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Pretoria, South Africa

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Avah Henn is Hebrew and translates to love, grace and unmerited favour. My aim is that you will experience unconditional positive regard, love, grace and unmerited favour when entering my practice.

I feel that this quote from Carl Rogers sums up what I would like to achieve during the counselling process: “When a person realizes he has been deeply heard, his eyes moisten.

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6 customer reviews

17 April 2020

Life Coaching

I'm really looking forward to our sessions!

7 April 2020

Danica was very friendly and easy to talk to. The questions that were asked really helped me get a better perspective on and understanding of my experience. I also appreciate the checking up on me weeks after the appointment. More...

7 April 2020

I went through five harrowing months in hospital, including being on a ventilator for three and in ICU for 93 days. Without the daily support, encouragement and attentiveness of Danika Freymont, it would possible have been a much more traumatic journey. Thank you so much for your help and care. The body works in one way to heal itself, the mind and spirit have different needs. Those were met in abundance. More...

7 April 2020

Very caring and understanding. Still follow up on patient even after patient is no longer seeing therapists. Excellent service!!

7 April 2020

Danika is a loving person, knowledgable and has a passion for her work. She has made a tremendous difference in my son's life. I would highly recommend her

7 April 2020

Danica, made me feel very comfortable in a time when I was very scared and confused.
She helped me find myself and face my fears with an interesting and fun Colour Therapy which makes it easier to open up to someone about what’s going on in your thinking process.


I love helping people, that's why I got into this profession. My goal is to leave people better that I found them. I work with what you bring to the table, listening intently to who you are, where you and where you want to be.

I wanted to create a safe space for therapy. It's important that the therapeutic environment is conducive to growth and facilitates change, furthering a client's own inherent self-determination. I also wanted more control over my diary and the ability to prioritise the services I offer.

Therapy is a choice, made by you, to strive towards growth and change. It is also a commitment, one session doesn't cut it. It's uncomfortable and difficult at times, yet also absolutely rewarding and eye-opening. If you're committed to therapy, I'm the right person to contact.


I centre individual counselling around the two of us in the session. What you can expect from me is an unbiased, open, genuine and authentic therapist eager to walk a journey with you to learn more about yourself and discover your innate abilities to grow and change.

This process can be centred on you as a couple or on you as an individual in the relationship, depending on your needs. My aim is to for you to discover yourself, how you function in this relationship, discover each other again, and in the end, leave with a better understanding of how your relationship works and how you can help each other to keep it working!

Quality of life is all about you being able to use your full abilities, being freed from painful events of the past and confusing situations in the present. Life Stress Reduction takes up the issues of most interest and importance to you, addressing each issue with a variety of specific person-centred techniques until you feel that issue is resolved.

TIR is a rapid (compared to traditional therapy) method of effectively reducing traumatic stress from emotionally and/or physically painful events in the past. It involves re-experiencing past traumas in a completely safe environment, free of distractions, judgments, or interpretations. Any severe and shocking event can be addressed, including accidents, injuries, childhood traumas, violent crime, or any sort of loss. In addition, unwanted persistent feelings, emotions, sensations, attitudes etc

From a narrative perspective, my first goal is to externalise the trauma so that it becomes an event separate from the person. Secondly, I want to explore the trauma in the landscape of identity so as to strengthen the sense of an agentive self. Thirdly, I want to normalise intense and confusing emotions that result from exposure to trauma.