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Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach

Sandton, South Africa


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Hi there, my contact number is available to you as soon as you click on my profile, so please reach out to me.
For me as a Coach / Counsellor, this is more than just a job, or just a paycheck. This is truthfully a life’s calling, my purpose and my soul’s mission.

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14 September 2021


A few moments after first registering for Bark, Ann contacted me. She is one of the most uplifting people I have ever met and has done an excellent job in helping me through tough situations in my life and teaching me about spiritualilty

8 September 2021

I work in a really interesting industry one that not many coaches will embrace. Anne embraced the industry and what I do to the fullest she cleared my thoughts of shame and replaced it with thoughts of pride and future plans. Thank you Anne you’re the best !

8 September 2021

“I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Ann. I had the pleasure of working with Ann for three years at the Big Corp, collaborating on several project teams. Ann’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company due to her spiritual hands-on touch. No matter how tense a meeting, Ann made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or a leader and a Spiritual Life Abundance Coach, Ann Verster earns my highest recommendation.”

Dr Charles Sinkala
A55S President

29 August 2021


Amazing. She really goes out of her way to help. It has been just 1 session but I can already see the direction we are heading towards and I feel positive. Thanks Ann. I cannot wait for our next session 😍 More...

Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach
Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach

Reply from Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach

Hi Nathi, thank you so very much for your review. I appreciate it. I look forward to our next session.

26 August 2021


She helped me alot, by just listening and giving me advice on my feelings and my emotions, but most of all my anger and neglect to my own feelings.

Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach
Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach

Reply from Ann Verster, Spiritual Life Abundance Coach

Hi Gerhardus, thank you so very much for your review. I appreciate it.

23 August 2021

Ann's professional input and advise from the start was refreshing and inspiring. My website was up and running within a week and was done very professionally. I will recommend Ann to any person in my personal and professional network! More...

20 August 2021

Anne, always have time to have a conversation around different matters, from personal to the start-up of a business. Engaging her, a person feel very comfortable to share sensitive and confidential information. My experience with all dealings with her, gives me a lot of comfort to refer people known to me to engage her with respect to different matters. More...

19 August 2021

Ann encouraged me to take steps towards areas that I never thought I would go towards, she challenged me to do things I was very unsure about doing. These challenges enabled me to break down self-imposed barriers, ideas and to take action. More...

19 August 2021

I recently had the pleasure working with Ann Verster. Not only is she competent, but her beautiful heart truly cares about her clients needs and wellbeing. She has taught me to open my mind to new challenges, and provided me with the armour and willingness to succeed through her professional coaching skills and expertise.
Without any hesitation I will recommend her services, and I am truly greatful to had Ann as my mentor coach.

Riaan Botha

19 August 2021

Ann what i can i say about this amazing woman, i follow Ann on Facebook, here is saw as someone who loves spending time with her daughters, her dogs, there is ones with her daughters signing and Ann is recording. She loves her Jeep and the outdoors, then one day she mentioned affirmations i read The Secret, Made quick money, believe me. I sent her a Message, Chated, she sent me a YouTube Video i still have it in my messenger. Ann has turn my life around, her dedication to inspire, She has the gift to bring the best out in anyone, in dark days you get them, she is there, helping you. Things you thought never could happen, Promise it happens. What you want to achieve she will get you their, She should be on stage talking to the world. Ann will inspire you so much, My new vision for my life and business is so Hugh, and we am achieving it, Yes we am achieving so much. My Life no words, amazing fantastic.
If you would like to change your life, contact Ann
You can email me anytime,

19 August 2021

Ann is the most resourceful coach I have ever known. Everything she does is from her heart and their is no doubt that one can achieve their desired outcome as a result from engaging with her. Thank you so much coach Ann! You are simply the best! More...

19 August 2021

What an amazing and incredible person with a great human approach. She is one of those people who make you feel like you are the only person in the world. Absolute humbling experience!

19 August 2021

Anne is so understanding and caring. She helped me to overcome many life challenges . I highly recommend her to anyone that is dealing with depression, marriage / relationship problems.


I'm here to remind you of your power so you can dive deeper into your soul purpose and rise higher into wealth and success. I believe in money and abundance reaching the lives of every human being so that we can help change the world and make dreams happen.

I truly believe that we all have this incredible ability to manifest our dreams and desires, so I am inviting you to have a look at my Manifesting Album on my website. I want you to see what is possible for you and get so inspired! I have manifested several businesses, homes, cars and traveled the world using The Law of Attraction.

I am well known for my spiritual take on manifesting abundance. I deeply believe in you and your unique life purpose - and it's my mission to help you create abundance on all levels of your life.

I am available online and remotely.


Is this right for me?

Working with a spiritual coach is life changing in radically different ways for each individual and yet so similar. We, as humans, desire such similar things. We want happiness, fulfillment, love, connection, community, direction, and we desire to live in a way that is free of fear, pain, anguish, tension, anxiety, stress (I could keep going.) In working with a spiritual coach, you might talk about any of these questions/topics or even all of these.

Who are you?
What do you want?
What stands in your way?
What subconscious beliefs are you working with?
When was the last time it was updated or a diagnostic was run on it?
What do you long for?
How do you cultivate happiness, success, abundance, and overall satisfaction in your life?
Are you comfortable with growth and change?
Do you have safe space?
Are you able to receive love?
Do you know what it feels like when someone holds space for you?
Are you open?
Are you fulfilled?
Do you know your life’s purpose?
Do you know your long term desires and goals?
Do you know how you handle stress and process pain?
Do you feel capable of handling anything that life has in store for you?

I am so excited for you that you are about to tune into the energy of how to manifest new and fun opportunities.

A common trap for many people in Law of Attraction communities is to sit back and to wait for the opportunities to land on their doorstep.

If this sounds like you, then you will love learning about how to take inspired action so that you create energetic momentum to amplify your manifesting superpowers.

My intention is that you truly tune in to the unique opportunity you have here to think outside of the box.

Part 1: Cast Your Intention And Set A Date
Part 2: What Do You Love To Do
Part 3: Be Open To All Possibilities
Part 4: How Much Money Do You Need And Desire
Part 5: Remember The Power Of Stepping Stones
Part 6: Rejection Is Part Of The Process
Part 7: Take Daily Inspired Action
Part 8: Activate A Love Of Lists
Part 9: Make Yourself Magnetic
Part 10: Completion And Embodiment

Let's be honest, being single sucks!
We want to feel desired, needed and loved. But, we know from experience that finding the perfect partner is not going to be that easy! If you're single and trying to find your perfect partner, you may consider dating apps.

But is that such a good idea?

An estimated 25 million people are on dating apps, many with one goal in mind … to find “the one?”

But with the convenience of dating – and the potential for instant rejection in the palm of our hands – using dating apps can be stressful.

As some research has found, dating apps can chip away at our self-image or maybe even feed depression.

Rejection can happen at any time!

Dating apps give users a way to meet and interact with people without the need to go out of the house.

“Being able to get on a dating app all the time, we get trained to think we should be able to get a response at the same rate...go on a few dates...and finally meet our dream partner...but that's definitely not the case, is it?

It's human nature to jump to negative conclusions and manufacture reasons when we don’t instantly get the reaction we were hoping for!

So, let me ask you this'...

Do you have a dating strategy?
How will you recognise your perfect partner when you meet them?
What do you need to know about this person before you get serious?
Does a job, money, status or your looks matter when you are searching for your partner?
How many times have you gone on a first date, never to hear from that person again?
How many times have you dated the wrong person?

If you’re relationship oriented and searching for someone like-minded, then my relationship coaching may be just what you’re looking for...


At this moment, what are you struggling with?

Dating / Finding a partner
Saving my relationship or marriage
Getting my Ex back
Coping with a break-up or divorce
Moving on
Dating after divorce
Dealing with mixed signals

If you are beginning to feel like your relationship is fading, you may want to take a look at a few of these possible symptoms.

While it can be painful to be in this situation, your relationship doesn’t have to be doomed!

Your partner doesn't miss you,
They can't pick an activity to do with you,
Constantly canceling plans,
Mostly prioritizing other commitments,
Date night is now a thing of the past,
Hardly home on weekends
Your friends and family are beginning to take notice...

If you are in a relationship that is starting to falter and need support, I’ve helped countless individuals and couples to find their very own happiness.

Feel free to contact me for a 15-minute consultation.

Relationship Coach

Ann Verster


Email: lifecoach@annverster.com:

Cell: +27 061 459 3313