We’ve Built a Brand New Service Areas

December 15, 2017



We’ve built a brand new Service Areas section for your Bark Profile.

Previously you could only add an area based on a fixed radius, we’ve now reviewed and updated the whole section based on your feedback to provide you with the best possible product for you to secure business. Have a look at some of the great features we’ve added.

Travel Times

Travel times means mean you tell us how far you’d like to travel and by what mode of transport (driving, public transport or on foot), we can then calculate the exact area you can cover based on this information.

Drawing a custom area 

Drawing a custom area allows you draw the exact area you want to cover, as well as add multiple choices to one map.

Question Filtering 

The ability to filter the leads you receive based on the questions the buyer has answered means more targeted leads for you. For example, if you are a male personal trainer and the buyer has asked specifically for a female trainer you can now choose to not receive that lead.