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We are the most innovative and new age agency on the block. Need a digital solution, a website, an online store, or social media marketing? Give us a call today, we can assist in taking your business to the next level.

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Websites that are clean, open and light. Usability is key and obviously it needs to scale/be responsive to any screen size.

Here are a few examples of some of our clients:


- What are your goals?
- Do you have budget (advertising can be pricey), it normally takes more than just a website?
- Are you aware that building a successful website or online shop takes many hours and costs more than 5k?
- Do you have the design or look and feel that we need to build your online presence with or are we doing it for you?
- Do you need your website to be hosted or are you hosting it?
- Do you need Social Media marketing?
- What platforms do you want to build on?
- If you need an e-commerce store, do you have all the product information, pictures and descriptions?

We get up every day, so that we can help consumers build an online brand and online presence. The World Wide Web is an exciting place and who would not want play there all day... So we love helping consumers get booted to online riches and brand awareness. If we can make you successful, it makes us successful...

We have been around for some time and so we started Awaken Solutions when a group of powerful minds came together and realised that there was a lot to offer the good people of SA. Our ideas are innovative, our projects are flawless and the creativity is mind blowing. So why not share it with everybody.

We are simply awesome, we are hands on and we will be available all day if you need it. We have a great track record and have minds that have come from some of the best agencies in the WORLD... Have a look at the clients we have boosted to next level and at the awe inspiring work that we create. You won't be disappointed!


We help with all your Social Media Marketing and can help you advertise your business, helping you get to the next level.

We design all websites from scratch and can create a stunning online presence for you and your brand.

We specialise in online stores and can help you get your products up and selling.

We can build anything online that you require. If you need niche development, we have the team to build it for you.

No matter your requirement, we have a team on board to help get your brand into the digital space. We build top of the market websites and can help your business grow.

We do online design assets, from banners right through to car branding, we can design anything that you require.