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Authenticity in every beat. That's our slogan, and one we live up to with the utmost pride. With almost 10 years in the business, we pride ourselves with a wide level of experience, at prices most affordable to our client. To Khutšo Chuma, every client is special and unique, and our services are tailored to ensure more than just satisfaction, but an outstanding customer experience.

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The secret to keeping the party dancing, is to simply connect with your audience and understand where they are.

I'm very versatile yet unique. My approach differs according to the job at hand, but one thing remains constant, and that is my desire to always give a piece of myself with every encounter.

It has to be making people happy. Music has the magical ability to bring all sorts of people together and make people happy. As a DJ, I get to give people a good time and seeing them happy during my performances is priceless.

I started this business out of a long-standing passion for art and entertainment. I've had a burning desire to perform for as long as I can remember, and recall making up my own songs at the age of 6. Since then, I have never wanted to do anything else with my life, and when I started sneaking into night clubs at age 15, seeing how the DJ would magically move the crowd and how everyone was always happy had me hooked and it was then I decided to take this path in life - apart from the fact that singing and rapping failed dismally. Nothing else has made me happier, to the extent that even as an adult, I gave up my corporate job to just focus on my first love.

In this wide ocean of entertainers, many are in this for the fortune, fame and see it as an easy way out. With me, this has been my life for over 20 years and it is evident with every encounter. It's entirely out of love that I do this, and I make it a point that every client of mine is beyond satisfied. The same love has had me sharing the stage with various international DJs and keeps me hungry and striving to push boundaries.