Barker - Mechanical Design Draftsman - Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Ken Barker

Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Mechanical Design Draftsman


I am from a trade background (Fitter Machinist). I also worked as a Maintenance fitter & a Marine Engineer before becoming a Mechanical Draftsman!
My Drafting experience covers Mining, Materials Handling, Heavy Engineering, Shiploaders, Container cranes & Sugar mills.

Ken Barker

Work History

RG Tanna Coal Terminal - Stockpile Development & Expansion

ASPEC Engineering

October 2010 - January 2011

Layout & Details of Stockpile Reclaim & Transfer Conveyor & tunnel development. Extension of Stockpile feed tripper conveyor.

Senior Mechanical Design Draftsman

AKER Solutions

May 2010 - September 2010

Project: Bozshakol Copper Project
Layout of Crushing Plant & area including Stockpile feed conveyor.
Layout of proposed locations of vehicle cleaning & maintenance
workshops & offices.

Senior Mechanical Design Draftsman


November 2009 - April 2010

(Previously Vambels Industrial)
Project: Finders Resources - Wetar Copper Plant Expansion. (Indonesia)
Expansion of existing plant. Design & Layout of new Electrowinning,
Solvent Extraction, Neutralisation & Crushing Plant. Project included
re-using parts of existing EW plant from Whim Creek, WA. Also
detailing of various tanks & equipment for the different plant areas.

Mechanical Layout Draftsman


April 2009 - September 2009

Project Moolarben Coal Project - Felixton Resources (Microstation V8)
Layout of Sizing Station including Conveyor Feed to Secondary Sizer,
Sizing screen, Tertiary sizer & relevant chutes. Bifurcating chute to
Surge Bin & Raw coal stockpile Feed Conveyors.
Layout of Surge Bin Feed conveyor and 1000t Surge Bin including triple
discharge chutes to Vibrating feeders feeding Transfer conveyors to CPP
Layout of stockpile reclaim tunnel including Coal Valve assembly.
Drafting checking of Sizing station feed conveyor, Tripper and Conveyor
head chutes

Mechanical Design Draftsman


September 2008 - February 2009

Project Darwin East Wing - Harbour Facilities - Study
Layout of Conveyors from existing ore storage site to exist. Shiploader.

Project BHP - Peak Downs Coal Mine - Workshop Facilities
Layout of proposed Maintenance workshops including Tyre replacement
& washdown bays.

Project RBCT - Dalrymple Bay - Slew Bearing replacement
Layout & detail of replacing faulty slew bearing with a temporary
replacement bearing & requiring dimensional changes to suit.

Senior Mechanical Design Draftsman


October 2007 - August 2008

Project RTA Gove - Port Options Study
Layouts of proposed Import / Export wharves showing existing Shiploader
& upgrade to oil berth for coal unloading. Layouts of existing wharf & optional
layout of new wharf with new Shiploader.
Project Curragh Coal Mine
Expansion & Upgrade of Coal Washery.
3D Layouts of new equipment including centrifuges,
Spirals, Conveyor, pumps & piping.
Project Argyle Diamond Mine
Underground & surface conveyors including Shuttle conveyor transfer
& gravity take-ups.


March 2007 - September 2007

Projects Gladstone Nickel project & various offshore nickel projects for tender
& feasibility studies.
Layout & detail of process plant & stockpile facilities.


March 2006 - August 2006

Project Melak Port Coal Handling Facilities - BHP Billiton - Indonesia
Layout & assembly details of Conveyor systems & supporting equipment from truck discharge bin to Stacker Conveyors feeding onto 2 Stockpiles.
From stockpiles via Stacker reclaimers to conveyors delivering coal to
Barge Loading facilities at the river port. Layout of Barge loading, supply
& equipment offloading wharves.


September 2006 - February 2007

Project Reverse Osmosis (desalination) Plant - Incitec Pivot
Layout & detail of Plant including Tanks, Gravity Filters,
Filter container, R.O.Unit, pumps & piping.

Project Alum Plant Solids Removal System - Incitec Pivot
Layout of tanks, bund walls, Centrifuge, Polymer dosing unit,
pumps, piping & discharge conveyor.

Port of Gladstone

August 2005 - February 2006

Project RG Tanna Coal Terminal - Port of Gladstone
Stockpiles 19, 20 & 21. Layout of Reclaim Conveyors & Transfer Towers

Project South Walker Creek
300 tonne Surge Bin.Layout of existing & future conveyors for positioning of new 300T Bin to replace existing 100T Bin.

June 2005 - Aug.2005 SNC LAVALIN
Project Inco Goro Nickel Project
Updating existing drawings of Tanks & Nozzles using Microstation

(JR) P/L


March 2005 - June 2005

Project Foxleigh Mining P/L
Layout & details of raw coal conveyor from Rom hopper to Crushing station,
Feed conveyor to CHPP. Bypass & Product conveyor to truck load-out bin.

Project AMCI
Proposed layout of Rom station c/w feeder breaker (flooded feed) & sizer to
CPP feed conveyor. Product conveyors from CPP to distribution tower & 4
Stockpile conveyors. Stockpile feed to underground tunnel conveyor feeding to train load-out.


March 2004 - March 2005

Project Copper Isasmelts - Zambia & South Peru
Layout & details of Isasmelt plant including Furnace, Lance, Feed conveyor
& extraction hood, Reduction Bins, Tapping Launders, Tapping machine
suspended from overhead rails with drive. Checking of Lance hoist sprocket
drive assembly & details.


July 2002 - March 2004

Project Jellinbah Mining Services
Layout & detail of Stockpile Reclaim Conveyor from tunnel to CPP.
- Coal supply from 4 discharge points via chutes & Vibrating feeders.
Conveyor c/w Belt Weighers, Metal Detector, Rotary Sampler
& Gravity take-up. Layout & detail of water services pipe on Product, feed,
Rejects & Tripper conveyors including material take-offs.

Project Ashton Coal Mining Ltd.
Layout & general arrangements of Surge Bin Feed conveyor, 150t Surge Bin,
CPP Feed conveyor, Rejects conveyor, 600t Reject Bin & auxiliary equipment.

Project BMA Coal (Comet Project) - Tender
Layout of raw coal area - Rom coal hoppers, feeder breakers, transfer
conveyors, crushing plant, rejects conveyor to Bin & truck load-out and reversing conveyor & transfer chutes to either CPP feed conveyor or stockpile conveyor. Reclaim from stockpile via reclaim tunnel to CPP.

Project Jellinbah Mining Services
Various maintenance platforms added. - Layout & detail
Proposal drawings of wash plant flotation system.
Project Various layouts of upgrades for CRL sand mining plant - Stradbroke Island.


August 2001 - July 2002

Project Mt. Arthur North Coal Mining Project
Layout, arrangement & details of raw & product coal conveyors c/w
take-up & sampling stations. Layout & detail of Crushing Station.
Layout & detail of Check Weigh Bin c/w Belt Feeder & shut-off gate.


May 2001 - July 2001

Project Madagascar Mineral Sands
Preliminary layouts of machinery for proposed Sand Mining Project

Project Peak Downs coal mine - Modifications & upgrade
Layout, arrangement & details of conveyor & equipment

Belt reeling Installation & guard details & assembly


February 2001 - April 2001

Project Ridgeway Coal Mine
Layout of Stockpile stacking, Trunk & Portal conveyors c/w
Belt reeling Installation & guard details & assembly

Project Gladstone Port Authority
Proposed layouts of shiploader / unloader for tender purposes

Project Nifty Copper Operation
Layout & details of modifications to Primary settler, Column feed, Settler,
Primary mixer & Solvent extraction tanks

Layout of conveyors & transfer stations - Arrangement & details of Head


February 2000 - June 2000

Feed & Transfer bifurcating chutes including detail & assembly of flop gates

Weipa - FCF Pilot Plant (Fines recovery)


July 2000 - January 2001

Layout & details of Plant including Feed hopper, Feeder conveyor,
Scrubber trommel, Thickener, Classifier, Centrifuge & Stockpile
conveyor including pumps, piping & sampler

Mechanical Design Draftsman


September 1999 - January 2000

Project Callide Power Station - Coal Handling Plant Upgrade.
Layout, arrangement & detail of two by-pass conveyors. The first conveyor
being fed from two existing conveyors (discharge chute modifications) & feeding a second conveyor via a 100T check weigh bin & vibrating feeder.
- The second conveyor feeding via an electronically controlled bifurcated chute on to two existing conveyors which had to be extended at the tail end to accommodate the discharge chute. - Head chutes fitted with curved Impact plates & discharge chute with a curved spoon discharge.


March 1999 - August 1999

Project: Waihi Gold Mine Upgrade (New Zealand)
Scats Recycling Conveyor - Layout & Details / Checking of Drawings
Relocation of Primary magnet including design of discharge chute,
ball screen & access tower. Location of belt weigher & metal detector
Location of Ball Mill Cyclones in existing Sag Mill building including feed
pumps and piping. Location of new Feed Distributor, pumps & piping for existing Sag mill cyclones
Layout of Pre-Leach Thickener including Overflow tank & feed pumps,
trash screen, access platforms, samplers & sump pump.
Carbon Catch Screen - Underflow and Oversize chutes and Carbon skip.
Project: North Mara Gold Project (Tanzania)
Grinding Area - Layout and Detail of Sag and Ball Mill arrangements
including Cyclone feed hopper, Ball Mill discharge chute, Sag Mill
screen discharge chute, Pebble recycle bifurcated chute, Ball Mill ball
loading chute and Feed boil box, Monorail and Hoist.


September 1998 - February 1999

Project: Gosowong Gold Project
Pebble Recycling Area - Layout & Details of conveyors & chutes from Sag
Mill discharge to Sag Mill feed conveyor
Crushing, Grinding & Classification Areas - Layout of Rom Hopper, Reclaim
Hopper, transfer & feed conveyors.
Checking of conveyor, hopper, chute arrangement & detail drawings.

Layout, Arrangement & Details of Feed conveyors, head & transfer chutes


April 1998 - August 1998

Project: W.M.C. - Fertilizer/Phosphate Plant
Layout, Arrangement & Details of Feed conveyors, head & transfer chutes,
tail end assemblies including skirts & feeders & gravity take-up assemblies.
Conveyors included tertiary scrubber feed, Crusher feed, Crusher return,
Surge bin & Ball mill feed. Also Checking of arrangement & detail drawings.


February 1998 - April 1998

Project: W.M.C. - Fertilizer & Phosphate Plant
Layout of Tripper & transfer conveyors in storage shed for Load-out facilities.


May 1996 - October 1996

Project: Outer Berth Shiploading Facility - BHP Minerals, Townsville
Layout, Arrangement & Details of wharf conveyors including drives, take-ups
& transfer stations


November 1996 - February 1998

Project: Gunpowder Copper Mine Upgrade
Layouts, Arrangements & Details of structures & equipment in crushing, grinding, reagent, leaching, electrowinning & solvent extraction areas. Equipment included crushers, conveyors, grinding & ball mills, cyclones, tanks, autoclaves, belt filters, thickeners, clarifier, cooling towers & pumps.
Project: Togara North Coal Study
Layout of conveyors, rom hopper, crushing & screening plant & transfer of coal to rail loading station.


March 1996 - May 1996

Project: Goonyella Fines Circuit Upgrade
Layout of conveyors, transfer stations, chutes & conveyor drives

Hunter Valley Region

September 1995 - February 1996

Layout of conveyors & transfer stations from boxcut to stockpile including
sections through tunnels. Elevations showing splice table & winch take-up.

Project: Golden Cross Gold Mine. (New Zealand)
Layout & sections of Gantry Crane over Leech tanks & details of new Launders
& Interstage screens.


March 1995 - August 1995

Project: Boyne Smelter Expansion (Gladstone)
Layout of Cathode Plant & Potline facilities. Layout of Compressor Room
including mechanical flow diagrams. Layout of Natural gas system including
P & ID's. Layout of Service pump station & underground water systems.


March 1993 - February 1995

Project: Comalco Kaolin Plant - Future Expansion (Feasability Phase II)
Mass Balance & Process Flow Diagrams, P & ID's.
Layout of Classification Plant - Conveyors, Ore bins, etc.

Project: Comalco Kaolin Plant - Expansion (Phase I)
Layout & details of storage tanks, boiler plant, pumps & piping. Layout,
Arrangement & Details of Multiple Effect Evaporation Plant including P & ID's.
Checking of fabricators drawings.

Project: Limestone Stockpile Reclaim & Loading Facility - Gladstone Port Authority.
Drawing of conveyors & auxiilliary equipment from underground loading point
via transfer chutes to existing conveyors & loading facilities.

Project Ore Grinding Plant (Abu Dhabi)
Belt & Screw conveyors, Bucket elevators, Grinding Mill, Cyclones, Feeders, Hoppers & Bag Packers.
Layout of Conveyor equipment, Hammer mill, Cone crusher & Process plant.

Gladstone Port Authority

September 1992 - February 1993

Project Machine Coating Rebuild (Wet End)
Coating Station including pumps, piping, tanks, agitators, drives, screens & access platforms. Design, layout & detail drawings for manufacture. Obtained quotations for equipment manufacture and supply, liasing with suppliers and supervising on sight installation.


February 1992 - August 1992

Project Refinery Upgrade (On site measurements)
Panstage Liquor tanks - Layout & detail of piping (including ISO's)
Dry Sugar Bucket Elevator (St/Steel) - Design, assembly & detail drawings.
LG. Fugal - Modifications & rebuild

ROM Hopper - Modifications & liner plate development


August 1991 - January 1992

Project Washplant Equipment
Flotation feed sump tops (redesign) - Flotation cell paddles (drive shaft & coupling redesign) - Modify primary & secondary tell-tale screen feed
boxes, liner plates & feed pipes (including isometric pipe drawing)
ROM Hopper - Modifications & liner plate development. On site measurements.
Screen undersize chutes & desliming distributors.
Project Drag Lines
MG guard sets, oil catcher & seal, monorail system, cross-over cable towers,
swing motor compensating plates
Project Service Equipment
Fuel supply tank & trailer. Landcruiser trayback c/w hoist.
Bridge type raw coal reclaimer modifications.


June 1991 - July 1991

Project Design, arrangement & detail drawings of an underground Diese fuel tank & stand c/w pump and piptng for Mancars & Locos plus storage bin, skip stops & anchor frames.


August 1990 - October 1990

Project Queensland Magnesia Operations
Layout, arrangement & detail drawings of chutes & ductwork to suit new design
& layout of bins & conveyors.

head & tail end assemblies & gravity take-up towers


October 1990 - May 1991

Project Gordonstone Coal Mine Project
Layout, arrangement & details of coal handling conveyors including stringer
modules, gantries, head & tail end assemblies & gravity take-up towers.


June 1990 - July 1990

Project Copper Refinery Upgrade
Layout, assembly & detail drawings of Wagner saw handling equipment
including copper billet conveyors.


February 1990 - May 1990

Project Pump Station - 4 x 75 kw motor driven hydro-titan pumps.
Arrangement & detail drawings of motor & pump assemblies including relevant
valves, piping & vacuum priming system.
Project Layout of new tank bottom in 1 million gallon capacity 33m dia. storage tank
including manufacture, assembly & welding procedures.
Project Plant Services Reclamation System
Arrangement & layout drawings of borehole pump & piping, truck water fill
station & underground pipe laying detail.

Layout & Details of modifications to Roller tables, De-Burrer, new rollers


July 1989 - December 1989

Project Slab Caster Cooler - widen existing entry, Run-out & De-Burrer tables
Layout & Details of modifications to Roller tables, De-Burrer, new rollers
& drives to suit Roller table modifications.

Project 350 Tonne Teeming crane - Re-designed High Tensile steel lifting beam
(Bisalloy 80) to replace existing mild steel beam.
Layout, arrangement & detail drawings of new Lifting beam, Crane hook & Heat shield including modified sheaves, Load cell & Equalising brckt. assy.


April 1989 - June 1989

Project Machinery & Equipment relating to Timber Mill Industry.
Design of equipment, layout drawings for customer approval, detail
drawings for manufacture of equipment in company's workshop & assembly drawings for on-site erection.


December 1988 - March 1989

Project Gas Cleaning Equipment
Layout & detail of Pump drives, access stairways & platforms to new plant.
Project Precipitators refurbishment / replacement (BHP-Port Kembla)
Redrawing modified Precipitators including all circular maintenance
platforms & access stairways.


May 1988 - November 1988

Project Snowy Mountain Enngineering Corp. - 8 Tonne articulated crane for a Dam
outlet tower in PNG - Layout, assembly & detail drawings.
Project BHP, Newcastle - No. 4 Blast Furnace
Layout & detail drawings of relining & modifications of Blast furnace & Paul Worth Top housing.
Project BHP, Port Kembla - Coke Handling Plant
Assembly & fabrication detail drawings of new Coke Plough Car including
drive arrangement.

Charger car feeding coke ovens


February 1987 - May 1987

Project BHP, Port Kembla - Coke Ovens
Hydraulically operated slide gates to control flow of coal from bins to
Charger car feeding coke ovens.
High pressure water jet oven door cleaner - Mast detail & arrangement.
Sinter machine - Lineburner redesign & side hood detail.

Project BHP, Newcastle - Ladle treatment plant
Pneumatically operated bale handling frame & tongs suspended from an electrical hoist on a slewing jib.
Bloom casting plant - 12.5 ton bloom unloading crane, sheave assemblies,
sheave beam & tie beam detail.

Project Metropolitan Water Board
Layout drawings of 2.5 ton double slewing Jib crane.


December 1987 - April 1988

Project Smorgon Steel & A.C.I., Pilkington
Assembly & details of conveyor systems including steep angle conveyor
(enclosed for dust extraction system) & Retractable feed conveyor.

Layout, Development & detail drawings of mechanical equipment


August 1987 - November 1987

Project BHP, Port Kembla - Blast Furnaces
Layout, Development & detail drawings of mechanical equipment for assembly
& disassembly of Blast Furnace components including distribution chute & gearbox, lower & upper seal valve & sketches relating to relevant procedures.
Project Bond Coates Pty. Ltd. - Hydraulically driven Platform hoists
Layout, assembly & detail drawings.


June 1987 - July 1987

Project Conveyor system for Pencil Pitch Plant (Korea)
Layout & assembly drawings of conveyors to dryer & to rail truck load-out.
New conveyors, Dryer, & support steelwork to tie in with existing conveyors & steelwork. Modifications done to existing equipment to suit.

Mechanical Design Draftsman

Trippers, Ball & Grinding Mills

1986 - present Mechanical Design Draftsman Various Mining & Materials Handling Projects covering
Coal, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Ore, etc.
Layout & Detail of Conveyors, Crushing Stations, Rom Bins,
Head & Discharge Chutes, Trippers, Ball & Grinding Mills,
Screens, Filters & Port Facilities. Experience in Steel & Paper Mills, Cement & Process Plants including tanks,
pumps& piping. Sugar Mill projects & Refinery upgrades.
Reverse Osmosis (Desalination) Water treatment plant.

Copper Smelter

May 1986 - December 1986

Project Copper Smelter (new concept) - supply of fuel & air to the furnace via a vertical pipe suspended on a carriage with lifting & lowering capabilities.
Layouts, assemblies & details of the carriage, lance (vert. air / fuel supply
pipe) & carriage drive. Carriage drive was through an air motor driving a
Radicon gearbox coupled to a shaft carrying a duplex drive sprocket with roller
chain in a loop system attached to the carriage ends.

Plant layout drawings for a proposed Sulphuric acid plant.
Detail & assembly drawings of an air driven bogie.

MAR 1986 Emigrated to Australia from Durban, South Africa.

Mechanical Design Draftsman


Design & drawing of white metal thrust & journal bearings for heavy engineering industry.

Mechanical Design & Detail Draftsman

Immigrated to Australia

Design & Manufacturing of metal lined bearings for the
Heavy Engineering, Marine & Automotive Industry.
Wharf, Container Ship & Gantry Cranes.
Sugar Mills, Pressure vessels, pumps & piping.
Periodic Estimating & Sales experience.

Maintenance Fitter

Machine & Fabrication shop machinery

Compressors & Sugar Mill Equipment.

Sales & Service Engineer - Hamworthy

fuel burners & boilers

Mechanical Design Draftsman


Design, assembly & detail drawings of Ship container cranes, Portainers,
Sugsr mills, Breakwater cranes, transfer cradles, Pressure vessels, etc.

Senior Mechanical Design Draftsman

Various Employment

Working holiday overseas - Various Employment

Marine Engineer

Operation & maintenance of main engine & auxiliary equipment

Maintenance fitter


Ship repairs, Sugar machinery, General heavy engineering.

Service & Sales Engineer - Sales, Installation & maintenance of fuel burners for industrial boilers.

Marine Engineer - Operation & maintenance of main engines & auxiliary equipment. (compressors, pumps, etc.)

Fitter & Machinist - Served Apprenticeship

Feb.2011 - Dec.2012 JACOBS (Previously Aker Solutions)
Project: Dugald River Zinc Project - MMG
Layout of Crushing Plant including Apron Feeder, Jaw Crusher & Sacrificial Conveyor with self cleaning tramp metal magnet. Layout of Stockpile feed, Sag Mill Feed & Pebble recycling conveyors.

Project Nui Phao - Bismuth Plant
Layout & Detail of Process Tanks c/w agitators, baffles, manholes
& nozzles plus equipment data lists.

Apprentice Fitter & Machinist


Qualifications & Certifications

George Campbell Technical High School

Natal Technical College, Durban, South Africa

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