managed to snaffle a chunk of lobster, which was delicious. It was firm, meaty and relatively sweet. The whole dish was covered in a thick, creamy cheese sauce, and garnished with basil leaves. Both parties finished the whole dish, practically gouging holes in the bowl! It was a general consensus between the two that one portion of fries between them would have been suffice. Perhaps if only the garlic bread accompanied the meal, as it was too stodgy for all three to be consumed. Final result nevertheless - two very satisfied diners!

Mark is a huge fan of goats cheese, so it was no surprise that his choice of main was the goats cheese parcels, grilled vegetables and pimento sauce. The light crispy parcels enveloped a healthy serving of creamy goats cheese and spinach, which was complimented by the sweetness of the pimento sauce. As Mark is on a diet, this dish really sat well with him as it wasn't too heavy or stodgy. The grilled vegetables also added an extra flavour, but ensures he was getting some of his five a day!

After our plates were cleared, I was 90% certain that I was going to get a dessert - I just didn't know what. I was so thrilled with the menu at The Longhouse that I knew deep down that I was going to hit a home run - and I did.

Whilst it's obvious that steak is my main course of choice, I am not really much of a 'sweet' fan. That is, until tiramisu is available. The Longhouse got my vote for "Fox's Favourite Restaurant To Date" award after sealing the deal with possibly the best dessert on the planet! I enthused so much about it, I actually convinced Sharon (who was full to the point of combustion) to grab a slice too. Ryan is not a fan of chocolate, so he chose something very unique - the rhubarb and ginger brulee.

The sign of a proper, home-made tiramisu is how light it is. Many shop bought tiramisus are heavily drowned in the liqueur, or the cream layer is excruciatingly sweet with no base whatsoever. This tiramisu was heavenly - an equal layering of cream, mascarpone, sponge and liqueur garnished with a fresh strawberry and cream. I urge you to order the tiramisu from here, I can guarantee that you will never have had a dessert so rich, creamy, flavoursome yet light as air!

Ryan is a true fan of rhubarb, so the brulee was a natural choice for him. The portion was massive compared to a creme brulee, and was served with a sable biscuit. The thick layer of crystalised sugar encased chunks of rhubarb pieces, coated in a ginger seasoned custard. He said that there was also a strong hint of lemon throughout the dessert, which was a refreshing taste to counter the ginger. The shortbread biscuit was sweet and melted in his mouth, and was a filling companion for this beautiful dish.

Once all our plates had been cleared, we sat back and embraced our indulged food babies. I finished my second glass of wine, and we all sat smiling at the feast we had conquered. You may think this was an extract from a children's fairytale, but it wasn't - we were really that impressed!

The total bill for two glasses of wine, numerous soft drinks, a cocktail and four three course dinners was a fantastic £108. The service was quick and efficient, with knowledgeable and friendly staff. It epitomised the true dining experience I expect from restaurants, and I know for certain I will be back in Kilmarnock to visit The Longhouse again.

My Review of Grill on the Corner, Glasgow

When restaurants claim to have the finest cuts of meat, and specialised farms with massaged cows on specialised diets, I have no choice but to grant them a visit.

My partner Ryan and I have been excited about Grill on the Corner in Glasgow from the moment it was booked. Saturday night, later booking - I was prepared to be enthralled by this restaurant. Sadly, my experience of Grill on the Corner is much like Scottish weather - miserable.

The restaurant itself is a vacuous, beautifully decorated space. Lots of mismatched mirrors on the wall, low hanging chandeliers and quirky bookcases casually decorated. It reminded me of the mad hatters tea party, but in a sleek and stylish way.

Upon entering the restaurant, there was a waiter behind the podium where menus were kept. Standing on the staircase beside this was a young girl, staring into space, dressed casually. I presumed she was a customer waiting to be served, as she caught eye contact with us and proceeded to stand. I motioned towards the desk, when she suddenly approached us, and asked for our booking details. She did the closest walk to a run I have ever seen round the corner and away from us! Wearing heels and also just coming out of the rain, I trotted after her with Ryan holding my back to ensure I didn't slip and fall. Very impersonal, very rushed and not what I would have expected from a restaurant of it's stature...

We were seated and provided with our menus. Ryan ordered a glass of water, as he was feeling very dehydrated. The waiter serving us scrunched his face up, as if this was unheard of. I appreciate that in a Chinese Buffet, the money is in the drinks - this, however, is a city centre restaurant! The money that we would potentially be spending was certainly not in the drinks. I ordered my standard glass of rose wine, and also a glass of water. He asked if we knew what we wanted to eat - well, no, considering we were just through the door? - and stalked off with our drinks orders. The menu is very extensive - plenty of unusual but delicious sounding starters, a vast array of main courses (seafood, grill, vegetarian) and a compelling wine and cocktail list. Just a shame we never got given the time to actually read through it all! He returned within a minute with the drinks, and again asked if we were ready to order! Again I must compare to a Chinese Buffet - the 'in and out' service. We asked for just a little more time, and he left again.
Once we were (finally) ready to order, he came back at the ready. I was famished, and decided to go for the chicken pate with Cumberland jelly and toast. Ryan was suffering a mild concussion, and decided against a starter. For the mains, I ordered the Galloway sirloin, medium rare, with peppercorn sauce. To accompany this i chose 'crushed potatoes', that I shall explain later in the review. Ryan opted for the normal sirloin, cooked medium with a side of skin-on fries.

I have to admit, that the food was absolutely outstanding. The pate was served encased in a layer of fat, preserving that delicious meaty flavour beneath. Topped with three sweet berries, the combination was delicious and the jelly was really something. Layered on top of thickly sliced crunchy toast, it was a taste revelation. I only wish there had been more of the pate, as it was absolutely mouthwatering and a pleasure to eat.

Within minutes, the slate had been cleared from the table. The funny thing is, there was no usual banter that you would expect from a waiter. I am unsure if it was perhaps his first night, but there was no connection from the staff - again very impersonal and not particularly warming. Usually you are asked "how was that for you?" or "was everything alright with your starter?", but not here. I appreciate weekends may be hectic - but we were literally being served so quickly and customer service is such an important part of the dining experience.

Less than five minutes wait, we were met with our mains. All I can say is - WOW! The steaks were absolutely perfect. Cooked to a precision that ensured the steaks were juicy, tender and the right consistency - very well done to the chef.

The Galloway steak is from a breed of cow that is allowed to freely graze amongst heather moors and long grass. The steak was astounding. Very moist, tender and a fantastic shade of pinky-red. There was a sweetness to the meat, but also a smokiness from the grill. The peppercorn sauce was creamy and thick, and there was plenty of it to coat the meat and truly accentuate the flavours. My side, the 'crushed potatoes' were a revelation. Crushed baby potatoes, mixed with chives and butter. The potatoes were soft and fluffy, the chives were strong but not overpowering, and when eaten with a chunk of flawless steak - my God.

Ryan was overjoyed with his impeccably cooked steak. He said that in all honesty, it is the best steak he has ever had to date! His sirloin cut was very thick, but this did not compromise the juiciness and tenderness of the meat. The skin-on fries arrived in a miniature basket - very cute and a nice touch for decor! Fluffy inside, crunchy outside and lightly salted - the perfect chip!

Our plates were well and truly cleared, and I was elated with my meal. The waiter cleared our plates away, again with no chit-chat or care for comments we had. I also found it strange that he didn't ask if we wanted desserts. The reason why? We were given a menu anyway on his return. No questions asked, just slapped onto the table and left. I cannot help but ask - why?! As paying customers you expect some sort of respect, or civil conversation with the staff! I was actually quite shocked by the attitude of the staff, and regardless of how perfect the food was, it ruined our experience.

I had asked about the desserts on the menu to our waiter on his return. Trying to gauge him in some polite conversation about cakes and such (part of his job, really) was probably more difficult that riding a bucking bronco on a rickety bridge built on a ship that was sailing on the roughest seas. Yes, really that difficult.

We decided to cut our disappointing visit short and say no to desserts. The menu sounded good, but considering how extensive the main menu was, the variety of desserts available were scarce. I quite like when restaurants do a 'special', such as a cheesecake or a meringue. There are perhaps eight desserts available. Although some do sound fantastic, I was beyond giving anymore chances for bad service.

Ryan paid the bill and left a standard tip. Upon seeing the slightly skimpy tip, the card was pushed back to Ryan and the waiter then left, without so much as a goodbye or a thank you.

The bill came to approximately £66. This was for one starter, two steaks and one glass of wine. I am usually fine to pay this kind of money, however I would expect the staff to be accommodating and helpful, even if it is a pretence.

My opinion of Grill on the Corner is not a good one. The quality and preparation for the food was definitely ten out of ten, and if you aren't big on service then I would recommend visiting. However, if you enjoy the 'out for dinner' experience like I do, then I would not recommend a visit. To give you an overview - we were in and out within an hour.

I am tempted to revisit Grill on the Corner, perhaps to see if this was a fluke or we caught the staff on an 'off' night. Who knows? I certainly don't.

My Review of Kyloe, Edinburgh

Kyloe is a restaurant owned by the Rutland Hotel in Edinburgh. Coined as a 'gourmet steak restaurant', they promise a delicious menu and uniquely styled restaurant - cow hyde booths to be exact! The restaurant itself is upstairs from a bar, which on weekends is rather loud - but what else do you expect with a city centre location!

My partner and I were met at the bottom of the stairs by a friendly and polite member of staff, who very kindly escorted us to our table as soon as we came in the door. She was very patient as I climbed the stairs - wet weather and high heels do not mix!

We were seated in a large comfortable booth, and served a large glass of sweet rose wine and a perfect pint within minutes of our arrival and settling at the table. The waitress was fantastic - offering to tell us about the different cuts of meat they offer, but also allowing us time to have a look through the menu.

Ryan and I, as you will know by now are avid steak fans. So it was absolutely no contest that we order the 600g Sirloin on the bone - each. Regardless of the preparation time of 15 minutes (which we were informed about at the time of ordering), this is something that I absolutely, 100% reccomend.

Whilst waiting on our main meal, we were served a complimentary loaf of freshly made hot bread. Served with this was a pot of spreadable butter, topped with crushed sea salt and also a serving of their unique dip, which has a very corriander and lime taste to it. Due to my original experience at Kyloe, I chose to avoid the starters entirely so the bread was nice for nibbling.

Our steaks arrived, cooked to absolute perfection. I asked for my steak to be medium rare, with pepper sauce. The pepper sauce is very light and creamy, and smoothed across the steak to coat the meat. As the steak was so big, it would have been better if they offered a slightly larger portion of sauce to ensure that you were able to incorporate all the flavours they had to offer. The steaks were garnished with rocket leaves and baked plum tomatoes, which were sweet and juicy and melted in your mouth.

We decided to order three sides to share, as these are paid for seperately on your bill. The first was onion rings, served in a light, crunchy batter which left a sweet aftertaste; secondly we had potato wedges, served with a sweet chilli and sour cream dip. The potato wedges were fluffy on the inside and just slightly crunchy on the outside. The sweet chilli sauce was thick and mouthwatering, and the sting was just over-ruled once you had a taste of the incredible sour cream. The third side were the shoe string fries, which were crunchy and fresh, and didn't leave an oily feeling in your mouth which a lot of restaurant fries tend to do!

After we devoured our mains, we decided to have a look for desserts. Everything sounded absolutely delicious, and both myself and Ryan struggled to choose what we wanted. In the end, my heart was with the Valrhona milk Chocolate tart, served with salted caramel parfait and vanilla mascarpone. Ryan wisely chose the white chocolate cookie dough crepe, served with a passion fruit milkshake.

The chocolate tarte was sensational - sweet, rich and exquisitely delicate. The chocolate and pastry were both breaking off by the forkful effortlessly, and the salted caramel parfait was surprisingly refreshing and was not heavy, which I had expected. The vanilla mascarpone was creamy and sweet, creating a fantastic explosion of flavour with every bite.

The cookie dough crepe was served warm, and oozed with thick cookie dough. There were no words given for this, but his face said it all - absolute delight! The passionfruit milkshake was served in the cutest vial, complete with a straw. Having snuck a drink of it, I can confirm that it was one of the tastiest and most refreshing drinks, and paired with the usual stodginess of the crepe, it was the perfect companion. The restaurant should offer milk shakes like this - I know when I return I would definitely want a full sized cup.

The service, the food and the location of Kyloe are all fantastic. I mentioned at the start of this review that my first visit was below standard, but I can honestly say that the care, friendliness and expertise from the staff has totally changed my mind.

The prices are what you would expect for an upmarket restaurant, and I would quite happily pay it again. The 600 gram steak was £35, which considering the size of the cut and also the effort behind preparing it truly makes it worth every penny. On their website it does also show that they offer set menus for a lower price, which makes it affordable for everyone.

I will definitely be coming back to Kyloe to experience more of their gourmet steaks, and I urge you to get yourself booked in to this restaurant!

My Review of Scott's, Troon

Scott's Bar and Restaurant, one of the few chain restaurants owned by the Buzzworks company, has got to be one of the most impressive restaurants I have eaten at yet.

I first visited Scott's with my partner, Ryan. I do enjoy a good drive, so the 45 minute journey from my home town was no problem at all. The Yacht Haven is one of those lovely places that has a million dollar view, especially on a Summer's day.

I visited Scott's on the evening of the 14th April, as a celebration for my birthday (and no, I won't be specifying my age!). We arrived just before quarter past seven for our booking at half past. The place was packed to the rafters, yet the staff were so welcoming and calm.

We had a drink at the bar, and were shown to a table for four that was adjacent to the front door, just outside the main restaurant. Having always been seated inside the restaurant, I was slightly disappointed, as the bar plays music and is a lot louder.

I approached a lovely young waiter, and asked if we could perhaps move into the restaurant as we felt the bar area was quite loud. He explained that they were fully booked, but would check to see if they could move us. Five minutes later, we were shown to the conservatory seating area, with a beautiful corner table overlooking the marina - kudos, young man!

Now, the four that visited the restaurant - my sister Sharon, her partner Mark, and of course my partner Ryan - quite enjoy a challenge, especially food related. To start, we ordered the tapas platter, and the camembert platter.

The tapas platter consists of a revolving Lazy Susan, offering delicious portions of:

Sharon, Mark & the platters!
Haggis and mashed potato, served in a creamy whiskey sauce;
Scottish Smoked Salmon - fresh, smoky and fantastically tender;
Unshelled king prawns - Firm and fishy with a delectable crunch;
Mussels in a white wine sauce - served fresh from the sea, these are truly unmissable;
Smooth chicken liver pate - spreadable, meaty and strong. The perfect pate.
Accompaniments include garlic bread, caramelised onions and a portion of mayonaise. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

The camembert platter is a full tub of the creamy, gooey cheese, and a selection of toasted brown and tomato bread, with a portion of tomato salsa if you are feeling particularly saucy. For £12.95 a platter, it is value and a taste sensation that you do not want to miss!

As a self pronounced carnivore, I had to go with a medium rare sirloin steak, with peppercorn sauce. The meat was cooked perfectly, with a unique flame-grilled taste. Serve with a portion of fries, an onion ring (as a fan of onion rings, perhaps three would have been better) tomatio and mushroom, and you really do have a fantastic dish that is enjoyable from start to finish. I also chose to have a glass of the Willowood White Zinfandel Rose wine - sweet, juicy and complimented my meal perfectly!

My partner decided to go with the haggis, neeps and tatties. The whisky sauce was creamy, with a slight kick that accentuates the unusal meaty flavour of the haggis. He admitted that the portion on the tapas platter was better, as the haggis had dried out slightly around the edges. Nevertheless, he still ate the whole thing, and enjoyed every bite.

Sharon opted for a sirloin steak, medium done with the pepper sauce. Again, she could not fault the meat or the unique taste.

Mark decided to stay with his favourite - the open lasagne of chorizo and chicken. A very rich pasta dish layered with a creamy, rich cheese sauce and chorizo that's bursting with flavour. I think his sparkling clean plate at the end of our main courses speaks for itself...

Coming into the home stretch, we decided to have dessert. As a female and a lover of all things rich (only exception being my partner) my heart went with the chocolate fondant. Rich and moist, bursting with warm chocolate sauce and finished with vanilla ice cream, the only word that comes to mind is heavenly.

Ryan chose to have the daily special cheesecake, which is white chocolate and baileys. I am unsure when the daily special has ever changed from this, and I think it would be nice to see what else the chef's can create. As promised though, it has a hint of Bailey's through a smooth mascarpone and white chocolate concoction. Tasty, light and a cheesecake lover's dream.

Mark's chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream went down a treat. The cake was warmed, so the filling was slowly oozing over the plate. The sponge was moist and warm, and the cool of the vanilla ice cream was a perfect opposition to perfect this dish.

Sharon got stuck in to a baked alaska, which she said was the best dessert she has ever had from Scott's. The sponge was soft, and the meringue was soft yet crunchy at the same time. Decorated with mango and raspberry flavoured coulis, this is a dessert created for those with a sweet tooth.

Once you add in the copious pints of coca cola, water, pots of tea and the occasional glass of wine, a bill for £140 is a fantastic deal, and excellent value for money.

I am excited to try the other restaurants that Buzzworks have to offer. Afterall, if they are half the restaurant Scott's is, then it's good enough for me!

Qualifications & Certifications

BA Social Science

Glasgow Caledonian University

Dalziel High School

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