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What sets DK Expressions apart from other businesses?
DK Expressions® is an Entertainment Blog as well as a Digital Media, PR, Marketing & Entertainment Services Company www.dkexpressions.co.za
I am an International Photographer Extraordinaire for hire, I offer a variety of services, as well as a Unique One of a kind Real-Time Photography Service using my DSLR camera and wifi enhanced gadgets I am confident that my photography skills will enable me to capture every moment as they happen.

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It needs to capture the viewers attention in the first 3 seconds or they move along. It must be fast to load and mobile friendly.

What they want to achieve
How they want to achieve it
When they would like to achieve it by
Where would they like to achieve it

Have fun, make sure my clients are relaxed and have fun too

What they want to achieve
How they want to achieve it
When they would like to achieve it by
Where would they like to achieve it

First I determine what my clients need and then I let my creative juices flow and come up with best possible solutions

I usually meet with my clients for a brainstorming session to determine what it is they require and how I shall achieve it

Meeting new people, new adventures, creating memories that will live forever.

Its a long story but to cut it short after 8years of being a photographer for an online website I decided to start my own blog/ business and here I am. Couldnt be happier

Your clients should choose me because I under promise and over deliver

Yes I am able to provide my digital marketing, social media management, web and graphic design services remotely

Sanitize, wear a mask and keep a safe distance. Follow all Covid 19 Protocols


 Create New & Manage Clients Social Media Websites

 Create New & Manage Clients Social Media Accounts

 Create New & Manage Clients Social Media Advertising Campaigns

 Manage Clients Existing Social Media, Websites and Accounts

 Create Hyped up content that promotes Brand Awareness through various Activations

 Advertise to Specific Target Markets

 Grow new or existing client databases

 Clients Social Media Analytics Reporting

 Media Accredited to SA’s Major Live Events.

 Studio Photo shoots / Weddings / Birthdays / Press Conferences

 Product Launches / High Speed and Low-Speed Video Recording / Editing

 Celebrity Interviews / Product Reviews / Advertorials / Editorials and Online Newsletters

 Corporate Identity Creation and Activation
 Business Cards
 Flyers, Leaflets
 Corporate Gifts

 Sales Driven Advertising Campaigns

 Sales Driven Marketing Campaigns

 Build & Maintain CRM and Lead Generators

 Social Events and Corporate Functions

 Promotions and Sponsorships

 Client Liaisons and Partnerships

 Public Relations Campaigns

 Specific Target Market Driven Campaigns

 Brand Conceptualization, and Market Implementation through specific Activations to create Awareness

 Grow Businesses and Brands

 Ever Growing Advertising and Marketing reach