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How does Bark work?
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Customers come to Bark and answer questions about the local service they are looking for.

We then send the customers request to local professionals who can respond if they think they can help.

How do I get hired?
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We've got some tips to help you get hired.

There's a few things that will massively increase your chances of getting the job and growing your business online.

Who uses Bark?
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Bark has thousands of customers looking for local professionals each day.

We also have thousands of local professionals signed up and growing their business today.

How much does Bark cost?
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We will send you leads for free and if you see one that suits you, you can pay a small one off fee to connect with the customer.

We don't take any commission should you win the business and we’ll advertise your business online right away.

The Bark team
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We're focused on making it easier for local service professionals and customers to connect online.

We are experts in digital and social media marketing and are passionate about helping local professionals make money working from home or elsewhere.

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You can email us at team@bark.com.

Call us on (424) 227-5323.

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