Pratap - Doctor - Auckland, New Zealand

Justina Pratap

Auckland, New Zealand




I have practice general medicine in hospitals in Fiji for two years. I have also passed the AMC examinations and the NZREX examinations and hence I am eligible for medical registration in New Zealand once i have a job offer

Work History

Paid observership at Auckland City Hospital

April 2013 - June 2013

• Observership for 20hours per week in Mental Health department for 4 weeks which also allowed for individual patient interviews and assessments under supervision with the consultant. In addition, received appropriate psychiatry- based communication coaching from the consultant in preparation for the NZREX examinations
• Followed by 4 weeks of 20 hours per week attachment in the medical wards of Auckland Hospital observing the practices and communications in the New Zealand community and also performing clinical examinations and history taking and presenting to the consultant.
• The final 4 weeks of observership attachment in the Gastroenterology department of Auckland Hospital, observing and performing history taking and clinical examinations on patients in the wards
• Daily tutorials, a total of approximately 20hours per week, on various clinical facets including: communications (5 sessions), orthopedics, sexual health, paediatric examinations and history taking, and various medical and surgical scenarios for history taking and examinations, and tutorials on Arterial Blood Gases and other interpretation of investigative data and ECG interpretations.

Competent Observed(O) & Assisted(A)
Competent in communicating well with the patients (adults and paediatrics) in taking relevant thorough history.

Competent in performing thorough physical examination of most systems including:
• Cranial nervous system examination
• HEENT examination
• Cardiac and respiratory examination including auscultation
• Peripheral neurological examination
• Gynaecological examinations including speculum and vaginal examinations
• Obstetrical examinations
• Mental state examinations covering basics
• Rectal examination
• Other related Abdominal examinations
• Upper and Lower limb examinations
• Developmental examinations
• Neonatal examination
• Ophthalmological examinations including ophthalmoscopy as well as slit-lamp examination to a...

Locum Medical Officer

Ministry of Health

September 2012 - March 2013

Position/Title: Locum MO GOPD/A&E Dept Labasa Hospital

• Outpatient assessment of patient with appropriate counseling and management
• Detailed counseling of NCD and STI cases with referrals to dieticians, foot clinics, STI clinics
• Being vigilant about notifiable diseases and informing the appropriate authorities if any such cases suspected/diagnosed
• Referral of moderate-severe cases for immediate management eg.IV hydration, analgesic administration and investigation and observation, then reviewing patients with results before determining referral for admission or discharging patient on medication and calling for follow-up in outpatients
• Performing VE, PR exams and speculum exams +/- swabs taken
• Performing suturing of minor lacerations with wound care.
• Resuscitation of collapsed patients arriving into A&E


Registered Medical Officer

Ministry of Health, Fiji

January 2010 - June 2010

Position/Title: Medical Officer, General outpatient dept, CWM Hospital, Suva

• outpatient assessment, appropriate counseling and management of patients
• detailed patient counseling for NCD cases, especially poorly controlled cases, and appropriate referral to dietician, physiotherapist and foot clinics.
• specialist referral of cases as needed, for further investigations and management
• Referral of severe cases to on-call team for admission, and performing baseline investigation prior to admission including IV cannulations.
• Application of POP casts for fracture cases if orthopedics clinic is busy or shortage of doctors.

Migrated to New Zealand

June 2010 - August 2012

and toke a break from medical practice due to family commitments and to care for my first born during the earlier part of this period and then I went on to study for AMC MCQ examinations which I sat later in 2012.

Medical Intern

Ministry of Health, Fiji

O&G Intern

January 2009 - March 2009


• attending antenatal clinics and the booking clinics and managing routine cases and the difficult ones with the help of the registrars
• helping out in attending to follow-up cases in the gynae clinic at least weekly
• being present in the labour ward during most times of the day and carrying out routine admissions of labouring cases; admissions of complicated cases in consultation with the duty registrars; routine obstetric examinations including scheduled vaginal examination; vaginal deliveries if the ward is busy and midwives are attending to other cases, ward work post ward rounds; procedures related to labour induction and augmentation processes such as foley's induction, amniotomy, initiation of oxytocin protocol and insertion of misoprostol PV
• attending daily antenatal ward rounds with the registrars and then carrying out the ward work
• attending daily gynaecology ward rounds with the registrars and then once weekly with the consultant and then carrying out proposed ward work
• admission of elective caesarean and gynae cases a day prior to the procedure and carrying out all requisitions of due investigations before the anaesthetic pre-op round prior to the surgery
• submission of theatre lists of obs and the gynae cases on behalf of the department
• assisting in theatre cases mostly with the procedures of caesarean deliveries, hysterectomies, hysterectomies with BSOT, dilatation and curettage, tubal ligation and explorative laparotomies
• being involved in administration of chemotherapies to oncology cases in the dept with the on-duty registrars
• being on-call every alternate day during the 12 weeks from 4.30pm-8.00am on weekdays and 8.00am-8.00am on weekends whereby I was responsible to attend to all the activities happening in the department, and working in consultation with senior on call registrars in case of emergencies.

Surgical Intern

April 2009 - June 2009


• participation in daily ward rounds in the children's, men's and women's surgical wards with the registrars and twice weekly with the consultants and then carrying out all necessary ward work including discharges and completion of discharge summaries
• admission of elective theatre cases a day prior to surgery and carrying out requisitions of all required investigations before the anaesthetic pre-op round prior to the surgery
• participation in daily discussions of complicated and difficult cases with the registrars and the consultants
• daily admission of cases from the ER, special outpatient clinics and the theatre in consultation with the registrars and the consultants
• follow-up of referral inpatient cases from other departments
• preparation and submission of daily theatre lists of general surgical and orthopaedic cases
• assisting consultants and registrars in completion of theatre lists whereby procedures included explorative laparotomies, cholecystectomies, appendicectomies, lower limb amputations, ORIFs of the upper and lower limb fractures, orchidectomies, skin grafting, thyroidectomies, herniorrhaphies, bowel resection and anastomoses, liver abscess drainage, craniotomies, MUA of upper and lower limb ortho pathologies, lumpectomies, debridements
• helping out in surgical and orthopaedic clinics when required
• carrying out minor surgical procedure in the wards such as wound debridements
• application of plaster of paris casts for fractures when assisting in orthopedic clinics.
• being on-call every third day in the 12 weeks rotation for 24 hours whereby I was responsible to attend to all the activities happening in the department with an on-call registrar

Medical Intern

July 2009 - September 2009


• participation in daily morning handover and discussion of all cases with most sessions lasting for an hour
• attending daily consultant ward rounds with the registrars in the women, men's and high dependency medical wards and then carrying out post round ward work including discharges and completion of discharge summaries
• daily admission of cases form the medical clinics and ER if on-call on the given day, in consultation with the registrars and the consultant
• daily follow-up and monitoring of the ward inpatients in the assigned ward during the week
• attending to other inpatient referrals from the other departments
• helping out in medical special outpatient clinics when required
• active participation in the admission, on-going care and discharging of coronary care patients
• completion of departmental death certificates and other relevant documents concerning the inpatients
• participation in once weekly departmental CME sessions conducted by the consultant
• being on-call every third day in the 12 weeks rotation for 36 hours per on-call in the weekdays and 24 hours in weekend, during which time I was responsible for all admissions to the wards and during outside normal working hours, I was responsible for handling emergencies and resuscitations in the wards.

Paediatric Intern

October 2009 - December 2009


• participation in early morning handover and review of cases in Children's Ward
• carrying out post-rounds ward work which included preparation of discharge summaries, veni- and arterial punctures, IV cannulation, administration of restricted IV meds, charting out subsequent plans for the inpatients as discussed during the rounds
• admission of new cases from the ER, outpatient and special outpatient clinics
• participation in the NICU rounds with the consultant and the registrar and carrying out daily ward work post rounds
• monitoring of cases in NICU and attending to them first hand when on-call or being rotated to NICU for the week
• carrying out postnatal ward rounds, mostly without the registrars but daily consultations were carried out regarding further management of cases
• attending all caesarean deliveries if on call on the day as some of the newborns required resuscitation of some sort, with the registrars
• admission of NICU cases in consultation with the consultant or on duty registrar
• doing the daily paeds outpatient clinics with the registrar in supervision at most times
• being involved in daily review and discussion of complicated cases with the department head and the registrars
• being on-call every third day during the 12 weeks from 4.30pm-8.00am on weekdays and 8.00am-8.00am on weekends whereby I was responsible to attend to all the activities happening in the department with an on-call registrar

Surgery, Fiji

2. Australian Medical Council - Multiple Choice Questions
Date: November, 2012
Attained a total score of 272

3. NZREX pass in June, 2013 (first attempt)

English; Hindi

Qualifications & Certifications

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Fiji School of Medicine

Fiji School of Medicine

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