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Global Cleaning Alliance Group are a trauma, crime scene cleaning and house clearance company servicing the whole South Africa and SADC Region, we deal with extreme cleaning/clearing situations, filthy, squalor, verminous, drug dens,squatters,deep cleaning,oven cleaning,carpet cleaning,upholstery cleaning,bio hazard cleaning,nicotine removal,chewing gum removal and many other types of extreme house clearance and cleaning problems in South Africa.

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17 March 2021

The Chair and Sofa Company reupholstered and cleaned a Parker Knowle armchair for me which holds great sentimental value. They’ve done an absolutely fantastic job and I’m thrilled with the results . Great quality, great service and prompt. They were friendly, professional and very helpful throughout. I would most definitely recommend-thank you so much for your work More...

17 March 2021

"High quality cleaning services, honest and trustworthy cleaners, fare price."

17 March 2021

They do high quality cleaning work, great and systematic cleaners and honest too! 5 stars for you guys!

17 March 2021

Been through so many agencies - this is the first one where they turn up on time, do an unbelievable job - I mean - like the best we've ever seen. And are also so nice to deal with. Can't recommend enough. More...

22 January 2021

We had our house clean yesterday and I can’t recommend them enough. They done a fabulous job and even helped moved furniture around for us.

We would definitely use them again.

22 January 2021

Dealing with Global Cleaning Alliance Group has been a true pleasure. We have been impressed with their professionalism and continued support.

22 January 2021

I have recently had a cleaner from Global Cleaning Alliance Group, all I can say is that I'd wished I had done it years ago, when Alex came round to organise it, he was really helpful and explained everything clearly, the cleaner has now been coming for a no of weeks and it's made a real difference to my life.

22 January 2021

Professional and reliable service, with great communication. We had a deep clean of Kitchen, Bathroom and other areas after renovation works on a recently purchased property. They worked wonders on years of grease and grime plus ground in tobacco stains and smells - I highly recommend them!! More...

22 January 2021

Very professional company, good job, high standards. Job well done.

22 January 2021

Magnificent cleaning company, staff are reliable as they are highly trained, fare price as well. Thanks

22 January 2021

Global Cleaning alliance group did an excellent job at our house, the house needed extreme deep cleaning because our tenants turned it to be a drug den and they left it filthy. The house was clean to perfection and was left spotless, thank you so much Global Cleaning Alliance for the great job we will use you again and refer you to others. The team was punctual, friendly and dedicated. More...


We have been in business for the past 10 years but using another company before we started Global Cleaning Alliance Group.

We bring all equipment and chemicals, all our chemicals are Eco friendly.

I love being professional, ability and Quality and make our customers happy all the time and the runs with our motto which says Ability and Quality.

Unemployment rate in the country and we need to create employment at the same time giving proper service to the people.

We are very professional and we have highly qualified cleaners.

We come to your premises and provide our services.

We are abiding by the Covid 19 protocols and we make sure all our cleaners are protected and tested before they start work.


Crime scene cleaning within South Africa is getting more and more frequent. A crime committed inside your home or property is very distressful, and is very hard to accept, especially if it happens to any family member or friend. But while you cannot turn back time you are still responsible for organizing the cleaning of the crime scene regardless of whether the crime scene cleaning needs to be done in Gauteng or in the Republic. All the contaminated items should be removed and the area should be cleaned properly and restored back to its original nonhazardous state even if an undiscovered death is found at the property!

Extreme deep cleaning is not your ordinary kind of cleaning, and should be done only by highly-experienced professional cleaners. You need their services in extremely tough situations, wherein restoring a property to its original condition before the unexpected emergency happened seems to be impossible. You also need them when accumulated waste and clutter are dangerous to remove and could lead to further problems. This job is definitely not for the faint hearted or cleaners with weak stomachs, please take a look at our picture gallery to see examples of previous jobs we've done. Many times the smell is unbearable and toxic and can lead to many diseases which is why all our cleaners are required to wear prescribed protective masks during the entire process.

Our Extreme Deep Cleaning Services Include:

Syringes and sharps removed
Squalor house clearances
body fluid cleaning
Undiscovered deaths
blood cleanup
crime trauma scene cleaning
Gross filth removal
Verminous house clearing
Squat dens cleared
Property fumigation
drug dens Suicide cleaning

Some blood stains are just considerably stubborn to clean and remove. Among this group of tough stains will be blood fluids and urine. No matter how hard you try, there always seems to remain an imprint to remind you of the original stain. When there has been an accident or murder that involves considerable blood loss, you need a cleaning company with experience in blood fluid removal to completely remove the blood stains from carpets, rugs, curtains, furniture, mattress and floors. A professional cleaning company with blood fluid and blood clean up services in South Africa using the correct removal skills will know the right techniques to use and will ideally be members of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners!

Crime Scene Blood Clean Up: Why Hire Professional Cleaners To Do The Job?

Crime scenes, blood clean up in South Africa and other body fluid cleaning tasks are amongst the hardest jobs in the world. Besides the foul odor that can cause infections and stomach pains, blood stains that are all over the crime or trauma area can be very disgusting and disturbing to look at, invoking negative thoughts of what actually happened there. This can lead to stress, nightmares and many other mental health related problems which is why its essential to employ a company who are unattached to the person or trauma scene! They have the right people and the proper equipment for the job and they are completely emotionally unattached, you should never try to undertake a trauma cleaning task yourself.

Our Blood Clean Up Services Include:

Crime scene cleaning
Blood clean up
body fluid cleaning
Floor removal/replacement
blood cleanup
Odor removal
crime trauma scene cleaning
Verminous house cleaning
undiscovered deaths
Verminous house clearing
extreme deep cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
verminous house clearances
Brain matter cleanup
drug dens Body fluid removal.

Should You Undertake A Trauma Blood Clean Up In South Africa Yourself?

If a murder or suicide was committed inside your house, you and all of the other family members are likely to be effected either emotionally or mentally by the trauma. But more than that, additional problems may arise if the trauma area is not cleaned properly. You cannot just do the blood clean up in South Africa unless you are an expert in this field. You cannot remove the foul odor from body fluids by simply using a mop and any kind of soap or disinfectant. Ordinary air freshener will not disguise the appalling smell. Instead, you should hire a team of professional trauma cleaners to help you.

Trauma Scene Cleaning Services in Gauteng is a much needed service. Unfortunately, you have to face the fact that we are living in a world where unpleasant things happen. There are unexpected incidents (such as suicides and crime) that could take place anytime. While your confident your doing your best to keep your family safe, you must be prepared for the worst, the modern world holds many problems for people. But besides the grief, you also have to understand that there could be additional negative effects especially to you and your loved ones if a crisis was to happen!

Are Trauma Scene Cleaning Jobs In South Africa Dangerous?

Trauma scene cleaning jobs in Gauteng will have body fluids such as blood and vomit at the scene and can be infectious to anyone that comes into contact with them, if they are not removed properly. The contaminated area is very unsafe and may cause serious illnesses like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and COVID 19. Without your knowledge, bacteria may have been spread within the vicinity. They are not visible to the naked eye and may be on hard-to-reach areas, which can be unintentionally passed on to humans. Trauma scene cleaning jobs in Gauteng are a serious business and not to be taken lightly.

How Hard Is It To Remove Stains At A Trauma Scene?

In such cases, thorough cleaning is very important. Nonetheless, removing the unwanted stain is a very difficult task. And because of the potential risk to human health, there are very strict guidelines before anyone can effectively perform this activity. And just like you, we at Global Cleaning Alliance Group do not want you to experience additional burden. We understand what you dealing with right now, which is why our dedicated trauma scene specialists are here to help you in the most efficient way possible.

An undiscovered death in Gauteng is unfortunately a frequent
occurrence, suicides, accidental deaths, shootings, and stabbings
are a regular part of life around the world. These circumstances require specially skilled extreme cleaners to undertake such tasks.Your average cleaner can only deal with regular cleaning jobs. Circumstances
such as murders, suicides and undiscovered deaths would however require more than regular cleaning skills. A professional extreme cleaning company will know how to deal with an undiscovered death in South Africa using the correct removal skills and right techniques to use and will ideally be members of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners!

What Are The Duties Of An Undiscovered Death Cleaning Operative In Gauteng?
A specialist trauma cleaning operative in Gauteng would have to carefully cleanup all blood stains and fluids from the walls, mattress, beds, curtains, furniture and any other part of the house that have been stained. The undiscovered death cleaner would also be responsible for disposing of household items that are best disposed off rather than cleaned. At Global Cleaning Alliance we undertake full house clearances when required to do so. Other tasks associated with undiscovered death cleanups include properly disinfecting the entire property. Decomposing bodies play host to a lot of different bacteria and so the area would have to be properly disinfected to make it safe to be inhabited again. We also provide a decorating service to fully restore your property to its former glory again.

A drug den clearance in Gauteng is not an ordinary cleaning service. Any vacant building that has been previously used by squatters as their home is likely to be a drug den. If you are a property owner and you live far away from the house, you might be surprised to discover that some of your tenants are doing illegal activities inside your property. This is a very difficult situation, and cleaning up the rubbish and waste disposal is a huge responsibility. You may be left with no choice but to seek help from an extreme cleaning company. And because the task is not simple, it will require special cleaning skills, chemicals and materials.

Brain matter clean up in South Africa is one of the most difficult tasks when cleaning a trauma scene. Many cases of suicide involve shooting oneself in the head, resulting in a very gruesome scenario with total devastation for the family of the victim. The same thing applies with most suicide cleaning situations, especially if the suicide has been undiscovered for weeks or even months! Besides the fact that this kind of cleaning is definitely not for the weak hearted, only highly-trained professionals should undertake such a task because of the potential biohazard components present in the area. It is never advisable to do this kind of cleaning by yourself, you will almost certainly be unable to carry out such a grim task because of the emotional attachment, you need a company that deals with this type of job on a regular basis. We provide a professional body fluid removal service also.

Gross filth cleanup cleaning services in Gauteng are one of the hardest, time consuming and difficult cleaning tasks imaginable, as they require a lot of careful planning and investigation before you can even start. Sad to say, many residents, landlords and property owners do not realize that these types of cleaning jobs are very challenging. In most cases, you need a team of professional extreme cleaners for the job. If you attempt to do it yourself, you are not only adding problems, you are also putting your health at risk. A gross filth cleanup job in Gauteng are often mistaken for hoarding clearances, but it’s not the same. A gross filth cleanup job could involve drug dens, urine, human feces etc!

So, you've finally had your house cleared and cleaned in Gauteng but now you need a pest control service, you need to have the whole property fumigated, who on earth are you going to use? You could spend weeks looking for an experienced pest control or fumigation expert or you could simply use us! We are qualified pest controllers and have been trained by Killgerm. If you just used us to clear your property we are already in your home and could undertake any pest control tasks immediately! This would free you up to do other more important things, our services don't just stop at house clearances and Extreme deep cleaning in Gauteng.

We clean all types of carpets.

We clean all types of couches,sofas,dining chairs,office chairs,mattresses and all upholstery.

we disinfect and sanitize buildings,churches,restaurants,offices,schools and residential premises.