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Life is Depends on How we React to what Happen to Us.

Self-control is so important in our daily life, sometimes we have to swallow the pain twice and count to ten before we can respond decently at something back.
We can also come in a specific situating in which better not to replicate and ignore everything because it will only lead us to insurmountable woes.
Every action can trigger a reaction so a good skills assessment is very important, because the mistake on error estimation can give drastic change for our life.
But walking on our toes throughout the day is not good, so we should know how to sojourn in every right occasions where peace and tranquility reigns....

Always Compare Ourselves against Others will Reduce our Satisfaction.

Comparison is something that is completely unnecessary, because everyone is different and no one is exactly the same.
Every man may meet his match and that’s just life, but we are all equal with the same functions which is needed to stay alive, so no one can be excluded.
Some think that they are more than other, but that’s overconfidence in their mind, because more money is not guarantee to have more knowledge.
The rights and obligations is normally the same for everyone, so why jealous of others and that is also completely unnecessary......

A Daring to Dream can Convert the Impossible into Possible.

Wishes not can always be fulfilled and not all dreams will come into reality.
But everyone has desire and dreams with a hope that they will come true.
Believing in the unattainable might granted us with the potential coincidence to convert it into reality.
Never be modest with fantasies and always think for the most luxurious, largest and utmost to let ourselves feel good........

Confidence is the Ability to Bounce back from Setbacks.

Many are disenchanted with life because they experienced nothing but only hardship without seeing a better perspective for the future.
They have been anticlimactic from everything what’s moving on earth, get disillusionment with all the things they do and are increasingly dealing in a deception situation.
Begin and finish their daily life full of frustrations or woes and no more have the potency for something.
The only thing that can help them is to never lose their self-confidence so they can become the winners with full of confidence, it is the single left over chance which can help them.......

Everybody is Gifted, its All Depends on How we Open our Own Package.

We all can agree that nobody is perfect and it is impossible for us to do everything, but everyone has a different area of knowledge and specialty.
So we are all gifted, it just need more exploring in some particular field, but there is definitely an area in which we can showcase our talent and knowledge perfectly.
There are some very talented people between us but they do not know it, it just need time to make them realize and to reveal their true potential.......

A Compassionate Feeling for Others give us the Ultimate Happiness

It seems that everyone start to become afraid to have faith in each other, because a small group of peoples in the world is no longer fair.
They basically affect almost everyone with suspicion and thus make the life of others become more complicated, because the trust in other people to them disappear.
When others approach us for something we are already on our guard to make preparations for the worst, because we don’t want to be a victim...

The Greatest Strength for Us is Our Ability to Persist.

The rights for existence is something that we all have, but it is in our own hand to persist this, and no one will protect us with only the slightest benefit for themselves.
When we are young, everything is easy because we get all the care from our parents and we actually have an easier life without heavy responsibilities.
But we will not always be immature and should growth as an adult to take care of ourselves.
Mature as we are, we then know now how difficult is to have a spacious living especially if we already have our own children and want to give them a proper development on their youth.

We Must Cultivate a Beautiful Heart that did Not Store any Anger.

We all have a beautiful character at birth, but by emotion of the mind and when others abusing us our orientation may undermine to change that.
The focus is on our sentiment which might be affected by certain main key issues that we do not feel more comfortable and this make us disappointed.
The emotion often gripped our conscience and make us indignant, why this has to be happened in such a refined way?

Courage is the Ladder that Can Reach for All Virtues.

They often said that brutal people have half of the world in their pockets, but it would also probably means that they have half the world against them.
Brave people are willing to improve by steps in a good direction of their own faith with the chances they have.
They have the moral strength to move in a way that can be well above the limits for everyone.
Never reluctant or lazy if they want to achieve something and show the courage to achieve their goal with a ladder to climb up.
Everyone of us has the courage in ourselves, we just need to discover it and continue to do the things we have in our mind.....

Self-trust is the Initial Requirement for Success.

When we ask the question on most people “what would you like to achieve in life? “, the most common answer we will get is wealth and a lot of money.
And that is a self-reliant answer, but in practical it is usually not so, especially when it comes to good deeds then people are often having doubt with an uncertainty cause.
But as surely as we are to respond it with wealth as an answer, we must also be confident and stay brass tacks at work in our life......

We Must See the Possibility in Every Situation

In life, we sometimes get caught up in all kinds of situations without warning, some are wantonly and not thinking about it.
But every situation we get is an opportunity and option to learn, then we also can take the profit out of it.
We only must be able to discover the possibility ourselves and to understand it in order to improve the perspectives for our future
Sense the signal and see the chances that there is a potential to make benefit from an occurred situation to have the knowledge and identify it...

A Strong Network will Multiply our Success

Being alone is not possible to make any new connection, because no one can be at multiple locations in the same time.
But with the connections on digital network and social media networks, a lots of things has been changed to be better for many people and businessmen.
In a fraction of a second, we can send messages or chat with people from the other part of the globe.
This give plenty of opportunities for many people to communicate for free within every businesses as well as the family atmosphere can get closer at an unprecedented distances with Skype and other communication tools as we all sit together in the living room.
Social media such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn, has brought us closer together, and expands our capabilities to interact well with each other in a common friends circle.
Almost no one can be successful by their own, we always need the help of others and lend the helping hand for each other from around the world for a better future, that is the fundamental concept of networking....

Hiding the Truth is Easy but Time will Reveal Everything.

Many things in life are enigmatic but we never can obscure the sun and moon of truth permanently.
Some can create their own false pretense which is against their true character, so we will be accommodating to their thoughts, because we believe in them.
But in a certain time, the authenticity emerge and thus exposing their true nature, so from that moment the suspicion and mistrust is being raised over them...........

Eyes become Useless when Two Hearts are Blind.

It is so nice to be in love with a person who is no longer disappear from our thoughts and by eye contact together whereby our blood flow more quickly in our veins and our heart muscle will be overwork.
That personage is the one whom we fully devoted our heart with feelings and we completely accept it through the consciousness perspective.
It is very emotional when this person in our eye sight is to bring awareness of our essence and desires....

This is the Right Moment.

As the years pass by quickly, some people think it is already too late to start something and that they are too old or no longer have enough time.
But we shouldn’t keep thinking in retrospect why we never start it previously, because it’s still never too late for us yet.
We are never too old to learn, and if we do not start something, we will not able to end end it ever.
Always believe in ourselves and begin with something what is liked in our mind, so when the right moment is arriving, we will have a complete excellent feeling about it.
Do not be so conservative or making the reservedly excuses not to pursue our dream at that point, because it will not help for improvements in our life.
Don’t always look for an evasion or escape route but start make a choice to progress in life.
Whenever our sense dictates, just go ahead and decide to do it.
Perseverance is the only thing we need and whenever there is a good opportunity come to us, we should get it done right away.
If we feel ready for it then everything else will just be an afterthought, and we can be fully committed ourselves for that.
Everything we do from our heart will give an excellent sense of satisfaction for us to be succeeded.
Refine and perfecting ourselves with several options will certainly create joy, this will also enhance our wisdom with information and knowledge.
When we realise ourselves that any time is the right moment, give it a chance to increase our skill and feeling to develop and improve on our own to gain the wisdom.
Present, now, immediately, instantaneously, forthwith, instantly, right away, at once, straight, acute, this is the right moment thereby to start.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

We should Try Seeking for Opportunity to Stay out of the Crisis.

A life without problems is impossible but many things we can control ourselves and choose to whether take the risk or not.
It is therefore almost impossible to have perfect life without being suffered to come into a recession, because nobody is perfect .
We all have been encountered with the reality of life in an emergency or crisis situation where there is no turning back, the only thing that counts is a solution......

The Greatest Wisdom is to Realize that we do Not Know Everything

There are people in our society who think they know everything and also behave like this toward others, but that is a joke and simply ridiculous.
Everyone is limited in their own knowledge but it can be expanded, because we are never too old to learn something.
The whole life is a learning process that will never stop, because there is always new things for us to improve on our techniques............

Never let the Success to Rise Above our Head.

Never let the Success to Rise Above our Head

Everybody want to be successful in their life, by achieving it they can celebrate with joy and an excellent feeling.
To be success is usually associated with money and increase in income, some may think that the content of life is to have as much capital as possible.
And then there is a change, because they think their status is being elevated through wealth and not by the intelligence for success.

Love is like a River that will Continue to Flow Forever.

To be the valentine for a person on this special day in the year give a good feeling and also indicates that there is love involved.
Love is an essential factor which occupy an important place in our life and can give us the extra feeling that everyone is waiting to be happy....

Never Waste our Effort on those who Not Appreciate Us.

Never Waste our Effort on those who Not Appreciate Us

Respect is something that we have received from our upbringing and at a later age we learning more to be ourselves so we can assessing the value and understand that not everything is for sale.
Time is precious and it is not possible for us to spend all the time to care and to resolve the problems for everybody around us.
Because our time is often too limited and we own also have several problems in private or work and we need full attention for caring of our family.
But whoever does good will encounter with a better person, so be kind to each other and give a helping hand is very important in our life.
Unfortunately, there are also many people who abuse it and do not appreciate the efforts and they only want to get more benefits.
If someone has handed us a helping hand without asking anything in return, those are the people that we really should appreciate them.
This goes the same true for us, for those who never cherish what we do for them, it will be unwise to spend more of our efforts on them........

The Biggest Mistake a Person can Ever Make is to Simply Give Up.

We all meet with surprises and setbacks in our life, there will not be any exception to nobody.
The main concern is what kind of impact this will give on us, with not too much damage on our peace of mind and how we can handle it.
Sometimes it can be very significant if we experience something that affects our emotional feelings in which will be difficult for us to suppress it and we don’t want to give it the free rein.
Materialistic problems are easier to accept but it is an entirely different handling process without such a profound feelings.
Family matters where love is involved may also end up in tragic consequences for some cases.
Mostly because they are not talking to each other so no longer have control over the handling process, and in a few seconds their mind cannot think clearly so they only response with emotions.
With emotional, we should always look for an excuse for ourselves not involve to do stupid things, because we not only ruin our own life but also to many people who have given their hearts and love for keeping with us.,,,

Never Tell the Story from a Book that We have Not Read.

There are people in this world who know things better but still we can’t tell if the person actually did it or experienced it before.
It’s usually something that they heard from others or read it somewhere, then go the extra mile to completely fabricated the original story.
They find it important and come across as interesting, especially when they twisted and turn the truth to let other believe their story.
So they spread the bad word about others who not entirely deserve to be blamed and they only want to get advantages for themselves by doing that.
Sometimes we hear stories about ourselves that we do not even know anything about it, and it just tells us how exaggerated others to us .
We should know how to react with our attitude and tied with our mouths when listen to something completely not based on the truth..........

Always Begin our New Day with a Broad Smile

Why we should not start our day optimistically with a smile?
A new day can bring happiness that may not be there yesterday, and to be pessimistic, we only make ourselves down and it give us a bad mood.
Then it will radiates from our face and give others a bad impression so they are reluctant to approach for a chat or smile with us.
Be always cheerful and optimistic in our mind then we can easily get the lesser situations in our life under control.
We also will have the earlier opportunity to work with others and to share joyful moments which can give a better impression of ourselves.
If our day started with a bad temper will only raised more negativity in us and that is not a wise move.
Getting up with a passionate smile and courage will make us realize that we must do everything in order to show a wider laugh to others.
Due to we manage to solve all the problems one by one and complete with seeing the joy again thus can restore ourselves in a good mood.
Not give others a chance to be influenced by our negative mood, so immediately from the opening of our eyes, we have to think about all problems what can bring to us on this day.
It’s better to awake with a brilliant smile and think for awhile the problems that we are going to fix again today is the best way to improve our life.
Sometimes it is not going to be easy in life, but a broad smile will make everyone happy and enjoyable.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Sometimes It is Better Late than Never.

When we are young, we all have dreams about future, but as time passes, we may not been able to make this become a reality.
We have the capabilities for different things and the ability to perform it, but there may have a few wishes that we still could not fulfill it now.
There are many changes over the years, also the thoughts about our life but certain things from childhood will always remain in our memory.
Until perhaps after years, the possibility may arises that we are able to turn our dream from the past into a reality.....

To Know Ourselves is the Beginning of All Wisdom.

To Know Ourselves is the Beginning of All Wisdom

Without action, or doing something we will never know about ourselves but through various good and bad experiences we can quickly discover it.
We will learn how far we or others can go before the bomb goes off from our body and we losing our self control.
So we can learn from the experiences how to get a good and relaxed feeling which will influence our mood with the excellent interaction.
Which topics we can use to laugh, and let us don’t forget which one make us cry.
How we can process the pain after a bad experience without having the sorrow about that experience and after this not more think too much about since we have almost endured the pain....

Silence is Gold If We do Not have the Correct Answer.

Silence is Gold If We do Not have the Correct Answer

Conduct a conversation together in a cozy atmosphere can be very enjoyable and uplifting for us as there will be many fun and laughs.
Someone like to talk and others find it enjoyable just to listen, but it’s not easy to tell anything that everyone can understand and appealing to their ears.
If there are some jokes to be make, for example, telling a story with joking then anyone can be attracted and enjoy it.
It can uplift our mood in a relaxing environment then we are turning into a completely different person.
But the moment when its been switched to a serious conversation, and we do not understand all, it is better to keep our silence over it....

Not just Dream of Success, Work for it.

Not just Dream of Success, Work for it

Success, it all sounds nice, but it’s more than just a dream.
We all can dream about success, but to achieve it, we will not have much rest and relaxation in our life.
Need to fully cooperate with all the energy that we have in our hearts to work on it.
If we have an idea and want to achieve that as a purpose, we will be paying our full attention on it and there is no free time for us to spend.
To research and fully working on it until it is acceptable as provable to achieve success.....

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Anyone can Contribute for each other when we Are Connected

Undertaking combined is a step in the direction of peace and it is easier to make a peaceful compromises which can benefit all together for a better future.
Unity is power and together with sensible leaders, it is easier to make a contribution to the needs of the population to create a world peace .
The leaders can discuss with each other about how to surplus the deficiencies in their country so they can organize a joint solution.
Everyone will be getting the advantages from it and will thus satisfied, so many problems worldwide will be under control when products are being export to the needed destinations.
Each country has its own products and agricultural which are benefited by the climatic conditions.
What one population not can let grow in their own country, it is possible to be done by others, so both sides can be a committed to made an arrangement to distribute it right.....

Our Intelligence is Best to Pair with the Ambition.

Our eyes often see things a little bit more faster with a happy look than our thought in things which we are interested with.
But it does not mean that we always have the same understanding over our attention and interest, because both are two separate things.
Interest and knowledge are different thing but there may be some good tools for us to quickly learn something about it and turn it to become our ambition.
Our ambition enhances the learning process so we are able to know everything about what we interested, in order to discover the knowledge in the shortest possible time....

Harsh is Always a Sign of Weakness.

Harsh is Always a Sign of Weakness

The mentality of mankind today is becoming more hard and it seems that there is no more grace.
Almost everyone is selfish and only live for themselves, in the class neighborhoods where were togetherness same like before are gone now.
Being harsh and no longer show compassion for each other is now the order of the day.
Most friendships are changed in a business relationship where everybody are in search of profits, doesn’t matter in whatever form.......

Stop Worrying about Things which Beyond our Will

A major problem for us is that when we care about something which we have no influence on it and so its becoming a waste of our energy.
Because at that time it engages us, but we are so powerless, our feeling and thoughts all strive for nothing.
It is a big mistake we’ve make for our feeling, because we can not keep it under control, due to us being irritated by some unpleasant things...........

Every Pain we Suffer Will Make us Stronger.

Every Pain we Suffer Will Make us Stronger

“Life’s Not a Bed of Roses, but It’s Not All Thorns Either” is a beautiful saying with the real truth in it.
Today, it is simply not easy to just live our life with pleasure, this is partly due to the world economic has been out of balance.
People have changed and become more selfish, and with this we will not getting more socially in our society so that will not make a better peaceful life for us........

The Future Belongs to Those who Strongly Believe in their Dreams.

The Future Belongs to Those who Strongly Believe in their Dreams

We know it all, but not everyone want to tell about it in some way that we always have dreams about our future.
Of course no one can predict 100 % for the future, but we can propose trying to make our dream become a reality.
We should be open-minded about every things and imagine how we would like to live in our future.
But those who just keep dreaming and no take action, will only live in their own fantasy and deed will never become reality.........

Life is Always Full of Surprises.

Life is Always Full of Surprises

There are always surprises happened in life that we cannot understand but it can amaze us.
That’s the fun side of life in this world, in which we are actually an adventurers of our own life, because we never know what is gonna be happened next.
We all want a stable life but every time there is a surprise coming to us with an overwhelming amazement.
Everyone want to experience a positive surprise, but unfortunately in life there are also negative things with an amazing effect........

Failing to Plan Well is a Guaranteed Fail Planning

Nowadays we have to be so careful with everything because things are becoming much more difficult for us to achieve a great success.
We are facing with a faster changes of pace and setback, also some of the rule of law we do not really know about it and may accidentally go against it to our surprise.
Which we all are equally being duped, since most of the cases are only about paying the licensing fees to a public finance firm.............

If we Organize our Purpose Well, we can Turn the Invisible into Visible.

At a certain age in our life we all know that if everything is well organized then there is only a little things can go wrong.
And we all know that unforeseen events always occur but by then we already have a solution with our structured plan.
But unfortunately no one knows what to expect in life, also how well things are regulated, we always need luck and hope for the best.
There are so many things which is not visible to the eyes, thus the invisible things are also a part for us to set up a well organized plan...........

Never Judge the Path of Other If We have Not Walk into Their Journey.

It’s more easier in life when we can show nothing ourselves but want to judge others even if we do not know them.
That’s like “hear the bell but do not know where the clapper hangs”
Nowadays, it seems that the people have no more talking point so they go on to talk about others and often speak over everything what happen in others life and most of the conversation are quite exaggerated.
So their story about another life “It’s kind of taken on a life of its own” and as a result after all is said by several mouths.
There is almost no more truth attached and this story is full of lies which is being allows with no reason, as a result someone will get severely disadvantaged..........

Unity Give Us the Strength

Why are there so many different cultures and people in our world?
And why there are so many various types of dishes and drinks?
So many extraordinary topics to learn and work opportunities?
Every countries have many provinces which all have their own traditions.
Everything points to the same and it all seems destined to bring us together because we all need each other.
When one person can not do it , the other may have learned for it and what another person not have with him is maybe just a daily routine work for someone else..........

A Leopard can Not Change their Spots.

A Leopard can Not Change their Spots

There are over 7 billion people on this globe and everyone has their own attitude with self inner thoughts about certain things.
It is good that we all have our own opinion but it is not wise that some of us are not real and want to live in one’s own way.
They look through the wrong glasses with their own vision and not listen to assumption and want nothing from others who are willing to offer their help...........

Wisdom is Attained When we can Put Away our Greediness.

Wisdom is Attained When we can Put Away our Greediness

We all have awesome hopes and dreams for an ideals future, but we should not go beyond the limits and respect of life.
Burning desire for success is good , but if we overload it can turn into a poison for us.
We can have the hunger for success, but if we can not reach it, we should not be greedy and choosing to be a criminal.
That let them decide to disrespecting their parents for the way how they have been brought up and they no more want to follow the rules of law and think to achieve something more quickly by being a criminal........

It Take Years to Build up Trust but Only a Second to Damage it.

In today’s day and age, people will no more quickly trust on their blue eyes.
We need to do a lot more before we can gain the trust, also because of the poor publication in the media by placing the experience of crime business.
Which shows that more and more people opt for a non legitimate way thus it is difficult now to do a honest business and it has become a simple and easy way to be involved in crime.
That give more work for every business deal and caution with complicated contracts which usually need to be drawn up by a lawyer so that is also a disadvantage, because the return of investment is becoming lower...........

Always Keep the Harmony Within our Family.

Always Keep the Harmony Within our Family

There are not many things in life more important which can give us a better feeling everyday than the values in family interests.
That there is mutual respect and always consider to make decisions together without hurting each other.
The inner peace and trust to each other give us that feeling to come home in a relaxed atmosphere and everything goes with a peaceful mind...........

Everyone will get Respect when They Leave Their Ego Behind.

Life consists of ups and downs and if we learn from it we can be proud of ourselves because it indicates that we have developed our brains.
And if we are not rich or from noble descent we will have to earn it with our brains and hands, because treasure box will probably be empty and the complement will be there when we are hardworking.
To achieve and fill it up, we will have to endeavour so much things and that is not a wrong attitude, because we will proudly fulfilled it to get success in order to be a valuable person in society.
For some people it is not easy to maintain the same personality when they already be in the success zone.............

Sometimes a Meaningful Silence is Better than a Thousand Meaningless Words.

Sometimes a Meaningful Silence is Better than a Thousand Meaningless Words

When things happen in our life which we totally disagree, we want to shout out from the rooftops sometimes, because it has flurried us so much.
So we think to calm down our anger or frustration, but the words we spouting from our mouth through our heart will not be the desired words for many ears.
Whether it is a wise statement will not be a mystery to many, but it will be a direct reason for other to condemn this as an unacceptable human behavior...........


Many people still do not have it in mind but we are together a great community who all need each other .
It doesn't matter who we are or what color skin we have, because the world is ours together.
Together we can make the best of it, in the time that we live on earth and we are all jointly for trying to make it meaningful with pleasure.
But apparently not everyone has this same point of view and they find financial interests with power are more prerequisite for their life.
Love and peace can give good feelings to all of us with a better prospect.........

Freedom is the Key to Happiness.

Living in peace is the greatest freedom we can wish for.
Sometimes we are bound to find things which is limiting our freedom but that can open our feelings so we will live freely without worry to get ourselves caught in difficult situation.
As free as a bird is a beautiful proverb but it is too soon to say we have achieved that for our lifetime.........

The Key for Happiness is Making Our Dream comes True.

The beauty of life is that there is so much variation and we want always to perform better.
Most start learning a particular interest and then to dream what they can do so in the future or goes all along this way to reach their dream.
That’s a healthy thing and can be a good start for a planned future with a progression of our life.
We all want joy and happiness in life and always looking for it.
Everyone has their wishes and dreams , its important to have it and not only think about but also take action wherefore our dream can become a reality.
If we could realize in our life then it would be a lot more comfortable and happier, because we dream about something and take the opportunity to set it as our goal and that has come true.
Give us such inner mood that makes us feel good with joy and pride by openly displayed in a joyful appearance.
And we have the expression “dreams are deception” defeated by showing that not all dreams do not come to reality, because the one from us is coming true.
So we have surpassed our own and manage to get the key for happiness used with our dream to come true and we can reap its fruits by being happy.
Truth will always make us happy and pleased us with good thoughts without worry.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Some Things will End but Memories Last Forever

Some Things will End but Memories Last Forever

We do different things in our daily life and may forgot some things before we went to sleep at night.
And most of us have no problem with that, because if we need to remember all the things that we’ve experience every day then our memory will be quickly overloaded.
That would lead to an exaggerated nervous and the possible consequences is give us a psychological complication.
Ends up with many experiences to keep in the forget zone of our brains and we never more thought about it or looked back, because those were things that not interesting enough for us to think back.
This is something very great if we could forget quickly for those bad things which happened and gave us an unpleasant experience in life........

Dignity is Something that Can Not be Compromised

Dignity is Something that Can Not be Compromised

Dignity is a value that applicable to both individual and a collective of people on the Global.
The value of connection between individual and social environment is highly respected in a positive way.
Every Individual’s dignity can only be recognized from the experience by other who would judge and assess.
But human dignity must be inviolable and everyone should respect that, this is a normal behavior towards others.
Dignity must be well respected and protected, because when people are united, there should be no differences and we are all the same................

It Takes a Great Courage to Not let the Failure Defeat Us

Life is so beautiful and amazing that we can even think of something and come up our idea or talk about it even it is not there yet.
There are dreams all over it in our mind and we always make a sketch with imagination regarding what will happen if everything goes well.
That gives us a good feeling and we will be very positive by then because we are going to spend more energy and make it into a reality....

Life Is Too Short, We should do Something which is Meaningful for Us.

We always want to do things to have fun and can give us a good feeling but that is not always possible .
Sometimes we do not have the time or financial resources to do it but we always have the ideas in our mind for doing it .
If that keeps appearing in our mind then it is better to have to organize it with a proper plan and make it real.
Our life can not be progressed well if we repeat doing the same thing and that also won’t give cheerful for us.
Life should be omnifarious and that will give us more relaxation thus we can think of some new ideas...........

There is no Greater Love than a Good Listening Ear

There is no Greater Love than a Good Listening Ear

We all have the respect for love and peace because that is something which give us a fine and satisfy feeling.
Love is inevitable in our life and it give us joy and secured by tenderness and understanding.
Understanding each other is the connectedness as a key and the lock which opens the gate for an open communication with common language for both.
There is no finer moments in life other than when things happened peacefully with love....

Life is Too Short to Worry for what Others Think about us.

Life is Too Short to Worry for what Others Think about us

Everyone has a period of life when we concern about how and what others think for us.
But the more important is we know ourselves who we are, because no one pay for our expenses and there are only a few people who show their compassion to us when things goes bad, but even less people who are willing to help us.
So if we keep thinking on what others think about us then we will not have time for our own life.
Another can make us happy but we must first agree this by ourselves, so in fact we can bring the happiness for our own.
It is also impossible to please everyone, so we should do what we think is right..........

Whatever we do, Never Lose our Enthusiasm

Whatever we do, Never Lose our Enthusiasm
Most of the people do not have that discipline and patience to sit down on a chair looking at the ceiling and do nothing for the entire day.
We respect for those who can do it, but we prefer to do somethings so that we can have fun in it with a good feeling.
By doing that even when something is going wrong, we still can enjoy the variation in it.
We can laugh at it and share among our various point of contacts.

The Greatest Challenge in Life is to Discover Who We are

The Greatest Challenge in Life is to Discover Who We are

Everything in life will become more easier if we know who we are and fully understand the strength and weaknesses in our character.
We should know what we are afraid and when we are not, also when the time we can be satisfied or pissed off with something that we cannot accept it.
How we can be happy again after a slump and what can make us excited again...........

Start our Day with a Grateful Heart

Start our Day with a Grateful Heart

We shall see everyday as a godsend.
Wake up directly from our bed and start thinking about positive things, because there is always sun in the sky, although sometimes the sun can hide behind the clouds.
Meet our cheerful day with a positive starting point and then begin to smile, show respect towards everyone we encounter with a good morning greetings, this never will show as having a negative attitude......

Pets May Only be part of our life, but we are their Everything

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Pets May Only be part of our life, but we are their Everything

Always Remain Strong because Strong Walls Shake but Never Collapse .

Always Remain Strong because Strong Walls Shake but Never Collapse

To say weak people are always victims in this world is not true, because someone who is very strong mentally and spiritually can become a victim too.
When we trust everybody then it is unfortunately a form of weakness in our life .
The saying “Every man’s censure is first moulded in his own nature” have more disadvantages than advantages in these modern times .
Just look at each hotel there are close circuits cameras everywhere now and its stay there for a reason, because the trust has been abused more often .....

The Most sparkling Moment for Our Parents was the Day We were Born.

The Most sparkling Moment for Our Parents was the Day We were Born

Feeling of being in love is something indescribable in our life but the birth of our own child is excellent and can surpasses everything.
The moment we know that a new life is coming from the one we love will changed the overall picture of our life and on that time we are in the clouds surrounded by angels.
Knowing that a new life is growing can makes us nervous and curious.
During the 9 months of nervous and tension, we will visit doctor in maternity hospital to go for ultrasound screening and see in their own eyes a new life is growing and moving. simultaneously, they can know what gender of the baby from the result......

Relaxation of Tensions

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Relaxation of Tensions

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - If Something are Meant for us, We do Not have to Beg for it

If Something are Meant for us, We do Not have to Beg for it

There are so many things that we can believe in our life.
Many variations to mention even though we will not have it all but everyone believes in something if that is belong to ourselves.
That is very healthy and understandable because it can bring peace and tranquility to our life for leading us to a good direction.
We all get what we deserve in life and each one has our own destiny to give and receive something good........

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Never Holding on our Anger for Long Period of Time

Never Holding on our Anger for Long Period of Time

We can fill our exist on earth with a lot of fun and a joyful life.
Being united with family members and some good friends whom we have an excellent relationship , so there is nothing to complain about.
Our life is actually carefree and privileged because we have a good job with above average salaries thus we managed to survive.
Or at least have a regular life so we are not dependent on donations by others and therefore can support for ourselves.
Yet always come things can get us annoyed or make us angry, and our thoughts might confused by emotions.
Usually we can change anything in these events or situations.
It is starting to happen and we are quite excited about this.
This change our own mood because we are very angry.
We are totally confused and has a negative impact on our daily life.
Therefore we have to try control our emotions and let the negative thinking pass us quickly to make room for a positive energy.
Then that will be smile appear again on our face, thus other can rejoice together by our mood because its all can be read from our faces.
To remain angry is only bring detriment for our own, its better to ignore this situation and move on with peace and positive energy.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - The Meaning of Life is to Give Life a Meaning

The Meaning of Life is to Give Life a Meaning

For some of us, life is so simple and always classified as the same thing for all and it gets boring again to do the same things everyday.
It all has no content and become a routine for us .
Even the weather changes more than our life and we need to make changes in order not getting into nuts
The limitations in the world is also a big influence and pressuring on us.
We always want to have fun on something we like but that need financial investment, we can not perform it when lack of money.
But don’t let affect on our life , always look for alternate solutions and broaden our minds to do something which no need to involve on financial resources.
So our life has meaning again because we have done something with fun in to achieve our goal.
Everyone can have another level and format of their life, but we can all widen our horizons by giving more meaningful for life.
It is great to think about that and know how to do it.
New challenges will always have a positive effect with a sense to improve the meaning of our life.
Always go for more because new challenges can bring us a meaningful life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry - Life can be Upsetting us Sometimes, just Accept it with a Smile.

Life can be Upsetting us Sometimes, just Accept it with a Smile

Everything are not always like what we’ve experienced in life and things can occur which may cause us upside down.
But that’s just normal as we are used to be living a standard life.
We are well educated and learned all good things for a carefree life.
Our parents protect us everything with their heart and soul.
But there comes a day when we must experience everything on our ourselves and might be facing for an unexpected encounters.
That can be upsetting us in our life because we never expect or think about it.
Thus, we only realize how important and good our parents were for us before.
Because it is not always can be pleasant when we leaving our home and come into the street to contact with the real world.
When our governments emphasized on our rights and obligations, we have to contribute to our society monthly .
These confrontations can be upsetting us as our income are effected because of our existence on this planet.
Where violence and money exhibit a force majeure more than peace, that can upset us thus against our will and power, but we just have to accept it with a smile.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry - It takes Our Hearts to Forgive, but our Brains to Move On.

It takes Our Hearts to Forgive, but our Brains to Move On

We are happy in our life when we often faced with very nice things.
Have fun and laughing our lungs out of fun.
But to our regret, nice things are not forever and bad thing can happen which not make us happy.
It will kick us out on our souls with pain in heart that we just can not forget this event.
Feel slighted by this person because we can not handle this injustice and have a lot of difficulty with it.
Because we thought that the love from our heart for friendship could never caught us into such a situation.
We were once good friends to support each other in everything and make the best for each other, that is the code of our friendship.
So we are deeply disappointed when it all turned out to be so differentl and other were just a deliberately liar with their words in order to get something done.
If it is for them to achieve their successful goal, we can congratulate them with their victory, because we know what it’s all going to be end for such persons.
They pick up a few victories along their way but will get a result of many setbacks and then a very bad name.
Can never be proud of themselves when they faced with a mirror and see the image of their own ugly face.
They are humiliated on their own against individuals who trusted them 100% but now nothing good to say about the experience they have and all the friends talk bad about them.
Therefore it is better to forgive and forget such people, because then our life can continue with our brains.
And we have a brain to realize that with honesty and sincerity we meet contacts and friends who will forever keep confidence in us.
This kind of people throw themselves out of their own window, even if we glue them, the good friendship same as the past can never be recovered.
They have lost the respect of life already and the respect of others to them are gone.
Being caught in the wrong way of their life and lost on freedom.
So the best for us is to forgive them and move on our own life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Know Where we Begin

Know Where we Begin

If we can not predict how something may ends then how could it possible to be able to know where on to begin.
Life is full of surprise and a lot of things we know because we live a regular life.
But everything is limited and can change as the weather because we are not a programmed robots.
So unpredictable things always can happen that no one can count on it or has any idea of it.
Life is an adventure with many obstacles and events where the traitors not sleep, those who jealous always stay awake and many competition that leads to hatred and envy.
Therefore it is better to start positive for every action or conversation because our self-confidence and honesty will always overcome the hurdles.
No one can predict what tomorrow is going to give us, we only know in our own minds what we’re doing.
The moment when we start it from somewhere, the end result is always unpredictable for us.
That will always be just a hope for a good outcome even though thepre-studies and calculations are done, there is no 100% is guaranteed.
But fortunately most of the people always accepted it and therefore they always remain optimistic with their spoken word.
Anyone who enters positive into any fight will always be a step forward in the league but they will never can predict for the outcome.
We should know where we begin especially when we do not like it.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Count on Blessing and Not the Problems

Count on Blessing and Not the Problems

It is better always to improve our life and to think positively.
Never start our new day negative and always have a thoughts that miracles can happen today.
Day dreaming about what could happen this day because nothing is impossible in life and give free rein to our imagination.
And positive thoughts will only uplift our mood and feel good.
Because we all know how difficult life can be and a pessimistic attitude will be no help to provide it to good and just make it more heavier.
Start the day with a smile can work wonders themselves much we also love to a watching a smiling face.
So have a cheerful behavior and be kind to our fellow human beings that will give a faster acceptance and the precedence to a communication.
Creating good discussions may be held with a value in the conversation and this gives us a great impression on the importance of friendship.
So that our lives become blessed by the good experiences we have experienced again today that were smoothly and has an excellent sense caused.
Where the problems be far away and a blessing was our day.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - A Rolling Stone gathers No Moss

There are persons who never want to stay long in the same place and love traveling.
In order to do that, we must have a very powerful capital because that costs a lot of money.
We never can build up the good name in the related location because before we can be strong for our brand awareness, we have already left the place.
So the roots of our knowledge will never can stay in the same place and we can’t be fostered with a powerful elaboration in that environment.
Thereby we already removed our responsibilities and worries at that place.
And we won’t be stagnated at there forever because persons who keep moving will always meet new ideas and can be creative on other places.
So we are motivated and cultivated for the increase of our own knowledge by the experience that we can have it daily.
“A flying crow always captures something” is the good proverb.
For someone who wants to have family and a steadfast future for themselves and their children, then this is not a proper lifestyle for them.
Better clings on a place and let the roots grow in the soil into a sturdy tree there so we can later reap the fruits for a good livelihood with certainty.
Covered the roots with moss and lives our own life as hard as a stone.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Be Patient

Be Patient

My parents taught me earlier that patience is a virtue.
There is a proverb “Patience conquers all” and we should keep our word to it, because the saying from proverbs is always a form of truth.
To become skillful in any field, we must also learn a lot and be patient before we can fully control over it.
If our brains want something we always keep the mind on it, then it is only a matter of time to get it if we persevere and not give up.
Just because of something doesn’t come to us now, it doesn’t meant will not happen forever.
So keeps believing and have the patience to overcome our struggle so that we are able to prevail.
Always remain calm and collected, keep the patient until we have reached our goal.
Not do hasty things and lose confidence in ourselves but just continue to work towards our vision.
Good things always come to those who can wait until the right moment arrives and always go for what they want in life.
Don’t speak too early for the triumph if we do not have the patient to cross the finish line first , because till then there is not 100% guarantee we will get the trophy.
“Don’t sell the skin till you have caught the bear”, so we to be patient in life to handle the problems.
Be patient and polite because that’s all we need to stick with in our life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Happiness is one of the Greatest Asset in Life

Happiness is one of the Greatest Asset in Life

There are people among us who can not do magic but it looks like they can do it this way.
Almost everything they do is by luck on their side, sometimes they not even believe it themselves.
When there is something come on their path which they interest in or can bring the benefit in and then they start it without knowledge to do with success.
They make mistakes, however, after that still can result in great benefits, very hard to imagine that but its just happened.
Fall into a hole and climb back up easily with a smile and they have learned their lesson again.
When they jump into the water and in a danger, there is a dolphin helps them out .
But if we jump in the water, the crocodiles or piranhas are waiting there to eat us.
When they get into trouble, there is always something or someone around them to solves their problem.
But that’s life, they say “Dumb people have all the luck”and I will be so happy that I’m the silly one, I hope can be old enough to get my happiness in the future.
Patience conquers all and “with No luck nobody fares well” and then life is becoming a hell.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Just because of You are Painful Today does Not Meant Tomorrow will

Just because of You are Painful Today does Not Meant Tomorrow will Not be Great.

Every day in our life are will not the same and if we can have the choice, that would an ideal solution but unfortunately life is not like this.
There are painful days when everything can go wrong and then something went in an unpleasant way or we have been told by someone what is actually happen.
Our heart must be strong enough to endure the pain.
Those are the days we want to forget but it’s not as simple to do this as the same as when are having a good time.
If we get a painful day, it will work on our nerves and we are completely devastated.
This feeling are repeated over and over again in our minds every time when we are confronted with that person or even just by hearing of their name.
But that is something we must learn to forget and leave that pain behind us.
We should keep in mind that only those bad days can hurt us but our life should remain positive and don’t let this experience to be the break point in our positive life.
The pain we can not change as it was already happened , but we can improve by adopting it with a positive attitude
Terrible things and accidents are always unexpected and happened on an unappropriated time but nothing can be changed
We only need to stay calm to control our emotions and search for the best solutions.
Always think that some person who living on the other part of this world, may suffer even worse on their daily life.
So we have try to think positive about our own problem.
Our pain today will not be endured and tomorrow is a brand new day with challenges towards a better future which can give us the satisfaction and dominate with a positive strength.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - We must Learn to Dance in the Rain

We must Learn to Dance in the Rain

No one can live with perfect life because we always want more, but if we have a ordinary life is actually a good foundation for us.
It will be a long learning process from childhood until the last day in our life, accompanied by trial and errors, while sometimes we get the lessons from our readings.
After the rain comes sunshine that is the best proverb to remind us always.
It might be stormy in our life sometimes, so we have to learn to dance with a smile and especially to be honest with ourselves and others.
Always stay positive and do not think for negative things because nothing can be solve if we keep stuck in that negative spirit but it will just worsen the case.
When negative things happen in our life, it is better to accept it at that time with a smile and try to overturn it directly to something very positive.
The thing which happened was already over and we can never change if we do not help ourselves.
Only thing we can change is by motivating ourselves.
We ourselves are the ones who can reverse from negative mind to a positive attitude and continue to behave this.
It has no sense to let our life being affected by a negative event and that only can create psychological problems for us.
Be wisely when there is storms and hard rains in our life because of problems, we should start pulling our dancing shoes and dance with a positive smile in the rain.
After the rain comes the sunshine and we can have the joy with fun which will only improve our life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Never Look Down on Someone because Everyone has their Own Talent

Never Look Down on Someone because Everyone has their Own Talent

Everyone on this earth are different and nobody is the same as every person has their own personality and finger prints.
Appearance never can radiate the intelligence of a person or tell their ability.
We better not judge someone by their outlooks because it can be very surprising sometimes and we will be mistaken for our own judgement.
If we condemn and look down on them is something that does not fit in our social life, because everyone has their self-esteem and talents.
Some of them might still don’t know about their own added value but certainly they have talent in a particular area.
When we have more luck than other because we can discover our talent quickly, we should just happy to be there.
But we certainly should not look down on other who not yet had the opportunities to achieve the same as us, it is either they not ready or still seeking for their talent.
They have tried several things which can satisfy with their hearts but it is just not suitable and they have to try something else more harder.
Some people simply need more time than others and that is not bad or a strange thing.
Respect everyone as they all have their own talent and we should not bother them, because we can not change them anyway.
Let them keep their own values because they do not know themselves better when they think they are more compare to others but we understand that everyone is equal.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Burning Desire

Burning Desire

How is that possible to meet the true one and share our feeling day and night?
It can only introduce to us in our dreams and then become a burning desire in our daily life.
The desire now is to meet the person who we can spark the rest of our life with and to share communication together.
That is what is going on in our minds and what we expect it every day until the day when we meet that person who take place in our life.
That special day brings us the happiness beyond our dreams for some moment and it give us more inner peace and brings stability into our existence on earth.
Everything will change for us since that day and we are heading to a common future together to prepare for our marriage and build up a family.
Love our own family and can look forward to how the children grow up with pride and fame because this will be our family.
We have the experienced now the pride that our parents had on us before and the lessons our parents given to us where we did not listen and did not believe them, we must now hand over to our children themselves.
But that is a duty which we will do with love and the desire of our parents, they must be happy that we’ve learned the similar experiences from them so that the respect for Father and Mother will only increase.
So we know it by now and feel that the burning desire of our youth sometimes can turn into something unbelievable beautiful and sometimes in a hell.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Everyone Must Possess the Quality to Win as a Market Leader

Everyone Must Possess the Quality to Win as a Market Leader

We all want to be winners in our life but that is easier said than done.
There are so many things which can easily cause us the setbacks.
Also, there are many others who want to get a winner in the same position.
So it is also a competition to win the best place but there is only one first place so we must fight to get into that position,
We need to have the right mindset and skills, with our nerves of steel we can perseverance to the limit.
Must always raised our boundaries to the higher level because the competition is tight and everyone is vying to conquest to the best place.
We must always improve our knowledge with newest technologies to compete and remain for the battle of leadership in market.
Should come with newer inventions and spread the distribution worldwide in multiple languages in order to facilitate our implementation.
All these are important factors must possess for one to win a place in market leader.
Good quality and easy to use function with long lasting, good looking design and cheap price together with excellent service will help us to a victory; but it will never can be guaranteed.
Because of quality, the results is possible, but there is an investment involved and that makes it more complicated.
To make into leadership position will only be possible with the right knowledge and contacts.
And a leader must possess the quality that able to combine all together in a way that can gives profits for all participating business partners.
An accumulation of small profits to become a large turnover is something every business person will satisfied with it.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Honesty is the Best Policy of Life

Honesty is the Best Policy of Life

Respect is one of the most important things in life, we get the reputation especially on how we behave ourselves in society.
Jealousy is also a great enemy in those dishonest people, with some question such as : “Why can others be successful and I did not?” and “Why they make money and I can’t?”
Some lose their respect every day because of lying constantly and they think it is better to live like that.
Lie and cheated to anyone in order to generate a certain status and financial gain are their goal at that time.
They used and abused others knowledge and trying so hard to be seen or even earn some money with it.
Because they can tell good stories and convince others with their honesty but the truth is just the opposite.
This is the way of their life, they let everyone fall into the trap and can do everything to let another be the losing party.
They only think of self-interest and have no mercy or regret of what they’ve done to others,
The bad feelings and pain that others might have is not important for them.
They have to manipulate others with their fake mask to avoid people trying to think bad about them.
Of course one day they might get harmed by their own bad talk and the experience of what have happened is not good for their reputation.
So they’re just telling the opposite to the world around others, that will put them into dilemma on who shall they believe now?
That is their strategy in life but it will not stand in the long run because they have cheated several people already.
When more people start to talk about that and report to the police then the truth will comes to light soon.
Mountains and valleys do not meet each other, but people do, so the ball starts rolling.
Many more people begin to tell their story and this get heard by others.
The truth will reveals in the long runs and the incredibility of others can be proved toward victims.
Who is not straight does not deserved to have long successful life.
Everyone gets what they deserves in life.
This kind of people deserve a place in jail for what they have done to others.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Reason


A year has 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 full months.
Every month have 4 weeks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 60 minutes in an hour with 60 seconds in a minute. Everything can happen for a reason.
Sorry but it’s true, everything we do for a reason and why?
Sometimes we know what to do and sometimes not but everything is for a reason.
We get up in the morning to eat, drink, work or relax, we do it all for a reason.
Eating several times a day and go to the toilet too often is a necessary reason for each of us.
Every day, we all sleep and dream for a reason.
For sure we all fall in love and when we stay together forever is also for a reason.
Do fun, silly, smart and stupid things together also for a reason.
We are always fully aware of any reason but sometimes we can do nothing about it.
All of us were born and will be dead in future for a reason.
Meet people to share all the good and bad experiences with a reason.
Learn to deal with these experiences to make sure whether we will understand it or not for a reason.
Everything in our life is related with a reason but why is this so?
I would like to know the reason.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - A Good Relationship is when We Give More and Expect Less

A relationship is just something similar with business.
In the business world, a successful business person invest little and expect much profit back to support his stand.
A good relationship is based on giving out our love and expect less back but we have to do everything with passion and feelings.
Nothing is too much and everything is stimulated with feelings of both love and to form a closer relationship.
Farewell will give problems for both and it is impossible to accept.
The feelings for each other are so deep that a disagreement will be resolved by the mutual respect which has been quickly emerged.
A better communication with each other can simply solved those little problems .
An inner feeling change originated with complete understanding is easy to explain to each other.
It is difficult for two hearts to think like one and understand well, when not can have that feeling, then both will be getting bad mood and it is the worst solution in a relationship.
So we must do our best together to expect less and give more to our partner then we are in a good way for having a serious relationship.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Life will keeps Bringing the Tests for Us, until we Pass it all wi

Most of us believe that there is something which can leads us to the good or evil.
Our parents have given us an inspiration of life but now we’ve growth up and wise enough to do things by ourselves
We are increasingly to get setbacks and windfalls so this is a test for how we go deal with it.
The good experiences can test us whether we are not greedy and completely changed our character or we have no compassion for the less fortunate.
When confronted with those bad things, we will be tested whether or not to be misled by requite evil with evil.
All the tests which can cause our behavior changes in order to do things is completely wrong but the strong person among us will never allow themselves to be misleading.
And when we have experienced that, it will only make us a stronger character and give protection for ourselves.
When we’ve learn from everything which passes in our life , it give us the wisdom to realize that not everything that glitters is gold.
And things can goes wrong sometimes, but there are always solutions for us with our strong character build by past experience.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Do not be Quick to Judge and Slow when it is Necessary to Correct

There are many people who like to be a influencer with their mouth when there is something to condemn or complain.
But remember that there is always something to complain about or thing can goes wrong.
Everyone makes mistakes as long as we can learn from that and a big mouth do not help so its better to control our emotions.
We can never be happy or make friends when we always judge and make bad comments about others.
It would be better to tell a jokes out of our mouth and everyone can laugh.
However, it is the always the other way around as they always get grumbling about something and it will not give them the pleasure.
But when they make the mistakes on their own or something goes wrong where they should bear the responsibility, they can not accept or correct it quickly.
They are totally upset and always want to get their rights, they have to be clever and even now wise so to accept the mistakes of others with a smile.
And accept that we ourselves also can make mistakes just like any other and therefore we must learn to listen first instead of a making a quick judgement to others.
Correct our own mistakes then we only can give an opinion about it.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Body can achieve what our Mind Believes

Believe in miracles will not help us because they are sporadic and only a few of us can conjure it.
Illusions is also not a solution and it will let us dream about something which doesn’t exist even we have see it with our own eyes.
Always be cautious because it can protect us for setbacks but never lose faith in ourselves.
We should have boundless faith in ourselves because where we have a strong desire it will also generates great potential for us.
If we are one hundred percent behind our decision and want to do something which we believe in our mind then the miracles may happen.
We will fulfill the feelings from our hearts and realize that desire for ourselves is becoming much more easier.
We must never underestimate the power of us and always keep in mind that we always can trust and rely on our own

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Your Motivation Determines what You Do in Life

Nobody like to do things which are against our feeling in life.
But sometimes we have no choice when we have the mercy for something, we can not avoid and must do if we want to continue it.
When we see it as a the intervention is to follow up, we will be glad that we have yet to do so.
And then we have things which can be motivated for us.
Because doing things that motivate us will bring joy and we will do it again and again with pleasure.
The motive in our life is to do things which can motivated us and therefore we want to know everything so that it can be perfect.
That our knowledge can be sharpens up and we be further improved on everything thus we are going to keep it fun in life.
We can’t be able to perform well on something which does not give us the motivation feel and its also will never bring us the happiness.
If we follow our hearts and our feelings are motivated then it will indicated the humble passion we have for the rest of our life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Wise Man are the Creator of Things, only Fools make Things Up

Wise Man are the Creator of Things, only Fools make Things Up

To find out thing or to make something perfect is not an easy task.
Therefore, many choose the easiest way which is to learn and use the knowledge of another.
And then show with the work from another, as they want others to think they are the inventor and executor.
But fortunately there is more to it than just copy from the knowledge or provide the similar service .
The creator of something always trumps up its sleeve to stabilize his invention even more to improve it for perfection.
Because of that the copycat always will fall behind the creator in terms of knowledge.
Therefore it is always wise not to tell others those things what are not diverted from their ears and never show others how the actual process works.
Try to do these things as much as possible ourselves, therefore we can keep the rights in our own hands
Mirror is the only thing can tell Your invented knowledge.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Take Pride in how Far We have Come and Have Faith in how Far We ca

ake Pride in how Far We have Come and Have Faith in how Far We can Go

If we have problems in our lives then we first have to confront with
them and we must also solve it by ourselves.
So selfconfidence is an important factor in life where as we all first
have to rely on “ourselves”.
By being honest and always follow up our word , we will be able to
gain a position in society within many friends and business partners
When we have many persons who can built up a trusted relationship with
us in the world, it is easier to convince others with something new.
We can speak with pride to our friends or partners that if there is
something better in the global then we make use of it now and they
will be having the confidence from us without doubt.
Also, when we manage to scores and shown with improved results , it
shall strengthen our position towards them.
Then we can be proud of what we have achieved so far and do not have
to make a fuss or lose confidence, thus our future looks bright.
Because our word has the power of honesty and wise persons would like
to listen and share it with us that knowledge or earned profits what
we together can make with it in our social life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - A Smile can bring Warmth to Our Heart and Brightness for Our Day

Every day can be a beautiful day in our life if we remain positive.
A day without laughter is a wasted day : My saying for this.
When others have their laughter, and we also join in to smile together, that will give brightness for our mind.
Never give up and always keep smiling will gives a positive approach for our mood.
The early bird catches the worm so wake up with a big smile will be all right to start our good day.
Smile to the past and smiling even louder to meet the future will give a positive energy for us.
Which we will going to see things differently and warmth for our hearts as the rays of the sun gives us a different skin color and new thinking with a positive impact.
So we can laugh at our own setback and this give us a positive cycle with full of courage to go on with our lives.
When we always smiling , it will be more harder for others to confront us and it is the learning process for our future.
That brings brightness to others know we have a warmth and bright heart every day.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Spectacular


What if we went somewhere wanted to get entertained but we ended up with a feeling of dissatisfaction.
Then actually our day has already been ruined and we are started to think about a better tomorrow.
In our minds it was better to stay at home than going to the wrong place.
But that’s not good for our social life and inner feelings because we can change ourselves among people and then we make new friends.
When there are too many people around us, we also can get bored so we rather go for the tranquility.
But almost everyone love spectacular cabaret shows or movies.
It can make our day and we forget the sadness, then we will be equal with another persons more relaxed and happier.
Wow, that was spectacular what we have seen, that they dare to do this and what do You think they must do in advance to achieve for that beautiful show?
Yes we are often not realizing how talented the creator of the show to include the right actors in script written for that show.
Their invented stories are eligible to classify everyone’s role to play with all effects and stunts using their respective knowledge providing the audience and viewers with a spectacular show and a value for their money.
Much respect goes to the knowledge of organizing the spectacular story that can give many of us a great day.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Do Not Place Your Bet on a Dead Horse

Do Not Place Your Bet on a Dead Horse

Gambling is something what gives no certainty in life and usually by the start its already being a disadvantage, this can only mean loss in the long run.
Calculate the odds and start the race or a plan to fully get the advantages is a wise decision , the end results always can have the profit in return.
If we start things with a partner who think totally different than us is a never-ending story and will lead to nothing.
Only when people on the same wavelength with some minor difference can convince to change each others’ approach quickly to something good.
Together can moved mountains exactly to the place where they had agreed before they got started.
Never give Our commitment to something we are not sure , we should calculated the probability to success before wasted our time and effort to go for the wrong end.
That would only harm us in all cases and we can risk that and it is better to better our time on fun things.
We will not get far or successful on a dead rocking horse.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Don't Become Enemy because of a Simple Misunderstanding

Don’t Become Enemy because of a Simple Misunderstanding

Don’t let the situation become more worse due to a simple misunderstanding and thereby both can be incomprehensible then will be getting into a big problem together.
It is ridiculous to end a good relationship because of both parties are too stubborn to talk with each other.
A good friendship can be lost by a simple mistake has been make on that moment.
The bad feeling were mixed together with all conditions which occurred because of a miscommunication and that was the culprit.
Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes say something without think about it at that time.
They then shoot it to another party which may understand in the wrong way.
When the peace of mind is return, and when a personal confrontation is hard to bring it for discuss together it is better to agree and talk by the phone.
But surely it is better to work in an accumulated relationship to seek for a proper solution.
Because to become enemy will be a disadvantage for both and it is only unwise to have the thinking like this among us.
The wise person also can makes a mistake but will not have many problems to solve because they can smile after together with the embarrassment.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - When You always in a rush, You will Never Get Your Desired Goal

When You always in a rush, You will Never Get Your Desired Goal

There are people in our midst who always take quick decisions.
Have so much knowledge about something that it is easy for them to make a rough estimation to get a quick result in their mind.
This can often be into their favor, but the day will comes when they make the wrong decision and suffer with a great loss.
Because it is so often that the thing goes well for them and they get too much self-confidence, it might will lead them to mistake.
The proverb “Haste Makes Waste” is meant for everything.
There are plenty of tools today to help and get a correct result.
Why are we going to take the risk and make mistakes? If it goes wrong then we get ourselves into trouble.
Always be prepared to make the right decision with a good feeling to our desired goal.
A erroneous decision can caused is loss our desired goal and we soon will fall into a painful defeat
Do everything with good thinking and always understand towards our desired goal.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - What Comes Easy to Us will Not Last Forever

Everyone has the experience that life is not easy and it is full of surprises.
Sometimes we are happy to receive surprises but some other time we are overconfident and do not accept it because everything goes too well.
Thinking that to go for a new challenge are unnecessary and do not want to get surprise but that is not so, because there is nothing which change quick as our own life.
What is there for today may not be for tomorrow, so we must start to look for something new but there are things which is not replaceable then it will becomes increasingly difficult for us.
So never think that we have everything under control because that is not so easy.
Sometimes we are tempted to earn some fast and easy money, but there is a high risk involved and if we do that , which meant we also do things that are against the civil power.
Many have surrendered and they have to accept a bad experience with the consequences later.
Sometimes it all seems very easy and familiar but because of the greediness, even many people has been notified still they could coming to a bad end.
Everything what is too easy in our life shall never last forever and sometimes it will surprise us when it comes to an end.
It will then turn our joyful life with a smile into tears of sorrow.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Life is Way too Short to be in a Wrong Direction

Life is Way too Short to be in a Wrong Direction

Everyone determines their own life on which direction to go is the best for a good career.
But many of us make a wrong decision during the circumstances in which they find themselves to be there on that moment.
Met the wrong people and make a quick decision because these people managed to bring us to another thoughts.
Our feeling is affected by the good or bad sense, and then we make a hasty decision which can be fatal for us.
So always think first more than 10 times before we do something, give ourselves and other no chance to bring us into a drawbacks position
We will regret it later but that’s already too late because the damage has been done and we cannot turn it back.
Then we might lose a lot of time to change back our good name in the society and to get the same fame back that would be a waste of time in our life.
Life is too short to tolerate with what is going to give us a bad position that we do not deserve in life.
Honesty will always overcome the evil but when we have to waste time to find out the truth, for this we will never win back or recover in our life.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Always Give More than You can Take in Life

What could be better in life if we can get everything that comes in our minds .
That if we blink with our eyes , we can get what we want without trouble.
We shouldn’t be worried because we just need to say it with words and our desire can be fulfilled.
Because there is someone around us who love us so much and gives us everything what we wish with words.
But this is just too pamper for our own and it is also not a good idea for a balanced life because always we only take and never give anything back in return.
Life is about give and take, so that we can build a stable relationship with anyone.
When everyone are united then we all can feel the joy from both sides.
Always want to take but give nothing back ,will lost the self-respect over time.
The persons who always give to us will have less respect to us sooner or later, this will give a very bad distinction to us.
Give more than You can take to deserved for the respect.
Take each others love with respect and give each other what we deserves in this love.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - When we Fall Down in Our Life, We can Know Who are Our Real Friend

Life can be very limited, but also can have a lot of content.
Health is the most important thing in our life as all our limbs function well with good brain.
If a doctor certify these and marks with “good” then we will all accepted as a full citizen in our society.
The next thing or priority for many persons is money, because money is the legal tender to buy many things and gives power with status for many people in their minds.
But does this mean all in life?
I think that real friends and contacts without complaints in life are more important than to possess money or to spend money like water.
Money can buy many things but unfortunately not everything, because we can not solve everything with money, so how we are going to solve it then?
We should think about this, if we have no real friends.
Because friends are always together and the saying “We are in this together” will show us what the real meaning of the word “friendship”.
Everyone has their own concerns and needs but we can not buy it with money.
And to be comrades for life, give the salvation to many of us when we really needed

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - When Someone Wants to be a Part of our Life, They will Make an Eff

To meet with other people is not so hard in our life, it is pretty easy especially when we have something to offer them no matter in what form.
We can get famed if we have luck or we must work hard with much effort to achieve something but at the same time, happiness also will stay with us.
When we are success then the result is we will become popular to other people.
But to meet the right people who do not want to use us is a complicated thing for us to be aware of and find this out.
A true friendship should never based on it to gain profit.
Friends should doing things together and support each other with everything.
So when other people approach us to go for a longterm friendship.
They will need to make a great effort and show us they can build a worthy friendship with us.
Do not bother to save a place in our heart for the people who have never taken any effort to stay there and who have proven themselves won’t be a worthy friend for us.
A true friend is a part of our life where we can share sorrow and joy together with.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Overthinking Leads to Negative Thoughts

In life it is normal to think especially when we want to improve things then we must think about it.
When there are good or bad things pass us in our life, we think about it.
But sometimes we think too much about the inappropriate events and that’s a bad habit, because it can only make the matter worse.
That will leads us to bad thoughts and feelings without a pleasant smile.
The good side is that we have learned from bad experiences and that when it happens on the second time then we will know how to react.
Best is we must realize that the past will never come back to us and everything has passed from our life for a reason.
So the Ultimatum target is that we better not to think too much about everything what have pass in our life and make sure it will give us a positive but not a bad idea.
Because if we do something with it then this is a life experience for us to become more wiser with a positive approach.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Languages

What was the boredom at school with all those languages?
Translating and writing the grammar were so different and difficult.
We had so much to think about it but did not know how important and what it was going to bestow us to improve in the future.
That communication with people from overseas would give us more opportunities.
But we do not understand it on that moment because we think that it is an excessive way to speak in our own country, what was the reason to learn these multiple languages?
Learn to speak and write in multiple languages during our school time was a bit excessive for us.
Using different languages is very uncommon and it can be too over for us.
Now we can see that it was not so strange and exaggerated, because when we speak several languages then it will comes in handy for us now.
Every country have their different cultures vary widely now and if we can speak other languages then it makes everything easier to communicate with each other.
The wise person among us have a flair for languages in their power and as they begin to speak, no one can expects of the words come out from their mouth.
So they can afford to communicate in different languages

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Without Rain there would be No Rainbow

Without the sun there would be no rays.
Without pain there would be no sorrow.
Without smile there would be no joy.
Without heart there would be no love.
Without food there would be no toilet.
Without feet there would be no shoes.
Without hands there would be no gloves.
Without ears there would be no earrings.
Without chickens there would be no chicken eggs.
Without moon there would not be moonlight.
Without stars there will be no meteor.
Without me there would not be possible to read this nonsense now

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step

If we want to do something we will have to take the first steps and start it.
Many people have very good things in their minds but they do nothing with it.
They are full of ideas with high chance of success but afraid or reluctant to take action thus get themselves fall into oblivion.
If we do not start the first step, then there are no options for us, but there is always a way to get our goal with partners or investors.
Who also believe in our journey with the business plan we have , all this is for the business interests together.
But then the first step must be there to convince them and thus can arouse their interest.
When they are interested on our plan, then we can begin our long journey and achieve a thousand miles very quick with those motivated people around to support us.
If the calculated budget are ample and more people agree with our idea then it is an excellent plan to get the easier path for our life long journey.
Which is of vital importance and as a result the journey to the world may have to put through our very first step.
Everything in life always have to begins to convince each other with honesty and good thoughts for the good future.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - A Negative Person Never Stop giving Excuses

We all make mistakes in our life or did something unconsciously.
But there are also people who deliberately make mistakes to hurt others.
They have no mercy on what they do to others, but only think of making their own benefits.
Used others and act as a companionship for them but have very bad intentions in their minds.
Very talented and good in acting so they can use it to talk about themselve which can let others to have good thoughts on them.
Constantly come up with an excuse after they make a mistake on that moment and said tell us : “Ohh we were not meant by doing so or it is a mistake so sorry etc,”
But they laugh out loud in their hearts because they think they have achieved a victory again and get the benefit from it.
If there is such kind of person around us that always make mistakes with endless excuses, it is better for us to start thinking about their personality.
It can not be coincidence every time to be disadvantaged by keep listening to apologizes, and that will not help for a friendship.
It is the strategic plan of a bad person who is not welcome in our life.
Not listen to sorry or apologize repeatedly but say goodbye to these people, because there are so many good person on this planet.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Before we Judge Someone, do Make Sure We are Perfect First

Before we Judge Someone, do Make Sure We are Perfect First

From the moment we start to read here then we are already so wise to know that no one is perfect.
Everyone makes mistakes and the outer beauty is only temporary, it maybe slightly longer for some but there is deterioration change for our body from time to time.
No one has an eternal life and can not do everything without mistakes during their temporary stay on earth.
We meet new people constantly and each person have their different idea and unique personality with various looks.
We all have different opinion and ways of thinking about life.
But yet still some people like to judge and comment on others while we all know that we ourselves are not perfect.
It is easier to have judgement about others, but it’s better we can learn from them and improve on ourselves.
Because we will never meet the perfect person in our life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Love at First Sight

You suddenly came into my eye sight and I was shocked.
Looks very beautiful and had such a charming smile with those white teeth.
You have an attractive face with that long curly hair over Your shoulder.
I was Immediately overwhelmed and being fascinated by You.
Wanted to talk with You in order to know more about You but my heart was pounding hard.
But I was just an ordinary guy and so naive to think that I could persuade You, an elegant woman with such class and beauty to love me.
I get the chance to make a special attempt to seize the opportunity and talk with You.
So we have the chance to know each other and we all can come to know about each other more deeply.
But I had conned myself to believe this.
Because Your feelings seems to be very different and my impression of You has proven otherwise.
We have got some nice drinks together and I have given my best but that was not help me.
There was another person already walked into Your life where You had already given Your love in the heart to him.
So I had to accept after all this pain in my life where my soul has gone away now.
But what more can I do now?

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Without Sweat You Will Not get Sweet

Without Sweat You Will Not get Sweets

Many people want to have everything but prefer to do nothing.
The sun rises for nothing and so be the rain but if you’re not careful enough, the wind will blow Your last money away for free.
If You want to reach Your target, You need to work hard on something which can make You sweat for it.
An athlete without training cannot be a world champion.
Preceded by training with discipline and a good training plan adapt with much sweat and tears to achieve that goal.
We can not always think that it will be so EASY for us.
Hard work and organize things in good way will help us to reach our target as a champ.
Don’t wait until something is pass, we must definitely take action to be an entrepreneur and strive to achieve something.
Use all our knowledge and sweat to get the results.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Don't let a Temporary Setback defeat You

Don’t let a Temporary Setback defeat You

Live and let live is a beautiful proverb.
Use or being used is something to be forced upon premeditated..
Helping each other is a beautiful expression, but used each other is something that not can give a nice feeling and done with a preconceived plan.
By encounter with such an experience, it will give You a setback for Your cause.
You have the idea that it is to help each other for a better future, but after awhile You must conclude that they are using You.
They lack the knowledge or abilities to succeed in a project therefore they need to use You.
You don’t get any benefit from this but they gain profit from that project and at the same time also get their knowledge for free.
They have reaped the fruits of a tree that’s planted by You and also You give water to let it grow, but now You give this advantage for them.
Don’t let this Temporary Setback defeat You, see it as a lesson and learn from it.
The next time do not believe in fine words and promises, but confront them with facts and things on agreement with a mutual signature.
So this little setback will not defeat You but You have yielded a large profit by the knowledge earned and others no more can give surprises to You in the future.
They are the loser for their own game, because trust is not for sale and that they have broken their own behavior to show no respect to others.
A Temporary Setback for You is a prolonged defeat for them.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Life is Incomplete without the Inner Peace

Life is Incomplete without the Inner Peace

What is life?
Life is a gift that we should cherish and appreciate.
Respect this and pass on the honor to other people.
If we respect and accept each other then it will create peace.
We will understand each other better because communication between us will become more easier.
If we have a good talk with each other, it is possible to explain things.
Through specific actions about what we do and why we perform so.
Together will have more cooperation and think united for the peace.
When there is a problem, come to an agreement together and not to think about violence.
Violence is not a solution, it gives only misery and frustration for us but incomes for certain parties who involve in weapon trading.
Economic interests is something we do not have to think about when the war begin with violence.
Feeling and inner peace for everyone is so important in our life.
Tension and sadness from the families of our lost countrymen during the war will only ruin our life.
Let all the problems disappear with peace and the inner peace for each of us will give us a completely good life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - We Start with Nothing and End up with Nothing

Being born is a blessing and to stay alive is an art.
The best time of our lives was when we had no money or assets.
It was the time that we still can have fun and smile every day without worry.
The problems we had were solved by others while we were smiling.
Our parents did everything to entertain and make us laugh.
But that moment will eventually came to an end and we had to take responsibilities by our own.
Must do everything possible to make money and we are willing to do that by looking a job.
Dreams for a good future and also want to achieve it with much pleasure.
Sometimes we forget that every minute in our life can be the last and do not enjoy enough the accumulated capital by our own.
Thinking about the future of our descendants and want to leave a good prospect for them if something happened to us.
Are we very well aware that we are born with nothing and die with nothing, because in heaven there is no bank for saving.
So enjoy life while You can, because when You leave from this world You can’t take anything with You .
Manage Your life so that You can have good fun on the right time.
Follow Your heart and let it beat faster by the things that can give You cheerfulness.
Do not wait until You will be inform that Your end is coming soon to You.
Live as today is the last day, try to surpass yesterday and make a better plans for tomorrow.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Sometimes You have to be Lonely to have Peace of Mind

Sometimes You have to be Lonely to have Peace of Mind

There are always people around us where we can communicate with them.
Both of us can be entertained and laughing throughout the good conversation.
Always hanging around in the crowd is too much for us sometimes.
Then we must segregate it from our ordinary life and search for peace of mind.
In a lonely place, we can find our peace of mind and give our soul a free rein.
Just put everything out of our mind and not think too much.
A kind of meditation for ourselves with the reflection of good energy and to make everything on a straight way.
Think of all from the past and wipe it off in our train of thought.
Plan things and choose for the direction You wish to go for the future.
Unwind Yourself because no one can disturb or interrupt You.
Just to be Yourself and find the peace that You need.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - If You cannot follow Your own Tracks then there is no Finish Line

If You cannot follow Your own Tracks then there is no Finish Line

It is not difficult to choose for a certain direction in life.
But to choose the right direction which can suit Your needs and character is a difficult step.
Let the cobbler stick to his last – is a good proverb which says that You also can follow everything, because You have all the knowledge thus and control over it.
Some people want to have more because they are greedy or inquisitive and then steps into a business deal without having enough knowledge.
Without think too much because they have in mind their position as a leader and then it is easy to learn the knowledge.
Just seeing to get profits and do not think of the consequences if it goes wrong.
Not well organized their things with a business plan and there comes a time to determine the conclusion that they can not go any further.
Because the knowledge or the neccesary materials are not their and they must terminate the project and accept the loss.
No longer can follow the track to the finish line and cannot be credited for winnings.
And then realize that the finish line is not there for everyone.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Life is Meaningless without Challenges

Life is Meaningless without Challenges

We are all born simple and grow up with a goal for our future.
Be wiser by our age and learn everything about life for what it takes to satisfy our needs.
If we want to achieve for certain things, we have to work it out in order to get it
This is not something that just go by themselves and we must be think first with a good plan.
To make that plan with a good successful result will be a complete challenge.
We never know what our plan that is also feasible for us to success.
It is good that we are motivated to these challenges, because doing nothing will be meaningless in our life.
This will not give us a better life and we never will move forward as a successful person.
Therefore every challenge that arises in your life and which You think it can be benefits both physically and financially, it’s better just to try them.
Lets get the challenge started make something to succeed later where You can be proud of Yourself.
A life without challenges is meaningless and pointless.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Always Pursuit for More Happiness

Always Pursuit for More Happiness

Everyone always have the happiness, but some persons only have short periods.
Therefore, we must always remain active and prepare for everything.
Overcome bad period and constantly looking for new things.
So we are able to keep abreast of new developments and technologies.
Thus we can talk to anyone about what is currently happen in the business market.
Then people know that You have the knowledge of what You do, especially if you also can show results and not just plain talk.
Because if Your luck pass You, You must be self pursuit ​​to ensure that it comes to You.
And if that happened, giving examples with results will be the best chance to success.
That happiness will find their way to You because you have something to offer what another needs to get success without happiness.
You pursuit for happiness with success while another is lucky enough to meet You and can be successful later because of this.
Then both are happy and pursuit towards the next target together with a good result and profit.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Apologies tend to lose the importance when trust is broken

Apologies tend to lose the importance when trust is broken

The wisdom and wits are such an important factor in Your life.
A small mistake that You may unaware of it can bring a bad result for lifetime.
Therefore it is always important to stay positives and think carefully before You do or speak something.
Something once done or said may not be reversed and that You can be commended or be judged.
And it will for the rest of Your life chasing both good and something bad that You have done in the past or trying to recover from the mistakes that You have been make before.
You may be magnificent but at the same time a person with bad attitude and a wrong way of thinking and will not be honored throughout their life.
It’s also difficult to control Your own emotions sometimes or keep away Your problems and therefore You responded differently from normal, but a single mistake can be fatal for the rest of Your life.
Then even when You apologize for hundred times and say You’re sorry from Your heart, it will not help because there is something broken in the same trust and relationship.
You can do hundreds of times something good and then comes that single moment, and it making Your life totally spoil.
Know Your limits and always think that life is not just for today and respect is one of the most important things is our life if we want to live in peace with each other.
Never let other tend to lose the meaning of an apology because of the trust is broken.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams

The Future belongs to those who Believe in their Dreams

Dreams can be a beautiful part of our life and a good dream can bring us some great ideas.
It can determine our future and our descendants if we make something from what we dream.
Don’t tell Your dreams to others or let them think about it, but better to make it real so that it will yield benefits.
Believe that You can achieve what You want from Your dream so that it will become reality in Your life.
So You can later pursue for another dream to come true.
Persons who only dream about things they like to have or do nothing in the real life with it, will never grow up and stay at the same level.
They can never achieve their dream because they do not take any action even they have a good idea.
Never think that You are not the person to carry out Your dream, because there is always a good way to find solutions.
Keep in mind and believe in Yourself and have the confidence to make it real from Your dream until it is fulfilled with a result.
Always believe that Your future is build by Your own dreams.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - You just need the Right Balance in Your Life

You just need the Right Balance in Your Life

Our life adjust to our living conditions still cannot give us the right balance.
Gives us also no stability and it is the same as a staggering rocking horse that does not know to stop in which position..
But will definitely stop in a period of time when there is no balance difference.
Therefore it is important to ensure that there is always a variation in Your life.
And that divided by doing different things to get the right balance.
Because if you are out of balance, that will give negative impact in Your life.
Then it is hard to get back into balance and find the right equilibrium.
You run out of the rhythm for Your normal life and could not behave as Your own self.
Don’t know properly where to pick Yourself up into Your normal lifestyle and it will only give You the reverse consequences.
Customize Your own lifestyle to the new habits and that can apply a different attitude towards various behavior of others.
Only those who have a very strong character with good mental discipline can have more chances to escape out of this situation.
Unfortunately others never will find the balance with their life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Those who Walk with Good Thoughts will Always Reach their Destinat

Those who Walk with Good Thoughts will Always Reach their Destination

It’s actually quite simple in life, we only have to think good about it.
This will open our own eyes by our thoughts and the subsequent opinion what we can give to ourselves.
Always be honest and sincere and don’t do things to others that Your own self will not accept it.
Honesty is the best and will always overcome the evil.
Unfair Things will only cause problems, it is not good for the nerves and we cannot behave normal.
Be strong and have patience, because if You begin Your step on the good path, You can get it better with the next steps and that will increase your chances for success.
Don’t let Your own life get influenced because if Your first step on the wrong path, Your life will be turn into uncertainty.
And make sure you reach Your planned destination with a good thoughts.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - You need Freedom Sometimes to get Some Air

You need Freedom Sometimes to get Some Air

Life can be complicated sometimes especially when we are in a situation which we can not control.
Have us under control , that we have no way out and we have emotional commitments.
Because our feelings are so strong that if we does not follow up, it only would cause problems at the moment.
Our character would not allow to ignore these feeling.
Which will limit our freedom because it is against our principles to not pay attention to it.
And if freedom is restricted in our daily life, it can cause stress in a bad mood.
Even in a relationship like us many things has been denied and leaving no freedom than You will feel that you live in captivity.
For sure on certain day something will goes wrong and the relationship fall apart.
Give each other the freedom and trust to get some extra air.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Everything You Need will come to You at the Perfect Time

Everything You Need will come to You at the Perfect Time

In life we have all wish for success of our ideas.
Want to have everything by yesterday because have no patience.
Knowing that patience conquers all, but not want to think about it.
Want to force things that it can happen as soon as possible.
Are aware that we first have to make plans for something to be perfect.
But no have the patience to wait for it and want the results directly.
If we so insist and use our brain to think this way.
That will only lead us to failure and success will be a long time waiting.
It is better organized to make things right and do it wisely.
Then You can achieve everything in a certain period of life.
The perfection of what You need will come to You at the perfect time.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Never Cry for those who do Not Deserve Your Tears

Never Cry for those who do Not Deserve Your Tears

Sense of controlling our emotions is something we must control sometimes in our life.
Many people act differently than they are in reality and use a different personality.
They have a strategic plan so that can give other people a better impression on them.
Lie about everything to get the attention of other people.
Whoever come to believe will be taken as a fooled and cheated.
They speak or write attractive words and trying to make credible things.
To further strengthen the credibility but the truth is totally different.
Start to tell or write something which is not true in this way of life can break other’s heart and feeling,
Often end up in the psychological problems and need to seeks for doctors treatment.
Think that they lose something which they have never actually seen or met.
Believed in everything they have seen online and heard it but that turned out not true.
Never burst into tear for those who do not deserve it.
A place in the prison would be suitable for such persons.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - The Bond between Children and Parents is Lifelong

The Bond between Children and Parents is Lifelong

About 9 months we grew up in the abdomen of our mother.
Our Father was there all that time as he is the progenitor and also take care the birth of us.
After our birth we are blood relatives and we become one family with our Father and Mother.
Also we can still feel their warmth and love with tenderness from our childhood.
A band was formed over the Years by which many would only envy for us.
There are also some problems in the past been mainly in our teenage.
Both parents and children are stubborn with their emotional consequences.
Different ways of thinking are the best for families and it is also a normal thing because we really are not all the same and can have our own adopted lifestyle.
But the flexibility between parents and children is very diverse and unique.
The love for each other and a stronger bond will always overcome the problems in the future.
Lifetime support and respect for the past will always brings us back together.
Only death can break the bond of our relationship for love because till then the heart is always there.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - You will only Know who Cares when there is a Storm

You will only Know who Cares when there is a Storm

A good and healthy life is what we all want in our life.
The more fortune we have, the easier to get acquainted with new contacts.
Everyone always like to benefit from the success of another.
When they getting close with someone who have fortune, they can gain knowledge with the opportunity for success.
Knowing that when all the money is present and then only need a complete proposal with acceptable facts to ask for an investment.
That is the basis of many friendships in this world which are based on using each other for better communication in the community.
But in order to have 1000 friends You don’t have to be a magician.
It is not EASY to get favors from 1000 friends to stand behind You when You are in big problem in your life.
Then it only proof that everything that happened in the past was only about the true friendship between You and them.
Because true friends can fight every storm together with a smile and will be able to see the sun shine later.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Count on Blessing and Not a Problem

Count on Blessing and Not a Problem

Optimistic people already have half the world in their hands.
Are open to many things and start to work directly with a good feeling.
See only the positive sense of life and that makes them happy.
As everyone know that something can go wrong, but try not to think about it.
When there is something goes wrong, they will then take the appropriate steps to resolve it.
Because there is a solution for everything and this will not give them negative thoughts.
Learning from mistakes and to disseminate their knowledge for improving efficiency.
Laughing at the past and live for a good future without major obstacles.
Knowing that everyone needs support and provide helping hand to others that need it.
Blessing for everyone and be there when friends are in problems.
What You invest in life You also can get back with respect.
In life we get what we deserve.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Patience is the Key to Success

Success can not be achieved in a second.
Well we can achieve it in the final second and then celebrate the success.
For example, in sports we must first train a lot before can achieved success and it takes a lot of patience with long-term discipline.
Thus in almost all successes You must first learn a lot of theoretical knowledge and do it in practical later.
To become a doctor, first You need to learn a lot in theory and hope that You are suitable to operate a surgery and Your eyes can accept it.
To open a body and complete an operation, You need to be able to handle the stress.
You need a lot of patience to complete an successful operation.
There is much patience preceded by to get all the knowledge to be a licensed doctor as a final result.
There are even more examples but if we have the will and patience, we can almost learn many thing and get everything done
But the key to success is to get Yourself a perseverance and to have an infinite patience.
Patience is the Key to Success and You can open the safety door for Your future with it.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Respect the Difference in Your Relationship

We all know that everyone have their different character.
Because we are all grow up in different parenting rules.
There are several levels with different status and incomes.
But that is something we can never know if we fall in love with someone.
The appearance does not always really show to which category a person is belong to.
During the first personal communication, it is not possible to determine the differences between each other.
At a first meeting, we can always misjudge a person.
It maybe easy subsequently or so incredibly disappointing entirely.
This estimate may vary for every person.
But one thing is for sure if You love someone with Your whole heart.
You will show respect for that person from Your heart and sharing all the pros and cons together.
If You cannot do that then it is not possible to work out for Your relationship.
You will have to accept the differences of each other.
And will love happily together.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Treasure the One that can Give You Beautiful Moments in Life

Treasure the One that can Give You Beautiful Moments in Life

It is easy to say I love You to someone without blushing.
While it is difficult for You to open up Your heart to someone you’ve never seen before.
When there is a visual contact with each other, then lot of sincere feelings can be exchanged.
Then words are no longer necessary, because Your feelings just taking everything over.
At that moment You get that wonderful feeling in your body and for sure You will never have questions about that because Your feelings has already been confirmed.
That person will give you the beautiful moments in your life and You appreciate it with Your own feeling..
Whereby the signals are being sent to the brain and Your heart beat faster.
Therefore Your eyes begin to sparkle and its difficult to start a normal conversation because of nerves.
A person with good observation can notices that and maybe have the same feelings.
Thus if one of them can start the conversation by making jokes for laughing will be a good solution.
So Treasure the One that can Give You the most Beautiful Moments in Life.
Appreciate this with all your heart, because no one can give You a guarantee about tomorrow.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Daily Poems and Stories Portal - You're all that I need!

It’s not Easy to find two people with similar interests and feelings together but it is also not impossible.
Necessary to have commensurate thinking about things and subjects between each other.
Keeping the same relaxing activities in our life.
Needs to have similar eating and drinking lifestyle.
To have the same hobby or sport is also an important factor in a relationship.
Inspired together by something exciting which is needed for our life.
Having the same thought about that with corresponding feelings among each other.
Simultaneous work time and hours of rest is also very important for a successful relationship.
If You do not see each other very often, You can not make problems, but it will disrupt the relationship in a long run.
When You find someone who fulfills the common requirements with You.
Be appreciated and thankful and realize that a miracle is happened.
So Your requirement are accomplished and that is all You need in life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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