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Our Digital CFO™ outsourced Financial Department empowers you to effectively manage your business so you can save time and money.

Cut on your unnecessary overheads, with a team of financial experts, at the click of a button.

We offer you a remote financial department, at a fixed monthly fee.

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9 June 2022

I will always advise that when you want to trade on Forex Investments, you should seek the assistance of a well Experienced and legit Account Manager. I've been trading with Mrs Peggy Abbott and it would be selfish of me if I don't recommend her. With her well guarded signals, Approved Withdrawals and forever active strategies and signals, it made trading easy and I am proud to say she made me a decent profits, it assured you would earn good returns too when you trade with Peggy Abbott Contact her Email: Peggyabbott239@gmail.com WhatsApp +1 (804) 885‑0476. More...

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17 April 2020

Relevant n up to date info, extremely helpful!

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24 February 2019

Great service, personalised and custom financial solutions for your business.

Digital CFO
Digital CFO

Reply from Digital CFO

Thanks for the great review Ruan!

16 October 2017

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We offer a holistic approach when it comes to accounting. We are a full service practice that can manage everything from CIPC registrations to compiling and reviewing your Financial Statements.

We believe that you need to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to doing your accounting. You need to know what is going on in every aspect of your business, especially your financial position. If you are aware of what is happening and you can start planning for what needs to happen you have better control. You can shift gears or make appropriate changes on time every day so you don't get caught with unexpected costs and bad cashflow situations.

We love helping and empowering our clients so they know and understand how to manage their finances. A very gratifying part of our job is seeing the success of our clients. We celebrate with them in every victory.

We felt uneducated about how to manage our own personal and business finances. We got caught in a few situations where we trusted people with our financial position and where we did not understand what was happening. And at the end of the day we made really bad decisions. So we started our training centre with the mindset of educating our customers from the start. And assisting them in taking control and making informed financial decisions.

We are young, energetic and invested in making a success of all our projects. You win, we win. You lose, we lose. Our DigitalCFO™ outsourced financial department, empowers you to effectively manage your business so you can save time and money. #futureofaccounting

Yes! Our core business is offering you a remote financial department, at a fixed monthly fee. So you can cut on your unnecessary overheads, with a team of financial experts, at the click of a button. We utilise digital accounting systems that are based in the cloud. We offer training and online assistance.

We have been working online with our model since 2016, so adjusting to Covid-19 was not even necessary. We do monthly management account meetings online via Zoom, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp conference calls.


Accurate and timely financial information is the backbone of making good business decisions and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance by a business. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is, if your accounting is not up to scratch you are facing an uphill battle of making your business work. We have extensive experience in a range of accounting packages including, Pastel, Quick Books, Xero and SageOne. We can advise your business on the appropraiate accounting package that will work best for your business and are proud to promote and be associated with SageOne and Xero, two cutting edge cloud based packages.
Depending on your requirements we can cater an accounting solution that suits your business best. From utilizing our integrated Digital CFO service to reviews, processing and preparing management accounts.

Ensuring legal compliance to the relevant SARS and Dpt of Labour requirements relating to your employee taxes doesn’t need to be a headache. We can take this administration off your hands and ensure all administration work is maintained to the relevant requirements.
Efficient payroll management is more than just submitting your monthly return to SARS. We understand the important role that timely payments and processes have on overall staff happiness and peace of mind. We know that, in order for your business to thrive and grow, there have to be structures in place to guarantee financial wellbeing for your hard-working team.
This is why we make use of the most suitable payroll systems technology available to streamline all the tasks at hand. This may be an online system, client based desktop system or desktop system at our offices.
Part of the payroll solutions that we offer includes sending out personalised payslips electronically to your employees, ensuring that all facts are correct, and being available should any queries arise. If so required we can also manage your leave records on the payroll system and provide you with monthly reports on the status of your employee’s leave balance.
Included in our service is managing your IRP5 reconciliations – this entails bi-annual payroll reconciliations and submissions to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). We also calculate your Payroll taxes (PAYE) and submit these to SARS and at the same time we will submit your monthly return to the Department of Labour relating to your UIF information. We will submit your annual declaration to the Dept of Labour and obtain the Certificate of Good Standing from the Compensation Commissioner (relating to injury on duty insurance), a requirement by law and often by customers (especially in the construction industry)
Cost for our all inclusive payroll service start from as little as a R275 monthly base fee, plus R75 per payslip per payroll run. Take on charges may apply as well as discounts for larger payroll clients.
As business owners, we know that having an effective payroll management system in place will not only enable your business to go from strength to strength, but that your team will also be inspired and motivated to reach their full potential, knowing their financial needs are taken care of.

As the saying goes: “The only certainty in life is death and taxes”
In recent year SARS has been on a drive to enforce compliance by taxpayers relating to submission of returns. Initially only individual tax payers were liable to monthly penalties for non compliance but this was extended to business tax payers from 2019. This is over and above the dreaded 10% penalty that applies for any late submission.
There is also more focus by SARS on reviewing tax submission and auditing these. This is resulting in time delays for taxpayers in receiving refunds (especially VAT and Income Tax) over and above the additional time needed to respond to these SARS queries.
It is much more effective to limit the risk of protracted SARS engagement relating to information/returns submitted to them by ensuring that all information can be substantiated and there is compliance to the relevant legislation and supporting document requirements, especially on VAT claims. Our experience in this regard will ensure that such will be managed in the most effective manner and advising clients on high risk tax treatment of transactions ensure clients can make informed decisions.
It goes without saying that it is critical that tax deadlines are met, and we will assist taxpayers in adhering to these deadlines by timely communication and processing of the relevant returns.
We assist tax payers with foreign income to ensure that they are tax compliant in South Africa and that their world-wide income is correctly accounted for. Advise as to the common errors made when tax resident in more than one country. Assistance with planned travel, and days outside of South Africa, to avoid unplanned taxation consequences.
Tax is a consequence of doing business and business decisions have a tax impact, but business decisions should not be made based on the tax implication but rather if it is sound business practice and we will assist you in ensuring that any negative tax impact is managed and that this form part of your business decision but does not drive your decision.

Setting up a new business start by consulting on the correct structure to apply. Implementing the incorrect structure can lead to unnecessary cost, possible personal exposure as well as tax risk to the business and the individual. We provide a free first consultation to assist you in identifying the most appropriate structure for your business, even when you are still only contemplating starting up or buying your own business. We will also provide a free first consultation to review your current structure and discuss the appropriateness and risks associated with the structure with you.
Setting up a company requires more administration work and putting in place of the relevant paperwork that may first meet the eye. Although CIPC guides a director in registering a new company there is also relevant documents that the Companies Act require a director to put in place and these are not guided by CIPC.
We can assist you in reserving your company name, registering a new company and putting in place all the required documents. We also assist current business in reviewing their compliance to the relevant Companies Act requirements and bringing their admin in line with the Companies Act requirements.
During the life of a company the directors are required to adhere to a number of requirements as set out in the Companies Act. These include setting of statutory meetings, submission of changes to CIPC, submission of Annual returns and financial statements to CIPC and adhering to the relevant deadlines. Non compliance to these requirements can lead to CIPC issuing a compliance notice to the company and the directors, possible penalties and a director being declared delinquent and barred from acting as a director. We assist clients in ensuring compliance to these requirements and maintain the legal status of their companies so that you can focus on running your business.
The Master of the High Court administers the registration and maintenance of trusts. Trusts are defined as a separate Legal person and Trustees must act in the best interest of the beneficiaries of the trust. Trust deeds are customizable to meet the relevant requirements of the Donor who creates the trust in the first place. We assist trustees in ensuring compliance to these requirements as set out in the trust deed and assist them is ensuring that the Trust can not be disregarded and seen as The Alter Ego of a trustee thereby negating the benefits (and original purpose) of a trust.
We assist in registering trust, amending trust deeds and updating Trustees at the Master’s office.
We can also fulfill the role of acting as independent trustee and advise trustees in their decision to ensure that they adhere to the relevant Acts that sets out the roles and responsibilities of trustees.

Running your own business is often a lonely path with few, if any people, that you can discuss your business with who can provide sound and independent advise. We consult with Entrepreneurs not only on the impact of the relevant Tax laws and regulations on their business but also get exited with them about their expansion plans and other business ideas.
We have experience across industries and can also apply lessons learned in other industries to a client’s specific industry.
Providing a fresh angle on decision to be taken is invaluable for you to grow your business and since we are closely involved with your business we are ideally positioned to advise you on changes to be made. With our association with Anchor Capital we can assist you with investment decisions, on labour related issues we have an association with an attorney to assist where needed and based on our general client network we can help you in getting the correct business to assist your business.
We are passionate about our client’s business and assisting you in making a success of your business is part of our passion.

When your business has reached a certain point and it doesn’t grow further but you know it has the potential of going to the next level we can assist you in accelerating your business to reach its full potential.
We provide an integrated approach that may include marketing, finance, process design, look and feel of your business premises and general business improvements. We are associated with a number of professionals and utelise their skill as and when needed to accelerate your business.
You know your business the best, but a team of knowledgeable people whom you can trust can assist you in taking your business to the next level.

A full time CFO without the expesive pricetag of hiring one in house