Pro Tips: How to improve your chances of getting hired on Bark

February 16, 2017

Establishing quickly that you’re the right pro for the job is essential when pitching for business on Bark – and that’s why it’s important to make sure your Bark profile looks as professional as possible.

Professionals whose profiles are more than 80% complete get hired 340% more frequently than those who leave theirs just 20% filled out. So, in this week’s blog post, we’ll show you how to fill out your profile and start securing more business with Bark right away.

Step #1: mastering the basics

Your profile is one of the first things customers see when you contact them through Bark, so it’s important to spend some time making yours looks as professional as possible.

When you click the ‘Profile’ tab in your Bark dashboard, one of the first things you’ll see is a space for your Basic Information.

Display pic and name

Upstart Photography is a great example of a professional looking Bark profile

Make sure your company name is both spelt correctly and properly capitalised, and that you’ve uploaded a high resolution image of yourself or your company logo to use as your display picture.

We recommend using your company logo as your profile picture and a self portrait as your avatar in the Bark Messenger – although you may prefer to use the same image for both.

Step #2: promoting your business

In addition to the ‘bare bones’ of your profile, we’ve created a range of extra sections you can use to promote your business and maximise your chances of getting hired. We recommend filling in as many of them as possible.

Use your company description to show people what’s unique about your business. Keep it short and snappy, and try to present your business in a way that captures people’s attention.

Company description

Use your company description to capture a customer’s attention

You can then use the Q&A section of your profile to go into more detail about what makes your business a cut above the rest. Answer as many (or as few) of our suggested questions as you like and we’ll display your responses prominently on your profile.

Step #3: stand out with a 5-star rating

Our research shows that you’re 170% more likely to get hired through Bark if your profile has a rating of 3.5 stars or above – and the more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get hired.

Basic information

Professionals with more than five reviews on their Bark profile are a full 220% more likely to get hired than those with none

That’s why we encourage everyone who joins Bark to ask some of their existing customers to leave their feedback on their Bark profile.

You can do this by emailing previous clients using the ‘Reviews’ tab in your Bark dashboard, by sharing a link to your profile on social media or by adding the Bark reviews badge to your company website.

Step #4:  adding the finishing touches

By the time you’ve chosen your display picture, filled out most of your profile and got your first review, you’re already in a great position to get hired.

But there’s still a wide range of extras you can add to your profile to showcase the quality of your work and boost your SEO ranking – including links to your social media pages, a photo gallery, videos and more.

Picture gallery

Our photo gallery is a great place to showcase examples of your work

These little extras really can help your business stand out from the competition, and could boost your Bark conversion rate by as much as 340%. So spend some time now filling out your Bark profile and start securing more business with Bark today.

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