Our new search tool lets you find the best customers in seconds

February 8, 2017

You can now quickly filter the requests in your Bark dashboard to find the jobs you want to do the most.

Simply use the new search bar at the top of the page in your Requests tab to specify what you’re looking for and find the best customers for your business. You can filter Barks by any criteria including:

1) when they were submitted,
2) what they cost to respond to,
3) which category they were placed in and
4) where the job needs doing.

This is especially useful if you cover a large service area, but are most interested in jobs from a specific location – such as your home town. You can even filter your matching Barks by specific keywords customers use when placing their Barks. (For example, search for a buyer’s name or a particular answer to a question.) So spend some time now getting to know your new dashboard and using it to find the best customers on Bark!