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We have clear insights and expertise in delivering solutions that help businesses solve their problems.
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23 March 2021

It has has been a wonderful relationship of good service every time we needed assistance they worked throughout the lockdown with off-site assistance!

23 March 2021

Our software, hardware, development and IT support services are professionally provided by Prodinet Networks. As a construction company, we rely on mobile applications and access to our data from anywhere to work. Kudos! to Prodinet for ensuring maximum security & successful roll outs. More...

23 March 2021

Good experience indeed..after years of struggling to find stable skilled & reliable SP (service provider), we engaged Prodinet. Top notch services, experienced & customer relationship. More...

23 March 2021

We have been working with Prodinet Networks for more than 5 years. They manage and support our ICT infrastructure as well as handling our consulting services for our customers. The technical team is highly skilled and know exactly what they do from engagement point of view to general implementation of different solutions. They are proactive, reliable and provide quality services. Papamani highly recommend them as we are GREATLY impressed with their level of expertise. More...


Customer satisfaction
Efficient & stable environment
Service excellence

Simply passionate about finding a way to solve problems is where it began. We strive to find solutions to different issues and further enhance it.

We are certified and experienced with a single goal of promoting customer satisfaction through great customer experience.

We do both.

Remotely helping customer get to their daily activities without issues.

On premise if required to ensure we give customers suitable options.

Remote support
Remote management
Remote solutions
Remote assessment and advisory


Demos available for customer !

Content collaboration and management solutions that helps organization share highly confidential information, initiate work flow for editing, feedback, comment & approval purposes. The notification functionality ensure that no collaboration is missed by both parties. It supports mobility access with anti-theft or lost device security. The product is flexible to be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Demos available for customer !

As businesses transition to the cloud grows, so is the increase in demand for a more enhanced access to data and applications like SaaS, DaaS, Cloud applications and more.
We deploy and manage SD-WAN infrastructure for load balancing, prioritizing data & applications, redundancy and experience zero-touch , ZT technology.

Demos available for customer !

We help business transition to digital workspace where access to apps and data including security are combined and containerized into one single platform.

The product enhances productivity and increased security. IT management is made simpler and user experience is enhanced. No need to log into different platforms to access data and applications. No need to remember credentials for your log in as proliferation of data grows.

Data security is critical for every business. We provide data security services that ensure data is secured and in addition to data security, we enhance your environment to become more resilient to any form of downtime caused by system unavailability, virus, malware and many other threats.

Ensure business continuity when disaster struck to remain productive with minimal downtime.

Cyber security and threat are on the rise. The attacks are getting more smarter everyday however we do provide our customer is end to endpoint security in place that ensures total security for datacenters as well as end users.

Contact us to discuss your security requirements and we are more than happy to arrange demos or project planning.

Are you looking for a better way to reduce the amount of physical servers in place? Servers require cooling, more power, more space, more expensive and more complex.

We can help to plan, deploy and reduce your workload into few to reduce your cost. In addition, for organization looking to transition into the cloud from on-premise - We have got you covered with our expertise.